Judge Rejects Hunter Biden Attempt to Stall Deposition – Overall Case May Be Settled…

Hunter Biden had attempted to use his fear of coronavirus in his attempt to avoid a deposition in a paternity and child support lawsuit against him.  However, Arkansas Judge Holly Meyer was having none of it.  [Ruling and order pdf]  The judge rejected all of the claims by Hunter Biden and told him to appear in court.

However, now that Hunter’s father, Joe Biden, is the presumptive Democrat nominee for president… it doesn’t come as a surprise to discover that early this morning a deal was reached to end the paternity and child support lawsuit.

Those who represent the interests of Joe and Hunter Biden have made a financial settlement agreement with lawyers for Ms. Lunden Alexis Roberts.

[pdf link]

As soon as the DNC Club decided to rally around Joe Biden as their nominee, the issues around Hunter Biden and his refusal to pay child support became an issue.   That’s why there is an agreement now to pay Ms. Lunden Roberts and Baby Roberts.

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195 Responses to Judge Rejects Hunter Biden Attempt to Stall Deposition – Overall Case May Be Settled…

  1. AnotherView says:

    Yesterday I read an article where a journalist called Biden “sleazy and dishonest.” The apple didn’t fall far from the tree since Hunter is not only sleazy and dishonest also, he’s a trashy deadbeat father trying to get out of his responsibility. I’m sure the child won’t be proud to carry the Biden name and lineage.

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    • Peoria Jones says:

      Well, the mother/stripper isn’t much to speak of either. Looks like she settled for what she was after. Birds of a feather.

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      • Dave Radetsky says:

        True, but while there are no guarantees, there is the possibility that the child and the economic support will give her the incentive and financial ability to choose to change her life and do better things. We can only hope, at least for the child’s sake, that one parent is decent.

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  2. paper doll says:

    Pulling down his incredibly lavish ill gotten gains and still trying to dead beat his own kid? What a bum.

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  3. boomerbeth says:

    Quid pro quo joe threatened to withold aid on Jan 20 2021 if the Ukrainian foreign minister didn’t cover the child support & legal fees.

    In other words, US taxpayers continue to cover the Biden’s lifestyle.

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    My wife thinks his defense is legit. If anyone deserves to get CoronaVirus it’s Hunter Biden.

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  5. j'accuse says:

    It’s not like he can ‘win’ the case rather than just delay the outcome. If the DNA test results say he’s the father then he is required to pay child support in accordance with guidelines of that state. I expect also the mother will get a custody order granting her full physical and legal custody given H. Biden hasn’t shown much of an interest in establishing a relationship with the baby.

    It really isn’t funny to a judge presiding over a paternity case and to establish child support that the father claims he can’t appear in court because he has, meanwhile, impregnated yet another woman and she needs his presence at the birth. It’s quite rude to make that excuse and just more proof that Hunter Biden has no interest in a child he fathered other than paying as little as possible

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    • zozz1 says:

      Hunter is a creep…pure and simple.

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      • sat0422 says:

        This is so sad for this child.
        I am a grandmother of a child whose father and his family (paternal) have completely disappeared from the earth with regards to child support or any other form of support. I was present in the hospital when our grandson was born and the paternal grandfather present who also had the doctors examine our dear child again and again to make sure the didn’t have a birth defect.
        Well grandpa Larry died last year; he left nothing in his estate of about 5 million + to his out of wedlock son who is a drug addict; and he left nothing to his grandson who has dyslexia and ADHD. This said child require a special school and much intervention that requires us, the maternal grandparents to step up.
        The absence of the father and grandfather make for interesting questions from our 7 year old grandson. It is so sad. Yet, they all reign from California, the state of sick people with sick minds, don’t they.

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    • aknakon says:

      He won’t be paying state guidelines for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is lack of current hourly\salaried income. Income would eventually inputed. The real issue is the substantial, under oath, tax and income disclosure required. Politically it is best NOW to settle and later attempt a change based on material change in circumstances.


      • Arby says:

        I mentioned in a comment elsewhere that Lunden should keep her attorney on spreed dial because it is not if but when Hunter will renege (or when the DNC power brokers tire of paying for Biden’s crimes) on this agreement.


  6. rustybritches says:

    I see that Ron Johnson just turned into a big coward and has put up with the sepenia to go after Biden and find out what happened there so they muct really think Loser Biden is going to be President and they are going to stuff all their crooked dealing under the rug like so many other things the congress does, Well there has to be a way to get rid of all these Rino’s and time to start looking for way to knock them all out. Dems Republicans and Rino’s
    Shame the hell on all of them


  7. Doppler says:

    I can’t help but contrast what Hunter gets from his own Dad, and what he does for his own child. It’s all about Hunter, I guess.

    Also, Bill Clinton fathered an African American son out of wedlock long ago, and never acknowledged or helped him, if I recall correctly. The kid looked a lot like Bill, and, in the interview I saw, didn’t seem to want or expect much from him, though his mom who raised him was very poor.

    And that reminds me of the end of one of the Trump-Clinton debates in 2016, when asked if each could think of something nice to say about the other:

    Trump: She’s a fighter and I admire that.
    Clinton: He’s raised lovely children and that says a lot about a person.

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    • Peoria Jones says:

      Danney Williams is the name of the young man who claims that Bill Clinton is his father. There were some excellent videos and interviews with him in 2015/16.

      Combined with the photographs, the facts of the claim were quite compelling. I looked to post a video, but nothing remains except silly garbage. Yucktube & Goggle at it again.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      You may have missed Pres Trump’s point at that last debate.
      Crooked spoke first and addressed the Trump children. So Pres Trump also spoke of and addressed the Trump children.
      Watch that vid again and listen. You will see and hear it.

      Now about that Biden kid…

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  8. Kristin DeBacco says:

    Can you imagine this little baby has a sleaze father like Hunter? What to tell this young boy in 10 years from now?


  9. twohawk says:

    I’m going on a hunch the DNC will be paying the lump sum settlement, and baby mama could care less about truth with regard to the bigger picture.


  10. 24may98 says:

    Wow! What a couple they make.
    The baby will be beautiful and smart.
    Biden’s Boy should marry her. (Do the right thing for love and life.)


  11. ChampagneReady says:

    This is nothing but the 2nd time he’s trying to bamboozle this judge and avoid producing his documents because they will show the bonanza of money he took in.

    She should have immediately cited him with contempt, had him put in handcuffs and hauled off by the baliff as soon as he walked in the courtroom the last time. The judge fell for the same scam he’s trying now when he duped her.

    I hope this judge has enough sense to deny the settlement and give him a choice, either (a) produce all the financial documents including tax returns ordered previously within 10 days (b) a warrant will be issued for your arrest.


  12. Cocoon says:

    Grandpa Joe have visitation rights?
    Inquiring minds want to know!


  13. Tom says:

    Hunter will NEVER fulfill his promises to pay. Look at the 20-year effort to get Joe Biden’s brother to pay up on his settlement. Still has never paid.


  14. USA Citizen says:

    Joe Biden thinks Chinese leader, Xi Jinping is a nice guy and his friend. Why is that? Because the Biden family made billions of dollars from China while crooked Joe Biden was Vice President. Is that who you want to be your President? You better think hard before you vote for a crooked socialist like Joe Biden. Vote for President Trump for 2020 and President Trump is a honest man.


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