Massive Implications – President Trump Considering “Appointing” Ric Grenell For ODNI Position…

UPDATE:  Appointment Confirmed

Lots to unpack here.  Maggie Haberman is warning resistance allies in the Senate to prepare all defensive weapons against a possible Trump appointment of Ric Grenell as  Director of the Office of National Intelligence (ODNI).

Grenell currently serves as the U.S. Ambassador to Germany.  He can serve as “acting” ODNI, but to become permanent ODNI he would need to survive confirmation railroading by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI), Chairman Richard Burr and Vice Chair Mark Warner.  The SSCI is deep swamp and and participated in the coup effort against the office of the president.  The SSCI has a vested interest in controlling the ODNI position; hence their prior blocking of Representative John Ratcliffe.

[Via New York Times] … Mr. Grenell, whose outspokenness throughout his career as a political operative and then as ambassador has prompted criticism, is a vocal Trump loyalist who will lead a group of national security agencies often viewed skeptically by the White House.

He would take over from Joseph Maguire, who has served as the acting director of national intelligence since the resignation last summer of Dan Coats, a former Republican senator from Indiana. Mr. Grenell, who has pushed to advance gay rights in his current post, would apparently also be the first openly gay cabinet member.

Mr. Grenell did not respond to a request for comment, nor did a White House spokesman. The people familiar with the move cautioned that the president had a history of changing his mind on personnel decisions after they were revealed in the news media.

[…]  Under American law, Mr. Maguire had to give up his temporary role before March 12. He could return to his old job as director of the National Counterterrorism Center, but he might choose to step down from government.

Mr. Trump can choose any Senate-confirmed official to replace Mr. Maguire as the acting head of the nation’s 17 intelligence agencies.

[…] [Grenell’s] confirmation by the Senate is not assured, one reason the president intents to name him acting director, rather than formally nominating him for the job. (read more)

On May 23, 2019, President Trump granted current U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr with essentially the same intelligence review capabilities as the ODNI in an effort to empower the AG to bring sunlight upon intelligence community corruption.   Unfortunately, AG Barr did nothing with the power granted by the president.

The appointment of Grenell can be looked at as President Trump trying to cut the Gordian knot that exists due to a myriad of self-interests deep inside the intelligence apparatus.

The SSCI will not allow any ODNI office member to expose their corrupt intelligence operations.  Recently Oklahoma Senator James Lankford quietly quit the SSCI. It has been speculated that Lankford left the committee due to rank corruption and their ongoing plans to hide prior abuses.   Mitch McConnell selected Senator Ben Sasse to replace Lankford to retain and achieve the continued objectives of the committee.

The *tell* will be to watch how members of the SSCI respond to the Grenell appointment.

This could become ugly.


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380 Responses to Massive Implications – President Trump Considering “Appointing” Ric Grenell For ODNI Position…

  1. Genie says:

    Waldman mentions in his texts someone with initials BB. Sounds like an influential person. Any ID of BB?


    • Grassleysgirl/Breitbartista says:

      Browder? Or Barr👀


      • noswamp says:

        What was done by the prior person in this position? Nothing I take it.

        Trump seems as if he has a plan. Humm. Unpacking this is going to be interesting.

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        • Jan says:

          Maguire was involved with taking the Whistleblower Complaint to the DOJ & Office of Legal Counsel to determine if this was a proper complaint and a determination if it came under the qualification of “urgent” to be turned over to Congress. Schiff for brains took his deposition, I think both in the SCIF & in pubic.

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      • glissmeister says:

        Browder would be my guess. I remember Browder as deeply and aggressively involved as an extreme and passionate anti-Russia, anti-Putin advocate — ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ kinda thing. Likely more to know here in re influence US GOV operations, prior Ukraine administration, Soros cohort ops, SSCI, Biden, etc.

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        • dawg says:

          Bill Browder goes back to the Magnitsky Act, which was the freezing of certain Russian oligarchs’ assets, which Obama and Hillary actively OPPOSED and fought against while Pres and SecState

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  2. Zy says:

    Just hold the Democommunists to their own words. They must be held to their alleged standards of diversity and inclusiveness.

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    • trnathens says:

      And, when played correctly, this will cause further infighting among Democrats, and expose their diversity fraud for all to see. They’ll have to explain how he’s not the right KIND of gay man, so it doesn’t count. And they’ll be flipping and flopping in circles trying to explain themselves, and they’ll be bad at it, and then they’ll end up making it worse, but it’ll be fun to watch. Even SSCI is susceptible to public opinion. They all have gay constituents. Aren’t elections coming up?

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      • Marc says:

        Simply being a homosexual isn’t enough wokeness these days. There are degrees of victimhood in SJW circles and being gay is low on the totem pole. The highest degree of victim status is being “trans”, then being Black, followed by Muslim/Arab, then Hispanic, then female, then Asian, the disabled, and finally gay/lesbian. Lesbians carry more clout than gays and bisexuals are ignored for some reason.

        Rick Grenell is white and American. That’s too privileged for the Left.

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        • Ric’s the wrong Gay. He does not toe the line …victimhood, discrimination etc etc. Also he’s smart. He’s been toiling in intl affairs since the UN gig. Ric knows the dirty players firsthand probably more so bc being gay they (globalists) probably confided hidden motives in him over his sexuality. That’s their bar not mine. Hello Backfire.

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    • spinoneone says:

      Just like the days of old, “National Socialist Democrats of America Party.” I think you get the idea.

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  3. Hopefully he won’t start as first act to go to Alaska and play bagpipe …

    He’s got a lot of work coming his way …

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  4. Ackman419 says:

    Now, fire Wray and insert an acting Director.

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  5. Come in, bring your own hand picked team with an assistant who is hard Conservative, loyal to the Team and the President and has a focused plan to remove ALL Obama and Clinton deep seeds from know all positions. Utilize the old Soviet method, any blip or relationship with someone with a blip, makes you a suspect and you are gone…Clean the stables!!!

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  6. This appointment must have them 💩ing in their corrupt pants!!! It won’t be as easy for them now!!!
    Excellent news!! Adam Schiff should be very afraid as well as Mr. Atkinson!!
    Things are taking an interesting turn!

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  7. MAGADJT says:

    Doubt Grennell will be an “acting department head” in the same vein as Matthew Whittaker. Whittaker likes to talk a big game on the Fox News circuit these days, but did nothing as Acting AG. Grennell will own the position from day one IMO.

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    • noswamp says:

      Whittaker could have done much more than he actually did, but he was afraid, and kept the thugs in place. And you are correct MAGADJT, Grennell will not “go along to get along”.

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    • Dutchman says:

      Grennel isn’t and won’t be a ‘company man’, like Whitaker was at DOJ.

      But, his subordinates, ‘career’ buerocrats can try to freeze him out, practice ‘passive insubordination’, and treat him like mushrooms. (In the dark, and covered in b.s.)

      Since he can’t, in most cases FIRE them, any orders he gives that they don’t want to do, can be deflected by process.

      And notice, PDJT is limited in appointing as,’acting’only those,who have ALREADY been Senate confirmed for a previous position.

      So, contrary to some commenters statements, PDJT can NOT appoint just anyone, as acting. It has to be someone who is already in government in some Senate confirmed position.

      So, not Sidney Powell or Rudy for Acting A.G., for instance.

      McConnell has had him boxed on appointments, but the last Judge position is about filled, time for PDJT to cut this knot?

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      • Jan says:

        Given what was said tonight at the Democrat debate, McTurtle is going to face some Democrat shenanigans this fall. Warren and Klobucher are very upset McTurtle is sitting on legislation that passed the House. They’d like to see him not get re-elected.


        • Dutchman says:

          They got no chance of bumping him off, by running a Democrat challenger in Kentucky.

          The Uniparty always has people in leadership positions, from ‘safe’ districts (House) or ‘safe’States (Senate).

          Elections have cosequences, and as Majority leader he can pretty much control what legislation advances to the floor, or doesn’t. (As I understand it).

          So, I have something in common with poko and klobo;
          I also would like to see him defeated in Nov.

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        • pyrthroes says:

          Color us crimson red, but at this point da Klobber, Mini-Mike et al. are electorally irrelevant, naught but curlicues on Pres. Trump’s rootin’ tootin’ DC Circus bandwagon. From Joe Hill to Horst Wessel since 1992… as in 1860 – 1912, Rats’ come-back will be indefinitely delayed.

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        • Bruce says:

          They can POUND SAND!

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      • Mo says:

        This is excellent! “treat him like mushrooms. (In the dark, and covered in b.s.)”

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  8. hawkins6 says:

    How shocking. After enduing numerous frame ups and leaks, a “Special” Collusion Counsel, FBI Investigations and a concocted Impeachment hoax mostly loaded with disloyal Executive branch staff members and appointed officials trying to depose him, why would P Trump pick a “Trump Loyalist” instead.

    Good luck to intelligent, affable and loyal Rick Grenell as he prepares to settle in at the very center of the Swamp’s Resistance regime HQ.

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  9. jus wundrin says:

    UPDATE: Appointment Confirmed

    The ministry of propaganda is too busy trying to spin the dem debate, and havent noticed this yet.

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  10. WeThePeople2016 says:

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  11. Paul Gallant says:

    This is war,,,, leave the identity pontificating alone. He has got two hands to take up arms and join the fight like the rest of us. Challenge…let this be the last time the word gay is used on this post. Bigger fish to fry.

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  12. now john rood out at the they are droppin like flies.

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  13. Richard Axley says:

    I hope he has somebody loyal in there. Seems a gay guy might appreciate and reciprocate loyalty.. I have a good feeling about this, for some reason. I think Trump realizes how important loyalty is, even over talent (although you have to have that too). Think Trump might have figured this thing out by now, and no body can say Trump isn’t loyal to his guys.

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  14. Theckman says:

    All these Obama loyalists/cabinet members spouting doom and gloom about Grenell have no credibility. Ben Rhodes said it’s terrifying to even imagine Grenell as DNI temporarily. I didn’t like how he assumed it would only be until 2020 election.
    Why is he so confident Grenell won’t last if Trump wins in November.
    In fact, given the corruption and how they conducted foreign affairs it’s no badge of honor to get their approval.
    One WAPO journalist went on and on about James Clapper’s over 50 years of resume/experience before being appointed DNI.
    How stupid to compare Clapper who recently lied to congress and should be charged with multiple criminal offenses if Barr does his job.
    Currently In Washington DC extensive experience in intelligence agencies under multiple Presidents is not a good thing!
    Likely definition: a dishonest, treasonous, corrupt person who believes they are above the law.
    I will take a less experienced, loyal, intelligent, tenacious, patriot over Clapper and his cronies anytime!!

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    • Tazok says:

      They say until election because of 6mth acting cutoff. More like until end of August. No OCT surprise from Grenell.

      Great timing during the D debate pundit distraction.

      “The people familiar with the move cautioned that the president had a history of changing his mind on personnel decisions after they were revealed in the news media.”

      Was MgHab’s whine to other jounos to pounce. Failed miserably.

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  15. “Hello Mitch? Donald here. Listen, I just want to give you a heads up I am WITHDRAWING every nomination I have sent to the Senate for confirmation for open Federal judgeships. Also, I will NOT be resubmitting them or any new nomination for ANY Federal judgeship, including for the SCOTUS that should unexpectedly come upon due to a death or resignation until EVERY SINGLE ONE of my nominations previously submitted to fulfill positions within my administration are acted upon by the Senate. Oh, and if the Senate happens to go into recess – enjoy it. Later. PDJT”

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “until EVERY SINGLE ONE of my nominations previously submitted to fulfill positions within my administration are acted upon by the Senate.”

      Because most likely if all of them were in place, we would not have had to put up with this insubordination and treasonous activity.

      I was commenting here 2 years ago that IMO the WH Press Room should have been turned into a polygraph room, with the pressitutes denied access to the WH and moved next door.

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  16. Julia Adams says:

    Fantastic move … Mr. Grenell is an excellent member of Trump’s team and will serve the Adminstration honorably and loyally in this role

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  17. AnotherView says:

    I’m sure the phones are doing overtime tonight. Grenell is fairly tough. I don’t see this guy backing down. Splodey head time in DC….LOL

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  18. Julia Adams says:

    Wednesday night history lesson:
    “I saw a photo of our beloved president working at his Oval Office desk, underneath the portrait of President Andrew Jackson he has hung there. It reminded me that before Jackson was president, he was a military hero turned tyrant. Upon winning the Battle of New Orleans, General Jackson promptly imposed martial law on that city — in the eyes of many, longer and more severely than the circumstances warranted.

    One who complained in an anonymous letter published by the Louisiana Courier on March 3, 1815, was a prominent state legislator, Louis Louaillier. As the The New Yorker’s Caleb Crain recounted in a book review a decade ago, when Jackson discovered the letter’s authorship, he had Louaillier arrested.

    An attorney for the jailed lawmaker applied for a writ of habeas corpus — essentially, a judicial ruling that Louaillier’s detention was unconstitutional. A federal district judge, Dominick Augustin Hall, was outraged by Jackson’s action and signed the writ.
    Upon being notified of this, Jackson ordered his troops to have Judge Hall arrested. The jurist was seized from his home in the dead of night and brought to the jail, where he was placed in Louaillier’s cell.

    Jackson had Louaillier tried for mutiny in a court-martial, and refused to release him even after he was acquitted. Meanwhile, another federal judge, Joshua Lewis, issued a writ of habeas corpus demanding Judge Hall’s release. As night follows day, Jackson had Lewis arrested, too. The plenipotentiary general then had five soldiers escort Judge Hall out of town, marching him four miles upriver.

    To this day, historians will argue over whether Steve Bannon was anywhere near New Orleans at the time.”

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  19. ChampagneReady says:

    Now there’s a dog in that bottom photograph that needs a nose transplant lol.

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  20. rah says:

    I await Lindsey Grahmnasty’s reaction to this appointment. Should be interesting, eh?

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  21. noswamp says:

    POTUS relates to Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln for many reasons. To put it simply, it is because both presidents were brave, imperfect, loved the country, loved the PEOPLE, and disliked behavior reflecting rejection of our country and our laws.

    They did not like overt corruption that would cause the people to suffer.

    President Trump is a combination of both Lincoln and Jackson. Thank God for that.

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  22. BitterC BitterC says:

    In business it is not uncommon to get a boss that knows nothing about the dept he is now running, so that’s no big deal.

    I a thinking Trump wants IG Atkinson fired. Also think a stint at the ODNI might serve to groom Grenell for Sec State term II

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  23. ballgame17 says:

    Ya think Burr and Warner have “a thing going on”? I hope Lankford speaks out!

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