Wolfe 2.0 With Different Ending – Defense Intel Agency Employee Pleads Guilty: Leaking to Journalist Girlfriend…

In 2017 SSCI Security Director James Wolfe was caught leaking Top Secret Classified information, the Page FISA application, to his journalist girlfriend. In late 2018 the SSCI intelligence breech was covered-up by DAG Rod Rosenstein and DC Attorney Jessie Liu.

In 2019 Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) employee, Henry Kyle Frese, was caught leaking Top Secret classified intelligence to his journalist girlfriend.  In 2020 he pleads guilty to the charges:

[Via DOJ] – An employee of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) pleaded guilty today to charges related to his disclosure of classified national defense information (NDI) to two journalists in 2018 and 2019.

[…] According to court documents, Henry Kyle Frese, 31, of Alexandria, was employed by DIA as a counterterrorism analyst from February 2018 to October 2019, and held a Top Secret//Sensitive Compartmented Information security clearance.

United States government agencies have confirmed that in the spring and summer of 2018, News Outlet 1 published eight articles, all authored by the same journalist (Journalist 1) [Amanda Macias, CNBC ] that contained classified NDI that related to the capabilities of certain foreign countries’ weapons systems. These articles contained classified intelligence from five intelligence reports (the Compromised Intelligence Reports) made available to appropriately cleared recipients in the first half of 2018.

The topic of all of these initial five Compromised Intelligence Reports – foreign countries’ weapons systems – was outside the scope of Frese’s job duties as an analyst covering CT topics. The media articles, and the intelligence reporting from which they were derived, both contained information that is classified up to the TS//SCI level, indicating that its unauthorized disclosure could reasonably be expected to result in exceptionally grave damage to the national security. The intelligence reporting was marked as such.

According to court documents, Frese and Journalist 1 lived together at the same residential address from January 2018 to November 2018.

Throughout 2018 and 2019, Frese and Journalist 1 “followed” each other on Twitter, and on at least two occasions Frese re-Tweeted Journalist 1’s Tweets announcing the publications of articles containing NDI classified at the Top Secret level.

In or about April of 2018, Journalist 1 introduced Frese to a second journalist (Journalist 2) [Courtney Kube from NBC]. Subsequently, Frese began texting and speaking with Journalist 2 by telephone. Between mid-2018 and late September 2019, Frese orally transmitted NDI classified at the Top Secret level to Journalist 1 on 12 separate occasions, and orally transmitted NDI classified at the Secret level to Journalist 1 on at least four occasions.

Frese knew the information was classified at the Secret and Top Secret levels because the intelligence products from which he had learned the classified information had visible classification markings as to the classification level of the information, and the intelligence products accessed by Frese were stored on secure, classified government information systems.  (read more)

Imagine how different things would be today if James Wolfe had been prosecuted for his leaks in 2018.

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135 Responses to Wolfe 2.0 With Different Ending – Defense Intel Agency Employee Pleads Guilty: Leaking to Journalist Girlfriend…

  1. Richard Whitney says:

    She knew it was classified. Put the presstitute in jail.

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    • While I would not use that terminology in reference to her, I think that any journalist who publishes “leaks” or other possibly-classified materials, knowing or having reason to suspect that the materials might be of a restricted nature and failing to attempt to find out if they are, should be prosecuted along with their editors.

      “Leaks” are not a laughing matter. The First Amendment does not entitle a press outlet to freely publish anything that they can get their hands on. Neither does it exonerate the person(s) who provided it. This is what such laws already very plainly say. We just need to enforce them.

      “Knowledge Is Power.”


      • As a man thinkth says:

        It is called LAWFARE! Knowingly criminal activity disguised behind a constitutional privilege initially set aside for the benefit of freedom of the press and our first amendment…corrupted…

        Miller Investigation…Corrupt, Lawfare
        House Impeachment…Corrupt, Lawfare
        Comey,McCabe, Wolf…Corrupt, Lawfare

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        • The Press never had a “constitutional privilege” to publish government secrets. Nor to knowingly publish what it has abundant reason to believe is false and malicious.

          If a US Government official shows up and hands you a document to publish, and you simply do so, you, the Press, have just broken the law. As did the official.

          We are repeatedly seeing people who have been entrusted with secrets who are publishing those secrets … or sometimes they are simply lies. And we are behaving as though this was nothing extraordinary and not damaging.

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      • Spooky says:

        “While I would not use that terminology in reference to her”
        Careful, your bowtie is showing. Instead of “presstitute” I prefer to call this type of reporter a Journoslut. It’s the Allie Watkins lay on your backside to get a story school of journalism. Says everything we need to know about the moral character of professional journalists. They really are sleazy and unprincipled hacks and comparing them to prostitutes is unfair to the worlds oldest profession.


    • Doc Joe says:

      She is subject to the jurisdiction of USA laws unlike Assange.

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  2. tacocat43 says:

    What about Eric Snowden? I’ve not heard any charges against Glenn Greenwald.


    • Benny C says:

      IIRC, Glenn Greenwald worked diligently with major news institutions to redact and not release information that would put innocent people at risk, present an imminent danger, or other guidelines used by actually ethical journalists. Those kinds of actions – costing time, resources, money and increasing your own risks – are one way to separate investigative ethical operators from intel stoolies and criminal conspirators.

      We want Free Speech – we will have to deal with the undesirable secondary effects.
      We want 2a Rights – we have to deal with the unwanted secondary effects.

      It is part of the package – we can’t have the rights without the responsibilities.

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      • tacocat43 says:

        VG, and I thank you. And then why is Snowden in the deepest of deep sh*t.


        • Benny C says:

          Uhhhh….not to be obvious but didn’t Snowden flee the country…and then flee THAT country…and wind up in Moscow? And aren’t there many US Officials saying he should be droned, or arrested for treason or executed? I think he IS in big trouble.

          Now, Rand Paul says he thinks Edward Snowden is a whistleblower who should be pardoned and/or protected. I don’t have enough information to say for sure – but I know I am VERY GLAD TO KNOW that Clapper was lying and the government was spying on Americans with mass data collection techniques.

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          • cali says:

            @Benny: Edward Snowden is a traitor and will remain one for the rest of his life!

            Here is what happened: Edward Snowden worked for the CIA/Brennan. The Hussein/Brennan gang planned the CIA to be the only intelligence agency while despising the NSA. They were adamant destroy the NSA.
            Brennan transferred Snowden to the NSA to collect as much national security and top secret info for the later leaking hoping to destroy the NSA.
            He downloaded and took all he could and fled to HongKong as planned by Brennan/Hussein. He took all the top security info with him that indeed damaged national security beyond what is known to date – far beyond.

            His passport was immediately flagged ergo he could not get out of Hong Kong but ended up in China where he remains to this day. Russia was just a ruse. Look here not there – we know the spiel.
            Everything he downloaded and took with him was sold to China. Remember CrowdStrike managed HRC’s server selling all classified, SIGINT and top secret weapons systems, satellite access for lots of cash.

            The plan or the promise made to Snowden was this: After HRC’s election win in 2016 Brennan et al planned to bring Snowden back and giving him hero status for disclosing everything about the NSA.

            It didn’t work out that way: “They never thought she would lose” ergo Brennan and the rest of the traitors did not make it into the white house to continue their plan titled “The 16 Year Destruction Of America”.

            There is nobody left behind that could help him to come home unless he is willing to be taken into custody being the traitor he is. Now he is stuck.

            He had ample opportunity given by our military behind the scene to return and work together by exposing those who sold America and its military/NSA out in lieu for cash.
            So far he still lives in China and of course the CCP welcomed all the national security and weapons secret plus more that Snowden gave him. The Hussein/HRC gang et al made tons of cash selling us out. Remember ‘Shadow Broker’?

            The true story of Snowden is not yet written and its ending up in the air!

            Assange is just the opposite and will be the witness to discredit the Russian collusion because Russia did NOT hack the server. CrowdStrike planted and framed Russia.

            That will also invalidate the Mueller investigation and a slew of other investigations that destroyed the lives of many people while hurting the president and his family.

            All the FISA warrants and cases against innocent people like Mike Flynn, PapaD, Page, Stone and more will all be voided. The storm clouds are forming…….!


  3. As a man thinkth says:

    It is called LAWFARE! Knowingly criminal activity disguised behind a constitutional privilege initially set aside for the benefit of freedom of the press and our first amendment…corrupted…

    Miller Investigation…Corrupt, Lawfare
    House Impeachment…Corrupt, Lawfare
    Comey,McCabe, Wolf…Corrupt, Lawfare

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  4. askandgettruth says:

    they learned from the hose monster hillary. accuse them of what you are doing and not be held accountable to justice. do as i say and not as i do. sick and sad. we need to go on the offense and not biting our lip on the defense


  5. Jorizabeth says:

    Call me dense, but how is she advancing her career (she isn’t) by leaking? Is she being paid by her employer? Can somebody explain?


  6. Advance your career by leaking? It wasn’t that long ago that leaking was the undesirable result of a social disease and not sedition or treason. I guess times have changed.


  7. Perot Conservative says:

    How many counts? Please, not watered down.

    And yes, hold her accountable as well.


  8. Gary Lacey says:

    How different, two Senators in prison, perhaps awaiting a firing squad…..Werner and Burr


  9. paulashley says:

    “Proudly grew up on army missile ranges.” As an army brat son of a West Point grad, I say Ms. Macias is a disgrace to brats everywhere.


  10. doohmax says:

    These people think they’re playing games cause nobody ever gets punished. I wonder if this guy will get a slap on the wrist? Meanwhile, Roger Stone gets over 3 years over an investigation into unicorn farts.

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  11. Grant Hodges says:

    Our real problem is that the government lies to us. Trump tells the truth, and the contrast with the past 50 years of politics has been startling. Dem/Rino prosecutors claim the right to withhold exculpatory evidence; CIA/FBI/DOJ/IRS lies about citizens in the press by leaking partial and fake news. The rub is this: Without God you can’t be good. Shucks, its tough being good with God. Now we have perverse trotting the country touting their morality and religiosity, men who lack any evidence of a right life. Time to turn back to Jesus Christ and apply His standards to our lives.

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  12. CountryDoc says:

    All lawyers need to have reinforced that they are not above the law, and ethical standards need to be enforced among them, The older I get, the sleazier most of them are as a lot. They don’t expect or desire honor, unless they are a judge — then more of them do, but fewer and fewer honorable men get elected or appointed as judges these days.

    THEN, between the lawyers and the judges, our laws must be enforced. This must happen for our country to restore its honor.

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