Andrew Gillum Found Wasted in Hotel Room With Bags of Crystal Meth by Paramedics Responding to Drug Overdose….

Thankfully Florida elected Ron DeSantis as governor instead of this guy.

Florida authorities responding to a drug overdose located three men in a hotel room. One man was overdosed and needed paramedics.  There were bags of crystal meth found in the room and one of the men incapacitated was former Tallahassee Mayor, former Florida gubernatorial candidate, and current CNN contributor Andrew Gillum.

MIAMI – A police report about an apparent drug overdose in a Miami Beach hotel room overnight Thursday says that one of the three men present in the room was former Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum.

Three small plastic bags containing suspected crystal meth were found in the room, the police report said.

[…] The police said officers responded to a room at 1100 West Ave., which is the address of the Mondrian South Beach. Police found fire rescue personnel treating a man for a possible drug overdose.

Police found two other men in the room, including Gillum, described as an “involved other.”

One of the men told police that when he arrived at the hotel shortly after 11 p.m. Thursday, Gillum and the person having the medical issue were “inside the room under the influence of an unknown substance.”

The police report said the man said that on arriving he “observed Mr. Gillum inside the bathroom vomiting…. Officers then attempted to speak to Mr. Gillum. Mr. Gillum was unable to communicate with officers due to his inebriated state.”

Gillum confirmed his presence in a statement Friday.

“I was in Miami last night for a wedding celebration when first responders were called to assist one of my friends. While I had too much to drink, I want to be clear that I have never used methamphetamines. I apologize to the people of Florida for the distraction this has caused our movement,” Gillum said. (more)

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324 Responses to Andrew Gillum Found Wasted in Hotel Room With Bags of Crystal Meth by Paramedics Responding to Drug Overdose….

  1. youme says:

    With street creds like that, he will be a sure winner in the next election

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    • vfm#7634 says:

      Not really. He got high on his own supply.


    • Les D says:

      The other sure winner is Butiplug. That thang gonna be well taken care of until he OD’s or whatever Epsteiny happens.


    • MJJ says:

      What Happened to “NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW”?

      Hope Andrew Gillum gets the help he needs because Meth is a Drug no one should take anytime. The Recovery Rate is less 20% and users struggle every day.

      Meth is one of the Worst Drugs anyone can take since the First Time one is hooked. How the body reacts to meth and the consequences of long-term abuse causes Dopamine Levels to jump from 100 to 200 units, and cocaine causes them to spike to 350. Both crack cocaine and methamphetamine prevent the reuptake of dopamine, which allows it to collect and thus prolongs and increases its effects. Although crack cocaine works only at the synapse level, methamphetamine can also penetrate the neuron, and thus cause permanent cell damage.


    • comradewhoopie says:

      I dunno ’bout dat. Seems like all 3 were in a state of undress and one of the menz is a well known gay escort who says that him and Gillum have been buddies for years. Anyways, black voters ain’t fond of gays, just ask Peter Buttfudge.


  2. Sherri Young says:

    The police report.

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    • De Oppresso Liber says:

      Two thoughts, Sherri:

      1) Is meth now legal in Miami, or rather, has meth ever been illegal?

      2) Why, if Gillum was in such an inebriated state, due to either alcohol, meth, or both, was he allowed to return to his hotel room?

      Okay, if he couldn’t even talk, how could he tell LEOs which room was his, as room numbers are no longer on electronic key cards? Also, if he had aspirated on his vomit later in his room, then Miami would be facing a very, very expensive negligence death lawsuit…..okay, maybe four or so thoughts. 😉

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  3. JAMES MINCEY says:

    Another Ed Buck?

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  4. ATheoK says:

    “Officers then attempted to speak to Mr. Gillum. Mr. Gillum was unable to communicate with officers due to his inebriated state.”

    Failing to put spaces between words while talking at machine gun rates is unintelligible to normal folks.
    A person snorting crystal on top of being drunk turns paragraphs into mealy mumbles while seriously affecting one’s balance, causing extreme nausea levels.

    Then there are crystal caused attention deficits, where one mumble is completely unrelated to adjoining mumbles. Topics can change within syllables.

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    • ATheoK says:

      Keeping mind that in Gillum’s statement, he throws his buddy under the bus.

      Especially when a large amount of crystal meth is discovered in a room. That is, enough crystal meth that police are thinking “major dealers!”

      Odd, that Gillum waits until the room is filled with police before trying to distance himself from Crystal meth involvement.
      One wonders how much cash it is going to require Gillum pony up to get his buddy to claim full responsibility for the crystal meth…
      That’s a guilty claim worth at least 7 figures.

      I hope the police taped Gillum trying to explain himself…

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      • rebelinme2 says:

        This is where seeing that camera/tape footage would be entertaining. I hope someone posts that.

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      • rigst4 says:

        What are you talking about…the police let Gillum go. They sent him home. The police didn’t arrest him for anything. Anyone else would have been arrested on the spot and charged as a major dealer and charged for injury to the guy needing medical attention. Gillum left the scene. Is it political corruption or immediate cash payoff to all the cops on scene? Nothing will happen to Gillum.

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      • Michael Jones says:

        That broke ass Gillum has pissed away all that campaign cash he collected in ’18. Good luck getting any green out of him. Maybe Zoros can help.


    • Dutchman says:

      Doesn’t meth also caused unreasonable bouts of belligerence?
      Ah HA! Biden isn’t having DEMENTIA!

      Hunter just got him hooked on METH!

      THAT explains it. He’ll go into rehab for 6 weeks, and be ready to serve as POTUS, wait and see!/S

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  5. yes Fake News CNN hires best people,

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  6. appraisher says:

    Ex-Mayor Downlow and his “date”, caught red-handed in a motel room meth-fest. Why weren’t they arrested holding the stash? Is Meth legal in Miami or does copious amounts of melanin, trump copious amounts of meth?

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  7. Alexander Bocephus Hamilton says:

    Shades of Alice Hastings and Marion Berry’s antics and drug fueled escapades. Ladies and gentlemen, our political representatives. Scumbags.

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  8. Genie says:

    Of course CNN will have to add this hotel to its list of historic hotels and their famous guests.


  9. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Corrupt leftwing fanatics have completely taken over the city of Austin, Texas. What used to be a fun liberal music loving city has turned into a hotbed of angry, bossy know-it-all socialists. The last Republican was run out of office in 2018 by gerrymandering and now the city council has carte blanche to implement any crackpot Democrat plan they want; and they are doing just that.


    • AustinHoldout says:

      So right! Mayor Adler is an embarrassment. City Council has been an embarrassment for as long as I can remember. God bless our governor for bring a modicum of respectability and common sense to Austin. Before today, I would have added Dan Patrick but I’m still trying to figure out if he was smoking something he got from Andrew Guillem when he told reporters that we may have 300,000 cases of Coronavirus in a week. Based on some ridiculous model-probably the same reliable model used to predict global warming. You have one like minded person in Austin but we’re a darned small club.

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      • nofreelunch says:

        Dan Patrick was referring to SXSW before it was cancelled. If 20,000 people from all over the globe had arrived in Austin this week, it’s anybody’s guess as to the number of cases.


  10. rigst4 says:

    Absolutely amazing. Gillum was obviously under the influence of some controlled substance, bags of apparent crystal meth were found in the room, one person was in critical condition (requiring CPR) and the police just sent Gillum home. Really? If it was me in Gillum’s place, I would be in prison right now and I wouldn’t get bail and I’d probably do ten years in jail for distribution of crystal meth and causing the medical condition(s) of other people in the room. Gillum the democrat is sent away from the crime scene by police without question and much of the evidence lost/intentionally destroyed by the police. My God, the corruption is amazing. It just never ends. Democrats can commit any crime and nothing ever happens to them.

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    • louche9 says:

      Let’s see what happens, but at the moment, your assessment looks very accurate. No way would you or I have just been sent home, obviously under the influence, with a controlled substance in the room.


      • Les D says:

        Sure didn’t jive with what I remember from my early days, all three would have been pinched and let it play out in court, maybe all three would eventually walk. But not arrest any of them seemed odd. If they had been stopped in a car and found it on the floor and none of them would talk, would the police then let them drive off?
        Maybe a current criminal practitioner here can chime in.


        • Les D says:

          If you read the police report, he says responded to medical situation etc etc–which gives the them the right to be in the room without a warrant, and he later adds the bags “were in plain view”, a 4th Amendment justification for the suspected contraband seizure–the police didn’t search private areas like drawers, etc. So you can see the police were thinking they may be making an arrest. Once the bosses got there, maybe things changed? Some one had to make that decision. The Police anywhere aren’t that ‘forgiving’. Also, very brief report for what this incident was, IMO.
          MFD got there first, were working on Butti, their report wasn’t given to the press by MPD, wouldn’t have it most likely. That’ll report will be interesting.

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      • Y’all Know What Time It is says:

        Two tiered justice lives. Democrats , then everyone else..

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  11. Jeff says:

    There was a time in my life when I messed around with the crystal. I tell people that I have met Satan. Stood right in front of him, looked him in the eye and shook his hand.
    The journey forth from that has made me a stronger person. Better? Who knows. But I carry within me the secret knowledge that if I can beat that, then I can do anything.


  12. davidberetta says:

    I am not surprised whatsoever-(I researched this guy when the media suddenly “elevated” him without reason)….

    He was/Is the typical deep state placement, “trained” (likely CIA), to do the “Deep-State-Steps” orders…

    Sadly minority humans are (still), exploited in this “Nation of Freedom and…Liberty”.

    As President Trump has stated – “These People are SICK”…He once again is 100% correct..

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  13. Les D says:



  14. He really took his election defeat hard!


  15. Fred says:

    This we be a somewhat long response:

    I get it that people are upset that these guys were not arrested and sent off to jail. That may be what happens in the crime dramas on TV but that ain’t what happens in real life.

    I have some experience with problems like these. When peace officers show up at a call like this first and foremost is preservation of life. This concept has no stipulations we don’t only try to save the straight guy or the non drug abuser the police and EMS do what they can to save whomever they may be standing over at the particular point in time.

    Second these drugs are dangerous and nobody wants to mess with them unless you are an addict. Policies are in place that if officers locate suspected drugs we do not mess with them. We don’t even open the package, we don’t field test them not even marijuana we send them off to the lab where they can be handled in a safe environment.

    If you are not 100 percent certain that you have an illegal substance you do not make an arrest. That’s just the way it is. There are false positives even if you do a field test on it. We no longer bother with any of that we just ship the evidence off for analysis.

    Some people were upset that Gillum was allowed to go back to his home. I may have missed it in the “unofficial police” report that another person posted but I never read that police authorized him to go back home. What I did read was that officers had to respond back to the hotel a second time.

    People seem to be upset that Gillum was not carted off to jail or the hospital. Well the truth of the matter is is that Gillum probably told the officers that for the night he was staying in the hotel room. That is considered his home for the night. Now if he were out on the streets falling all over, throwing up and generally cannot take care of himself due to his intoxication or drug abuse then yes the police could have arrested him. But that was not the case. If you get fall down drunk in your own home the police are not going to arrest you. If you overdose on drugs and you are revived and refuse to go to the hospital then the police are not going to arrest you.

    As a general rule where I work we do everything we can to keep people like this out of our jail. Once they are in a jail then they become the responsibility of the city/state. Whatever medical problems they have we now have to deal with that. If they end up kicking the bucket while in the jail then the lawsuit begins. If they remain in their home and die after refusing medical treatment then who the heck will their family sue then? Not our fault they died.

    So the people involved are identified, the evidence is seized and sent to the lab, a police report is done and sent to the prosecutor for review and charges can and most likely will be filed at a later date. Justice is delayed -well welcome to the criminal justice system ,this is just how it is. Everything in the criminal justice system is obscenely slow. Unless you work with the court system day in and day out you cannot imagine how slow and unorganized it all is.

    When all is said and done the people involved in this will probably plead out to a lesser charge and they will get some kind of probation/community control. That’s it. These types of calls happen hundreds of times a day all over the country.

    Everything is broken. I am sure the officers that went on on this call are not covering any of this up and they are doing what they can with what they got.

    What people really should be upset with is the war on drugs. There is no war on drugs. Illegal drugs have been a major part of the world economy for years and that is not going to change. Why do you think so many people in the government refuse to shut the border down. It’s all about money.

    One of two things must happen 1. All drugs are legal for adults to ingest as they wish(ask yourself why a person can chop up a baby while it’s in mom’s body and it’s totally fine but they can’t ingest something the state decided was bad for them)or 2. If you are found to have any illegal drug in your possession you are marched over to the side of the road and executed. Take your pick America number 1 or number 2. This war on drugs will never be won unless America is committed to choice 1 or 2.

    These are just some things that the general public may not understand about these types of incidents.

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  16. jx says:

    “at least nine law enforcement officials ‘responded’ to the call, including three Captains”.


    • sturmudgeon says:

      Fred gave a nice ‘explanation’, but if “three captains responded”, it does arouse some suspicion… pull…pull…


    • Ackman419 says:

      I had a police captain in my condo once.
      He was there because the cops had raided my place and found all my plants, etc.
      He said, “It was time” for me to leave town.
      The DA chose not to prosecute.

      Notes: The captain told me I should move to Santa Cruz, no one would mess with me there.
      Also, I had a 9mm under the cushion of the LaZee Boy that they had me sit on while they tore apart my place.
      They never checked.
      Cops can be real dumb,


      • Ackman419 says:

        This was in 2002.
        I’ve come a long way since then.
        Not surprisingly, I was in the midst of rediscovering my faith.
        I was a jackass, but I was walking with the Lord.
        I still believe that God intervened and kept me out of prison


  17. Beverly says:

    This Travis Dyson is a paid male escort in other words a homosexual prostitute. Candace Owens broke the story on Twitter. one of the participants of this non wedding party with crystal meth has an email address of Honey Hammock. Another one has pictures all over the Internet of himself in various thongs and nothing else. That one looks like a professional bodybuilder.

    Andrew gillum is married to a female beard.


  18. Fredx100 says:

    I just read the police report that was posted on the Tallahassee Democrat news site about this incident(#2020-00021902). There are some interesting things listed in the report.

    It did indicate that Mr. Gillum left the hotel room and returned to his residence without incident. How did the police know that this happened? It is not out of the ordinary that they gave him a ride home to solve that part of the problem. Where I work we do this all the time just to solve the problem. Here is the part that concerns me- why was this portion of the report so vague? Normally you would just document what you did for example you would write the report Patrol Officer So and So drove Gillum home and made sure he got inside for the night or something like that. In other words it is too vague and leaves too much out for the reader to know what took place. It’s a basic lack of documentation.

    At the top of the report it indicates Event-sick or injured. They may have a separate code for overdose they may not but if they do they should have listed it as an overdose.

    The offense code on the report lists-Information. This code is purposefully meant to mislead the reader in hopes they just thumb past this report and move on to the next report. See every morning the police send out to all the media generic reports with very limited information of what took place the day/night before so that the media can report on what they want to. The correct code should have been at least a few different codes mainly Overdose, Illegal narcotics-Methamphetamine, Medical or Medical Emergency, Intoxicated Person, etc.

    These codes were purposefully left out so that the media that receives these reports would look no further into any of this. As far as they knew it was just a medical emergency call that police responded to. Pretty boarding stuff I mean who wants to read about a visitor having a heart attack at the local hotel.

    See if it’s a medical call at a hotel the media has no reason to look further at this or to make any public records requests for any more details about this incident.

    I also thought it was interesting that the report information had all of the information listed for two of the three men involved but how convenient it was that all of Gillum’s personal information was redacted.

    I also found it odd that immediately that night the road officer that wrote the report indicated in the report that the suspected meth was collected for destruction. As I mentioned in my earlier post normally this evidence would be held until the report was at least reviewed by the supervisors and they would then decide to send this information to the prosecutor so I strongly believe that one of the captains or a higher up passed the word down the chain of command that no charges were going to be filed, no further investigation was needed and the road officer should indicate in his report that the suspected drugs seized should be destroyed. This is starting to stink a bit now.

    I did not see any body camera footage but I suspect that the road officers and their immediate supervisor(probably the Sgt.) did the right thing. They called out the Crime Scene Tech for photographs. That tells me right away that they considered this a crime scene. Again who up the chain of command decided this was not a crime scene.

    And what is up with Miami Beach PD it sounds like a whole bunch of chiefs and not enough Indians. They must have a ton of money to burn there. 2 patrol officers responded. 1 crime scene tech responded. 1 Sgt. was notified. 2 Lieutenants responded. 1 Sgt. Responded. 2 Detectives responded and 3 Captains responded.

    I can almost guarantee that all of them did not responded. Some of them did go to the scene but I bet some of them did not. But I bet all of them get paid as if they were there. Someone should look into that aspect of this incident. Officers indicating they were on scene and received pay for that but I bet some of them were not even there. Just an observation.

    And last but not least did anybody catch Mr. Aldo Mejias’ email address? honey hammock I think the officer left out a C when he typed it into the report.


  19. frank field says:



  20. bennett anderson says:

    Something tells me that none of these three “men” were wearing clothes when the police arrived.


  21. namberak says:

    “I apologize to the people of Florida for the distraction this has caused our movement,” Gillum said.” Huh. I never heard racialist grifting described as a ‘movement’ before.


  22. Strelnikov says:

    “While denying that he had been drinking, the Senator could not explain his nudity.”


  23. Mike Lee DelMarcelle says:

    This guy was close to being Gov. of FL. Here’s a thought, Stacie Abrams was close to being Gov. of GA and now is a strong contender for a VP pick.


  24. seasidemommy says:

    Obama clone


  25. Pew-Anon says:

    For those relieved this guy wasn’t elected, it’s not as though this sort of thing isn’t rampant among actual elected officials.


  26. firefirefire says:

    I wonder who supplied the Meth and was he deliberately trying to OD the Mayor?

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  27. baldwinsays says:

    To think that he came within a whisker of being our governor !


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