McConnell Agrees With Bill Barr – President Trump Not Using Political Filter Enough With His Tweeting – Too Much Honesty….

Senator Mitch McConnell appears on Fox News to discuss his view on AG Bill Barr’s frustration with President Trump’s honest tweeting of opinion.

Leader McConnell agrees with AG Barr that President Trump is not being political enough with his communication.  President Trump is delivering too much honest information and direct opinion in a DC system that relies upon a purely political filter.  The absence of that political filter is creating a problem for all operational systems in Washington DC.

McConnell says the President “should listen to the Attorney General” and ignore the expectations of the American people who hired President Trump to be brutally honest as an anti-politician and disruptive influence in DC. DC-Based Brett Baier guides the conversation to stay focused on attacking President Trump for not being political enough.


And Brett Baier is a human Cabbage Patch doll.

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375 Responses to McConnell Agrees With Bill Barr – President Trump Not Using Political Filter Enough With His Tweeting – Too Much Honesty….

  1. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “The absence of that political filter is creating a problem for all operational systems in Washington DC.”


    “Operational systems” = legalized graft/bribery/corruption in Washington, District of Corruption

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    • Joshua2415 says:

      “The absence of that political filter is creating a problem for all operational systems in Washington DC.”

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      • Bill Durham says:

        The roadrunner (POTUS) is at it again.
        He supposedly puts his foot in his mouth on stone.
        Wile e coyote (MSM/Dems) think they have him and wheel out the acme bomb.
        48 hours later the Trump boomerang shows up and the internet maga detectives find out the lead juror has “issues”.
        The swamp judge is now in a bind. Free stone and lose her sjw status. Or pretend there is nothing to see here.
        The acme bomb blows up in their faces.
        The audience (us) laughs as we can see the roadrunner is foiling poor wile e coyote again.

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        • dwhitehurst says:

          I love that Trump tweets. Having said that, about 1 in 10 make me cringe. I want him to continue to tweet. While I do appreciate his honesty, his impulsivity could hurt him and his cause, so I think at very least it would be good if he would just pause for a little bit longer before hitting “send”. Better to never send than to regret it later.


          • Robert Smith says:

            I am sure he does thinks deeply about each post.

            Trump aims to get movement on topics of his choice and does not necessarily consider personal sensitivities to issues. Indeed, you can’t keep everyone happy. Note that even the most PC/SJW people on the internet get attacked by other more-PC/SJW people for offending them.

            So you have to take the overwhelming positives with a dash of personal unease for yourself at times.


        • Rhoda R says:

          The judge knew the juror was tainted but allowed him anyway.

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    • Mark L. says:



  2. The Boss says:

    Mitch is feeling the heat of the sunlight shining on the DC morass. So much so that he could only stick to a programmed response.

    “The Swamp is strong with this one…..”

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  3. G. Alistar says:

    Well…at least Bill Barr did NOT say that he is President Trump’s wingman.

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  4. Maybe if the MSM actually told the truth and covered all of his accomplishments he wouldn’t have to tweet so much! Stupid idiots!!

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  5. sb says:

    Look, I love President Trump as much as the rest of you guys, but he simply cannot Tweet, or otherwise comment on ongoing cases.

    McConnell, and Barr are the ones that are right here.

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    • Sporty says:

      Because the constitution doesn’t apply to our President?

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    • clr says:

      Que up the Jack Nicholson quote: “You can’t handle the truth!”
      Sundance analysis id perfect, as usual.

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    • Tall Texan says:

      The President should sit silently by, or worse, throw gasoline on the fire of an out of control, corrupt and contemptuous FBI/Department of Just Us? Like

      Yeah, right, sure. Excellent political analysis. This is decades overdue AND Trump has his OWN motivations to expose the corrruption.

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      • DaughterofLiberty says:

        And let’s not forget Jug Ears continuous comments on cases during his tenure – “The cops acted stupidly…”; “If I had a son…” Etc., Etc. Etc.

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    • WeThePeople2016 says:

      Even Judge Nap, who is in no way a fan of POTUS, said this morning on Fox & Friends that POTUS has the RIGHT to speak out on the Stone case.

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    • Joshua2415 says:

      Of course he can. Did he somehow lose his first amendment rights when they tried to take away his 4th amendment rights?

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    • Bigly says:

      Stone facing 9 years, DOJ recommendation. Fullstop.

      You’re dead wrong.

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      • sb says:

        It is not appropriate for any President to publicly comment on any ongoing case.

        We all criticized Obama for commenting on the ongoing Hillary email case, and rightfully so. It is no more appropriate for Trump to comment on cases either.

        President Trump now has to deal with the fallout of his actions.


        • MR52 says:

          Sorry sb, but you are wrong on this one. The Stone case was over. Barr is embarrassed because his subordinates were insubordinate and he has to do something about it and he can’t. Barr should have informed the President what was going on or he should call it was it was. Insubordination. To bad the Presidents tweet is a cover for his failure.

          He is right in what he says that the tweets create noise and take away his focus, but his interview did not say that. His interview was worst than any tweet that Trump has made. I would give him 10 days to address the jurists issue with the Stone case and Stone sentencing. If not, can him. As for pending cases….ha, we are still waiting.

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          • FPCHmom says:

            Not only that – his hand-picked guy caved to the prosecutors and went along with the recommendation. His guy failed at his first case, and one of the most watched in the country, so he had to step in and fix it (regardless of whether or not PDJT tweeted about it).

            He should be pissed at that guy, not PDJT.

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        • Gary says:

          Couldn’t help but comment, after all he did “act stupidly”…in my personal opinion which I am free to voice.

          It’s kinda like the old HairClub for men commercial….”He’s not just our President, he’s a citizen” too!


    • thefountainhead2007 says:

      Right. He’s supposed to leak to sympathetic media and/or use surrogates like the swamp rats do.

      Sorry, I’m with Trump. The swamp can piss off.

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    • Pew-Anon says:

      That would be true only if there were no separation between the POTUS and the DOJ. But remember, Barr just got through telling there IS separation, because he “won’t be bullied…blahblah.” Either there is no separation and therefore the tweets interfere, or there is indeed separation and therefore the tweets can’t possibly interfere. Pick one. Can’t have it both ways.

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      • Separation? DOJ is the executive branch, which is the President and only the President. DJT could just as easily pardon Stone, he doesn’t have to try influence anyone. The AG and all other DOJ subordinates exercise the power of the President, if he doesn’t like what they’re doing or lie to him, Trump should let us know. This now holds Barr accountable, this POTUS has afforded all the bureaucrats to do what is right, and has correctly called them out when they have refused. This is what returning power to the people looks like, it may not be neat and tidy, like the politicians like, but that’s not his game. Trump is transparent, in the past we would never have known any of this, the case is over, the penalty doesn’t fit the so-called crime, justice is not being served equally, and we have more confirmation of the multi tiered justice system, believe it or not other Americans are watching who are just figuring out that the MSM and politicians are lying to them. Sometimes the optics are for the people who haven’t chosen a side or are still asleep.

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        • MustangBlues says:

          ”’Stephan H. Luethy says:
          February 14, 2020 at 12:01 am
          Separation? ”

          You clearly have something important to say, but after the second sentence of a 15 sentence glob of text, you lost me as a reader.


        • Pew-Anon says:

          The issue is not to establish whether there is such a concept as separation between the DOJ and POTUS. Rather, I’m merely stipulating to Barr’s circular argument about separation and using it against him. The actual legitimacy of a separation concept is another matter entirely, and one that is not necessary to demonstrate the speciousness of Barr’s position in this matter..


    • Ollie Hadfield says:

      The only way President Trump can get his message out to the people is with tweets. DC hates that the President is reaching Americans!

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    • LafnH20 says:

      Stone has been found guilty. There is NO ongoing case.

      It Is Done.

      This, imho, is about the disparity of Wolfe recieving weeks and Stone recieving a decade.

      Weeks 🤔

      DECADES 🤔

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    • Where was turtle when barky ovomit was weighing in on trayvon and Ferguson.

      That’s right, tight in his shell on his back.

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    • dbobway says:

      So sb, does that mean 2 men who have lied regularly in their careers, to protect the government, even in proven guilt, have the credibility to tell our President to quit tweeting the truth?
      ‘We the people’ are in charge. Keep tweeting Mr. President. You don’t tweet to us to report the truth, we already know, But to reiterate your support for the rule of law, in which we both agree.

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      • sb says:

        What if Barr is actually trying to do something about the FISA abuse, and bring some accountability to the coup plotters?

        President Trump just made Barr’s job all that much harder.

        If the president has something to say about some case, he needs to say it to Barr privately.

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        • MR52 says:

          Let live in reality, there is not going to be anything with FISA abuse.


        • dbobway says:

          What if Barr,
          That is the conundrum, sb.
          Nobody knows the leanings of a man, except by his history of his leanings. AG Barr was first brought as AG under President George W. Bush. A president deeply entrenched in the hostile deep state running our country, by their own proxy. William Barr defended the FBI sniper who murdered Randy Weavers Wife with her new born baby in her hands,
          In the mountains of Ruby Ridge Idaho, on August 22nd, 1992. The FBI who had set up Weaver with an FBI informant to cut a barrel off a shotgun, trapping Weaver with a federal fire arms crime, to get Weaver to infiltrate the Aryan Nation where Randy Weaver and family attended church.
          Randy Weaver was acquitted of the charge and the FBI agent who murdered his wife walked, thanks to William Barr.
          Do you trust him sb?
          I don’t, AG Barr is trying to clean up Obama’s mess. He intends to do the least he can before 30 million Americans march on Washington DC.
          Do you trust sb?
          I pray your right.
          He refused to appear for the trumped up charge, and the FBI murdered his son, his wife and his dog.

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          • Ash says:

            Bill Barr also covered up massive pedophilia with GHWB and others. Documented in books.

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            • dbobway says:

              Thank You Ash.
              William Bar is Victor in the movie ‘Point of no return.’ Victor was the cleaner.
              It’s on You tube, but it takes a particular sense of humor to watch the clip.
              Harvey Keitel is the cleaner, Victor.
              Keitel was the cleaner in Pulp Fiction as well.
              Both of these scenes are parody’s of what Hollywood believes the CIA has, to clean up a messy operation.

              William Barr is not a parody.


        • squattybody says:

          SB, wrong wrong wrong! Barr works for the President. The idea that somehow a department of the executive branch isn’t answerable to or is somehow separate from the President just drives me crazy! Have mercy, people and check the constitution. The attempt to weaken the office of the president, whether it be Obama or President Trump, is dangerous in the extreme. And that’s exactly what both houses of congress and most heads of executive branches seem to want.

          Contrary to your statement, if Barr has a bone to pick with his BOSS, he should do it in private. Which appropriate respect for the fact that he’s talking to the man who has final responsibility for everything these jerks in the FBI, the CIA, the DOJ, the DOD, etc., etc. do…

          And, in my unimportant opinion, it’s past time for President Trump to start swinging a sharper weapon through out the executive branch that he’s responsible for to the American citizens who elected him for this very reason. At some point he should make swamp people WISH that the only thing he was doing was tweeting!

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    • abdiesus says:

      McConnell is deep state, and his hired gun, Barr is deep state too, or he wouldn’t have been hired (confirmed). Of course they don’t want anyone shining a light on DC corruption. Anyone who listens to the deep state and fashions their opinions according to the wishes of the deep state is a part of the problem, not a part of the solution. The success of the deep state depends upon the silence of everyone else, especially the media. It’s time to break the silence. Trump tweets are simply shining the light of truth on something McConnell and Barr would prefer was left in the darkness. Let’s not enable the deep state any more, okay?

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    • COlibertybelle says:

      Sundance is spot on. President Trump’s twitter account is why he is where he is with the American people – it is why he is loved and trusted.

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    • sb, then you can’t comment about the President tweeting on this site.

      Fair enough?


    • James Carpenter says:

      Doubt such a verse will be popular with the choir.
      Shades of grey, when time is driving us to either black or white.


  6. Frankie says:

    If Barr were any good he would be directing the prosecution of the leaders of the failed putsch.
    President Trump can tweet and lead the country.
    Barr loves the Bushes too much … maybe because that’s where canines relieve themselves.

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  7. I smell a rat in the woodpile.
    My faith in the AG is beginning to waver.

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  8. FL_GUY says:

    Sundance wrote: And Brett Baier is a human Cabbage Patch doll.

    So true, and unlike his mentor, Britt Hume, he couldn’t even hold Megan’s bra. Just sayin….

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  9. Frank Fery says:

    They should keep it up. Poke the big man and he may finally drop the Big Ugly.

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  10. Bucknutguy says:

    A coach can call out a player in the media but most times it backfires. Why didn’t POTUS pick up the phone and let Barr know his thoughts? It seemed Barr had this. Calling an unforced error on POTUS. Rare, but nonetheless a better way to manage was available.

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  11. beth02 says:

    I love our President. I want to trust our AG and Mitch. But it seems as if only our president understands how badly the Justice department needs reform. I hope they are not as out of touch as they appear. The final Stone sentencing will tell us everything we need to know about the AG and whether the Justice Department can be saved..

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    • MR52 says:

      Weird, betho2 says “I love our President” then sb says:
      February 13, 2020 at 9:48 pm “I love our President” give me a break. Most of us here cheer for Trump and like what he is doing, but “I love our President”. Sounds like a troll to me. Would love to run some AI on the thread to look for bot patterns.


  12. Streak 264 says:

    The only way to get things covered on the news is for Trump to tweet.
    Just look at all the attention this has gotten because of it.
    All the MSM is all over a story that would not have gotten coverage. And that story is about the double standard we have in the justice system and how corrupt the DOJ/FBI are.

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  13. FofBW says:

    Tha swamp is rumbling in fear.

    What a bunch of BS. PT will do what he will do.

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  14. MACAULAY says:

    I thought this was a great interview from The Turtle, and I agreed with Barr in his comments…and I am as ardent supporter of Don Trump as there is on this board. A Proud Deplorable.

    Reconciling all this would take too long—and it’s mostly intuition anyway. If Barr/Durham winds up like Sessions/Huber—then obviously, I am a fool. But, I’m betting on a brighter outcome.

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  15. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “President Trump is delivering too much honest information and direct opinion in a DC system that relies upon a purely political filter.”


    “system that relies upon a purely political filter.” = Lies and disinformation spread by the corporate media conglomerates to keep the truth from the public at large to keep the politician’s campaign coffers filled with cash and the taxpayer money flowing to the pharmaceutical giants and the military/industrial complex.

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  16. Disrupter in Chief! Keep it up PDJT, don’t let ANYONE silence your free speech.

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  17. I really could care less what McConnell and Barr think about POTUS’ tweets.

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  18. Everyone is free to say whatever they want, and it is useful for Attorney General Barr and Senate Majority Leader McConnell to be seen as not being on the same page of wacky-tweeting President Trump. Makes it that much harder for the Depravity Party strategists to lump them all together and make a case (however flimsy) for the next impeachment try.

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  19. Thomas Raymer says:

    So so far today Barr, McConnel and Graham have Chastised our President for exercising his Right of Free Speech and to inform his consituents of what he thinks and what is going on. They are scared to death of a politician who tells the TRUTH. How is Barr going to protect and cover for the corrupt FBI and DOJ and how are Graham and McConnell going to keep the public from finding out how CORRUPT they our and how they got RICH if Trump is “Allowed” to tweet without thier filter

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  20. The cure for discomfort with honesty is MORE HONESTY.

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  21. Frankie says:

    If Barr was doing his job, all the info that should have been declassified would have been.

    And the putsch putzes like Comey, Brennan, and other top scum and Hillary would be under indictment.

    Barr likes Bushes. But then, so do dogs when they need to relieve themselves.

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  22. Ellis says:

    Their agenda is not our agenda.

    They still don’t understand he is mot one of them and that is precisely why he was elected and will be re-elected.

    Drain it!

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  23. Tom H says:

    Pres. Trump knows he is going to have to issue a pardon because Stone is going to get a prison sentence.. He knows that the tweets will cause the leftist Judge to increase, rather than decrease, the expected sentence level. He thinks the resulting outrage will help with the base (and maybe even some African American men who are sensitive to criminal justice issues). He looks at things totally different from Barr, i.e. he has an election to win.

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  24. bullnuke says:

    As usual with the cabbage patch doll and so many in the DC bubble, lets just talk about the tweets and not the substance or reason behind them. They love to distract their audience.

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  25. LafnH20 says:

    This is why Bondo Barr went on t.v.!!

    Any questions

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  26. Zy says:

    Anybody know if the Turtle went on any of the fake news outlets with his remarks? He picked the Cabbage Patch or the Cabbage Patch picked him instead of another Fox show that might not be as anti-POTUS.

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  27. redline says:

    Perhaps AG Barr should attend to reducing the power his boss’s enemies are currently – illegally – execising against his boss and those his boss trusts.
    And McConnell would spend his time well working out a thorough re-staffing of the republican contingent of the SSCI. That should be his full-time, priority-one task from now until it’s complete.

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  28. Dekester says:

    It is really quite telling that the Republican Senate leader, and the A.G. continue to make life difficult for the greatest President in my lifetime.

    It will be a big surprise to me if PDJT does not triumph in this monumental task.

    The A/M two having to go public, when PDJT is above 96% in popularity with the Republicans speaks volumes as to his success with the tweets, and their collective fear.

    Folks are seriously dismayed, distraught even at the obvious unfettered corruption in the DOJ, FBI and CIA.

    It is so obvious that all your institutions are rotten, and the folks know.

    God bless PDJT

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  29. JohnCasper says:

    So McConnell agrees DJT has made Barr’s job impossible. This is implicitly accusing DJT of Obstruction of Justice, writ large, as presumably McConnell believes Barr’s job is actually justice.


    • LafnH20 says:

      The reason, imho, why Bondo Barr used the word “Impossible” and not “Difficult”.


      And the reason The President uses Twitter instead of a phone call.

      Whistle blower.

      And the reason The President did NOT comment in the Stone matter until AFTER Conviction.

      Abuse if POWER.

      And the reason The President tweets about the disparity in sentencing.


      Why did Wolfe (who threatened to subpeana Senators at his trial) have all but 1 charged dropped and was given WEEKS in “Prison – Club Fed” while, Stone, who would not falsely testify against President Trump (and to this day STILL has a gag order in place so as not to be able to speak/defend himself) was recommended for nearly a Decade in “Prison – Big House”.

      Wolfe – Swamp
      Stone – Not so much
      7 – 9 YEARS


      Seems a Reasonable question.

      What’s the Problem

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    • IGiveUp says:

      After listening to Barr and McConnell, I’ve decided to vote twice for Trump, in all 3 of his next elections.

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  30. ezpz2 says:

    Because the ELECTED President serves at the pleasure of an appointed (by the President) AG, donchaknow!


    Time to declassify, Mr President?

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  31. Rex says:

    Memo to Turtle & Mr. Bill:
    Your masks are slippin, boys.
    We don’t give a damn about your fake protocols. This is the big one. Put out or get out.

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  32. lcsteel says:

    The turtle is a disgrace.

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  33. dcnnc says:

    That’s exactly it. DC is getting sunlight shined in whether they like it or not and they don’t know how to deal with the new paradigm. This is visible by how they’re still going back to the same old troughs to get their messaging out with the same old tropes. These people are inferior and past their sell-by date.

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  34. Bigly says:


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  35. paintbrushsage says:

    Stephanie G. can just recycle this statement for our dear Turtle!

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  36. bkrg2 says:

    McConnells another loser
    why don’t we just get the Republicans to vote to impeach Trump now for interfering with DOJ

    I think Trump is down to less than a dozen allies in cabinet and congress with a spine

    Release the Kraken. Enough of this sh!t show!


  37. Blind no Longer says:

    Tweet on Mr. President.

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  38. Snellvillebob says:

    Do you think that what McConnell and Barr are up to is good for them but bad for Trump? Do they really expect him to talk to us through the FakeNews filter?

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  39. Sporty says:

    Weather or not this was a planned disagreement it sure seems to have brought out dissenting factions which favors our President with more knowledge.


  40. Theckman says:

    Trump is being put on notice.
    This is the powerful telling Trump he had better back off.
    Why now? The message to Trump is they don’t have his back.
    No choice with the impeachment acquittal, but, that was because of the public that stood and continues to stand behind him.
    I believe the rumbling that behind the scenes there are plenty of Republicans that don’t truly support Trump.
    Why are so many not running, just like the record number in 2018
    The democrats have no one that can beat Trump so Trump is being told you may win, but you will not have our support.
    Look what Paul Ryan and McCain did to Trump.
    The tweeting come on it makes no sense. One press conference gives MSM fodder for months when Trump is on a roll!!
    It’s a red herring, but, it’s a warning to Trump. Watch how many more come out against his tweeting.
    It’s been way too effective and has kept the garbage MSM tries to shove down our throats become a joke.
    Look no more daily briefings and through Trump’s tweets and interviews/ect. we the people know more then we ever did about what’s really happening in Govt.
    Trump 2020

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  41. Little Berkeley Conservative says:

    The snaky little cabbage patch creator used to slither up to Brenau College, in his limo, bearing cabbage patch dolls for all the young ladies.

    Excellent description, as usual, Sundance!

    What would you name your puffed up pair of ladies’ pantyhose?


  42. theoldgoat says:

    Had Trump not tweeted about the unfair and imbalanced sentencing recommendations for Stone and Flynn, would there have been any action on the part of Barr to even talk about the lawyers prosecuting the case went rogue?
    Would it be even a blip in the news?
    Would it have been reported about the anti-Trump, Democrat activist who is the foreperson of the jury against Stone? An occurrence which would normally result in a mistrial, yet this activist Obama Judge doesn’t care about that, she wants her pound of flesh against Stone.
    Would Barr have been on TV at all with no tweets from President Trump about this? Would the networks have bothered to air such a thing or go with their usual anti-Trump, Trump the dictator vitriol?

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  43. Bruce_Dern's_Finger says:

    Political Filter = El Toro PooPoo.


  44. citizen817 says:

    McConnell is full of shit, with one exception.
    He is pushing and getting all the judges thru.

    Barr, the true guardian of the swamp, is full of shit. If he was doing his job, Trump wouldn’t have to point the obvious out. Like, what about the other sides criminal behavior… that Barr is doing nothing about. Barr’s DOJ, with declassification authority…has done nothing but fight against Judicial Watch and everybody else seeking declassification of certain docs.

    Tweet away, Mr President!

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  45. Patriot Act says:

    Cocaine Mitch needs to be primaried.You hear that Kentucky?

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  46. Not2worryluv says:

    After some thought and new facts that are coming out regarding the political leanings of the Judge and Jurors on the Stone Trial & Conviction Barr and Trump are playing a little Good Guy Bag Guy dance to those Scot bagpipes and baseball bats.
    The Dems can’t figure out their next move……. they have so many Choices I who take out now or wait til March 3and go ballistic


  47. ezgoer says:

    McConnell should have just said nothing. No need for him to chime in at all. What is the Turtle up to?


  48. Ray Runge says:

    McConnell is in dire need of a 12th grade civics class..

    McConnell has the delusional / corrupt self importance to believe that he controls the POTUS, CEO of the Executive branch. McConnell’s fear that a non corrupt AG may expose the universal pay to play that underlies contemporary U.S. government is obvious.


  49. Tree Knot says:

    Members of Congress are out there when ever they can giving their opinion in front of a camera and a microphone. No different than tweeting.

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