Bernie Supporter Michael Moore is Furious at DNC For Supporting Billionaire Mike Bloomberg…

And so it begins…  Billionaire Michael Bloomberg spent tens-of-millions in 2017 and 2018 to help elect House democrat candidates.  Additionally, Bloomberg funds various political activist organizations for issue specifics like gun restrictions.   The DNC and Bloomberg are like peas and carrots.

Remember, the DNC are RNC are private clubs.  They can do anything they want, support anyone they want, and disavow anyone they want.  Nothing matters more to the Club boardroom than dollars; and specifically how they can translate those dollars into power.

A week ago DNC President Tom Perez appointed Barney Frank to the rules committee.  Frank then hired John Podesta.  Yesterday the rules committee changed the club rules allowing billionaire Michael Bloomberg to join the debates this month.   Michael Moore is going bananas about the transparently corrupt dealing with the DNC.  WATCH:


As noted yesterday – Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders now leads most polls in the key states where the democrat primary battle will begin. With the grassroots Bernie-AOC wing carrying all the enthusiasm and momentum time is running out for the DNC club.

Factually I would argue that Bernie has always led in the polls, but party operatives in alignment with the apparatus of media have manipulated the media poll outcomes in an effort to steer the chosen narrative from the DNC boardroom.

It’s just how they roll.

CTH uses alternate matrices to gauge support, including monitoring social media and looking for the club’s traditional Astroturf fingerprints.

That said, the dynamic within the factional Democrat party is now quite remarkable.   Despite the transparent hit-jobs by DNC operatives against him, Bernie is in position to win every early state and he has a clear and visible path to the nomination.   But the club has made some conspicuous counter moves.

The DNC club, the establishment writ large, has tried to advance several candidates to offset the rise of the far-left Democrat-Socialists within the Bernie-AOC group.  Their latest effort, aided by their media conscripts was (and is) Elizabeth Warren.  However, it ain’t working.  The more they attempt to help Warren, the more transparent it is.  Inauthentic ‘wokeness’ doesn’t work, Bernie has withstood the effort.

But watch out.

Remember, the only way Bloomberg could launch a late start was with the Club’s approval.

There were multiple motives for the Club to give Bloomberg the nod, but the most obvious was a firewall against the far-left caucus (AOC-Bernie).

Essentially, in case of an actual outbreak/breakout of socialism, break glass – insert Bloomberg.

Remember, Tom Perez is DNC chairman.  Perez is an old-school Alinsky ideologue within the Chicago team.  The Perez outlook is the same as Barack Obama. Recently this Club, headed by Perez, appointed Barney Frank to the DNC rules committee.  Frank is a pure-blooded establishment pick.  Barney then brought John Podesta into the boardroom and gave another pure establishment blue-blood a seat on the committee.

The Bernie-AOC crew noticed the DNC establishment move immediately and sounded some alarm bells.   The Bernie coalition is authentically socialists.  They may be a little goofy, but they are authentic.  Bernie’s coalition is comprised of actual grassroot activists.

All other DNC candidates are from the mold of, and guided by the old playbook of, Astroturf.  It’s easy to spot Astroturf, they carry a script and deliver an identical message using the same words. Many of them are paid for message delivery.  Astroturf candidates are inauthentic by nature.

This is the fight within the Democrat party itself. It is a much bigger -and more consequential- fight than the decades-long Tea Party -vs- the Republican establishment.

The club authorized, then watched, Hillary Clinton hit Bernie.  No-one came to Clinton’s defense when the AOC grassroots crew hit Clinton back much harder.  The club probed, the club learned.

Buttigieg is nothing.  Biden can’t hold up even with all of the massive cover provided by the media and party apparatus.  Elizabeth Warren cannot pull it off.  The Club can obviously see all of this in hard data and internal polling.  As a consequence, the Club is now moving all the clutter away from the fire alarm…

(Politico) The Democratic National Committee is drastically revising its criteria to participate in primary debates after New Hampshire, doubling the polling threshold and eliminating the individual donor requirement, which could pave the way for former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg to make the stage beginning in mid-February. (more)

The professional political class within the Democrat apparatus is opposed to the Bernie-AOC populist (free stuff socialists) movement in a similar way the Republican political class was opposed to the MAGA-Trump (freedom nationalists) movement.  Both wings of the Uniparty fight for the same reason; to retain their power and control of the wealth.

Bloomberg represents the interests of the elitist globalists (modern Obama/Pelosi dems) and has spent millions to assist House races. Those purchases represent Bloomberg’s indulgency fees, and the Club supports him as part of the larger objective.

Bernie has the most clear path to the nomination, but the Club dynamic is still in play.

Watch for how the club positions Bloomberg. I doubt the firewall can work; and it’s more likely the outcome will be the Club eventually agreeing to support Bernie-AOC but not for the reasons most grassroots activists would think.

There’s a possibility the Club would eventually plan to push the base to the extremes in an effort to suffer the greatest loss. Within that loss the Club can then attempt to destroy the pesky AOC wing forever.

The DNC does to the Democrat-Socialists what the RNC did to the Tea Party.  Then the two clubs get back together for UniParty business.


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249 Responses to Bernie Supporter Michael Moore is Furious at DNC For Supporting Billionaire Mike Bloomberg…

  1. Troublemaker10 says:

    What’s this about?


  2. freepetta says:

    I love when the RATS 🐀 fight. They are simply disgusting.

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  3. George Hicks says:

    It’s interesting how the eyes can read one thing, but the mind reads another.
    Frank is a pure-blooded establishment pick.
    Each time I read that sentence, my mind read ‘pick’ differently.

    Barney then brought John Podesta into the boardroom and gave another pure establishment blue-blood a seat on the committee.
    Likewise, knowing Frank, I read boardroom as bathroom.
    It’s not easy getting your mind out of the gutter when that’s where all the Dems are!

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    • Scott Miller says:

      know what you mean…

      I got a dig bick.
      You that read wrong.
      You read that wrong too.

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    • jrapdx says:

      Funny, I read boardroom as bedroom, so I don’t know which of us has the “dirtier mind”. But it doesn’t have to be a contest as there’s always plenty of room for everyone’s dirty thoughts when it comes to Democrats and all their filthy tricks.

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  4. Troublemaker10 says:


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  5. centurion69 says:

    Nothing is more entertaining than watching the leftists scum eat their own. The DNC will be a circular firing squad. Long shares of popcorn.

    Liked by 5 people

  6. not2worryluv says:

    Bill Kristol is on his way to the DNC to lend an assist to undermine Bernie and bring Mini Mike onto the Ticket or maybe Romney!
    Looking for Bernie to run as an Independent, or at least make the threat.

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  7. IGiveUp says:

    “Looking for Bernie to run as an Independent, or at least make the threat.”

    He got paid well for losing last time. I wonder how much he’ll hold out for this time. Why do commie leaders always seem to be such good capitalists?

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  8. andre says:

    Amazing that Michael Moore actually thinks there is supposed to be some integrity in the DNC practices of picking a candidate. Didn’t he watch in 2016?

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  9. I dont believe Michael Moore is this naive about how things work.
    He is working the crowd, collecting his paycheck later.

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  10. Charles Dodgson says:

    So what is that path to the nomination for Bernie? Which states does he win after Iowa and New Hampshire? Assume it turns into Bernie, Biden, and Bloomberg after the first two states. When the vote is no longer divided 25 ways, the 75% that don’t support Bernie now split their vote between Biden and Bloomberg. I don’t see Bernie’s path. I don’t see a whole lot of other states swinging his way throughout the south and midwest.


    • railer says:

      Yes, Bernie’s path is uncertain, but Biden is very weak, and he’s the Uniparty’s chosen one. Their Splitter Strategy 1.0 has failed, as the splitters are all weak, and now version 2.0 is Bloomberg. He is to muddy the waters enough to get into a brokered convention, where Bernie can be destroyed.

      Bernie defeated Hillary in Michigan in 2016. He may not have a strong path, but there are a number of states in multiple regions that will go for him over Biden. Bloomberg is there now to break up that party somehow, plus he pays off everybody and they like that.

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    • donnymo says:

      Bernie is up big right now in California. CA is a Super Tuesday state now.

      He wins Iowa and NH, shows well in SC now that Biden is plummeting and then blows the doors of CA?? Ballgame.

      Warren is sinking like a stone and Bloomberg/Biden only divide the vote between themselves.

      That momentum will have him dominate the vote on the coasts and probably the midwest as well.

      Tomorrow is absolutely huge.


  11. Herbert Kroll says:

    Imho. the Green New Deal is such a socialist manifesto because most of Sanders’ supporters have found out by now that climate policies are nothing but a scheme that is a heavy burden for ordinary people while “green” DNC mobsters make big profits. Once that fact is made clear, the religion of climate change can be tackled head on.


  12. Brant says:

    Comments about Bloomberg being everything the democrats have been taught to hate. Old, white, billionaire. All that is wrong.

    Remember, it’s not what he is, but what he identifies as. He’ll identify as a 20 something female barista and no one will even notice or dare to correct him.

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  13. CTH Fa says:

    IMO: Bringing Podesta aboard means that Hillary is going to try and make an entrance. It will be interesting how that turns out. I have a feeling she will not be as welcome as she might like to think.

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  14. CTH Fan says:

    IMO Bringing Podesta aboard means that Hillary is going to try and make an entrance. It will be interesting to see how things turn out.


  15. Jeannine Jones says:

    Why is no one commenting on Bernie’s shiner? I don’t know if this is a stock picture or one taken as of the date for the Breitbart article from Feb 1, but Bernie looks like he took a tumble.

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  16. Retired IG says:

    Ugh. Michael Moore. Have loved and own his videos on Walmart, Detroit, etc. But wasn’t he all in for Hilary in the last election? Can’t remember., but I think he was.
    And Bernie, wtf? I don’t quite comprehend why he decided to put his skin in this election game once again. Captain Obvious here but the DNC screwed him before and methinks they will do it again. Full disclosure, I probably would have voted for Bernie if he hadn’t been screwed by the DNC, and so would a LOT of people I know. Methinks a vote for Bernie these daze WOULD BE A SYMPATHY VOTE. Poor old man, lets just elect/vote for him because he was genuinely screwed by the Hilary machine and the DNC so that Americans didn’t even have the chance to vote for/against him in the last election.
    Rather than railing against Trump all DEMS would lose some of their Trump derangement syndrome if they would only take a trip down the rabbit hole of the DNC.Schiff. Podesta, Seth Rich, Julian Assange, Warnerr, etc.
    I understand the concept of the Uni-party. But to the DEMS I would send a note of caution: be careful of your DNC leaders. Who in their right mind would trust these so called leaders?

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    • Judith says:

      Who in their right minds would trust Bernie Sanders either? He’s a lazy, good-for-nothing snake oil salesman. And only when you catch him on a good day.


  17. Rynn69 says:

    For Bernie Sanders to have any support is unbelievable – the number of ignorant people in America is unbelievable. Better hope the moderate wing of DNC brings the party back to sanity. Socialism is anti-American, period. We will never be socialist. Bernie will fold to the DNC like a cheap suit anyway. He is too scared to be President deep down. He just likes the adoration, shooting his mouth off, and the beach houses.


  18. roy1982blog says:

    Nothing makes me more happy than to see Michael Moore wearing an Iowa Hawkeyes hat rather than him wearing and insulting my school, Michigan State. Sorry Iowa nation.


  19. zozz1 says:

    It’s interesting to see the Dems in a cat fight of this magnitude. The fact is, the Democrat party is in its most dangerous condition in a long, long time. Instead of unity, it finds itself being torn asunder by two very strong and opposite forces. The Far Left radicals have gained strength and seem determined to pull the Party to the left. The moderate Liberals are just as determined to maintain the Democrats more centrist positions. In the age of Alinsky, the radicals are following his rules to fight their battle. The centrists are hewing to the usual approach, and they are losing the battle. Both sides are resorting to dirty tactics, and chaos ensues. The Democrat Party is in serious disarray, and their chances against Trump and his stats in November are fading by the day.

    This same situation is what forced Pelosi into the most disastrous political decision of her career…the impeachment fiasco. Live on TV and Twitter, the country saw the ridiculousness of Democrats such as Schiff, Nadler, and the entire bunch, and could make their own comparison to the grownups of the Trump team. Stark and striking, capped by Schiff’s desperate, “Jerry…Jerry…Jerry” as he tried to stop Nadler’s record-breaking waddle to grab the mic for one last TV op. Game, set, and match!

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  20. Bernie’s currently earning a fourth house. Maybe Florida for this one?

    FYI – Maryanne Williamson sold her list to Bernie. I donated to her campaign to increase the fun factor. Now I’m getting texts from Bernie bro’s.

    Liked by 1 person

  21. John-Y128 says:

    I agree with MM for a change, DJT can beat the ‘socialist’ but will struggle with Bloomberg’s $$$.


  22. I’m sorry to say that Bernie is a too-old “symbolic candidate.” He’s trotted out each year to attract a certain segment of voters who like the thought of him even though they know nothing about him. Bloomberg is attractive to some only because “he’s rich, too.”

    Grab your popcorn, sit back and wait. The Democratic candidate is chosen by a corporate committee, not votes. Hillary Clinton will be their candidate – again. This time they’re confident that paperless voting machines can be “stuffed” to cause her to magically win.

    If you’re “a Democratic voter,” you’re wasting your time if you go to primaries. That’s not how the Swamp Party works.


  23. scrap1ron says:

    Can’t buy me love, eh Mikey?


  24. martyb59 says:

    Will Hillary be named as Bloomberg’s VP?


  25. TwoLaine says:

    I couldn’t care less what the lump-o-lard says. Fat, ignorant blob.


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