Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham Appears on Sean Hannity to Discuss His FISA Hearing Witness List…

Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham has submitted a list of people he wishes to call as FISA-gate witnesses to Attorney General Bill Barr.  Tonight Sean Hannity invites Senator Graham to his Fox television show to listen to Hannity talk about it.

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85 Responses to Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham Appears on Sean Hannity to Discuss His FISA Hearing Witness List…

  1. H.M.P.D. says:

    Lyin’ Lindsey is as reliable as Corrupt Sen. Burr. They plan to just keep on kickin that can.

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    • VoteAllIncumbantsOut says:

      That’s funny, I can’t stand Hannity and will not watch but to invite someone on his show so they can listen to Hannity talk is pure classic truth, hahaha….

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      • nimrodman says:

        Photo of Gowdy reminds me of how ineffectual he was at Hillary’s Benghazi questioning

        One week prior a story broke about military aircraft with engines on, awaiting a “go” order, maybe in Italy

        He didn’t even ask her about the topic

        The other guy was Kevin McCarthy. Reporters snagged him walking down the hallway ahead of the Benghazi hearing and pestered him: “Isn’t this hearing just politics? an attempt to smear Hillary?”

        McCarthy said the equivalent of “Sure” – words to that effect

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        • Zydeco says:

          Read Sundance’s expose of Benghazi. Not everything is what it seems to be.


          • Julian says:

            Benghazi was about running guns too ISIS in Syria.

            Al-Baghdadi can tell you all about that. So can John McCain.

            Well, pity about them they actually can’t – but Miss Lindsey could if he was so inclined!!

            Hahaha roflmao.


      • FrankieZee says:

        Only Sundance can come up with a line like that. Once again, Hannity has Panty Wearing Lyndsey on his show and does not ask any hardball questions.

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    • Jeff says:

      Can Fox, Hannity STOP allowing LIndsay to have cover and lie and keep his persona intact as being on a crusade to rid DC of the corruption. He is doing what he’s always done and always will do, along with his fellow Dems, Repubs, RUN INTERFERENCE and disavow and keep us ‘little people’ hopeful.


  2. jumpinjarhead says:

    Well put in saying Hannity invited Grahamnesty on so he could hear Sean talk. Another reason I stopped following Hannity long ago.

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  3. RightAroundTheBlock says:

    For the sake of realism, can you make him a bit older yet?

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  4. A Strongly-Worded List!

    That’ll show ’em.

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  5. frankmystery says:

    I can’t take listening or even seeing this guy anymore. Everytime I see or hear this blathering Peacock my cold anger goes 10 degrees colder. Do his masters bonus him on promises broken because he clearly enjoys it. The audacity of these people to continue talking to us like we’re stupid constantly giving me enough bogus hope to get me to put the pitchfork down. Grrrr had to get that out!

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    • BobR says:

      No talk of prosecutions just so it doesn’t happen again. Only a bunch of idiots would think of this or untouchables. Lindsay only way it doesn’t happen again is if you make them touchable by procecutions.


    • Komrade Retslag says:

      Senator Graham only spoke a little over two and a half minutes in a six-minute segment. Hannity took more time than he allowed Senator Graham. But, it really doesn’t matter in the case of Graham, because he really has nothing new to add, has virtually no credibility, and it is questionable whether the hearing will even take place.

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  6. noswamp says:

    Barr and Lindsey are cut from the same cloth. Play for time. its mid-Feb and nothing has happened. 90-day deadline is August. People will be indicted before August? Nah!

    Late Spring Barr is playing the same bag-pipe tune as ole’ Lindsey: “Nothing from Nothing” by Billy Preston,

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    • jonhabart says:

      Lindsay and Barr are nothing alike.

      Graham is compromised due to all of the disgusting foreign adventurism he was involved with as Senator McCain’s sidekick. He’s nervous to have too much come out into the open as it will affect him, other GOP Senators, & a large group of Democrats in both the House and Senate.

      Attorney General Barr has been the victim of time, of which the first 2 years he wasn’t even there.

      The Mueller investigation came to an end shortly after he took over and since then many positive developments have taken place. Unfortunately the Democrats won the House which caused 2019 to be clogged with all things impeachment. Since the acquittal there has been a significant amount of action taken by the President and DOJ, easy to look up & many articles have been written describing their significance.

      The Democrats and Deep State want Barr gone, the Senate barely confirmed him, the fact that a good portion of Trumps base holds a negative perception of the AG is a clear indication that they have successfully poisoned circles of Conservative media and thought.

      The Democrats always loved Lindsay Graham, they complain nowadays that he’s been more supportive of President Trump but he will always be a RINO.

      Barr is hated by the Democrats and they are trying to turn everyone against him.

      The base is frustrated because justice hasn’t been delivered, Barr is the one everybody blames, without knowing about or giving credit for everything he has been able to achieve.

      It’s a big ugly mess but it seems that the correct actions are being taken to reverse some of the damage.

      Liu being craftily disposed of was a massive positive towards the delivery of Justice.

      Believe what you want but Attorney General Barr will likely deserve a lot of apologies when this is all over.

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      • arsumbris says:

        I defended Barr up until the investigation of McCabe was dropped, and the DoJ sent him a letter stating they consider the matter closed.

        The same week, Barr called Roger Stone’s case a “righteous prosecution”. Barr had said flowery things about obvious scumbags before, like when he showered Mueller with praise. I used to write that off as Machiavellian, as Barr playing some kind of chess.

        Problem is where we’re at on the calendar. So far no charges, only dropped investigations and indictments for obvious guilt not pursued. Durham hasn’t interviewed McCabe, Comey, Brennan, or Strzok apparently. He hasn’t interviewed Carter Page.

        There are ZERO signs Durham is going anywhere.

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        • BobC says:

          You mean Durham doesn’t keep you fully informed of all the investigations he IS doing.

          Man, that’s outrageous!!


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          • arsumbris says:

            Well said. He does, ironically, keep us informed enough:

            no charges, investigations recommended by the IG (like McCabe and Comey) dropped, none of the principals interviewed (Comey, McCabe, Brennan, Strzok, etc).

            But “tick tock”, right? The “next” investigation will be the REAL investigation, amirite? The last three years were just a big fake-out to trick the Deep State into letting it’s guard down so sneaky Durham could get all the evidence, TRUST LE PLAN.



        • …The same week, Barr called Roger Stone’s case a “righteous prosecution”…..

          That’s the sentence that finally did it for me…Barr is deep state and I expect nothing from him. The fact that he sees nothing wrong with what his Dept. has done to Stone is to me just final confirmation that he is blinded by his own prejudices.

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        • DoD says:

          Everything you need to know about Barr…
          ‘Epstein killed himself’


      • Professor G says:

        I live in SC, and John understands what we know about Lindsay. He will do nothing. He talks, but nothing ever happens. He is so disappointing.

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      • Snellvillebob says:

        Maybe the Left is just acting like they fear Barr. It is not that they have never lied to or deceived you before. I doubt that Bill Barr was President Trump’s first choice, but it was the best he could get McConnell to allow.


      • frankmystery says:

        If we get the results America deserves considering the information in the public sphere and Barr is responsible I’ll gladly apologize. Until then the evidence points more toward him protecting the institutions rather than the people’s interests. I think we would all happily be proven wrong but, like usual, they need us to wait a little longer…


      • Julian says:

        Why was Liu even there in the first place to be ‘craftily disposed of’?

        Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, the Sean Brothers and more and the current controversy engulfing Barr are all her fault.

        Again – why was she even there in the first place?


    • BobC says:

      I don’t care whether AG Barr plays the bagpipes, the zither, harpsichord, violin, bongo drums, or the Mongolian nose flute.

      When you grow up you won’t care either.


  7. Robert Smith says:

    Lyndsey, you ignorant slut.

    The way things are going we won’t need Lyndsey AT ALL. 😦

    Lyndsey… do you *really* don’t want to be helpful in this process? That means there is no need to continue your political career, to keep you around…

    Think about it.

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  8. Drogers says:

    L. Graham – reminds me of the brother-in-law who keeps saying he’s going to bring back the chainsaw he borrowed three years ago. Can’t trust a damn thing comes out his mouth.

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  9. The only reason Roger Stone was even called by Weissman was to manufacture a process crime and use him as human bait for a pardon to get the President for Obstruction. That’s malicious prosecutorial abuse in the service of sedition. Weissman should stand trial for his evil scheme. True scum.

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  10. rebelinme2 says:

    I think Lyndsey is virtue signaling for show. What he proposes is ideal, but I think the lot of them and Barr will keep pushing the can along until the statute of limitations is up. Barr is a big fixer, and it looks like they all are trying to placate us while they preserve and protect the bureaucracy. While I am waiting for Durham, I wonder if they are feeding us stories that Durham is toiling away and will take action while underhandedly keeping him from actually getting anything done. If it were any of us under question, it would not have taken years to bring charges against us with less evidence than we know about.

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  11. Magabear says:

    Hannity & Hannity at 9pm weeknights on Fox! 😄

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    • frankmystery says:

      It’s so true unfortunately. I used to like Hannity but the endless repetitive monologue and the softball questions toward everyone have rubbed me the wrong way.

      He’ll never be like Rush no matter what he thinks. Hannity is too close with all his buddies and Fox holds his leash. The more he sells “wait and see” the less I trust him.

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    • frankmystery says:

      It’s so true unfortunately. I used to like Hannity but the endless repetitive monologue and the softball questions toward everyone have rubbed me the wrong way.

      He’ll never be like Rush no matter what he thinks. Hannity is too close with all his buddies and Fox holds his leash. The more he sells “wait and see” the less I trust him.


  12. L&L says:

    Lindsey the slipperiest snake in the swamp…

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  13. T2020 says:

    SD: “…to listen to Hannity talk about it.” LMAO!!

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  14. treestar1313 says:

    Also, Sean’s assurance that something BIG is coming down in the next few weeks! He’s been saying that for 3 years.
    How about the day after never?


  15. Mike says:

    I am interested in facts, not “tick tock.”

    That said, if not for Hannity’s platform we would know far less than what we know.

    Graham, as disappointing as he is, has at least done some good.

    Barr is either doing the best he can with an utterly corrupt FIB/Just Us system, or he is saving the “reputation” of the Just Us department. I don’t know which. He is still better than Sessions, which isn’t saying much.

    As much as it pains me to say it, as Tom Fitton pointed out today, if the “just us” department isn’t going to prosecuted low hanging fruit like McCabe and Clinesmith, there is no way they are going to prosecute a much more complex case against Brennan, Comey, Clapper, etc.

    The latest developments show me Barr is trying to get more US Attorneys to review/expose the coup. That makes it less easy for the demon crats and their “expletive delete” media to claim Barr is Trump’s “wingman.”

    Remember, according to the McCabe IG report, an assistant Attorney General, right under Lynch, told McCabe to put the brakes on the Clinton Foundation investigation- no grand jury- no grand jury subpoenas. This and other outrageous abuses of Obama era DOJ need to be thrown at the “expletive delete” media. Time for Barr to stop playing defense.

    The most important thing is for Trump to be re-elected.


  16. Retired IG says:

    Thank you much for posting the Lindsey Graham show on Hannity no less. As sickening as it is to me, its important for me to learn/see what the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman’s views are.
    I am not impressed with any words coming out of Senator’s Graham’s mouth. When there is an out of control Fire BURNING, LIDSEY, are you even going to call 911? Are you even up to it?
    Sorry Lindsey if I keep writing comments that are barking at you. I would so much appreciate if you would just DO SOMETHING other than flap your jaws and putting your smiley face on all of the corruption re your TV interviews. Where is your SUBSTANCE?
    Your promises have been numerous and have not taken any shape. PLEASE RETIRE! And thank you for your “service.” Will be paying for your retirement income as long as I am alive, so Fork you too,

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  17. SundaysChild says:

    Stand back, everyone, Lindsey is wielding another letter. The brutal outcome of a paper cut awaits.

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    • mr.piddles says:

      I love how the first ten or whatever in his list looks like the last 20 characters in a movie credits scroll…

      Newsstand Owner …
      Woman hailing cab …
      Mentally disturbed homeless man #4 …
      Hipster #2 walking small dog #1 …

      On the bright side for Barr: he can just send any old Schmoes over there to testify.

      “So, Mr. Jensen, you are… ‘Case Agent 3’… is that correct?”
      “Uh. No, Senator, I’m ‘Supervisory Special Unit Chief 2’, sir.”
      “Ok… I don’t see that on my list here, Mr. Jensen… can you tell me again…”
      “That’s ‘Supervisory Chief 3 For Special Agent Unit Operations’… yes, sir.”
      “Wait… Supervisory… Special… WHAT?!?!”
      “Yes, sir.”


  18. mr.piddles says:

    “As you are aware, the Committee is continuing to investigate matters related to the Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s handling of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation”

    Ho whoa whoa WHOA… WAIT ONE DAMN MINUTE!!!

    When did THIS start?!?!? Since when? Ever? Is he just making crap up at this point?

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  19. Streak 264 says:

    Graham and Hannutty need to GET A ROOM!
    I see Hannutty is still wearing his CIA pin honorably.


  20. Rynn69 says:

    I will try and mean this with all due respect –

    Just shut up already.


  21. zekness says:

    graham, the guy who spends three years pondering how he will find a way to actually pick a berry from the tree of low hanging fruit, then just gives up in frustration over how difficult and corrupt the tree was running some kind of a scam on him.

    well bless his heart.


  22. arsumbris says:

    Let’s start admitting that Grahamnesty is as guilty as McCain or Biden in terms of corruption, and has every reason to bury the attempted coup, and let it’s plotters skate. They were trying to take down Trump to prevent revelations that the most powerful people in Washington were laundering money in a puppet state after the CIA/State Dept staged a “revolution”:

    At this point, the Swamp has no reason to fear Americans, because Americans pose no threat. Your vote every 4 years isn’t a threat. Your posts on social media aren’t a threat. There is nothing stopping them from lying you down the garden path, then pretending none of this ever happened after you’re sufficiently distracted by something else.

    All these Republicans promising charges and accountability, promising endless investigations that end in “no charges” despite tons of evidence in the public domain, and probably more behind closed doors. Republicans making empty promises are helping to sweep these crimes under the rug. There will never be enough votes to hold government criminals accountable, because our votes are as much of a sham as these hearings and all their “investigations” that lead to nothing. Sound and Fury signifying nothing.

    Just imagine what would happen if the Second Sunday of each month, America First patriots armed themselves and peacefully marched on the local state capitol, the local city hall, or the local courthouse, and read a list of demands for accountability.

    Would there be anymore attempted gun grabs if a “Bonus Army” of patriots marched on “gun free zones” with even half the regularity they attend church services?

    Would there be anymore fake investigations to distract while government criminals are set free, if lawfully armed men read out the list of crimes and criminals — or would those armed men haunt cowards like Lindsey Graham while they try to sleep?


    • Deplorable Ukie says:

      arsumbris says: ‘you’re sufficiently distracted by something else’

      Isn’t it what you are doing here?

      You are distracting us from this.

      You are distracting us from this.

      ‘If you’re wondering how Deripaska came to know Davis & Co., the answer lies in Russia’s next-door neighbor Ukraine.

      Putin’s Ukrainian proxies were also in trouble. Shortly after the Orange Revolution, a murder investigation was launched against the country’s richest oligarch, Rinat Akhmetov, Yanukovich’s main backer. Akhmetov fled the country. In exile in Monaco, he turned to Davis’s business partner, Paul Manafort–the second name in the lobbying firm Davis Manafort. An old GOP hand, Manafort, like Davis, had played a key role in Dole’s failed 1996 presidential run and had worked for dictators like Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines and Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire. Akhmetov initially hired Manafort to improve the image of his beleaguered conglomerate, SCM, but soon Manafort’s role shifted to helping Yanukovich.

      Publicly McCain and his campaign chief’s lobbying firm were on opposite sides. In 2005 McCain had nominated Orange Revolution hero Yushchenko for the Nobel Prize, and that spring he’d honored Yushchenko in the headquarters of the International Republican Institute, whose board McCain has chaired since 1993. But behind the scenes the former head of IRI’s Moscow office, Philip Griffin, was recruited by Manafort to work on Yanukovich’s campaign against Yushchenko. Davis Manafort’s work was considered so detrimental to US interests that a National Security Council official called McCain’s office to complain, according to the New York Times. The McCain campaign denies receiving the NSC complaint.’

      You are distracting us from this.

      ‘Biden has had a long and public career. If he were an ardent advocate for Ukraine, it would be clear for all to see. But he has not been.

      In fact, he has consistently sided with Ukraine’s arch-nemesis, Russia. Biden was the vice president in an administration that pushed for a “reset” with Russia and oversaw Russia’s entry into the WTO. Biden even advocated for a Biden-Putin Commission to bolster ties.’

      You are distracting us from this

      ‘In effect, Russia’s activity in Ukraine is a reinvention of ‘active measures’, a form of political warfare pioneered by the Soviet Union. The strategy for these active measures is closely linked to a concept known as ‘reflexive control’, a Soviet top-secret technique to manipulate an opponent into making decisions leading to their own defeat. For this, the Kremlin conducted painstaking research into the intricacies of Ukrainian daily life to understand the Ukrainian world view and identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited. Then, using media, front groups, provocateurs and paid rallies, it created a virtual reality designed to compel Ukraine into making decisions serving Russian objectives.’

      The coup plotters were trying to take down Trump to prevent revelations that the most powerful people in Washington and Moscow were bringing down Ukraine after FSB/GRU and CIA/State Dept (infiltrated by KGB/FSB) hijacked a revolution.

      At this point, the Swamp has EVERY reason to fear us Americans.


  23. Parrot says:

    Whadda joke.
    Linds can’t actually believe that rubes like Hannity actually think he is going after anyone….
    Linds will write a memo, but in the strongest terms, to any unindicted felony in DoJ land.


  24. Baby El says:

    For those occasional readers that don’t understand the animosity for Trey Gowdy, refer to the center bottom picture with the caption “Bengazi”.

    Note also Faux News contributor, Jason Chafetz to his left.


  25. Susan D Harms says:

    witness list, smitness list. who cares. I will believe he will do something after he does it.

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  26. 6x47 says:

    Lindsey is controlled opposition, just as Gowdy was. He’ll hold hearings, thundering outrage, which will yield some cool YouTube videos that go viral on social media and then absolutely nothing will happen.

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  27. TradeBait says:

    Lindsey is a place holder until Chuck Grassley returns. Hannity is a circus clown.


  28. Mathias says:

    You ever notice how you never see Lindsay Graham and Q-Anon in the same phone booth, at the same time? Quellers of cold anger porn, they might be?

    Did I recently hear Bloomberg donated to Graham’s campaign? Hmmm, let’s draw some dual-loyalty lines. Bloomberg knows Wexler, who knows Dershowitz, who knows all about the Epstein Mossad NY honeypot plot (probably helped set it up), the greatest semi-covert pedophile blackmail operation ever run to control a foreign government. Uh, sadly, that would be us, America. So, if you’re looking for blackmail videos in the oak cabinet at Epstein’s/Wexler’s mansion, don’t help but notice the VCR cassette, that’s titled “Graham-Clinton and the llama, Part III.”


  29. Rich Gorman says:

    Oversight is a complete joke. It IS , as the word describes —- STAND AROUND AND WATCH !! All these Congress Critters are expert at flapping lips , while never completing ANYTHING relative to ” oversight” . In any real world , for profit business , they would have been fired.
    Few are tenacious like Devin Nunes.


  30. Zydeco says:

    What did Songbird from beyond the grave tell Ms. Lindsey to say? Tell Insannity that the ice cream truck is just around the corner.

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  31. Cavt says:

    Yawn——-the groundhog day of interviews: keeps repeating ad nauseum, nothing changes, nothing happens–

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  32. GGHD says:

    A Washington DC, Swamp Creature with a calm soothing voice; producing vaporous Swamp-Gas directly from the Nation’s Capital.


  33. Dan Fruth says:

    These guys are all politicians, and a truthful politician is like bigfoot……You hear they exist, but you never see one.

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  34. TwoLaine says:

    Someone smart should put all of Lindsey’s “I’m gonna investigate” this or that clips together with a ticking clock overlaid on them, with the arm, going around, around, around and no action has ever been taken. Include dates, and who he was going to investigate, then at the end show Score = ZERO.

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  35. Ludo says:

    Why does Hannity not ask Graham about his involvement in Ukraine?

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  36. ChampagneReady says:

    All Treepers who cannot stand Hannity, I am so in agreeement with you. I can’t stand to listen to him for 30 seconds. His ego is over the moon. And I don’t need to be listening to him telling me what the guest sitting right there told him. Hannity thinks HE’S the expert.

    Then to have Graham on as the guest, that’s both people that I could care less what they have to say. I have written Graham off as the same as the Boy Who Cried Wolf. He’s a joke.

    If there’s anybody Hannity should take a lesson from in interviewing, it’s Larry King. He’s an old fart but, someone once asked him what is the secret to your long success? He said, I ask short questions and listen. And if you watch his interviews, you will see that he is almost never talking. It’s kept him prominent for 50 years.

    Hannity should study him indefatigably and learn something. Otherwise, he should call the show the Hannity Oratory Hour.

    I have said that I believe one of the most popular YouTube videos somebody could create, would be if someone would take the daily show and edit out every time Hannity talks. That would probably make it only a 10 minute show but it would be terrific. I would pay a subscription fee.


  37. Rah says:

    All those words from both of them and I learned nothing new.


  38. John-Y128 says:

    There’s a reason I don’t watch Hannity, cut this video 27 seconds in, FNC hyper-rubbish.


  39. Doug Amos says:

    Statute of Limitations on Miss Lindsey; written and signed submissions only. No voice, no video, no air time anywhere until all the foreign aid $ you have diverted and stolen has been recaptured in full

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  40. Pew-Anon says:

    At 4:12…

    “…we already know these things happened…”

    Yes, Sean…



  41. DoD says:

    When I first saw the picture of graham and vanity, it looked like Newt to me… Sorry Newt


  42. Crave45 says:

    Couldn’t sit through listening to Miss Lindsay or Hannity. All I could think of was the sound effect of Charlie Brown’s teacher…


  43. mikeyboo says:

    Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that the prosecution of Stone was a “righteous prosecution”.
    It remains a totally UNRIGHTEOUS sentence.


  44. TPW says:

    What I dont get is why Graham thinks its advantageous to keep saying the Mueller investigation was legitimate. Especially since all the evidence is pointing to fruit of the poisonous tree….Illegitimate FISA that the FBI openly admits……I just don’t see any benefit to Graham clinging to his claim about Mueller.

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