NEC Director Larry Kudlow Holds Press Conference….

The media is initiating panic about the Coronavirus in 2020 the same way the media attempted to manufacture panic about an upcoming U.S. recession in 2019.

Everything about Coronavirus is hyped with purpose. The CDC official who lit the fuse to create the panic was Dr. Nancy Messonnier who read a script handed to her by resistance operatives inside government.  Dr. Messonnier is Rod Rosenstein’s sister.

National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow appears in the Brady briefing room of the White House to answer media questions about the economic impact of Coronavirus and a declining stock market.  WATCH:

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89 Responses to NEC Director Larry Kudlow Holds Press Conference….

  1. Declan says:

    I think we are in for at least a couple months of pain. I hate to say it.


    • Right to reply says:

      It certainly helps the left. Their base is nothing more than a bunch of drug induced manic depressives, and nihilists. The end of the world suits them just fine. Chicken Littles!

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    • another face in the crowd says:

      I agree with you. There will more pain when the numbers here at home are released from the additional testing and more cases are confirmed.

      The CDC site hasn’t yet updated it’s tested number(400+) to match up with what Azar told congress(3000+). The site has also changed it’s formatting slightly today as well as the notes relating to the numbers that will be provided. I suspect they will update the numbers after the markets close or over the weekend.


      • Tulips Moran (@TulipsMoran) says:

        But it’s not going to stop anytime soon. There are 249 days between now and election day. That leaves 5976 hours, 358,560 minutes or 21,513,600 seconds for the lying Dimwits, their mouthpieces and the MSM to try spinning things out of control hoping it will influence Trump voters. It’s not going to work. In the meantime, make sure to post the truth in countering all the lies, spin and propaganda put out across forums. Have your facts straight and don’t allow all this crap to go unaddressed. It’s an info war we’re up against, time to start a counter offensive.

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    • Someone should have a talk with dr. Manssonnier and fire her ….clean swamp….in all depts. VSG/ESG PDJT – unique opportunity…

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    • BigTalkers says:

      Traders love this Market. They make money when it goes Up OR Down, not so much when it trades in a tight range.

      As for Investors, their good stocks will recover and rise over time, simply because there’s no other viable place to invest (unless you prefer making 1/2% a year in your savings account).

      And as regards the Business Investment that drives our nation’s economy, those are long term investments of capital, which no one in their right mind is sending to China or Europe now.

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    • GB Bari says:

      Unless you were about to cash out all of your savings and investments and fly off to Pango-Pango, I don’t see the pain. We’ve seen these headline-making market corrections many other times, and the market ALWAYS recovered and then some. The recovery will be much more rapid under President Trump – we will see the Dow @ 30,000+ during his second term – unless Bloomberg again buys DemonRAT control of the House in November.

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  2. Right to reply says:

    Its going to take forever to drain the swamp!

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    • What you do not realize is we the people are the swamp. Our government is just a concentration of the population at large.
      I have enough life experience and awareness to have recognized I can sit in a room of ppl, ie fellow repbs, with whom I think I have something in common, and walk away knowing either they or I are batshit crazy.
      Remember our founders knew this nation would only work with moral, honorable, men in leadership. Unfortunately, money and power tends to attract the exact opposite.
      Only the second coming is going to fix this.
      God is going to separate the wheat from the chaff.

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      • guybee55 says:

        I have dealt with the swamp. They are bureaucrats who took root in DC and will only leave when they retire or are fired. Their agenda never changes. They are like water on a rock. The only way to drain the swamp is clean house and then rehire. Other wise the swamp will continue to pollute.


      • LookUp says:

        A person who speaks my language. I could not agree more with your statement that the government is a concentrated group of we, the people. There are not enough good and righteous people to right the ship anymore. We have been given over to our most base selves and harvesting the fruit of our endeavors.


  3. Exurban says:

    The #Resistance line on coronavirus went from “Trump’s travel restrictions are xenophobic hysteria” to “we’re all gonna die and it’s Trump’s fault.” And they did that U-turn in about 48 hours.

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    • keeler says:

      Twitter pushed #Trumpvirus yesterday, and every tweet parroted the resistance talking points injected into the press briefing via the Q&A segment.

      The press corps started the process of politicizing the administration’s response, then Twitter unleashed its bots and blue check-marks to finish the job.


    • another face in the crowd says:

      Yeah TDS is dangerous sickness also.

      I think President Trump acted and has acted about as fast as he could. He is our President not a dictator so he has limits to what he can realistically implement.

      Honestly, I think the horse was out of the barn before anyone could know anyhow, since China kind of tried to hide it for a month and the Democrats fake impeachment distracted from what was happening in China during that crucial time.

      I think Rod’s sister’s comments forced the administration to comment quicker than they wanted. (italy and korea explosion in cases didn’t help either) they probably wanted to get the test kit mishap straightened out, drop any new bad test numbers after the market closed today and then spend the weekend explaining how they would combat this effectively before the markets opened back up Monday.


      • Actually, the spread-patterns in the various countries are consistent with those of an infectious agent of ‘moderate’ infective capability that is not evading the immune system. This is certainly no ebola, and no Spanish flu. Of course we need to do the right things to respond to it, but not: “When in trouble, when in doubt, run in circles! Scream and shout!”

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    • toocoolus says:

      Exurban: you are right on mark…could not have said it better!

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  4. William Schneider says:

    It now looks like AG Barr is a swamp creature also-sadly enough. I had hoped he was clean of muck but the fact that he got through SSCI screening system appears to confirm that he dirty at the core. I pray I am wrong but he does not look good. Nothing accomplished so far and much damage already done.

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  5. islandpalmtrees says:

    I wonder, if any of the known CIA people will get sick with Coronavirus?


    • The Deplorable Tina says:

      Didn’t Chris Murphy & John Kerry meet with that Iranian guy who was sick? I wonder how they are doing…

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    • zekness says:

      as Barr is to the establishment at DOJ, kudlow is to the major institutional banks and financial industry.

      Cocaine Kudlow has NEVER been right on ANY of his predictions….You can check his record for yourself….Kudlow is s swampy as they come.

      I do not understand President Trump’s choice here and this is going to blow up eventually…kudlow just isn’t the guy alot of people would like him to be.

      the list is long. you can do your own homework…I’m very frustrated with some members here at CTH who don’t seem to be advocating for a better troop of performers with exquisite and impeccable demonstrated talents…as much as it gets fairly annoying to be treated like some traitor for pointing it out.

      the best we can do, is to keep this and any other president accountable….He’s still got my confidence..but there are problems in his orbit and that needs to be rooted out and resolved. Going into the next term, Trump has got to put together a far better set of performers.


      • Peoria Jones says:

        Exactly what did Mr. Kudlow say in this brief conference today with which you disagree? Everything?

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        • zekness says:

          I don’t spend any attention to people of zero credibility…proven records of zero credibility.

          You might as well ask me to listen jim cramer….

          ain’t gonna do it.

          I’m old enough to know better than to put stock into anything this guy has to say…(pun intended)

          As I have stated. some of trump’s picks annoy the living Sh$t out of me. It’s inexplicable and it reduces his otherwise terrific record…I just don’t get it at all. reason why I spotlighted barr….(can include wray too)…Yes, I understand the political dimensions…doesn’t mean I have to like it or respect it.

          change my mind.

          I’m stuck here…

          seriously…give me a reason I should invest a single moment of my time listening to this known bloviator and shill.


          I could be wrong….? change my mind


          • Peoria Jones says:

            “seriously…give me a reason I should invest a single moment of my time listening to this known bloviator and shill.


            I could be wrong….? change my mind”

            Ok, from Sundance’s Guidelines for Comments: “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.”

            You have commented on a video you haven’t even watched. The vid is the whole purpose for this post.

            You want your opinion to be heard and understood, yet you didn’t take the time to understand the subject matter first. It’s the complete opposite of what SD has simply requested.


            • zekness says:

              points taken…I get concerned about this particular choice for economic cabinet selection.

              it’s just doesn’t make sense to me. Given his prior record. It just doesn’t seem to me the best most qualified person of great track record..unless you are wanting someone who will cheer the band when the titantic takes on water..because that’s what his record is about…every damned time…he’s always been wrong and misleading about the direction of the markets during crisis..and his advice has been worthless when it really counts the most to investors…literally worthless.


    • Debra says:

      I thought I heard Mayor Pete has been sidelined due to something causing him to be under the weather . . .


    • CM-TX says:

      I saw some random ANON post claiming that they were in the “elite” club, & that they & their *special* coworkers were taken to a room & administered a vaccination for Coronavirus. (This was 2-3 weeks ago)

      He/she also claimed they were told it was available to their immediate family members- if they so chose to get it.

      Were this true, it’d pretty much be confirmation these Globalists are up to no good.
      So although I know it’s evil, I keep hoping they were tricked & given something else. Seems fair to me, given the scale of what they may have done.


  6. czecharthur says:

    As usual the panic is doing more damage then the virus.

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  7. NJ Transplant says:

    You have the Dems and the 9th circuit court trying to make us admit more and more illegals at the time they are flipping out about the Coronavirus. They don’t care if they destroy this country. The swamp will do anything to retain its power. It is so scary. We all need to pray.

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  8. MVW says:

    I hate to say this but I appreciate the stock market pullback as I use dividend reinvestment so I get the dividend paying stock at a lower price. Everyone has their own angle on market moves.

    Regarding the CDC Dem operative putting out the shock message that ‘Corona virus is on its way’ was fortuitous. Early bad news is best strategically. It gives time for sanity to resurface and the public to settle down.

    This whole virus scare event is the worst case news for the Globalists & open border idiots. Globalism is DEAD.

    Dem’s homeless pooping on the city streets is a health nightmare for the Dem run cities Failures.

    Spring is just 3 weeks away. Trump’s hard nosed, strategic, preemptive travel ban on flights from China delayed the virus just enough. Bullet dodged like Neo in ‘Matrix’.

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  9. Skippy says:

    I watched this interview with Larry Kudlow. I listened intensely and my take away is he is a very decent and hard worker for our President and our USA. I’m aghast at the last auditory comment as he leaves, “all rise”. Instead of respect these people show him disrespect and show ordinary Americans as myself the same! This is disgusting!

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  10. Ninja7 says:

    Love Larry Ludlow, With MAGA, the US economy is/will be doing Great. As long as the manufacturer’s supply chain is in North America. Everyone else, with a China supply chain will have issues.
    Especially much of our medical supplies, masks, drugs, devices etc.
    Sundance mentioned earlier this week on two US mask manufacturers ( think the only two remaining) having to change production from 80% particle dust masks to 80% N95?? masks.
    Our President is doing everything that is possible with the hand he was dealt with.

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    • Ludlow is doing great work.
      He looks pretty beat here- didnt he come back lately from a heath issue?
      I hope if some in the Trump admin is reading here to remind him to pace himself, and Trump that you cant ride your ponies that hard, every day and expect them to survive…

      I expect this coronavirus thing to burn out in 60-90 days if our best health systems in the world can be pulled to work together, along with federal direction on travel restrictions, as needed.

      So rest up Larry, we need ya for the long haul.


  11. Nothing new here … futures traders are professional gamblers who can make money in the short term from almost anything that they gamble will produce a stock-price movement. But this is really not a sound approach to take when we are talking about a virus.

    Viruses are nothing new. As long as there are farms and farm animals, there will be viruses that might by random chance become more or less infectious to other creatures, including of course humans. As long as people sit in climate-controlled buildings during winter months and sneeze, viruses will spread. Anything that you remove from a box or from an envelope definitely does have viruses on its surface, by the millions.

    Obviously, the emergence of a virulent and potentially lethal viral strain necessitates a prompt but reasonable public policy response. But the key is “reasonable.” Of course, stock market speculators are not interested in that. Neither are those who are infected with TDS. 🤷‍♂️

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  12. Kaco says:

    It’s not just the stock market, apparently there is a customer abandonment of Asian restaurants and Chinatowns in the coastal cities due to Coronavirus fear. Read about it on Chowhound.


  13. Sparty says:

    Tucker has blindly and over the top hyped this thing, sad to say. He referred to rods sister as a “CDC expert” on a broadcast this week, featured hack Dr Mark Seigel numerous times.

    However: as SD mentioned investment flows to highest return matched with greatest level of stability. My prediction: Like all BS panics before it, the public will tire of incessant hype, Give it 2 weeks max, then like impeachment and Russia! Russia!…. investors will buy at the recent dip, up we go.

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    • Kaco says:

      What is the latest info on breathing the same air in the vicinity of a Coronavirus positive person? I heard the masks are useless and doesn’t cover your mucus membranes of the eyes anyway, you can still get it. Isn’t this virus more than just avoiding it by frequent handwashing and avoiding eyes, nose, and mouth without clean hands? I thought the molecules of this are much smaller than the average flu so they are much more contagious and transmit easily through the air.

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      • nimrodman says:

        One scientist says “Corona virus is NOT airborne”, but you need to read the fine print and understand medical definitions

        This same point was covered during the ebola scare and I paid close attention to it at the time

        To my understanding, medical definition of “virus not airborne” is that individual viruses are not floating around in air

        However, viruses may be present in liquid aerosol droplets that ARE floating around in air. Like from sneezes, coughs, saliva from speaking, etc

        So to a layman, “virus not airborne” is a distinction without a difference. You’ll still have a risk of catching it from the air around you and other people.

        Most of the points you made sound correct to my ear

        A virus is a teeny small lifeform, tho – more than a molecule

        Visualizing microscopic life in a puddle in decreasing size, roughly, there’ll be protozoa (amoebas, rotifers, paramecium), then bacteria, then viruses. The larger feed on the smaller, they hoover them up.

        And yes – viruses are exceedingly small. I haven’t heard that this new virus is particularly smaller than other flu viruses but if you’ve got a link, that’d be a help.

        I’m not a biologist, so if I’ve made mistatements, I’d welcome corrections.


        • zekness says:

          there is a reason why all official authorities regard a 2 meter (six foot) distance from anyone coughing and sneezing.

          airborne is one of those pickle words….the virus cell can hover in the atmosphere on a tiny droplet of water, human fluid, feces, and any other biofilm and given the right conditions, cold low humidity, it can suspend in that airborne state for quite some time. But the risk of inhaling these tiny particles are sort of like being at the wrong place at the wrong time ..So the advice is to mitigate against where the highest probabilities exist…direct contact by tiny droplets of coughing or sneezing. to the layman, airborne is the same as sneezing and coughing…the strict academic terms, airborne carries a meaning that the virus cell itself can be carried aloft in its on…riding tiny particles of dust, other bacteria, or even humidity (vapor) that might condense naturally. This type of airborne is of such a low risk for this airborne transmission for SARS and MERS was very very low and requires a combination of near “perfect” conditions to exist. The size and specific cellular mass of this virus and and shape are nearly identical to SARS and MERS, so we can infer the risk to be nearly identical. this information is based on open source, and some experience.

          The human to human transmission of any virus is complicated and unpredictably, but the parameters can be established for best isn’t perfect but it’s pretty effective to reduce risk effectively.

          I am still wondering why we have no seen the scientific testing for surface, biofilm and direct sunlight survivability. That’s missing from open source. it would be expected the labs are continuing a lengthy exhaustive set of experiments before publishing.

          stay tuned on that…it’s likely a bit more effective at survival than SARS and MERS..just a hunch given some of the other features and decom methods I am seeing play out in the streets of china.


          • I just heard on the radio some expert Dr claim that masks are not effective- you should not wear to protect yourself, only wear them if YOU are coughing.

            If so, why are health pros working the clinics advised to change masks four times a day?


            • zekness says:

              masks ARE effective…and are definitely a good practice for the sick persons (regardless of the type of respiratory virus…)

              but…there are of course limitations.

              analog: washing hands,and not touching eyes, nose, mouth helps prevent. It’s not a guarantee…it just helps mitigate risk.

              analog: buckling up seatbelts helps prevent injury…not a guarantee…but still a smart safe practice..

              analog: getting the flu shot each year, early helps prevent infection from seasonal flu bug…not a guarantee, but a smart safe practice to reduce risk.

              same sort of thing with masks…it’s one of MANY things you can do to prevent and reduce risk. None of these things will outright guarantee you will not get sick. But they can all contribute to a pretty effective means to mitigate the chances (the paths) by which this virus is commonly spread.

              like most things, buckling a seat belts but then “stretching it out for more comfort” or washing hands before toilet, but not after… going through the exercise with no real benefits. loose fitting masks, is the same thing. You want a good proper seal at all times. this is why officials are warning those that don’t know how to learn how to properly fit a good seal on a mask and to understand that facial hair can create tiny gaps…so there are some important details…and of course, wearing a mask doesn’t make you some kind of invincible superman that can walk into a hot zone willy nilly. Disposal AND REMOVAL of the mask is just as important as wearing one with the right tight seal.

              it’s always about the important details.


      • cantcforest says:

        Kaco, there are so many conflicting statements about this virus that my conclusion is apply common sense. Avoid public places, malls, sneezing, coughing people, handrails, and door knobs. Wash your hands and face. Work from home if at all possible. Homeschool if possible. Even if the kids don’t have computers, an amazing amount of info can be handled by television (streaming or PBS) and telephones.
        Wash your hands.
        You receive a special dispensation for Trump rallys.


    • Dekester says:

      I am thinking Tuesday of next week.

      We will be looking to buy into our “big five” Canadian banks if the price is right.

      Many of our Canadian Stocks are getting hammered.( and rightly so.) IMO Americans using U.S.are getting a great price on them.

      God bless PDJT

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  14. one of those 2 manufacturers is 3M their factory is in south dakota and makes 3 million a day.
    And that 9th circuit ruling on stay in mexico is B.S.can PT use an EO to keep them in mexico as its a public health risk now that there is cv cases in mexico?


  15. disgusted citizen says:

    The sell off could be a blessing in disguise for Trump. Sooner or later there is always a market correction. Better now with a viable reason, Corona Virus, than closer to the election. The market will recover and move higher prior to election.

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    • nimrodman says:

      good point

      I’m convinced the powers that be were prepared to take the market down to thwart PresTrump’s re-election chances.

      They tried last Fall with the “impending recession scare”
      Didn’t’ fully work, so I’ve been expecting them to take another crack at it

      Virus scare is doing it for them, as you state


  16. blaze says:

    DOW = 31,000 mid-Nov 2020. Easily! I’ll save this so i can you i told you so.

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  17. mr. deacon says:

    Last time the market slipped? News of the China trade war. I say somebody is shorting stocks again. Who is tanking? Public venues, public transportation, and food market futures. Now why would investors drop pharmaceuticals and biotech research? Seems like that would be the place to be if you were looking for a cure. One very interesting note is that the more Bernie Sanders wins, the more folks drop healthcare stocks like a hot potato. The insurance companies that carry the Medicare supplemental insurance.

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  18. fanbeav says:

    So great economy was Obama’s doing and now that the market is below 25,000 – it’s President Trump’s fault!

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  19. Ausonius says:

    Deep Staters taking advantage of a crisis so it does not go to waste: fertilize the panic after you “shorted stocks” and then when the market has crashed low enough, take your winnings and start buying all those crashed stocks at a 10%-20% discount.

    Wash, rinse, repeat!

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  20. fanbeav says:

    Paully Krugman was so wrong when President Trump was elected and now he is giddy that the market is at 25,000?

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    • nimrodman says:

      Krugman’s a hack

      Had a liberal friend explain to me that deficits and national debt “don’t matter”

      “because Krugman” was the only supporting reason I could discern in his arguments

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  21. GB Bari says:

    President Trump has been steadily and consistently warning companies (and investors by inference) since long before he won the presidency that investment in China was not wise.

    He has never wavered in advocating economic and financial policies that focus on and prioritize investment here in the United States, and secondarily in other democratically-governed and politically stable nations.

    IMHO the President does not owe ANYONE any apologies for their losses of investments in China.
    We would not be in today’s market situation had the Wall Street investors been savvy and not deliberately blind and deaf to the current Administration’s well-publicized rejection of the globalist economy.

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  22. HuskerHomer says:

    IMHO, the stock market retreat has little to do with politics. Over the weekend, I determined that the stock market had not correctly priced in the risk of the economic impact if things go to hell in a handbasket over the next 1-4 months. So, I determined that first thing Monday morning, I’d greatly reduce my equity holdings in my retirement accounts (not my taxable accounts — the gains are high enough over the last decade I don’t want to pay taxes on them). It was apparent that I wasn’t the only one to reach that conclusion over the weekend, and things have simply snowballed.

    I’m a strong conservative and Trump supporter, and I’ve been reading CTH since the Trayvon Martin “story” to get the real scoop. I didn’t sell stocks because of some MSM or Dem mania. I sold because the possibility of missing say, a 10% market increase, was strongly outweighed by the possibility of a 30-40% reduction. I don’t try to time the market based on economic cycles — it is basically impossible to do, and I didn’t sell a dime during the Great Recession — but faced with a non-economic “swan” (black, grey, or only a little off-white, impossible at this point to say) that could have major negative economic impacts, moving to safety was the safe bet. Particularly since the market was barely off all-time record highs. If in 3-6 months things settle down, I’ll get back in at a lower price. If things go to hell, then I’m glad I took steps to minimize my losses.

    I do recognize that the Dems are trying to make this a political point, and hope a declining economy/market can be used against Trump and his re-election. But the people selling equities aren’t necessarily doing so because they are trying to do in Trump, some (likely many) are doing so because they came to the same logical conclusion I did about the risk/reward equation.

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    • jrapdx says:

      In any case, chances are the “downturn” in the markets is short-term. As soon as the present profit-taking has reached its point of satiation, the markets will rebound. Just as you say, investors will resume buying when prices are low enough.

      However I do think there’s a “political” effect evident in the current selloff. The “catastrophizing” over the coronavirus threat plays some part in considerations of future asset values and decisions to sell stock.

      Also it’s clear that Democrats are trying to exacerbate the current “herd mentality” implicated in the selloff. This will have a noticeable but transient effect, by summer the markets will have stabilized and recovered some of their decreased price. Anyway none of this can be a shock to Pres Trump. His regular practice is to “own the downside” of his endeavors, so I expect he’ll directly and openly address the market declines, offering not a trace of apology nor even a hint of pessimism.


    • I suspect there are a lot of private money managers also trimming risk, capturing long term profits if they can, while avoiding taxes.

      The fact is much of the movement on the market today is driven by algos, that dont look at fundamentals but flows and other trading patterns, and unless you are in that loop, or within the short distance high speed fiber trading network, you are getting skimmed and beat by front running programs.


  23. Duke says:

    Check it out.

    The media lied/hyped about another narrative, Russia Interference. They used hate of Trump primarily to fuel their narratives with a little fear.

    Now they are hyping another narrative; Covid-19 and instead of foreign policy lies it’s domestic policy issue lies (mishandling the crisis, severity).

    We’ve seen this before. Once this thing burns out the rebound will be even greater with the stock market along with Trump approval.


  24. Dwayne Diesel says:

    Here’s my two cents:

    I appreciate that we have a cool even handed President who sits back and absorbs the info. He then makes decisions based on the facts with out panicking and becoming emotional. He makes rational decisions.

    Unlike what I hear coming from the MSM, the House Dems, Schumer, and the Dem candidates.

    I want a leader who stays calm in the face of adversity not som puts who flails frantically and has no vision.


  25. TheWanderingStar says:

    Just thinking about it I believe that more people have been hospitalized or injured by ANTIFA than by Covid-19. How about some hype on that Main Stream Mania?


  26. spoogels says:

    33 test positive for coronavirus in California – state governor

    Can you imagine if this hits the homeless street crapping dwellers in San Franshitsco?


  27. spoogels says:

    BAD ACTORS ARE CRASHING THE MARKETS: To Stop the Current Short Sale Attack on the Stock Market President Trump Must Reinstate the Uptick Rule


  28. visage13 says:

    Rod’s sister Dr. Nancy Messonnier just did it again on the ABC 630pm news she said that ” We haven’t handled this very well” She needs to be fired NOW.

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  29. tsmifjones says:

    This whole corona flu BS is nothing more then another democrat scheme, a sick scheme, with the help of their friend ‘China’. Nothing more than another scheme, better look into it…………..


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