Senator Tom Cotton Discusses Latest on Coronavirus: “Situation is Very Grave”…

Senator Tom Cotton appears on Fox News to discuss the latest on the troubling issues with the Coronavirus.  China has approximately 70 million people in quarantine during their effort to contain the spread of the virus.

Senator Cotton has been a leading voice in the U.S. warning about the potential risks from Coronavirus spread.  Interestingly Mr. Cotton explains the origination of the virus did not come from the food market initially blamed. However there is a level-4 bio-lab within a few miles of the Wuhan market. Occam’s razor? Interesting information.

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260 Responses to Senator Tom Cotton Discusses Latest on Coronavirus: “Situation is Very Grave”…

  1. frank field says:

    I’m not “in the know”, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this virus was unleashed to thwart the phase one agreement and help our economic downfall to ensure Trump is unelected in the 2020 election. Chinese leadership is evil, communist, want world domination, and plan long term.

    Just sayin 🕶.

    Trump for Rushmore 🇺🇸👓

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  2. Mr_Mayhem says:

    There is a different lab in Wuhan making the news, and it’s literally 300 yards from the Wuhan wet market, reports this other lab had bats with coronavirus under study, and tales of a collector of bats leaving an internet history of his exploits, posted in earlier years as human interest stories. Reports of self-quarantine after getting bitten with spilled blood, and later again after getting urinated on by the bats.

    Does this newly referenced lab exist? Is this legit or a fear porn paper?



  3. john says:

    How many of you following this virus story have also heard it’s designed to take advantage of a gene or anomaly in the Asian population? This could be intentional or the result of using local blood or tissue for any experiments. If that’s true, then it doesn’t sound like it was intended as a weapon against foreigners, but to target their own population or HK perhaps.


    • Zippy says:

      That Asian preference theory was in an early, not peer reviewed study with an unreasonably small sample size of only 8 IIRC. Another study from before the current virus outbreak and unrelated to it with a MUCH larger sample size didn’t find any correlation between the SARS-CoV-2 receptor in the lungs and race. Then, I saw another table that indicated that Europeans have about 1/3 less of the receptors than Asians!

      SO, I don’t know what to think!

      However, one thing is more certain: people who smoke, suffer from Type 2 diabetes or hypertension will have more of these receptors in their lungs than people without these problems.


    • Yvain says:

      To the extent to which that certain populations are more susceptible to one disease or another, this is definitely within the realms of possibility.

      Have we seen stronger evidence than guesswork? Not yet, and my opinion is that China has ever incentive to make this observation. After all, the perfect way to rally its own population is to tell its people, this is a weapon engineered by the United States designed to wipe you out, right?


    • Yvain says:

      I lost a really long post that I was writing (so hopefully this’ll show up now)

      Is it possible? Yes.

      Do we have stronger evidence to say this is the case? Not yet.

      Is it likely? My take on it is biased since I don’t think it’s man-made, so no. Plus, China has every incentive to blare this information 24/7 to rally its own population if that’s the case. Point a finger at the US and go, look, it’s the Americans that want to kill you all. Better to stick with us than them.


      • Zippy says:

        There’s conflicting information on racial prevalence of the SAR-CoV-2 ACE2 receptors in the lungs although the study with the largest sample size by fair that I’ve seen found none. So, both the widely discounted bioweapon theory and ACE2 prevalence in Asians theory add up to a big old NOPE on the “let’s just kill Asians” idea.


        • David A says:

          The information I read said there was increased ACE2 receptors, not due to race but to the very high percentage of smoking in Chinese men.
          I read yes and know on the natural counts of said receptors by race, so inconclusive in my book without further studies.


  4. walt39 says:

    We will know that our government is starting to take COVID-19 seriously when the homeless disappear from the streets in California.

    China is a dead man walking — they are off the world stage for a decade or more. It is impossible to ‘stimulate’ your way out of an economic collapse caused by not enough workers. Many large cities are completely locked down — no going anywhere except to the hospital and then only at specified times using specific routes.

    Wuhan was cut off only after 5 million had already left on holiday. There is no reason to think this won’t roll around the country for a few years until eventually most are immune and COVID-19 becomes a fifth circulating coronavirus that causes trouble for only a few of those infected.

    This is already going to be a big deal in the U.S due to supply chain disruption. However IF — that’s a BIG ‘IF’ — our government acts vigorously enough, if most ordered measures do not have to be fought through Circuit Courts of Appeal before going into effect — an even BIGGER ‘IF’ — the disease itself should be much less serious here than in China.

    Furthermore the lopping off of supply chains that now start in China will create opportunities here and Americans will seize those opportunities.

    Personally I take this very seriously. But –>IF<– our government acts (and is allowed to act) as it should, we may not be severely damaged.

    The border wall needs to be extended urgently — this WILL spread in Mexico and where do you think those exposed will go? — and the homeless cleared from our streets.

    Dr. Fauci of the NIH is excellent. Trump's no fool. If it weren't for the Democrats I'd be pretty confident.

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  5. Gentlebeings, I suggest that we all re-remind ourselves to “exercise restraint,” and to take many of the things that we might hear about it with a pound or two of salt.

    In the end, “it is a strand of DNA with very peculiar biological properties.” While it has shown that it is capable of killing people, many other viruses have been far more deadly – including the same family of viruses that every year is used to sell “flu shots.” While we obviously must take decisive, effective, rational steps to counter “this latest biological monster,” we must self-avoid irrational ones. Because this planet is actually filled with a great many such monsters, and it always has been and will be.


  6. youme says:

    Our government is now running from their decision to allow the Americans off the ship to come to America. It seems they did not know about the numerous false positives? Absolutely reckless.

    What we know about Diamond Princess cruise passengers with coronavirus flown back to US

    Fourteen evacuees from the Diamond Princess cruise ship quarantined in Japan were allowed to fly back to the United States Sunday despite testing positive for coronavirus, the U.S. State Department and Health and Human Services said in a joint statement. The evacuees were not symptomatic.

    “These individuals were moved in the most expeditious and safe manner to a specialized containment area on the evacuation aircraft to isolate them in accordance with standard protocols,” the statement, published Sunday, read.

    The State Department was unaware the individuals had coronavirus when they were being removed from the ship; they had tested negative just a few days before, Robert Kadlec, the assistant secretary for preparedness and response at the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, said on a phone call with reporters.

    “If those results had come back four hours earlier before we’d started to disembark the ship and before these people were evacuees within an evacuation system, then it would’ve been a different discussion.” Dr. William Walters, director of operational medicine at the U.S. Department of State, said on the call.

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  7. word8hmwk says:

    I suppose it’s been said but I didn’t find Cottons remarks to be unfair or “raccciss” as some infer on the left, just blunt and specific: he notes the Red Chinese are refusing help from CDC for boots on the ground and details his claim the virus came from before the wetmarket. This is the second time, and Cotton has been astute and careful in past and I can’t imagine what’s to be gained by fear mongering- so that agenda is out. He does sit on both the Armed Services and Select Intel committees- so one might infer he has classified Intel leading him to press for more information.

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  8. word8hmwk says:

    I suppose it’s been said but I didn’t find Cottons remarks to be unfair or “raccciss” as some infer on the left, just blunt and specific: he notes the Red Chinese are refusing help from CDC for boots on the ground and details his claim the virus came from before the wetmarket. This is the second time, and Cotton has been astute and careful in past and I can’t imagine what’s to be gained by fear mongering- so that agenda is out. He does sit on both the Armed Services and Select Intel committees- so one might infer he has classified Intel leading him to press for more information.

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  9. David R. Graham says:

    FWIW, I am unimpressed with the Senator’s comments on this matter. Definitionally, his intel feeds (CIA) are wittingly and unwittingly inaccurate and misleading. But that is no excuse for what common sense can tell anyone willing and able to gnaw through the restraints.

    A targeted (elderly, males) bioweapon was set-lose by ChiCom decision for an array of reasons, none humane much less terminally rational.

    I expect Senator Cotton to have realized that and I suspect he has done so. So, I believe he is playing here some game this side of the truth. For that reason I am unimpressed with these mouthings of his. Indeed, disappointed I am.

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  10. Skeeball says:

    Oh that Jinping fellow, such a good Communist! Releasing a virus is a very clever way to suppress a rebellion without coming off looking like a total pr-ck.

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  11. MVW says:

    The source of the virus matters little to me. Sorry. I am following the official numbers with the belief they are off by a factor of 100 for infections and 10 for deaths, only time will tell, if that.

    It looks like the illness is very infectious and the Chinese are taking draconian steps for a reason. For one, no one can say they did not take it seriously after it became impossible to ignore or cover up. It is a communist state, people are the state’s property, and losing a few million is an inconvenience after all. Worse is their economy and country’s reputation has taken a hit (suggestion don’t rely on China for anything critical, duh!)

    There is a lot of water over the dam and a lot more to come. Still, I look at deaths outside of China that are NOT Chinese. Not many. Too early to assess? Maybe. Maybe not.

    I have a basic emergency 1 month stock of food, water, etc as if a cat 5 hurricane was impending (already prepared). Later if there is reason I might up that. It is a sanity thing. Others might plan for an asteroid, some might plan on less.

    Prudence, Judgement, Sense of Proportion.

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  12. sunnydaze says:

    Good for local Seattle news for reporting this:

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  13. OhNoYouDont says:

    Senator Tom Cotton On Coronavirus (COVID-19) Threat And Response
    TUE, FEB 18, 2020 | BY HUGH HEWITT

    Hugh Hewitt: Now it turns out that both the People’s Republic of China and MSNBC are mad at you, because you’ve been talking about the Coronavirus as long as I have. And they’re accusing you of peddling conspiracy theories. What are they talking about, Tom Cotton? What is your response?

    Tom Cotton: Hugh, I have to say that the fake news media seems angrier at me for raising questions about the origins of the Coronavirus than they are at the Chinese Communist Party for contributing to this huge mess to begin with. So from the very beginning, after China, remember, finally acknowledged that they had a problem in Wuhan, which they hid for many weeks, which would have, if we had known, would have allowed us to get further ahead of the virus. The Chinese Communist Party said it originated in a food market in Wuhan. Yet an authoritative study in the Lancet, the respected international science journal, by Chinese scientists, refuted that almost conclusively. 14 of the original 41 cases had no contact with that food market whatsoever. So we still don’t know the origins of this Coronavirus. And I have merely pointed out for several weeks now that China’s only biosafety level 4 laboratory dealing with human infectious diseases is just a few miles away from that laboratory. I don’t know where this virus originated. Natural causes somewhere other than that food market is still the most likely hypothesis. But given the Chinese Community Party’s record of dishonesty and incompetence in managing this crisis, we at least have to ask the question whether or not it’s connected to that laboratory and demand that international scientists be admitted to study the evidence of both in the food market and the laboratory and in those original cases, especially the original 14 cases that had no contact with the food market if we want to get our hands around how this virus originated and what that can tell us about diagnosing it and trying to treat it.

    [audio src="" /]

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  14. Sirius says:

    It has been seared into our collective conscious, that China is our enemy, while the Communist regime very well may be a true threat, the real face of suffering reminds us, that we all suffer & bleed alike. pray for the people of China

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  15. Temper all the alarms so loudly ringing; Garlic – is a known killer of virus epidemic pathogens. A two word search ‘garlic pathogen’ will affirm this, thousands of studies stand behind this act of sharing.

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  16. PeaceMonk says:

    Thank you for the information. Lately I’ve been trying to follow as much information available on the internet as possible. It’s new so there’s are confusions about the solutions or keeping the virus at bay. However I came across a nice video by WHO about the basics such as how to wash hands properly to wash away any aggressive foreign element on the skin. I hope someone finds the solution soon


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