Jussie Smollett Indicted by Chicago Special Prosecutor Over Faked Hate Crime….

Breaking reporting out of Chicago indicates a special prosecutor in Chicago has indicted hate hoax actor Jussie Smollett.

The construct of the hate crime itself appeared to be connected to a DC scheme to advance the presidential ambitions of Kamala Harris who launched her bid for office simultaneously with the racially driven hoax.

Former “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett was indicted Tuesday in Chicago by special prosecutor Dan Webb, stemming from the alleged racist and anti-gay attack on him that occurred in January of 2019, a source confirms to FOX 32 News.

He is due in court February 24.

Smollett told Chicago police last year that two men physically attacked him and yelled racial and homophobic slurs. But prosecutors insist Smollett faked the racist, anti-gay attack on himself in the hopes that the attention would advance his acting career. (read more)

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189 Responses to Jussie Smollett Indicted by Chicago Special Prosecutor Over Faked Hate Crime….

  1. sarasotosfan says:

    And the hits just keep coming! I’m gonna watch ABC World News tonight. I exoect lots of weather porn with a large dose of virus, but nothing close to mentioning this!

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  2. CM-TX says:

    (Posted story last year Re…)

    👉This woman, (retired) Judge Sheila O’Brien, is who deserves CREDIT! She is why there may finally be some JUSTICE in this case. Her persistence after Jussie’s Case was dismissed is the reason there was a Special Prosecutor appointed!

    She didn’t have to, but felt she needed to do it. So she did all the necessary filings on her own, & at her own expense. She’s a fighter, & should be recognized for her dedication in STANDING UP for the LAW. 👍🇺🇸

    | “When I heard that the charges had been dismissed and that the court file had been sealed, that’s when my hair caught on fire,” O’Brien said. “That’s when I said, ‘Uh-oh.’

    | …. When she got home, O’Brien, who had spent 26 years as a judge, began writing a letter to the Chicago Tribune about the need for a special prosecutor in a case full of conflicts of interest.

    And that began her court fight with Foxx, who opposed a special prosecutor. Foxx lost. |


    She also gave a very humble Press Conference, back in the beginning of her fight. (Video is out there.)

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  3. Patience says:

    Its getting better all the time
    Better; all the time.

    You can’t always get what you want
    ….You get what you need (deserve)!

    >The Best Is Yet To Come

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  4. Dav says:

    “The construct of the hate crime itself appeared to be connected to a DC scheme to advance the presidential ambitions of Kamala Harris who launched her bid for office simultaneously with the racially driven hoax.”

    any idea where this is coming from?

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    • bluenova1971 says:

      It was discussed here at CTH ad nauseam back when the Juicy hoax first made the news, Dav.

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      • czarowniczy says:

        Ad nauseam is the word. This indictment had a longer gestation than an elephant’s, but it’s only an indictment, not a conviction. As one lawyer used to like to tell me, “A good prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich’, getting a conviction is the tough part.

        Is there enough ‘oomph’ in Chicago for a trial and conviction? Don’t matter what we feel/want, it’s up to the Democratic Chicago DA and the Democratic mayor and you can be sure they’ll be sniffing the air for signs of voter feelings.

        I smell a deal in the air, a deal in the (gack, choke.cough) “best interests of justice’. Possibly a deal where an Alford plea with a fine and/or community service or not prosecuting…in the best interest of justice.

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        • bluenova1971 says:

          IIRC, forfeiting bond and community service was the original penalty for Juicy…with no allocution (admission of guilt) being required.

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          • czarowniczy says:

            Paying a fine, which the star’s tax attorney can play with, and no admission of guilt but some pissant community service ios the standard wrist-slap for a star. Look at the ones who claim that pressures of stardom (sports) led them to drug abuse. They go to some ‘whole buncha bux a day’spa for detox ( see SAG-AFTRA Health Plan Benefits Summary) or from some other source (see tax attorney). Normal schmo gets jail time.

            But I digress, celebs aren’t normal members of the mouth-breathing herd nor subject to the same laws unless they really, really, REALLY screw up.. Hail celebrity


        • Julian says:

          The best thing that can happen is for Jussie to flip on all the higher ups who conspired to hatch this plan.

          I’m not worried if Jussie gets a reduced sentence if his testimony puts away

          Kim Foxxxxxxx
          Kamala Harris
          Cory Booker
          Tina Tchen
          Michael Obama
          The other Obama.

          If he gets six months and pulls them all down with him I’d count that as a HUGE “MF” WIN.

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          • czarowniczy says:

            I think he’s still ‘celeb ego’ enough to stan’ tuff an don’ be no rat’. He got caught in the middle of a huge lie, a badly carried out huge lie, that blew back, I see him trying to save face by trying to deflect his guilt on to others by using the same phony race-politics based theatrics that got him into this mess. He jumped in a cesspool so he’s gonna swim.


    • dd_sc says:

      Smollett was on the campaign trail with Harris. and Booker introduced anti hate crime/lynching legislation just before Smollett staged the event. A lot of sketchy timing.

      You can do a search for “Harris Smollett hoax” and get some detailed analysis.

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    • John Lott says:

      I believe Kamala was trying to get hate crime legislation passed and it was speculated at the time she helped set up the hoax to boost support for her legislation, and she did launch her Presidential bid in the same period. Someone said once there are no coincidences in politics.

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    • publilius syrus2 says:

      Kim Foxx was a protege of Harris, and bragged about it.
      Harris people leaked that she had made calls to Foxx offering advice how to game the Jussie case to let him off the hook.

      I would imagine there was a big job at some point in the future. Back when Kkkami actually looked like she was someone, vs now…a corrupt incompetent who was taken down by one blast of truth in one Debate- Tulsi Gabbard citing her record jailing blacks and denying justice as a prosecutor to those unjustly imprisoned even when proven innocent.

      Foxx is toast.

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    • Garavaglia says:

      It wasn’t in quotes..not part of the press release. Appears to be a statement from CTH. I agree with that statement one – hundred. I wonder if the way Harris and Booker laid down from the presidential race is related to this story. Did the DNC know this was coming and pulled the plug on them?

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    • Lee McBride says:

      It’s coming from the Obama’s.

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    • Joemama says:

      Kamala Harris and Corey Booker conspired with Jessie Smollet. Smollet fakes a white supremacist hate crime against him, a poor defenseless black queer. Harris & Booker just happen to have a new hate crime law against white people all written up and ready to go, which gets passed into law. And Jussie was supposed to get picked up by Hollywood as the new black homo victim to be revered and become a big star.

      Well the first part of the conspiracy worked.

      They are 3 disgusting racists.

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  5. ChampagneReady says:

    It’s almost as if nothing can go wrong for Trump in the last 2 months. Everything is a rose.

    What a year 2020 is going to be. I didn’t pick my user name for nothing.

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  6. jat says:

    Juicy Smoliet finally getting what he deserves. This was all concocted because of his deep seeded hatred for the President. Hopefully he gets to watch President Trump be victorious again in November … from the prison rec room bahahahaha! so much winning.

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  7. Patricia Weir says:

    If my memory serves me correctly, didn’t Heels Up Harris and Spartacus try to develop some kind of “anti lynching” legislation pursuant to this farce? Tried to capitalize on this hoax to shine a spotlight on their perpetual grievances. Do they think we need federal laws for every method of murder? Or just the kind with racial overtones to benefit their moribund (and now dead) campaigns? Sorry about the rant. Felt good to get it out of my head. 🤓

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  8. Dee Paul Deje says:

    Juicy Smoliet LOL

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  9. trapper says:

    If you want to know about Kim Foxx, the State’s Attorney who let Smollett go, just read this article.

    FTA: “I am just like the people who come up in our system,” Foxx shared. “I have more in common with the people in our criminal justice system than the eight hundred lawyers that work there [State’s Attorney office].”

    So, she identifies with the criminal defendants, not the ASAs. A thumb in the eye of ever honest, hard working Chicagoan, black white and brown, just trying to make a living and raise their families. The State’s Attorney identifies with the criminals, not with them. How FUBAR is that?


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  10. Mike in a Truck says:

    Never heard of this lad before some people did something. Didnt care about him then- don’t care about him now.

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    • Julian says:

      Care about who he can implicate.

      He could destroy Harris, Booker and the Obamas if he agrees to rope them in on conspiracy to commit this felony and fraud on the court.

      Who knows, Trump could potentially win a Senate seat in New Jersey if Booker is booted out of office for this sort of thing. California, probably not, but who knows eh?


  11. Your Tour Guide says:

    And, what a great time to make absolute fools of
    Hollyweird! All the idiot cast of “Big Bang” looking
    somber with their sign of “we support Jussie”.

    Some trash just deserves recycling.

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  12. deplorableelhavlco says:

    Let’s see a real investigation into the origins of the hoax hate crime. Bagpipes, how about a federal investigation into Kamala Harris’ role, if any, in this crime? Get a FISA warrant, get all of her emails, texts, and phone records. Let’s see if she colluded with Juicy.


    • donnyvee says:

      Hola El Havico. I suspect his electronic records will tie very neatly into hers.


    • Julian says:

      Colluded is the wrong word.

      CONSPIRED is the word you’re looking for.

      One conspires to commit a crime, one can collude on completing a paint job at your holiday house.

      Why do you think they’ve thrown the word collude at Trump for years? Because it’s a nothing word but it sounds like conspire and almost means the same thing. Except it doesn’t.


  13. MitchRyderDetroitWheels says:

    Moochelle will need to get busy with her friends in ChiCongo.

    This aggresssion will not stand, Man. – The Dude


  14. CNN_sucks says:

    Recommendation? Community service? s/ If you are a Trump supporter they (doj) throw the book at you.


    • Peoria Jones says:

      Six counts of disorderly conduct isn’t much, but at least it’s something.

      As for his previous hoax (where he mailed fake death threats to himself from a fake Trump supporter) he should have received serious charges. But that one was swept under the rug. 😦


  15. TheLastDemocrat says:

    So, Kamala dragged Kavanaugh’s quite respectable choir boy name through the mud, with her tawdry allegations, in front of his wife and daughter, and ALL to launch her poorly founded bid for president. AND fomented racial tension with this Smollett case. All for her pres bid.

    And where is her presidential bid now? She did all of this, and did not even make it to the first primary. Hugely shameful.

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  16. sarasotosfan says:

    Expect the media to make a big deal of Smollet having to appear in court the same day as the Kobe Bryant tribute that “he was planning to participate in”.


  17. Patience says:

    Off topic ….. BUT, speaking of liars and crimes:
    Judge Kavenaugh’s accuser(s) needs some special attention.
    As do the committee members (i.e. Harris, Booker & the daughter of the alcoholic)


  18. donnyvee says:

    I believe other indictments will follow his and I would love to see how the dominoes fall.


  19. mr.piddles says:

    “Smollett told Chicago police last year”

    Last year? Feels like freaking 10 years ago. On the plus side: I’m 1 year older, so it’s like I’ve saved 9 years. Not too shabby.

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  20. Spurwing Plover says:

    Just one in a number of fake hate crimes commited all for the big time attention from the M.S. Media and the DNC

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  21. Jus wundrin says:

    Team 0Bomba to the rescue again?


  22. If a Grand Jury agrees that there is probable cause to believe that you intentionally lied to the Police Department – for whatever motivations that you may have had – then I think it perfectly reasonable that you should now face a formal trial on these misdemeanor charges. Perhaps this will reinforce to you the gravity of what you did. The Police took you seriously. You contrived to abuse their good-faith efforts. Apparently, you lied.

    However – the charges are misdemeanors, and the punishment therefor should be appropriate. A substantial fine. A token amount of actual jail time just to get the point across. Community service: make you gather garbage beside the highway while you are forced to wear a reflective jacket that says “ASSHOLE.”

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  23. zekness says:

    he’s a squealer…I know a squealer when I see one. he will squeal.


  24. allhail2 says:


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  25. Jimmy Jack says:

    All hate crime legislation should be done away with. It’s a trap to silence opposition disguised as SJW criminal justice.

    It is not applied across the board and is never applied in crimes against whites or heterosexuals.

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    • X XYZ says:

      Selective enforcement? Selective prosecution?

      Who gets to do the selecting?

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    • arsumbris says:

      This 100%.

      There is no objective standard for determining if “hate” is the motivation for speech, or any act, but “hate” is a trojan horse for something worse.

      In truth, it’s a double con against the 1st amendment: while people are distracted debating whether “hate” is a legitimate standard for allowing speech, everyone silently accepts the principle that speech can be limited.

      In other words, everyone accepts the unspoken premise that the 1st Amendment is null and void while they debate over whether “hate” is a fair standard to block free speech.


  26. T2020 says:

    Thank the female former judge who filed the papers which started the investigation into the hate crime hoax.

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  27. X XYZ says:

    Poor Jussie. He was jus’ bein’ Jussie. Jussie was only shuckin’ & jivin’ on the street, man! No harm in doin’ that. Jus’ like Tawana Brawley did.


    After eight years of Obummyland, Jussie thought this would be just another profitable hoax. He needed the $$$. Hey, it always worked before! Poor Jussie thought he was exonerated of all charges. Free! Now I’m free at last!

    But there is this thing called the statute of limitations. Uh-huh. It’s still the way the law works, Jucie. And what you did can still be prosecuted. America has LOTS of laws. Maybe even too many laws. And a prosecutor can pick and choose among all those laws. Selective prosecution. Ain’t that a bitch?

    Lemme go! Lemme go! Oh s–t! I ain’t got no money for a lawyer! Kamala help me! Cory help me! Let’s see if they can.

    There’s a new sheriff in town now, Jussie. Too bad it was too late for you to realize that.


  28. progpoker says:

    And here I thought Jussie Smollet was just too darned Black to prosecute.
    I did not see this coming!!


  29. Colorado Rich says:

    The whole farse was about being lynched, as hitlary said, if that sob gets elected we will all hang. It’s was all about trying to make hangings illegal, cause they all know they are going to hang for treason.


  30. Joemama says:

    The thought of Jussie going to the pen for endless pick up the soap.date nights warms one’s heart.


  31. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    Say’s Kimm Foxxx’s campaign:
    “What’s questionable here is the James Comey-like timing of that charging decision,”


    In addition to being a weasel….
    The former FBI Director himself has the distinct honor of having successfully become
    an adjective…or is it a simile…or is it both?

    English is such complicated stuff.


  32. zekness says:

    okay so I was thinking broadly about this case.

    there are some parallels in mischief between Kim foxx and the Comey/rosenstein/mueller spygate.

    we are asking good questions. no doubt. and obviously the special prosecutor is doing what he can do to properly investigate a charge a criminal for several violations of law….none of which are trivial.

    but ….and this is important. what about FOXX…and company?


    probably more important than the indictments against smallet, is to learn what happened exactly with KIM FOXX??

    and equally if not more important is to learn what was her entire orbit of staff and attaches’ that assisted Kim Fox office when forming this decision to drop charges?

    where were the good people who stood still and did nothing?

    same questions we have about FBI/DOJ….we are assuming that ONE person or only a few are bad actors. I cannot accept this. This is chicago. This is not small town, USA where a very small footprint of staff can all collude to pull such a stunt. Here staff must be enormous by comparison. Who are these people…by name? where do they get their financiing? What prior cases have they worked? what are their affiliations and who do they have routine contact with during this period and prior?

    This is the investigation that to take place….smallet will get his due. no doubt.

    but we should not be satisfied that will be the end of this saga.

    this was an intentional racially and politically motivated scheme ..and it begs the question exactly what larger political creatures were involved in attempting this ruse?

    chicago ….what a sewer…

    There has to be at least a few honest law honoring people in that town…

    calling all curious patriots.


  33. Sofa King says:

    “The construct of the hate crime itself appeared to be connected to a DC scheme to advance the presidential ambitions of Kamala Harris who launched her bid for office simultaneously with the racially driven hoax.”


    That’s what I’ve benn thinking since it happened!!!!


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