Bloomberg Jumps to Third Place (Really Second) Nationally as New Hampshire Prepares to Vote…

Instead of running the ’15/’16 splitter plan that worked in 2012 for Mitt Romney; if the GOP Club had planned with Jeb in the 2016 cycle to hang back until Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio could launch attacks against Donald Trump – then enter the race in March for the Florida splash… that would be somewhat analogous to what we are seeing within the revised plan currently underway within the 2020 DNC Club.

Right now, in the entry primaries, the DNC priority is ‘Never Bernie’; and toward that end Pete Buttigieg is the tool. However, in the background the DNC Club is positioning Bloomberg to save the day, and that is becoming visible in new national polling.

(Quinnipiac Poll Link)

Forget Biden.  Joe Biden’s current “national polling position” is merely a reflection of months of media narrative building on behalf of the former VP.  As voters tune-in Biden is not in the picture. Sleepy Joe is dissolving daily & that shows up in these early primaries.  So on a national scale just remove Biden and reassess.   Now we see Bloomberg coming in.

That’s the plan visible within the narrative construction.  Warren is inauthentic; the media and Club organizers gave her a shot and it didn’t work.  Right now Warren’s value is in keeping Sanders from gaining more far-left momentum as many, likely most, Warren progressives’ will go to Sanders.  Remember, national delegates are proportional.

Joe Biden will keep dropping and Buttigieg will benefit; however, the Club knows Buttigieg cannot survive the bright spotlight…. but Bloomberg can scoop up Buttigieg’s delegates at a convention, at least that’s the Club’s visible outlook.

With proportional delegates the key for the Club to defeat Bernie is to keep his early delegate count as low as possible and stem any left-wing momentum.  It also helps that Bernies’ 2020 support level, based on early state polling, is significantly lower than it was in 2016…. This helps the Club sell their unelectable Bernie narrative.

Watch tomorrows results in New Hampshire.  Pete Buttigieg will likely do much better than expected; there is even a strong possibility he could win.  Buttigieg has been getting a massive lift from favorable corporate media coverage and Wall Street is assisting.

Regardless of a win or close second place.  The national media message coming out of New Hampshire will be heavily weighted toward favoring Pete Buttigieg.

The end goal is Bloomberg.

Bernie Sanders knows the Club objective is ‘not Bernie’; however, Bernie is not confronting the end goal of Bloomberg; that implies Bernie is preserving his sell-out option for maximum financial benefit.

We keep watching…

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251 Responses to Bloomberg Jumps to Third Place (Really Second) Nationally as New Hampshire Prepares to Vote…

  1. Publius2016 says:

    Mini Mike Madoff has a GLASS JAW!

    Already leaked audio from 2015 on Gateway Pundit means incoming this week!

    Super Bowl raised Mini Mike’s profile and Bernie Bots are working to VET THE CANDIDATE!!

    Remember the real scandal is Mini Mike and Bernie Madoff…like two peas in a pod!!!

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    • Mini mi’s anti 2A profile. I think this goes One step further, Mini mi is being used for his money, and Cankles is going to stagger into a brokered convention saving the day from a candidate fielded of deplorables.

      If Butt-Edge-Edge flames out in 2020 he will be old news for 2024.

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    • Jan says:

      Also, Mini Mike is going to be roasted over this speech to The Aspen Institute in 2015.

      BTW, who uses the word “Xerox” any more when talking about a copy of something??

      And who votes for someone nicknamed Mini Mike?? Especially when you’re talking about the president of the free world??

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    • sat0422 says:

      Bloomberg’s commercials are turning heads. When is the RNC or Trump going to start fighting back. He practically is running for President while the minions talk shop and are just hanging out.

      Let’s get going and just skip the conventions…It’s Trump vs Bloomberg and they are wasting their time and our time with anything else.

      Bloomey is everywhere and I am getting sick of not seeing the other side.

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    • MJJ says:

      Expect A Broken Broker Convention

      Biden Election Firewall is South Carolina Mush As Jeb Bush Thought The Same in 2016. Even if it happens other States won’t supply enough of the 3900+ Delegates.

      Bloomberg Steps in March but at best get 40% Delegates. New Allegations on Stop & Frisk will Follow & Stop Bloomberg Balloons at the Convention!

      Bernie Socialism BS Bernie, still Frightens Democratic Billionaire Elites. In Hopes BS Does Not Gather Enough Delegates’ Another Broken Heart Effort Not Electable!

      Pete Buttigieg can Compete but in the End will be Incomplete in need of Delegates!

      Lizzy Borden Warren won’t make to Late States due to having a Bad Reputation Red Herring Repudiation Resignation.

      Senator Klobuchar is only in to become the Running Mate Vice President from Wisconsin Wistful Wishful Thinking!

      Many from the DNC Delegate Floor will seek another chance to become President from before as Albert Arnold Gore Jr., John Forbes Kerry, Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, Willard Mitt Romney, Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama & even maybe Nancy Patricia D’Alesandro Pelosi coming in for Consideration in the End. Even Hopeful Oprah WINFree!


  2. Payday says:

    I saw tingle up my leg Mathews calling out the horrors of socialism. He thinks he’s damaging Bernie, but what he’s doing is labeling the whole loon party with that brush. Fantastic!

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  3. Sammy Hains says:

    Pete Buttigieg Belches Loudly into a Microphone at New Hampshire Town Hall

    Looks like something he swallowed wasn’t sitting right.

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  4. Magabear says:

    I think we may be giving too much credit to the “Big Club” in the DNC for having any clue as to what they’re doing. They really only have one playbook anymore and that is trashing anyone who gets in the way to their path to power. They’re really out of tune with reality, I mean, just look at their candidates! 😄

    Who is the Bloomberg constituency among the demonrat electorate? The Hamptons in New York? Martha’s Vineyard? Not alot of votes there. No, they have a clusterflub of their own making now and it’s beatiful to watch! 😁

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  5. WSB says:

    After mimi-mike bought a third term in our NYC Mayoral cycle, who the heck would bother voting for him?

    mini-mike is a fraud.


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  6. TheLastDemocrat says:

    Biden is polling much better in NV, and SC.

    SC has way more delegates up for grabs than Iowa and NH.

    Biden can get the narrative rolling that he is bigger in states that count. Biden is not out yet.

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    • Sammy Hains says:

      Not yet, but there is the bandwagon effect, and the reverse bandwagon effect.
      Nothing breeds success quite like success.

      Once they’re out of New Hampshire, it will quickly turn into a Bernie vs. anti-Bernie race.

      The NeverBernies will have to settle on one candidate to try to stop him. They won’t have the luxery of supporting someone who isn’t the designated anti-Bernie candidate, which is 99.99% likely to be Mayor Pete. Everyone else will quickly fall by the wayside.

      How Bloomberg factors in will be interesting, though. Bloomberg’s presence (and money) may guarantee that no candidate goes into Milwaukee with over 50%, which means it will be decided by the Super Delegates. If it’s roughly split, say Sanders 40%, Buttigieg and Bloomberg 30% each, there would be an impossibly steep hill for either candidate to take enough delegates from the other to reach 50%. Adding to this I think the Super Delegates may be just as divided, with a strong contingent of Squad-types who will go hard for Bernie, Hopey-Changers who want to Make History!™ again, but gayer, and finally those who were straight up bought off by Bloomberg.

      I do not buy it that some Dark Horse can swoop in on her broom and cackle away with the nomination. The factions are going to be too entrenched, and no one is going to want to trade the possibility of losing for the certainty of losing.


    • Joshua2415 says:

      In SC, Biden will have to contend with republican primary voters. The SC republican party ditched the primary completely. There is no “Vote for Trump” option. We will be voting to wreak the most possible havoc on the democrats, and that sounds like a vote for Bernie Sanders at the moment.


  7. teeheeman says:

    Good grief what a cluster fark. My first serious experience with a presidential election was Nixon burying McGovern in 1972. Absolutely don’t get over-confident, but this is shaping up to be worse than that. KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE PRIZE…..TAKE BACK THE HOUSE!!!

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  8. warrprin1 says:

    Please forgive if someone already posted a reference to this upthread. I didn’t have time to read through all the posts tonight.

    A new Bloomberg TV ad is running that I saw for the first time this evening. It prominently features Bloomberg with Obama, and repeats variously that the two of them worked together “putting people back to work”, advocating for gun control, etc during the O’s Admin. Lots of happy visuals of Bloomberg rubbing shoulders with Obama. I saw this ad once tonight, and the Springsteen “Small Town” propaganda piece several times through the evening.

    This promo with the Obama happy time centerpiece is a real “in your face” gut punch to Joe. I cannot imagine that Mini Mike decided on his own, without the Obama seal of approval, to unveil this particular appeal to the troops. The ad must have been approved, at the very least by 44, and maybe by The Club as well.

    If my amateur homing skills are near the target, the Bloomberg contingent, PLUS 44, just launched the offensive intended to take Joe out of the equation now, immediately in tandem with the New Hampshire 1st in the Nation Dem. Primary tomorrow.

    No wonder 44 did not endorse Joe for 46. Boom! SD put the pieces together ahead of everyone else again. In addition to wiping out Joe, is Obama the designated weapon, in the Mini Mike and DNC arsenal, to take out Bernie too?

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    • Tl Howard says:

      Isn’t it pretty hard to argue that the two of them “Put people back to work” when the numbers achieved by Trump are so much better? It’s like, “Well, what the HELL were the two of ya doin’ that this couldn’t have been done years and years ago?”

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      • TarsTarkas says:

        1. Trump’s ‘jobs’ are not real jobs, they’re just McJobs. Jobs numbers, unemployment, etc. are faked stats.
        2. The economic recovery is really Obama’s, Trump is just claiming they’re his doing.

        They will run both narratives simultaneously.


    • Tl Howard says:

      In what state do you live?


    • Steven Wright says:

      They’re running in California. And so is a radio spot of Steyer being given gushing support from a former Obama supporter that is on tape being praised by Obama himself by her name.

      South Carolina is about the black vote and Steyer is running strong there, as is Biden. Pete isn’t getting anything there or the rest of the South. Nor is Bloomberg. Biden is going to get some delegates, and so is Steyer – the proportional splits are 100% for a contested convention but no way Bloomberg comes out of it. That would be the kiss of death for the House races.

      It will not be about the White House for them by then, it will be about the down ballot disaster that is in the making. I expect Hillary or Kerry as the nominee.

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      • demosthenes60 says:

        Hillary nor Mike will ever be the nominee, It would be the end of the Democratic Party.The only rationale for Hillary to run is to avoid prosecution.


  9. Tl Howard says:

    So, the ad suggests that the Dems have decided the only one who can beat Trump is Obama but since Obama can’t run, they have to have his proxy and Mini Mike is it.

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    • Tl Howard says:

      Obama is going to have to “scrub Mike clean” of the racist remarks.

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    • jeffsn4 says:

      Barack Obama can’t run but his husband sure can and I’m betting he will. It’s very suspicious that Michelle isn’t one of the 40-odd options on PredictIt right now. Then you’ve got Obambi coming out and positioning them as moderates. LOL It seems pretty obvious to me but, as a great American always says, we’ll see what happens.


  10. hawkins6 says:

    Byron never mentioned Bloomberg (MB) at all. I know mini MB can only wait to begin competing in 46 of the remaining state primaries (I think) but the billion or so bucks he’s going to pump into the race for himself is unprecedented. When dopey Steyer quits pretending he’s a legit contender, he might also throw another $ billion behind MB,

    If we assume the majority of super delegates will “vote” for MB; the DNC will continue to implement their election “Insurance Poiicy” dirty tricks and the corrupt and easily bought MSM will soon be heavily promoting MB in earnest, sundance’s speculations make sense.

    P Trump has his own effective ways of disseminating the best of his Presidential candidacy but the money and effort that will be behind Bloomberg’s run will be unprecedented anywhere in the world and in the past. Nazi Propaganda Minister Goebbel’s would,be drooling at the power and funds the collective anti Trump forces will be armed with to sway the people.

    The people can’t be bought directly as there are too many hands to drop a wad of cash in and no vote guarantee (frauduent votes are possible) but the people can often be fooled by grandiose promises of free stuff etc. I have reasonable faith however, that the Deplorables will not fold or be duped and even more pro Trumpers will show up for the very important 4 year vote. That had better be true.

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    • TarsTarkas says:

      POTUS is a businessman first and foremost. He knows how to get the most bang for his buck. He spent half of what HRC did in 2016. He got the MSM to chip in the rest of the needed coverage gratis. Bloomberg for all his wealth never experienced the ups and downs Trump did running a business. And has the personality of a weathered stump and the ideology of a micromanaging tyrant. He’s a political consultant’s dream client, unlimited funds and no clue now to use them properly. If money were the main measure of political success we would have had Steve Forbes as a 2X President.

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    • Steven Wright says:

      Steyer will finish no less than 2nd in South Carolina.


    • testpointwp says:

      Mini Mike doesn’t strike me as a free-giveaway type of guy. He has already advocated higher taxes on lower incomes. The put-em-up-against-the-wall-and-frisk-em video, coupled with his desire to micromanage every aspect of everyone’s life, leaves a very small constituency.

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  11. john says:

    I’m thinking Pete looks more like the love child of Alfred E. Neuman and PeeWee Herman. Two men can love each other and have a baby according to Leftist theology, right?


  12. Kaco says:

    If Bloomberg is the nominee and Bernie is kicked to the curb, then he will lose big time. None of the Bernie supporters will vote for Mini Mike. They will stay home in protest or vote for Pres Trump. They’re not playing that game a second time, “Vote blue, no matter who”. Things are good under POTUS so they’ll let the status quo lie. Maybe they’ll even realize over the next four years socialism would be terrible. POTUS won’t lose any supporters over to Mini Mike.


  13. Hans says:

    Has any one else noticed how much of Mini Mike chest is above the podium in his video adds I figure the box he’s standing on must really be tall or they took 2 feet off of the podium.. you never see the floor to get a true picture. It’s going to be a shocker for lots of people when he finally hits the debate stage.


  14. SGH says:

    I’m often trying to catch up in the middle of the night with one eye open…. Is this Democrat crap normal in deciding a candidate? Or even for a Republican candidate?
    I missed all of this last election… Only started paying attention to PT after he was cracking me up at Town Halls calling women, “Honey,” and “Darlin’.” Lol! Had to ask my mom if this was normal for a presidential candidate to speak that way! She said, “Nothing about this is normal!”
    I didn’t miss an appearance or rally after that. Even if I couldn’t put my kid to bed on time because I was at a Trump rally in my living room.
    Now, so many thanks to CTH, I still can catch up. Kind of. I just don’t understand the process like I thought I did. I guess my confusion right now is when is the latest date a candidate can drop into the race? Is there a deadline? And more importantly, can we get Crooked Hillary in here, too?!


    • smartyjones1 says:

      It’s too late for any new candidate in 2020. There simply is no money with one exception, Mike Bloomberg.

      He’s already passed the $300 million mark. No candidate has pulled thee jump in late trick. Recall, Giuliani himself tried it. He got crushed.

      Bloomberg is the first experiment with a net worth of about $70 billion. He is not likely to pull it off either. Bernie is not rolling over as the Bernie Bros. want the win.


  15. Jeff says:

    I don’t think that Bloomberg is a viable candidate for the Democrats. He won’t get support from the Bernie/progressive wing and African American voters will be turned off by him. Plus he’s old, white, Jewish and a billionaire, all of which are hated by different factions of the Dems. If he gets the nomination, which is a huge if, I can’t see him beating President Trump baring some kind of black swan event like Coronavirus killing everyone.

    Still, he scares me more than anyone else that has run in this cycle. As a gun owner I know that if Bloomberg wins and somehow gets the house too, he will send armed men to my house to either steal my property, arrest me, or shoot me dead. Bloomberg is the modern gun control movement, which would have died long ago without his billions of dollars, and he views gun owners the same way you would view a cockaroach in your kitchen. He’s pure evil and if it comes down to it I’ll vote in my state’s primary for whoever has the best chance to beat him (since Trump’s got the nomination locked up anyways).

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    • Dogsrule says:

      MB will grab your guns while being surrounded by bodyguards with guns. Have you ever heard him speak? There is a reason he doesn’t say much in his commercials. He also can’t stand being challenged or told he is wrong about anything. Very thin skin. And then there is China – just wait until Trump gets hold of that.

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  16. Greg Gutfeld had an interesting take about Mayor Pete being the first AI candidate…in that every one of his positions line up exactly with Silicon Valley interests. But they know he will fold. He is paper mache as his glorified “military service” (brief desk job) and record will be excoriated. He also stupidly lost the african-american vote long ago which sealed his fate as a viable general election candidate..

    Bloomberg will NEVER be the nominee – he can’t win with any amount of money – the anti-soda fascist simply has no charm and is no match for POTUS – he can’t even eat a scoop of ice cream like an actual human being! He is only there to tear down Trump with billions of ad money – and bankroll the eventual nominee out of the contested convention.

    Klobuchar is sellable as a more moderate candidate and from the midwest. Also she is a woman who could pick up the torch for the “get even” with trump for keeping Hillary from being the first woman president rallying cry. But I’m not sure she has the stature or the skills to handle Trump.

    At the end of the day – the only one who makes any sense is Hillary. The do-over, get-even, make it right, get back at “the Evil Russians” and all those who cheated her from her rightful place. They will make it right this time and 2016 will be just a bad dream they can forget.

    That would explain her recent makeover – facelift, book tour, movie tour, PR – doing Ellen same day as Impeachment vote…all calculated to be there, at the dramatic last moment, with millions eagerly clutching their pearls in desperation, waiting in the wings to be called to serve…She will be unveiled – Hillary 2.0 – The Clinton Comeback! With billions from Mini-Mike, MSM puff pieces, celebrity tributes, and no doubt much more attempted vote fraud than last time.

    Of course it all sounds so implausible – but at this point – what else do they have?

    It won’t work but they will try to push this decaying corpse over the finish line.

    Either that – or they relent to Sanders but make him pick her as VP or someone they trust who will really run things behind the scenes – a re-do of Reagan 1980 where they first squeezed him to take Jerry Ford as co-president before agreeing to Bush. And what happened? Bush’s people surrounded and pushed out many of Reagan’s California squad and had a dominating influence over his admin.


  17. DebbieSemms says:

    I predict Bernie wins NH by 8 or 9% over Pete and that Klobuchar does far better than expected.
    After NH Biden pulls in a lot more votes than Pete who doesn’t do well in many states especially in the south. At this point I doubt they can stop Bernie from winning the delegate count largely do to California..

    What happens at the convention is another story.


  18. Steven Wright says:

    That Quinnipiac poll is bizarre. They have Klobacher beating Trump by six but polling only 4% in the Democrat field? And of course every Dem candidate is beating Trump easily but Bloomberg the most?

    I think it is safe to say that is some very bad polling, or very deliberate manipulating but either way, it is grossly overweighting Bloomberg in the Democrat party.

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  19. akaPatience says:

    While I think Bloomberg is a pretty smart guy in many ways (aside from several of his political stances), I’m skeptical that he has what it takes to be the Great White Hope — a late-entry billionaire buying his way into the race just doesn’t seem to fit the current lefty zeitgeist. I suspect his support is much less and much narrower. I don’t count him out at this point though because of his obvious appeal to Old Guard moderate partisans. Maybe over time support from farther left will coalesce if he wins races. But he”s burning through cash like crazy and with no actual proof that it’s paying off AT ALL. Polls don’t count. Time will tell.


  20. scrap1ron says:

    So, the Nanny and Stacey are the plan? I don’t see it. NYC people came to hate the Nanny’s guts when he was mayor. I don’t think having Stacey on the ticket will help much. Both of them are very unlikable personalities.


  21. EnoughIsEnough says:

    For the past week, I have received text after text on my cell phone from Bloomberg’s campaign. I have never shown any interest or had any contact with his run, and it ticks me off that my number is being targeted by someone I would never even consider voting for. Remember “do not call” registry? Another joke. Anyone else experiencing the same?


  22. jeffsn4 says:

    Is that graphic with Bloomy at 15% real?


  23. MJB says:

    November popular vote:

    50% Trump
    37% Bernie or Hillary
    13% Third party


  24. Ogre says:

    The poll graphic is all psy-op.

    Bloomberg is placed in the center, giving the message he is the “centrist” candidate to be given the most attention.

    His picture is also larger within the frame, to emphasize his importance within the campaign.

    His percentage of appeal is just within striking range of Bernie.

    While too late to file for candidacy in most states, I am thinking Bloomberg is being positioned as the dark horse candidate of a brokered convention – hence, his presence in the primaries.

    Not that it matters – Bloomberg has far too much baggage as a candidate to be accepted by most Americans.


  25. donnymo says:

    Biden’s share of the black vote has fallen to 27%, Bloomberg already up to 22% and Bernie at 19%….

    According to latest Quinnipiac poll anyways.

    Big story, needs watching.


  26. Mr e-man says:

    They don’t like Bernie because of his policies, yet I was incapable of seeing daylight between any of the original Dems running. Even Biden was embracing the Green New Deal, open borders, free health care for illegals, higher taxes, free college, student loan repayment, etc.

    They are all peas in a pod but now they hate Bernie?


  27. Michael Clute says:

    While Bloomberg could never win straight up against Trump, he could get a big boost from the right person as vp. The name that keeps coming into my head is Michelle Obama. She would be one step from becoming the democrat nominee for the top spot in three years or appoinetd sooner if Bloomberg can’t make it through his term. God Help Us!


  28. snowshooze says:

    All Bloomberg ha to do to beat them is to keep his mouth shut.
    All the rest can dig holes to China.


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