Nevada Democrat Debate – NBC and Telemundo 9:00pm – Open Discussion Thread…

Despite not being on the ballot in Nevada, tonight will be Michael Bloomberg’s first appearance on a Democrat debate stage.Tonight’s presidential debate is hosted by NBC, MSNBC, Telemundo and The Nevada Independent. Start time 9 p.m. Eastern.

Six candidates qualified: Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont; former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.; former NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg; Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts; former Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Ind.; and Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota.

The Club is highly restricting the broadcast options for viewing.  However, the Debate is being broadcast on NBC and available on-line HERE

If you are watching via NBC broadcast, MSNBC cable or on-line, feel free to share your opinions in the thread comments below.

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690 Responses to Nevada Democrat Debate – NBC and Telemundo 9:00pm – Open Discussion Thread…

  1. Mist'ears Mom says:

    Watching Tucker which was recorded before the debate…yea boy howdy-can’t wait for tomorrow

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  2. Sun Yat Sen says:

    I can see the SNL skit now … these 6 folks at a restaurant after eating a meal.
    “blah blah blah” banter for a couple minutes.
    The bill comes for $175.
    Mike grabs it and says “I’ll take care of this if you guys leave the tip on the table.”
    Amy: “Just the tip?”
    Warren: “Typical man. Always has to show he can pay the way.”
    Bernie: “Let me pay the tip. Hey Mike, can I borrow twenty bucks?”
    Biden: “I think the waitress was a dog-faced pony soldier. But she smelled nice, so I’ll kick in a sawbuck there Bern-man”
    Pete: “…’Just the tip’ is my favorite 3 word saying.”

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  3. davidberetta says:

    Democrats pandering and making fools of themselves. What is it with this political party? How does a party so out-of-touch with reality actually have any “traction” in real life policy?

    I’m truly at a loss of words here folks.. I cannot believe there are such an abundance of ignorant people in the United States of America. I realize we have packs of imbeciles roaming our Nation but I never imagined there are such numbers of them who could prop-up a failed political party (DNC).

    Unsecured Voting systems and illegal aliens/others is all I can factor into this nonsense…

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    • boomerbeth says:

      Too many immigrants have dumbed down the public personna.

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      • California Joe says:

        Free stuff! Only 50% of Americans pay income tax so the other 50% don’t care about taxes.

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        • seekingthetruth2 says:

          Cal Jo….I’ve been saying this for so long and I’ve received blank stares back…now, I have an MBA and I don’t need a calculator for most math things, but, it took me forever to understand, since I was 21 years, one of the schmucks paying lots of taxes…because I was always hard working and successful…my audience, for the last 40+ years, not so much….EITC….don’t ask me about that…let’s credit those who are lazy, insolent, don’t work very hard….etc.

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        • Lester Smith says:

          The dems tax the rich and eat the poor. These power hunger leaches inslave the uneducated the poor and the illegals. They eat the soul of America. They suck as much money as possible from the working class. Then brake the well of the workers who become inslaved and dependent to the state. The rich pull their business and money to avoid being taxed to death. America is ruled by the soulless Masters the so called democrats. They in trap conservatives by leading them into compromising situations. Then they have control of everything. This may sound crazy but think about it democracy is being hunted down by an army of ravid masters that want a slave state and will use every tool available to achieve their goal. Will they succeed?

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      • TarsTarkas says:

        Educational indoctrination has dumbed down the public more than illegal immigration. The 1619 project is now being taught in schools. Howard Zinn’s faux history book is in practically every school system.

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      • BoreMole says:

        I don’t think you’re paying attention if you think this is immigrants. Its american citizens who’ve never had a hard day in their life.

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  4. Sammy Hains says:

    Bloomberg got mugged tonight.

    Now he finally knows what’s it’s like for everyone else in NYC.

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  5. boomerbeth says:

    Lizzie Pocahontas Borden interview with Chris Matthews:
    “Bloomie is a threat. He has treated women so badly. How can we trade your billionaire for our billionaire? We need a nominee with unshakeable values who can beat Donald Trump.”

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  6. oldersoul says:

    Bloomberg has already wasted over $400 Million on this race. And he is still competing against five other contenders.

    He should have just offered all the others $75 Million each to drop out. And you know every single one of them would have dived at it. Bernie only cost a summer house last time.

    And Bloomberg would still have $25 Million left over to get his teeth cleaned.

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  7. Anon says:

    The CNN panel: Clinton employees all think everybody did terrible. So predictable.

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  8. rah says:

    The left wants to put people in jail that do not adhere to their climate agenda:
    MSNBC Debate Moderator: ‘How Far’ Will You Go to Put Planet-Destroying CEOs ‘in Jail?’

    The reality as Christopher Monckton of Brenchley so concisely and effectively points out:

    The bottom line is cheap and reliable energy is the foundation for development and the ability of people to improve their living conditions and more developed countries are cleaner countries.

    The Chinese will have to confront the reality that more developed nations have already had to address and clean up their act/air because no matter how many people you have to waste the fact is that healthy people are more productive people and less of a burden on the state. But really at this point as far as air and water quality are concerned they are still at the point where the US and UK were back in the 50’s when London was having it’s killer fogs and the industrial and high population areas of the US often had poor air quality.

    It is a never ending battle. As I write this London is well along on the largest public works effort in it’s history as it expands and modernizes it’s Victorian era sewage systems to stop the millions of gallons of raw sewage that is flushed into the Thames each year when the storm drain system is overburdened.

    BTW as I write this Europe as a whole still derives over 50% of it’s electrical power generation from coal while the US derives less than 1/2 of it’s electrical power from coal. And still the Europeans preach to us about climate change?

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  9. p'odwats says:

    If Bernie gets to Milwaukee with the most delegates, and he’s close to the magic number to clinch the nomination all hell will break loose if the DNC steals it from him again.

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  10. oldersoul says:

    Warren’s NDA attack on Bloomberg should have been child’s play to deflect:

    “I’m a very wealthy man. That makes me a target. Bad people sometimes fabricate lies and claims to get at my money. Sometimes it’s just quicker and easier for me to pay them a nuisance sum rather than disprove their lies. And they agree to keep their lies to themselves.”

    “And I’m not going to enable these people to now be given a national forum to smear me again with their lies.”

    Bloomberg was poorly prepared. It should have been easy. Every billionaire gets these golddigger claims (even PDJT).

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  11. Tazio Nuvolari says:

    Did Biden really say something about a $50 an hour minimum wage?

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  12. Garavaglia says:

    Watching 6 lily white Democrats destroy each other while begging for the brown vote must make Trump just giddy.

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  13. TarsTarkas says:

    I want my Democratic Party back. Even the McGovern version would be nice.

    Not that I would vote for anybody in that party. But it would be good for the country to have a legitimate opposition party with even slightly credible policy positions instead of barely disguised versions of confiscate, imprison, and censor.

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    • wendy forward says:

      McGovern was a fine man, as were Hubert Humphrey, Dick Gephardt, Bill Bradley and many others. I loved Shirley Chisholm in the early ’70s.

      BF is still a registered Dem–JFK/Reagan/Trump and he is gobsmacked.

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    • JG3 says:

      I want my “Democrat” Party back…nothing “Democratic” about them.

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    • 4EDouglas says:

      There was a time when if a Dem was elected, you didn’t have to worry about the fall of the Republic. Even FDR though a socialist-he was our socialist- WW2 proved that.
      Bernie is not ,Butthead is not ,FauxaHonkey is not, etc.etc. Bloomie is patriotic only to himself..

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  14. Sammy Hains says:

    I have a feeling the media is going to disappear this debate down the memory hole.

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  15. treehouseron says:


    Out of the 6 of them, who do you RESPECT more? Think about it.

    1. Elizabeth Warren.
    2. Pete butitgieg
    3. Joe Biden
    4. Amy Klobachur
    5. Bernie Sanders
    6. Michael Bloomberg

    I think if I’m being honest, I respect Bloomberg more than the rest of them. He’s a lot of things, he’s an ass, he’s a tyrant, he’s basically a Nazi who buys his way through life… but he’s fairly honest about it and it’s pretty out in the open.

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      Ditto here, for basically the same reasons. I would not label him as a Nazi though. I reserve that word for the historical narrative or modern versions that self-identify as such.

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    • MVW says:

      It will be interesting if this debate changes anything. The other debates as far as I can tell did not.

      Hunter killed Joe’s chances once his cashing in in Ukraine became a major theme in the impeachment trial.

      Warren crashed on the Bernie shoals. Based on her fire tonight she still thinks she has a chance. She doesn’t.

      Pete Peaked.

      Bloomberg $$$$ads and vote $$$$$buying will continue. Bloomberg is counting on Dems getting over his warts, lizard personality and scales…because, well, liberals get a free pass, and well, Trump. He may be right. Bloomberg will stick to his plan.

      Bloomberg has one argument for why Dems should vote for him, he is not a communist like Bernie and the rest are losers. Bloomberg may be right enough to win.

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  16. Sammy Hains says:

    Did anyone notice the only one Bloomberg went after tonight was Bernie Sanders?
    He called him a Communist, just like President Trump and James Carville have done.

    So allow me to remind everyone what I said a couple weeks ago:

    Bloomberg is in this race to stop Bernie Sanders, because Sanders is the real threat to Bloomberg personally, and anyone with any money, investments, or a business.

    Bloomberg isn’t going to allow Sanders to get elected.
    If he can’t stop him from getting the nomination with his billions, he will run as an independent just to split the Democrat vote and, as I said, give suburban Democrats a reason to show up on election day, possibly saving some Democrat House seats.

    Now consider Bloomberg’s pledge to support the Democrat nominee, regardless of who it is. You can bet that he will renege on that if Sanders is the nominee, regardless of what he’s saying right now. I just don’t see him calling Sanders a Communist, and then giving said Communist $2 Billion to defeat the Best Economic President Ever and wreck the economy with Communism.

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    • boogywstew says:

      I’d have liked it better if Doomberg spent his dough on anti-Bernie attack ads. Instead he spends money attacking the ONE person who has the best chance of defeating that Commie Bedwetter.

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    • David says:

      From what I read, I don’t believe that $2 billion is for only the presidential race. I got the impression it was intended for the entire spectrum of House and Senate races. The dems want the Senate badly for obvious reasons. Bloomberg has gotten the credit for winning the House in 2018 with his $100 million cash infusion – along with Soros’ money. Repubs were way outspent in 2018 and it looks like even more so in 2020.

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      • Dwayne Diesel says:

        The DNC doesn’tt have the money to outspend the RNC right now. It’s why they need Bloomberg. Trump has single handedly infused the RNC with an explosion of donations. But, I think that has slowed and more people are just donating to Trump directly.

        Never donate to the RNC or DNC in general. Just donate to the candidate of your choice- remember the swamp is deep and the stench runs over into the RNC and DNC.

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  17. musicdoc2020 says:

    Looking at 5 min highlights, there were some nasty barbs flying around, especially at Bloomberg. One thought- the person putting humor into their replies is who I would fear most because people naturally like them.

    But most of these faces were just downright nasty and Bernie just looked plain crazy especially arguing about houses with Bloomberg.

    If Trump debates one of them, it will be a huge event and now that Trump knows the ropes I think he’ll hold back even less than last time – if that’s even possible. Should be epic.

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  18. Annie says:

    I know one thing!!!!!!!..Doomburg got a LOT….. of Botox for this debate…

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  19. Paul Cohen says:

    maybe this wins the internet tonight:

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  20. From Twitter:
    Warren just scalped Bloomberg in front of the entire country.


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  21. WSB says:

    Hot mini-mic mess.

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  22. 13wasylyna says:

    Mini Mike knows that it matters not what “the people” think….it only matters that the super delegates , how stupid are the rank and file Democrats, how they vote and whom they are told to vote for…

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  23. wildsailor2018 says:

    So, was he standing on a box? Was his podium smaller than everyone else’s? Enquiring minds need to know!!!

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  24. thedoc00 says:

    Every one of the democrat candidates is spouting from the same free stuff song sheet. The primaries are essentially a 50 state focus group assessment before assembling and exposing the final “official” package in July 2020 at the Milwaukee (Chicago ’68 retro) convention.

    As for the candidates, its a screen test and audition either to be the candidate or for a supporting cabinet job..

    Yes, little Mike took a beating. Yet, this was his first time in the mud wrestling rodeo of political debates. He didn’t have to do this when elected (appointed) to be NY Mayor and he is the tyrant-king of his financial domain. If he flops like a gaffed flounder at the next debate, his screen test is over and search continues for the alternate to Hillary prior to July 2020. The next debate will likely feature the detailed roll out of little Mike’s #metoo legal adventures as part of his screen test.

    As for little Mike’s business experience crossing over into “building America”, he is another Mitt Romney. Mike has not been responsible for the “physical building” or “hiring” of a darn thing. His early claim to fame was actually as a financial modeler. Along with Merrill Lynch and the Salomon Brothers, they purchased the elements of his broadcast empire that was rebranded “Bloomberg”. His big money and claim to fame remains being a financier and using his broadcast empire to impact the financial interests he pursues via propaganda.

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  25. James W Crawford says:

    President Trump should deploy Governor Sarah Palin to give Biden another severe ass kicking.

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  26. CM-TX says:

    Summing it up?

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  27. MTeresa says:

    Trump won the Democrat debate last night.

    The hilarious thing is, Bloomberg looked at what Trump has been able to do and said, “Hold my champagne, let me try that!” It was an epic fail on Bloomberg’s part (pssss – big secret: you can never teach someone who is so arrogant and thinks he knows better than anyone else).

    Trump will to make mince meat out of anyone who is the nominee.

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  28. kleen says:

    I think we should dig into the “horse faced lesbian” comment… who did Mini referred to as the horse faced lesbian?

    Now I need to know..

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