Peter Navarro: Coronavirus Highlights Need for U.S. to Make Our Own Medical Products Again…

White House manufacturing policy advisor Peter Navarro has an important discussion with Maria Bartiromo about the consequences of the Coronavirus which includes the need for U.S. companies to return manufacturing to the United States on key medical products and pharmaceuticals.   A very important subject.

Both Navarro and Bartiromo note that our dependency on Asia for medical products is a problem when a global virus erupts, global demand for those products peaks, and the supply of those products becomes most urgent.


It would seem obvious (to me) that medical products and pharmaceuticals would be two sectors for the Commerce Department (Sec. Wilbur Ross) where a national security review would be well worth the time & effort.  The multinationals would fight the administration, but it might be worth this fight.

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  1. MfM says:

    Past time to bring drug manufacturing back to the USA.

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    • bertdilbert says:

      Steel is not the only item that is a national security issue. Maybe instead of wasting billions upon billions of dollars spying on Americans, we could better spend the funds making sure we have the capacity to make our own vaccines and other crucial medical supplies.

      Calling Rand Paul…..

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      • Watchingtheweasels says:

        If we didn’t allow MS13 and the Islamic Jihad to emigrate to the US, the need to spy on Americans would go away…because Americans would actually be American.


    • lgstarr says:

      That’s why I’ve shopped with since 2001 — everything including their pharmaceuticals are manufactured in Utah!!


  2. decisiontime16 says:

    Frankly, I was shocked to learn we didn’t make our own medical products and pharmaceuticals here in the US. How can this be?

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    • Tehbeefer says:

      Supply and demand. And costs. and international reciprocity (even for many of the pharmaceuticals currently made in the USA, many/most of the base raw materials come from China, India, etc.). All those quality controls do raise the cost of finished goods, plus the rate of labor. When you can hire an Indian PhD for the same rate as a less-knowledgeable American…the incentive is clear. It’s not like the American market can easily just raise prices even further to compensate.

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      • Arrest Soros says:

        Overwhelming majority of the cost of drugs is R&D. Production costs of the pills (once approved for the market) is tiny in comparison.
        Production wasn’t shifted to a suspect place like China or India because of costs. They were shifted because China and India demanded it as part of the deal to be able to sell the drugs in those markets.

        Whatever the cost might be for each pill, moving production back for security and safety reasons will be well and truly worth it.

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        • jeans2nd says:

          Well said. Thank you.
          And recall automation is available now – all those frightening “robots” – that virtually eliminate the need for lower skilled workers and encourages re-skilling of current workers.
          Pres Trump/Ivanka has a program for re-skilling, if one recalls.

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        • Rodney Plonker says:

          Good point


        • 1togetready says:

          “Overwhelming majority of the cost of drugs is R&D.” No, it’s not. Marketing cost 3 X what R&D does.


          • Sorry Fake News.
            … a 2014 BBC article, which relied on GlobalData, to show that some companies, like Johnson & Johnson, spent more than twice as much on sales and marketing as R&D. Earlier studies, however, such as this one from 2008 in PLoS Medicine, show the industry-wide numbers are closer together, with $29.6 billion spent on R&D in 2004 as compared to $27.7 billion for all promotional activities.
            More recently, CEOs from seven top pharmaceutical companies testified in front of the Senate Finance Committee, commenting on high list prices, out-of-pocket costs and transparency. All seven also responded to numerous written questions after the hearing, including one from Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) on how much their companies spent in 2018 on R&D versus marketing and sales.
            All but AstraZeneca and Sanofi said they spent more on R&D than marketing. And Merck and J&J spent considerably more on R&D than marketing (see graph below).



          • Arrest Soros says:

            1togetready says:
            February 10, 2020 at 8:00 pm

            “Overwhelming majority of the cost of drugs is R&D.” No, it’s not. Marketing cost 3 X what R&D does.

            So what? That’s post production costs. They will exist no matter where the pills are produced…right?
            The point is, labour cost is a small portion of total cost. Those pills will NOT cost all that much more if production was shifted back to the USA.


      • Orville R. Bacher says:

        And don’t ask any questions about the quality and safety of the product you are putting into your body.
        Automation in pharmaceuticals completely offsets cheap labor in foreign countries, especially direct competitors/enemies like China.


      • ATheoK says:

        “Tehbeefer says: February 10, 2020 at 4:38 pm

        All those quality controls do raise the cost of finished goods, plus the rate of labor. When you can hire an Indian PhD for the same rate as a less-knowledgeable American…the incentive is clear. It’s not like the American market can easily just raise prices even further to compensate.”

        A comment that ignores the prices charged by laboratories, hospitals, urgent care and doctors across America.
        Goods that could be made by the highest salaried using the most expensive components are charges to laboratories, hospitals, urgent care centers and doctors at many times their cost plus markup.

        The fees paid my Medicare hint that most of these stratospheric prices are all middlemen markup.
        Nor can all the these high priced products be blamed upon R&D. Few of these products are R&D’d extensively.

        Thanks to an extensively calcified FDA, new drugs are obstructed at every turn because the FDA employees are frightened that they’ll approve a new Thalidomide. Costing the largest manufacturers big bucks as they maintain large laboratories trying to prove their drug’s worth.
        A problem that countless numbers of older long approved drugs do not have.


        • ATheoK says:

          Keyboard challenged tonight.
          “most expensive components are charges” should be “most expensive components are charged”

          “paid my Medicare hint” should be “paid by Medicare hint”


    • Revelation says:

      Because the corporations moved everything to China because it was cheaper and they made more profit.

      Sod the workers
      Sod the country
      Sod National Security
      Sod everything but their own personal selfish interests.


    • lgstarr says: manufactures their pharmaceuticals in Utah and has since 1985!


    • Nonny says:

      Worked in the industry for over 20 years. When you have Congress and state legislatures screaming at you that drug prices are too high; labor unions that nitpick everything; and environmental laws that make using necessary solvents and raw materials a process/disposal minefield, you offshore whatever you can.

      India has made tremendous strides over the years in the US market for finished dosage forms. China wanted to follow that model because the finished product for the NDA/ANDA in the US market is where the money is. The Chinese suck at original ideas, hence they can’t do the branded route on their own. What they will do is give the brands insanely low pricing to make API, then China steals the tech; makes the generic first for ROW, then eventually for generics for US market (or counterfeit versions of the branded product pre-generic). Once they have that infrastructure and a Chinese company ready to hit the market for a given drug/drug class, then they will only sell via Chinese companies and not to anyone else.

      But let’s not kid ourselves – Democrat labor and environmental theory plus not wanting anyone but “the rich” to may for meds still means the structural incentive problem remains.


  3. USAPatriot says:

    How about returning Mining to this country!?!

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  4. dufrst says:

    Interesting how Maria pointed out that China knew about the Coronavirus back in December and came to the White House to shake on a deal with President Trump. Conspicuously, President Xi did not come to the signing.

    I will leave the rest of the conclusions to your imagination but I will say that I have noticed that Trump was a little under the weather and his voice was groggy during the state of the Union and prayer breakfast speech 🙏🏽.

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  5. freepetta says:

    Yes!!! Yes!!!! Yes!!!!

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    • Dutchman says:

      Its complicated businrss, folks.
      U.S. law “allows” citisens to legally import up to 3 mos. supply of Rx. drugs, from other countries.
      Because sometimes production facilities here in the U.S. are shut down, often by the FDA.
      When that happens, HOW are patients to get medications they need to take, every day?
      Hence, this law. However, the law (currently) doesn’t specify you can ONLY order drugs from a foriegn company, IF US production is halted.
      So, don’t be quite so quick to, with a broad brush, restrict or regulate, banning importation of Rx. medications from other countries.
      I have ordered SOME Rx.medications from other countries. Its not for everyone, and again, is “complicated business”, but it IS legal.

      Some of the packages arrived with green packaging tape with “This package has been opened and inspected by Dept of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection division”.
      They open it, inspect it, insure the pills aren’t ‘counterfeit’ or ‘controlled substances’ tape it up, and send it on.
      Again, its perfectly LEGAL. And, since they know what to look for, and WILL confiscate “counterfeit” drugs, you have some additional insurance its the real medication.
      And yes, pills that cost $5-10 each, here cost $0.10- $1.00, even with the international shipping.

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      • Rj says:

        What production facilities ? Over 75% of all medicine in this country is made in China and India


        • Dutchman says:

          There are 3 production facilities in the U.S. producing “Natural Thyroid Hormone”. I know this because the FDA closed down all 3, in succession, over 1-1 1/2 years.

          Caused shortages, and was a nightmare for those taking it.

          Anyway, agree we need to bring production back here, but I am not crazy about preventing people from having an option of ordering from overseas.

          As I said, its not for everyone.
          Also, I believe its mostly PRECURSORS that are made in China.
          The recent recall of Losartan was because the PRECURSOR chemicals that arecused to make it, were contaminated.
          The chemicals came from CHINA.
          So, I ordered some from India, at 1/4 the cost, and good efficacy.


    • 7delta says:

      We should have stopped a lot of things from China when it was discovered that Chinese manufacturers were substituting melamine for protein in pet food. Lots of pets died. Trial run? Our elected gatekeepers did nothing.

      Then China sent us meds with inert ingredients. Cancer patients were paying over a thousand dollars per injection for a vial of nothing. Tablets were made with talcum powder, corn starch… who knows what else? Baby formula was marketed into other parts of world that had no nutrition. Babies died. Toothpaste was made with antifreeze. It’s a long list.

      In response, our gatekeepers doubled down on keeping the U.S. business unfriendly for more of our businesses to move to China or to become unable to compete with cheap China crap until they were forced to sell to globalist corporations that moved them out or closed them.

      Should have been stopped long ago.

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      • vikingmom says:

        Just went and bought cat food for my new kitty this afternoon…specifically looked to see WHERE the food was produced and only bought cans that said Made in the USA. Our last kitty had long term nerve damage that was, we believe, caused by topical flea medication that was manufactured in China!

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        • 7delta says:

          New purr-baby! That’s great. I also only buy pet food that’s sourced and produced in the U.S. Usually small family owned companies. Some own the farm too where their ingredients are sourced. It’s a little more expensive than the average grocery store brands, but because of pooch corn allergies, I buy only food without any added grains anyway.

          If the label doesn’t list where the ingredients are sourced, I don’t buy it. I used to think it was safe if sources were Canada or another country I expected to have good controls, then I learned how China imports to those countries, then the product is exported as if it was sourced there…like how China did with steel through Canada. “Assembled in the U.S.of parts from….” gets close scrutiny too.

          It’s not always possible, but since the pet food thing, I avoid buying anything made in China, even dog toys. There are U.S. manufacturers. Just have to find them. Fortunately, we have a good pet store where the owner deals directly with producers to keep up with all that stuff.

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      • freepetta says:

        I remember when the public was warned that toothpaste shipped from China was poisonous.
        That was 20 years ago. You would have thought that experience in itself would have been enough.

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  6. Tehbeefer says:

    Of course, this increased importance will likely been seen by other countries as well, so basically we’re talking subsidies, if only because we’d be basically trying to artificially boost supply, much like many countries already somewhat do for food or arms production. A halfway step might be to increase the strategic reserve already kept of such items?


  7. Hans says:

    Let’s look China Steals biological samples.. Boston dr arrested for receiving money from China..
    One researcher Chinese military….
    Boston Dr Sets up Bio Lab in Wuhan…

    What part of this do I not understand.. US to spend 66 million dollars on Coronavirus. the Dr received $50,000 per month.. it appears the Taxpayer gets screwed again.

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    • Mist'ears Mom says:

      There hasn’t been any link found to animals at the Wuhan market…its all hype & propaganda.
      Whatever the source, the hysteria being drummed up follows a now well-worn pattern where the population is kept in a perpetual state of anxiety and fear about microbes so that drug companies (aided by federal health officials) can come to the rescue with yet another expensive (and potentially mandatory) drug or vaccine.


  8. Dutchman says:

    It DOES seem surprising, that the Chinese ambassador wouldn’t DENY that the corona virus started in a Bio-weopons lab.

    Given the Conmunist propensity for LIEING, its very surprising. Why not just deny it, and get all huffy and act offended at the mere suggestion?

    Thats their SOP, normally.

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  9. auscitizenmom says:

    I am no great brain, but way back when I first heard of parts for our military planes was being made in China, I was mortified. I couldn’t understand why anyone let this happen. Also, letting our manufacturing close down so we have to rely on………China? And, the poisoned food………..remember all the dead dogs? And, finally they are looking at pharmaceuticals? Finally? I realize it is only because we voted Trump in that they are looking at it now.

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    • Jan says:

      Dimms are incapable of handling these kinds of problems. They don’t know how to create jobs AND they can’t understand why our national security depends on our ability to sustain times of crisis with producing our needs in the U.S. & not depend on other countries.

      Our energy independence has sharply reduced our interests in OPEC oil. Not having steel plants illustrated how our national security was at risk if we had no ability to make our own ranks.

      Pres. Trump gets it. Dimms are clueless. God bless him & keep him safe.

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  10. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “It would seem obvious (to me) that medical products and pharmaceuticals would be two sectors for the Commerce Department (Sec. Wilbur Ross) where a national security review would be well worth the time & effort.”

    I would like to add military avionics. I recall in the past year or two reading that some little bits and pieces that are required for our current top of line aircraft are sourced from China.

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  11. thedoc00 says:

    Yes by all means return the US to self sufficiency in critical pharmaceutical areas. In the meanwhile, we need to follow the lead of our Asian competitors and reproduce what ever we need without licensees.

    Just like big tech, the export of drug technical knowledge and manufacturing know-how requires licenses, issued by the US State Department. Prior to President Trumps administration the US legally bled technical knowledge and manufacturing know-how via export licenses issued by State Department for at least 24+ years. There was very little need for much in the way of espionage when one could literally buy licenses via bribes and kick backs to the US Government, thus having legal rights to whatever was licensed. Licenses are probably still issued by the Swamp even today.

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  12. trapper says:

    “The multinationals would fight the administration, but it might be worth this fight.”

    Damn straight. God. Family. Country. “Company” isn’t even on the list, but somewhere along the way something happened. American executives at multinational companies, many of them started in and still based in America, at some point stopped thinking of themselves as Americans.

    The interests of one’s corporate employer should always be subordinate to God, Family, and County. The interests of one’s corporate employer should be formulated so that they coincide with the interests of America.

    America first. It’s why we elected Trump. And yeah, I’ll say it. Big Pharma must get with the program or prepare to be boarded, seized, and nationalized. It is a national security issue. Hey, even Bernie would be happy with that one.

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  13. clive hoskin says:

    Anyone allowing China to trade in anything important to national health or security is up to no good.

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  14. dufrst says:

    Navarro should be proud.

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  15. Snellvillebob says:

    Three weeks ago I started getting a minor cold or flu and tried to buy a mask from Target and Walmart. Both were sold out in-store and online.

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  16. James Carpenter says:

    A COMPLETE listing of all critical drugs, components, materials now “outsourced” by our Internationalists should become the manifest of targeted tariffs.
    More profitable to make it “In China”?
    Not anymore.
    Leadership by the nose ring if patriotism is doing enough heavy lifting anymore.

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  17. FofBW says:

    It is not such a small world after all… Globalist want us to believe.

    Man trying to play God and create heaven in this world.

    Not as long as Satan has domain of the world,


  18. Maquis says:

    Build the Wall.


  19. scruffyleon says:

    How much do you trust the ChiComs to produce the medicines and make the little pills that you put in your mouth and swallow? Bring our medicine factories back to the US.

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  20. Neil M. Dunn says:

    My position is that the US should strive to be self-sufficient in as many aspects of our economy as possible. I know that prices will be increased but I would rather have American products than those made in China, etc. I think this would also encourage the multinational corporations to locate more in the US. I would quit bringing in “talent” from other countries via visas and hire Americans. I would also not allow American universities to receive funds from foreign countries e.g. China, Middle East oil states. I would also try to minimalize educating nonamericans in the US for reasons of spying, job competition, etc. We can do just fine without all the “help” the Globalists encourage.

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  21. Elric VIII says:

    Steel, aluminum, rare earth minerals, oil and gas, food, medicines, etc., are strategic items. We must maintain the capability to produce these items for ourselves. In time of disagreements or conflict any of these items can be used against us if we rely on imports.

    I am a disabled veteran and have noticed that over the years my VA-provided prescription medicines came from all over the world – Belgium, Croatia, Israel, etc. Lately, I have noticed that they all seem to be made in the U.S.A. Whether this is because of a strategic defensive policy or simply a “Buy American” campaign doesn’t matter. I support it.

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    • I Hear You Now says:

      In the case of medicines, I wonder if it can still be called “Made in the USA” if the ingredients are be produced abroad (China, etc) and assembled/manufactured into final product here in the USA?


    • Kaco says:

      I hear China has the majority of the rare earth elements.


      • Elric VIII says:

        There are several sources for rare earth elements, including the U.S., Japan, and Australia. Some years ago China started undercutting the prices and knocked most of the other suppliers out of business. Now that China has threatened to withhold their supply there is a scramble to get previous suppliers up and running again, especially the Mountain Pass rare earth mine in California. President Trump has made it a strategic priority.

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      • zekness says:

        china has a abundance of RELATIVELY CHEAPER to mine rare earth elements.

        rare earth elements is sort of an oxymoron….it’s kind of a myth that most of these elements are located in only a few regions. That is just no true. The truth is these elements are located nearly everywhere. It boils down to cost of production.

        What is more accurate, is that the US finds it cheaper to have china do the work because china does not have safe, regulated, and complicated environmental regulations to prevent them from making their areas literally terminally toxic and they don’t mind doing it.

        I read a report a few years back that lithium sources (and dozens of other critically important metals and elements can be mined and refined right here in the states, but it would be magnitudes of orders of cost….so the market prefers to have china supply it, because the china state doesn’t give two poops about going about it in a responsible safe way so its vastly “cheaper” to just have them supply.

        It’s depressing….but that’s the reality.


        • annieoakley says:

          There are whole areas of China that used to be farms with hogs and now are so polluted with wastes from rare earth mineral processing that nothing can grow or live. CCP doesn’t care as long as they get Lithium to sell.


  22. scrap1ron says:

    So, have the descendants of Mao, who just so happen to have a bio-weapons lab in Wuhan, been engineering this corona virus? Did they have an accidental release and aren’t fully cooperating in an attempt to cover it up? People I know who are chemists in the pharmaceutical field assure me that failure to follow strict protocols could easily lead to disaster. Just taking off gloves and other protective gear the wrong way could spread it.

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    • Reserved55 says:

      How the Chinazis treat their people.


    • Mist'ears Mom says:

      Not just any lab it is a bio level 4 lab:
      Wuhan Is Home to Lab Studying World’s Deadliest Pathogens
      In January 2018, China’s first maximum security virology laboratory (biosecurity level 4) designed for the study of the world’s most dangerous pathogens opened its doors — in Wuhan. Is it pure coincidence that Wuhan City is now the epicenter of this novel coronavirus infection?

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  23. Mike in a Truck says:

    If anyone thinks that we should “nationalize ” pharmaceutical production here in the U.S. to at some point be run by Communist Democrats- I give you Puerto Rico.


  24. GB Bari says:

    I don’t think anyone is recommending having Commie DemonRATs run it.

    It should be private manufacturing businesses, and if they are going to be able to compete in the marketplace, then both quality and cost will be factors, regardless of the politics of the company owners.

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  25. farmerren says:

    Providing a link for a DIY coronavirus mask, fwiw.

    I made a copy of the instructions for myself if masks continue to be hard to find…heck, I’m in uncharted territory.

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  26. Publius2016 says:

    Ya think?

    Of course DIMMS worked to loosen USMCA provisions on medicinals but why am I not surprised!


  27. 335blues says:

    Peter, Take it to the next step and say
    communist china must not control the manufacture or supply
    of ANY critical materials, supplies, etc.
    America must not be beholden to communist china for anything!

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  28. donnyvee says:

    100% agree. We should also be self sufficient for all other strategic materials.


  29. zekness says:

    I do not have a particular problem with selling products made in china into the US market. I do have a problem with the scale of outsourcing. It’s worrisome because it creates unintended consequences and black swan events that occur in china can have HUGE effects in the global market, Diversity in the global market is not just about dollars…It a smart strategy.

    Years ago, I participated in some high level risk assessment evaluations for the state of Hawai’i. One particular issue became very clear to everyone as we began the process of prioritizing the report and attaching recommendations: OIL! Hawai’i at the time had just one source…Indonesia. For the power grid and for the state and civilian fuel market. Indonesia is right smack in the ring of fire AND at the time had a serious issue of radical islamic terror groups operating in country. So with one volcano release or a earthquake/fault event and the ensuing tsunami and port shutdown thousands of miles away from Hawai’i…that supply is effectively halted for an indefinite period of time. At the time, Oahu has three oil tankers offshore at any one time offloading fuel. That represents just 8 days of power for the grid..and at most about 11 days of transportation fuel. Then it’s lights out Hawai’i. State Officials received the report, and downplayed the risk. Then in 2003 the Bandi Achi Tsunami happened….And this did affect Indonesia Ports for about a week until full operation was restored. Then the state decided…hey maybe it’s not such a great idea to have a sole source of power supply!!! Do you think so!!

    anyway…the point is clear…the US is effectively on huge island…. with almost all consumer goods and medicine supplied by vast distance on foreign countries that are not necessarily friendly to US interests (and never have been), the US has a much much larger black swan effect risk. It’s not just medicine. If some serious catastrophic event were to visit china….be it contagion, war, flooding (it’s happened before), terrorism (it’s happened before), revolution (it happened many time before), a serious trade war (we haven’t seen anything yet), and the list goes on ….then the US and the global market would not just hit a recession but it would create chaos of the likes the world has never truly experienced.

    In my view, when the US begins shifting manufacturing back to North America, specifically the UNITED STATES..there are some benefits that are derived not simply to mitigate against these large scale disruptions. Let me explain.

    Apple Computer – known for high quality, high end, high priced, almost a luxury item. It’ not just a branding thing. These products stand out because they are in fact superior. That’s the selling point.

    PC’s/windows…while these dominate the market, they are of lessor quality, more affordable, cheaper, have more problems,

    In my view, the US could be the APPLE of the world. Made in America really means you are buying the best there is. No one can do it better.

    In my view, China can sell the PC/Windows of the world. Less quality….so so dependability. But cheaper.

    This is the reason why this president should use his soap box to get the US manufacturing industry back up and running elite level products.

    There is another reason too. If the US fails to start soon innovating high end superior products…china and certain european industries are going to eclipse what we can do. It’s inevitable. China is making huge record breaking strides to be a serious competitor for lead spot. Certain European industries are also competing well. The US is great at the design, engineering and superior science R&D. But these same privately owned companies seem to have not qualms sending the manufacturing to china….and get robbed frequently of the very intellectual property.

    If this c-virus helps to achieve is, maybe that’s a silver lining: that the US begins to renew it’s sad state of manufacturing. The global market would be better off in the long run adopting similar policies. There is sufficient space in the market for greater competition. I say, lets go compete…..China under its current regime can never be allowed to be a serious world contender. It’s just not a safe idea. We are financing our enemy AND causes a loss of economic fortune the American companies deserve to maintain right here at home.

    I sent an email to MUSK about this. Appealing to his sense of moral obligation to the Global market. Why would you send your tesla manufacturing to china just as the e-cars are taking off. At least split the market… there really a difference between making 5 billion a year or 7? Isn’t there a higher moral priority to consider? No response of course. He’s a numbers guys, like some many of these uber rich technies. They just see data. A little humanity would be a nice welcome. Just a little eh, Elon?


  30. Blind no Longer says:

    IMO there have WAY to many “coincidences” lately.

    The Harvard biochemist that was arrested and charged, had direct connections to the Wuhan lab.

    The Chinese nationals pretending to be students arrested at the airport in Canada, that had been working in a Level 4 Bio facility. They were found with vials of cancer cells and other toxins wrapped in there socks.

    Today we have Bill Barr charging Chinese military officers with the hacking of Equifax.

    Recent arrest of a Chinese woman at Mara Logo by the Secret Service.
    Now we have a pandemic involving the Chinese government covering up a virus that is more than likely a bioweapon.
    China sends it’s largest delegation ever to Davos, knowing the virus is deadly and spreading /killing it’s citizens quickly, all while they jail or kill anyone who tries to expose what is happening there. In the words of creepy Joe—Come on man!!
    I don’t believe in this many coincidences!!!!!


  31. TonyE says:

    I take a generic medication that is made outside the US… go figure.

    I guess the quality got so bad they put a hold on it, so my doctor replaced it. The insurance company went along.

    This is, IMHO, a true national security issue.


  32. Rileytrips says:

    Mr. Navarro is right. We have allowed our government to enact terrible trade policies and outsource critical defense and medical products over the years.
    For example:
    3M makes the masks that everyone is trying to get right now. They are sold out all over the country. Know why? They are actually manufactured in WUHAN, China! All new shipments are currently in quarantine before they can be released to the public!
    Remember all the hospitals running out of IV glucose bags in America during flu season a few years ago? They are manufactured by Baxter… Puerto Rico! Puerto Rico had had a hurricane that year that damaged the factory.
    We need our government to ensure that products critical to public health and national security/defense have manufacturing bases within the 48 states that make up the majority if the USA.

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  33. Jlwary says:

    Pompeo said this on Saturday:
    “Look at the nearly 18 tons of medical supplies the United States just flew to China this past week to help fight the coronavirus.”
    What medical supplies, if we receive more from them than we make?


  34. TMonroe says:

    I was just thinking this today. And yes, it’s a national security issue.


  35. Spurwing Plover says:

    And without all that liberal product liability and the Trial Lawyers circling like Vultures and Sharks


  36. sunnydaze says:

    This is a no-brainer and never should have happened in the first place.

    Why anyone would think it’s brilliant to put “Made in China” **pharmaceuticals ** (of all things!) in your body, every day, all day long, is beyond me, given the notoriously bad (and well-deserved) reputation they have had for making contaminated crap.

    FINALLY!!!!!!!! Do.It.!!!!


  37. Reloader says:

    News Reports from “news sources” …
    “Nunes warns Democrats may be concocting new Trump hoax.” and …
    “Medications used by Americans should be made in the U.S., not in China.”


    I’m going to start getting my news from my dog, because he is just as competent.


  38. Why did we ever forget, “America First?” How did our nation become so naïve that we forgot that … “if you don’t put your own country first, no one else will?” How could we forget that, if you give up your industrial and manufacturing autonomy, and your sovereignty, that this has national security consequences?!

    The world is full of many hundreds of nations, but none of them are truly “on your side.” All of them are peopled by humans who will take advantage of you if you let them. International trade is a good and important thing, but you must never allow your nation to depend on it, particularly to the detriment of yourself!

    Apparently, it took PDJT to remind America of that.

    “What FOOLS these Mortals be!”
    – Puck, A Midsummer Night’s Dream


    • Reloader says:

      Americans are good people. As a nation our good intentions were proven by the Marshall Plan to rebuild the nations of our defeated enemies … mostly because we REALLY beat them really, really badly. Starting with Germany and Japan, Americans magnanimously funded prosperity. But there was no “end” to the Marshall Plan, apparently. And we added more countries … all of Europe … Africa … Asia … even Russia and China, eventually.

      Trump saw it all. And “America First” definitely includes an END to the Marshall Plan. Everyone here already knows that this necessarily includes reduction in prosperity, and perhaps recession, for the world outside the U.S. That’s a Feature, not a Bug.


  39. Rj says:

    With over 75% of the medicines in this country made in China and India its way beyond time for our own safety. When will China start lacing medicine with the chemical weapon fentanyl?


    • Theckman says:

      Obama saying I can’t wave a magic wand and create jobs. Well guess what Obama every American assumed the prescription drugs were FDA approved and monitored. Just think of all the jobs lost when this debatable was outsourced!!!
      Some of these drugs we are getting from pharmacies are no different then getting them from street pill mills everyone talks about. What a joke. There are chemists that are making there own blood pressure medicine because they’ve tested the crap they’ve gotten from pharmacies and found its either not got the active ingredient needed in order to work as prescribed and/or possibly tainted.
      The Chinese are not our friends why would we have ever trusted them with this?????
      GREED and possibly if you want to get a conspiracy going how about a purge.
      If not a organized purge at least the attitude of who cares!!


  40. Super Elite Covfefe999 Loves Her President! says:

    If you’re looking for a good respirator, the 3M N95 Aura is nice. Here’s the product page for it: There’s a “Where To Buy” button that you can click on to find local venders and online merchants. I bought 20 of these things, if I don’t need them for protection against viruses I’ll use them for sanding. 🙂


    • Super Elite Covfefe999 Loves Her President! says:

      And by the way, if you want to protect yourself from other people, make sure you get a respirator. The loose fitting surgical mask we see in so many photos is not good for self-protection, that kind of mask is intended to protect other people from you, like if you are out and about while ill.


  41. christinewjc says:

    So glad to see that someone in government realizes how important it now is to manufacture our own prescription drugs here in the USA!


  42. SuzyAZ says:

    They better hurry…


  43. Theckman says:

    Check out the list of blood pressure medicines found with carcinogens that are made in China. There are many people that are going to local pharmacy that works with compounds and having them produce their drugs.
    The FDA does not hold these Chinese factories to the same standards as ours.
    It makes no sense. The other problem is notice many products will say distributed in the USA. That obviously does not mean they aren’t made in China.
    I could not believe we were allowing a communist country produce the majority of our drugs. We wonder why our cancer rate is so high. Who knows what’s in half these drugs China is producing for our mass consumption.
    There are pending lawsuits with blood pressure medicine made in China and the consumers with advanced cancer due to taking the tainted crap from China. Class action suits!!!
    This is country got sold out so long ago. I bet the top 10 percent wealth bracket do not get their prescription drugs they way everyone else does!!
    When I looked up the list of possible tainted drugs I could not believe it. My concern is if even you use a pharmacy that has the compounds what if the compounds come from China.
    Just sayin…


    • Rileytrips says:

      And just see what you’ll find if you start researching the food items in your local grocery store! Look at canned goods – especially soups. Campbell Soup company is a global company, and all their cans now say, “cooked in America” – but where do the items come from that go in their soups? They don’t tell. Look at your produce dept. – most grapes come from Peru and Chile. Many items are from foreign places that don’t have regulations for growing food like the US. There could be raw sewage and fertilizer runoff flowing thru those fields. You just don’t know.


  44. Theckman says:

    Exactly it’s downright mind boggling. Why hasn’t MSM touched on this at all.
    Notice how many people get secondary infections when they stay in hospitals. Who knows how clean the supplies are since they aren’t getting them in the USA.
    This distribution in the USA is frustrating. I could not find a toothpaste that was made in the USA at one local Target store.
    This is all about profit. This is something we need to protest about on a national level. We need proof they are making it here because I won’t believe the labels if it happens too quickly.
    We need accountability. This is all about profit margins.
    I want access to the same things the wealthy have access to!!!
    Believe me they aren’t getting there prescriptions from drugs made in China nor their food!!!
    At least not the packaged crap on the shelves

    Liked by 1 person

  45. ATheoK says:

    “Both Navarro and Bartiromo note that our dependency on Asia for medical products is a problem when a global virus erupts, global demand for those products peaks, and the supply of those products becomes most urgent.”

    In one of the early news articles about coronavirus, the authors started with a lead-in about how scarce face masks had become.
    They showed a video of a small, apparently home based, shop where several of the workers first assembled masks then put them on; they then started assembling more masks that they stacked.

    Given that many corporations moved construction of their goods solely to benefit from very low labor rates; slight cost per unit benefits that were rarely passed to Americans.
    Sure, cheap goods could be made and sold to Americans cheaply, but not technically cheaper than modern industry could produce. Modern industry can build well designed functional products. Instead of cheap knockoffs that look functional that are made of bad alloys, poor fit, cheap assembly and cheaper plastics.


  46. Mary Ann says:

    Getting rich off the sick..
    I feel for the Chinese laborers who are never paid their worth..
    We should make our own medicine but slave labor makes you richer..


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