Hope Hicks Returns to White House as Senior Advisor…

Good News.  Hope Hicks is returning to the White House as counselor to the president and senior adviser.  Ms. Hicks was one of the original members of the Trump campaign in 2015 and carried the role of communications director during the first year of the administration through March 2018.

(Via Politico) […] White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham confirmed, calling Hicks “one of the most talented and savvy individuals I have come across.” Hicks departed the White House in March 2018 after working as communications director for Trump. She then moved to Los Angeles to work in a senior communications role at Fox Corporation.

[…] Hicks’ return to the White House gives Trump an ally who’s adept at translating his wishes to the broader staff.

Hicks was always well-liked among the communications and press staff, getting along well with the competing factions from the 2016 campaign and the Republican National Committee. (more)

Additionally, it is being reported that Johnny McEntee is being promoted to run the White House personnel office responsible for filling hundreds of top political jobs throughout various federal agencies.  Mr. McEntee will replace Sean Doocey, who is moving over to the State Department.

The personnel office has been a key point of contention for the administration as several political appointments later became weak points with people not in alignment with the policies and objectives of President Trump.  Hopefully McEntee can assist in finding and vetting the right person, with the right skillset, for the right job.

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127 Responses to Hope Hicks Returns to White House as Senior Advisor…

  1. As Red Blooded American Male… She gets my vote.

    Glad I’m not a woke Democrat. I’d never be allowed to say that.

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  2. Tiffthis says:

    Whaaaaaaa!!!! How great!

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  3. Good move. The Boss could use some help.

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    • thehawkeyehoneypot says:

      Looks like hes got a hand on the situation

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      • After the flap over tweets with the AG, I think the Boss could use a little guidance in the communication department. Deplorables LOVES what he does, but rocking the boat too too much could play into the Deep State’s hands. I’d rather see an indictment rather than a tweet.

        But, then again the President might be poking the bear himself to get him moving a tad faster before hibernation.

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  4. calbear84 says:

    Great news. Hope’s loyalty to the Trump family is beyond question, and she will work well with Jared and Ivanka.

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    • Kitty-Kat says:

      Before President Trump campaigned for the presidency, she was Ivanka’s business assistant and Ivanka recommended her to her dad to be his assistant for the 2016 campaign.


  5. dottygal says:

    Seems like we are getting a little bit of good every day! Keep it coming!

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  6. Trumpstumper says:


    God Bless you, Hope!

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  7. RJ says:

    Beauty and brains moving up the ladder. I would go for brains first then beauty if I were the President, which I think he does. Lucky guy!

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  8. AnotherView says:

    So happy to see Hope back. Wish Trump would get Lewandoski back also.

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  9. ALEX says:

    Excellent. Gearing up nicely for the campaign too.

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  10. Now Pardon Flynn and put him over the FBI.

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  11. NICCO says:

    Also David Bossie,Sebastion Gorka,Michael Flynn

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  12. Reserved55 says:

    I second.

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  13. very Good news, president need really trusty people for he’s side,
    I hope that president get all rid of old Obama deep state coup’s

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  14. Lulu says:

    Great news. Has anyone seen Mulvaney recently?


    • JC says:

      I haven’t, Lulu. His incredible brain and intense work ethic are gifts to our President, therefore to us as well. I’m beyond grateful for his service.

      As for Ms. Hicks – ditto. She’s the PDJT-whisperer and helps bring out the best in him, imo. He’s brilliant on his own, but sky’s the limit with her trusted talents on board. Welcome back! Everyone of us could benefit from a Hope Hicks at our side.

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    • bob says:

      Mulvaney is excellent, skilled communicator and manager. Hope he returns to the limelight.

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  15. Brenda says:

    Hope or Melania? Who has more Style?Beauty?/Class? Definitely the most attractive admin in history.

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  16. Robert Smith says:

    It’s a great sign to see Hope back.

    She already faced the resistance attempt to destroy her life. I give her credit for jumping back. I have to imagine there’s nothing like being at the Whitehouse with the kind of access she has.

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  17. PinotNoir says:

    30 year old is a Senior Advisor?

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  18. dallasdan says:

    Congratulations to Ms. Hicks! It’s a joy to see good things happen to good people.

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  19. Kaco says:

    I am really glad to see he is bringing his people back, removing and moving people around. It’s a tough job but hopefully we won’t have so many back stabbers and saboteurs. John Kelly is another one. So much for his “generals”. Well, except Flynn.

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    • Kaco says:

      I just read through this. What are these “financial crimes” that he was escorted out with? Then rehired for POTUS campaign work, now rehired into WH.

      Makes me wonder if his “financial crimes” were trickery from anti-Trump people that they have discovered were bogus.

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      • hawkins6 says:

        My first reaction is often to ask a question rather than Google.
        From what I could find with a quick search, the “financial crimes” allegation was not true.

        McEntee allegedly had a gambling habit that involved significant bets but nothing illegal
        according to the anti Trump WaPo. (If they had evidence of illegality they would not have held back). But,”there was supposedly concern in the WH that the 27-year-old could be vulnerable to outside influence.”

        I hope his new job leads to well deserved promotions and much success for Johnny.

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  20. Mike in a Truck says:

    I’ll take Hope Hicks over Hope and Change anyday. Yowza.

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  21. JohnCasper says:

    Maybe Hope Hicks can be the new AG as the current one isn’t doing the job. He even, in effect, said so himself. Even saying it was impossible.


  22. Kaco says:

    McEntee’s viral video from years ago.

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  23. Magabear says:

    Hope is a beautiful thing (in many ways). 😉

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  24. J Gottfred says:

    Have Hope Hicks interview Gina Haspel and Marie Yovanovitch. –the deep state and left just cannot compete….

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  25. Patience says:

    President Trump has ,
    lots of love
    and now, Hope (is back).
    >WINNING !

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  26. Dutchman says:

    PDJT oughta hire someone named ‘change’, lol.

    Seriously, Obummer PROMISED “Hope and Change”, but PDJT,..DELIVERED!

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    • De Oppresso Liber says:

      Wow…..do you suppose that means KellyAnne is the infamous “Anonymous?” I sure Hope not…..that would be some serious change though.

      Ok, ok — that sucked, but it also looks like Fred might be back on the menu after all, my friend. Only time will tell….


      • Dutchman says:

        No way kelly ann is anonymous.
        And Freds fate is not yet detirmined. I still HOPE to eat him, but don’t EXPECT to.


        • De Oppresso Liber says:

          I sure hope you’re right…..about KellyAnne, that is. That would be a serious gut punch.


          • Dutchman says:

            I actually don’t know where your getting this from, but its absurd on the face of it.

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            • De Oppresso Liber says:

              What is “absurd on the face of it?” My hoping you’re correct, that KellyAnne is not “Anonymous” is absurd?

              Presidentr Trump says yewsterday, “You’d be surprised!” when asked who Anonymous actually is….and today its announced Hope Hicks is being re-hired as a communications person and senior advisor to the president.

              Coincidentally, KellyAnne is also in communications and is a senior personal advisor to the president.

              You’re usually more astute than this. Are you drunk tonight?


              • Dutchman says:

                No, clean and sober, many years. Has Kelly ann been frog marched out of the,WH, her hard pass confiscated?
                Just cause he is bringing Hope in, doesn’t mean that Kelly is anonymous.
                And the idea that Kelly is anonymous, is what I find absurd, particularly with so little justification.


  27. California Joe says:

    Hated to see her leave and glad she is back to help protect President Trump from the traitors within his own White House! Jim Kelly should be ashamed of himself. What a jerk!

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  28. ARW says:

    Her left hand is pale compared to her arm. That can only mean one thing. GOLF!


  29. Hopper Creek says:

    , Yes, now bring in Lowendowski and General Flynn …. a trifecta…

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  30. TreeClimber says:

    Now this is a win I can take.

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  31. Every notice Liberals are all all ugly and have no sense of humor? Just the opposite of Conservatives.

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  32. Tazok says:

    That image is from Hope Hicks’ last day at the White House.


  33. SharonKinDC says:

    Thrilled the old team is getting back together. Now to the ‘Page 6’ part: Can’t help but wish Hope & McEntee end up as a couple. Think of the smart, beautiful children they’d create!

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  34. Lanna says:

    I thought Hope and Porter ended it December, 2018, but this says they’re still together and he wants to go back to the WH too. Also says Hope wants Stephanie Grisham’s job. That may cause some issue with Melania, since Stephanie is said to have her support.



  35. Rj says:

    Hope is like the First Lady, Her class and intelligence shines without even meeting them. I would bet these two wouldn’t steal from the White House or AF1


  36. nimrodman says:

    The personnel office has been a key point of contention for the administration as several political appointments later became weak points with people not in alignment with the policies and objectives of President Trump

    Q: Why doesn’t the Administration mandatory polygraph all job applicants and existing White House employees?


    • Snow White says:

      Because the polygraph is not an accurate way to determine if someone lies or not, never was, never will be.


      • lokiscout says:

        And that is why those holding compartmentalized information security clearances are subject to random polygraph tests? It’s quite effective under specific conditions and conducted by skilled interviewers.

        As a hiring decision making tool not so much. The information required in making a hiring decision is much to broad to make a polygraph useful.


    • lokiscout says:

      I doubt it would be legal to do so.


  37. TwoLaine says:

    Bringing Hope back to the White House one day at a time. 🙂

    Welcome back Hope!


  38. Guffman says:

    Loyalty, honesty and respect are the primary prerequisites for anybody serving the President. Sadly, too many in the President’s close circle were shown to be lacking those character traits in the last three years, but I think Hope has already proven her bona fides, and for that alone I’m happy she’s returning. POTUS needs to be able to trust those around him, 100%.


  39. burginthorn says:

    Watch how I pick up this girl.

    Hi, what’s your name?
    Hope? As in hope you’ll give me your number?

    That’s how its done. But I can’t take the credit, that belongs to the master teacher …



  40. Super Elite Covfefe999 Loves Her President! says:

    You know who else is a looker? Stephen Miller’s new wife Katie Waldman who is Mike Pence’s Press Secretary. Of course I am absolutely gutted that Stephen Miller is now taken because I totally have the hots for the guy, but I suspect she’s an amazing woman, she’s definitely beautiful, and she’s a Trump supporter.

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  41. fred5678 says:

    I wish her well and trust Rob Porter is not allowed into the White House.

    Hope — do a BACKGROUND check on all your new boyfriends!!

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  42. WSB says:

    I am just running on here tonight…sending best wishes to Hope!

    We all crave our President’s loyal team. They are so few and cherished!

    May God bless you, Hope…and our President!


  43. Bob Parker says:

    Well, we do know that this will get some kind of rise out of Nadler.

    Just a matte of time before the Fat Bastard summons her in again for more testimony.


  44. Conservative_302 says:

    She is off the chart beautiful and probably equally smart. I am glad ahe is coming back. She has courage and conviction. I can’t even imagine Bernie wife as first lady. YUCK! Putting her in designer threads would be like putting lipstick on a pig. Now I know all this sounds mean, but I am really tired and frustrated at beautiful Trump women getting beat up by the jealous media. Being beautiful and smart is rare and good.


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