President Trump News Conference on Coronavirus – 3:00pm Livestream…

President Trump will hold a press conference on COVID-19 today at 3:00pm ET.  It is expected that President Trump will declare a national emergency.

UPDATE – Video Added

WH Livestream LinkFox News Livestream LinkFox Business Livestream Link



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  3. wondering999 says:

    Nursing homes are often understaffed. I wish there were a way for students (and graduates) to work in nursing homes to pay off their student debts. The work itself pulls lifetimes into perspective; you may be younger now, but if you live long enough you’ll also get old…and you may need help. This alone may bring a person to change health, outlook and relationship habits. Handicap accessibility issues, housing design, medical ethics and many other topics take on a different aspect.

    There is already a program in place called “Segal Scholarships” that provides stipends for AmeriCorps community workers, and provides grants towards student expenses.

    A lot of teachers have used AmeriCorps programs to build their resumes, gain valuable experience, and get the scholarships. There are potential nurse’s aides who would like to become full-fledged nurses, but lack the necessary funds to pursue continued education. Might something like Segal Scholarships be useful for staffing nursing homes with future prospective nurses (at best … and at worst, help alleviate the staffing shortages by educating people from all walks of life)? I have a divorced niece with grown children who would like to become a nurse or nurse practitioner — but on her coffee shop wages, it’s hard to reach the goal. Scholarships would help to get her there


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