The Democrat Primary Nomination is Bernie’s to Lose – DNC Club Positions Bloomberg to Dilute…

Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders now leads most polls in the key states where the democrat primary battle will begin. With the grassroots Bernie-AOC wing carrying all the enthusiasm and momentum time is running out for the DNC club.

Factually I would argue that Bernie has always led in the polls, but party operatives in alignment with the apparatus of media have manipulated the media poll outcomes in an effort to steer the chosen narrative from the DNC boardroom.  It’s just how they roll.

CTH uses alternate matrices to gauge support, including monitoring social media and looking for the club’s traditional Astroturf fingerprints. That said, the dynamic within the factional Democrat party is now quite remarkable.   Despite the transparent hit-jobs by DNC operatives against him, Bernie is in position to win every early state and he has a clear and visible path to the nomination.   But the club has made some conspicuous counter moves.

The DNC club, the establishment writ large, has tried to advance several candidates to offset the rise of the far-left Democrat-Socialists within the Bernie-AOC group.  Their latest effort, aided by their media conscripts was (and is) Elizabeth Warren.  However, it ain’t working.  The more they attempt to help Warren, the more transparent it is.  Inauthentic ‘wokeness’ doesn’t work, Bernie has withstood the effort.

But watch out.

Remember, the only way Bloomberg could launch a late start was with the Club’s approval.

There were multiple motives for the Club to give Bloomberg the nod, but the most obvious was a firewall against the far-left caucus (AOC-Bernie).

Essentially, in case of an actual outbreak/breakout of socialism, break glass – insert Bloomberg.

Remember, Tom Perez is DNC chairman.  Perez is an old-school Alinsky ideologue within the Chicago team.  The Perez outlook is the same as Barack Obama. Recently this Club, headed by Perez, appointed Barney Frank to the DNC rules committee.  Frank is a pure-blooded establishment pick.  Barney then brought John Podesta into the boardroom and gave another pure establishment blue-blood a seat on the committee.

The Bernie-AOC crew noticed the DNC establishment move immediately and sounded some alarm bells.   The Bernie coalition is authentically socialists.  They may be a little goofy, but they are authentic.  Bernie’s coalition is comprised of actual grassroot activists.

All other DNC candidates are from the mold of, and guided by the old playbook of, Astroturf.  It’s easy to spot Astroturf, they carry a script and deliver an identical message using the same words. Many of them are paid for message delivery.  Astroturf candidates are inauthentic by nature.

This is the fight within the Democrat party itself. It is a much bigger -and more consequential- fight than the decades-long Tea Party -vs- the Republican establishment.

The club authorized, then watched, Hillary Clinton hit Bernie.  No-one came to Clinton’s defense when the AOC grassroots crew hit Clinton back much harder.  The club probed, the club learned.

Buttigieg is nothing.  Biden can’t hold up even with all of the massive cover provided by the media and party apparatus.  Elizabeth Warren cannot pull it off.  The Club can obviously see all of this in hard data and internal polling.  As a consequence, the Club is now moving all the clutter away from the fire alarm…

(Politico) The Democratic National Committee is drastically revising its criteria to participate in primary debates after New Hampshire, doubling the polling threshold and eliminating the individual donor requirement, which could pave the way for former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg to make the stage beginning in mid-February. (more)

The professional political class within the Democrat apparatus is opposed to the Bernie-AOC populist (free stuff socialists) movement in a similar way the Republican political class was opposed to the MAGA-Trump (freedom nationalists) movement.  Both wings of the Uniparty fight for the same reason; to retain their power and control of the wealth.

Bloomberg represents the interests of the elitist globalists (modern Obama/Pelosi dems) and has spent millions to assist House races.  Those purchases represent Bloomberg’s indulgency fees, and the Club supports him as part of the larger objective.

Bernie has the most clear path to the nomination, but the Club dynamic is still in play.

Watch for how the club positions Bloomberg.  I doubt the firewall can work; and it’s more likely the outcome will be the Club eventually agreeing to support Bernie-AOC but not for the reasons most grassroots activists would think.

There’s a possibility the Club would eventually plan to push the base to the extremes in an effort to suffer the greatest loss.  Within that loss the Club can then attempt to destroy the pesky AOC wing forever.

Here’s an example of pushing the extreme:  Elizabeth Warren attempts ‘peak wokeness’ by announcing her cabinet will be decided by transgendered grade-schoolers. WATCH:


Despite people attempting to reconcile or justify that proclamation, it’s pure nuttery.

This is the consequence:

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237 Responses to The Democrat Primary Nomination is Bernie’s to Lose – DNC Club Positions Bloomberg to Dilute…

  1. Sanders supporters seem to be very violent; will be interesting to see what happens at the Dem convention.

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    • mr.piddles says:

      My prediction, for whatever it’s worth: Brokered convention… violence in Milwaukee.

      And if the DNC allows Hillary… of all freaking options… to get her foot in the Brokered Convention door, then you can multiply that violence by 10. IMO.

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      • California Joe says:

        Milwaukee has a very small and not very well thought of Police Department. Only 1,800 officers including management and detectives. Not capable of handling riot control facing thousands of ANTIFA and disgruntled Socialists rampaging through the streets over a long week!

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        • mr.piddles says:

          Not to mention forcing their way into the convention center itself. Probably not too difficult to shut the whole deal down, really.

          The thing is, given where things are now, and where things APPEAR to be going… The Left Brigades have plenty of time to plan and coordinate between now and then.

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        • M W says:

          Perfect! Can’t think of a better way to assure Wisconsin goes for the President again than for the Commie-crats to destroy Milwaukee in violent riots as Soros smiles.

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        • Austin Holdout says:

          It’ll be a nice change of pace to have them attacking each other instead of PDJT and us for a time.

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      • chiefworm says:

        Naw Mr. P, I’ll go with the conspiracy theory of Bernie garnering roughly 60% of the delegates prior to the convention and then is suddenly struck down by a savage and fatal heart attack. Convention thrown into disarray where the remaining candidates fail to get one above 50% in the first vote. The Demoncrap party heads reanimate Hillary “the Hagfish” where she is re-coronated. Alas, she is ultimately beaten down by our VSG President Trump like the slimy, bottom dwelling, crap eater that she is. This time, the spread is significantly larger, the snowflake tears are more abundant and bad ol’ Hilldog suffers a total breakdown that ends in her taking her own life that frames up Obummer and crew for her death.
        Geez, I like a story with happy endings.
        P.s. Sorry for the run on sentences.

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        • TANGO268 says:

          My preferred outcome has Michael Obama inserted instead of Hillary. After exposing xer as the white-hating black nationalist xhe is, Devin Nunes drops proof (supplied by Trump) that Obama’s birth narrative was bogus. Trump promptly replaces Pence with Nunes.


        • mr.piddles says:

          “Hilldog suffers a total breakdown”

          A little “Hillary Time” in the Chappaqua Town Forest, and she’ll be good to go for 2024.


        • James P. Ryan says:

          You may have the beginnings of a very entertaining political thriller novel, chiefworm. I would add that when you sell the movie rights, you may want to require that the role of Cankles actually be filled by Streisand, and the role of 0bama be filled by Alec Baldwin. Baldwin in shackles would make for a very happy ending.


      • drlou007 says:

        Given the rules, the convention will likely be brokered, with Bloomberg in the backroom handing out thousand dollar bills.


    • paper doll says:

      He could control them in Philly, but to go though this again! Yikes


    • M W says:

      All rabid, foaming at the mouth Commies are violent. Always have been.

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    • Randolph Scott says:

      And Bernie has not disavowed or called out his crazy and violent campaign staff. I think he actually likes what they are doing.


  2. Jim in TN says:

    You are describing how the GOPe use Goldwater’s loss to say Conservatives can’t win. Even after the Reagan landslide.

    There was no way America would vote for anyone else but JFK’s successor. So none of the usual subjects stepped up to run. Having allowed Goldwater to win the nomination, they then used his failure to win the presidency to attack conservativism.

    But they made a mistake. They created Reagan by having him give a speech in support of Goldwater. Twelve years later, Reagan was a successful two term governor challenging Ford for the nomination. Then he beat the establishment in 1980.

    But the establishment had the last laugh. With every candidate pretending to be Reagan and none of them honest about it.

    Until one candidate was honest that he wasn’t Reagan. And he has given us more conservatism these last three years than Reagan did.

    Yet they both gave us a strong military and strong economies.

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    • yy4u says:

      Add me to the likes Jim in TN. Excellent synopsis of what happened. I’d only add that the establishment pushed H. W. Bush onto Reagan as VP and that Perot was the Trump of 1992, but unfortunately didn’t challenge as a Republican and went third party route. Had he challenged as a Republican, he might well have gotten the nomination and if he had, he would have won. We have been tired of the Uniparty for a LONG TIME.


  3. David says:

    Bernie Sanders as the Democrats nominee would put even the bluest states in play. Millions of moderate Democrats would just stay home rather than vote for a socialist. That would trickle down ticket and crush the Democrats in competitive districts and make some otherwise safe democratic districts competitive. Bernie would also energize many rino’s to come out and vote for Trump who would have otherwise stayed home if an establishment Democrat was on the ticket. Go Bernie !

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    • iwasthere says:

      That’s why the DNC club wants to stop the Bernie – it’s all about the down ticket and the house at this point.

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      • LookUp says:

        Yup. I want stuff…lots of free stuff…and I intend to kill anyone who might get in the way of that free stuff Bernie Sanders kinda mentality.
        I am appalled that the children of this nation the last generation has raised are so incredibly self centered that NOTHING matters but their wants.
        They even chose and 80 year old Silent Generation fool in attempt to get what they desire.
        Bernie followers are a pack of common thieves.


  4. Graham Pink says:

    Bernie’s people are definitely authentic.
    Line up your enemies in front of a wall and start shooting authentic.

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  5. VVV VVV says:

    One of three things will happen: 1] Bernie holds out for a big payoff to drop out. 2] The DNCe power brokers see the writing on the wall and concede PTrump will win re-election regardless of whom they put up so they let ole Bernie run, lose, his base is appeased and then that gets him (and his ilk) out of the mix for 2024, 3] He’s “given” a heart-attack.

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    • mike says:

      They could probably get Bernie’s HA with a good screaming match.


      • LivLovely101 says:

        We’ll they already tried the ‘nice approach by gifting Bernie lake house money- but he’s back at it again, and I’m not sure if the elite monied power brokers will be so generous again.

        However, this time there are no political royalty candidates- yet. All they have are just old rich crazy white guys, their young gay butler and an old nutty former school marm who likes to slug down a brewski.
        The only way any will stand a chance of being given the Progressive seal of approval is if they are controllable and will allow a shadow Presidency to run the Oval (a Valerie Jarrett, Obama, Kerry). Bernie isn’t that guy, but “No Malarkey” Joe is, however, he needs a strong, well known and popular VP who could take a lot of his meetings and public appearances (Joe can’t handle stress anymore- physically or mentally).
        But more importantly, this person must be able to immediately step up and replace him when he is suddenly called “home”. That would be the newly made-over, stretched and tucked, HRC, and coincidentally, the creator and maintainer of the exclusive “Arkancide” club. She doesn’t care how she gets in the Oval, even if she has to go in thru the backdoor riding on someone else’s coat tails.
        However, once she’s in, her “ride” will be given membership in her exclusive club; Joe slipped up recently and admitted he must choose a great VP and probably a woman. Why? He stated it was because he may die in office.

        This is HRC’s last chance and she will do anything to be the first woman POTUS.



  6. Curt says:

    I wouldn’t put it past the DNC to put up their main attraction, Hillary Clinton, for another shot at the last minute. This move would save her, and her health, from a demanding campaign and give the DNC everything it needs to deny Bernie. I still think Hillary plays a key role in all these shenanigans…… Long way to go here.


  7. Somebody says:

    An article just popped up on my newsfeed stating that Bernie has received more $$ in donations from active duty military than POTUS or any of the other candidates.

    That’s a scary thought, our service members supporting a socialist, let that sink in.

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  8. IGiveUp says:

    “There’s a possibility the Club would eventually plan to push the base to the extremes in an effort to suffer the greatest loss. Within that loss the Club can then attempt to destroy the pesky AOC wing forever.”

    Interesting. Taking a page from the Republican playbook and how they handle Conservatives.

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    • dd_sc says:

      The difference being, AOC and the Democrat/Justice Socialists are not going to sit quietly and take it the way conservatives have. No way the Democrats “destroy that wing forever”. They are all over college campuses and social media. How many of them actually work at Google, Facebook etc …?

      Democrat establishment may be about to reap what it’s been snowing for the last 50 years. Those Bernie supporters advocating violence are not going away.


      • LivLovely101 says:

        I’m glad I’m not the only one having issues with autocorrect today. But I liķe yours better: ” reap what it’s been snowing for the last 50 years” actually makes sense! (to me anyway).
        Instead of using the BS word when at home and talking about work stuff, my dad would say that it was a “snow job” or someone got “snowed”. Maybe it means to cover-up? Anyway, thanx for a blast from the past!


  9. jeans2nd says:

    Too obvious…


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    • WSB says:

      Yep, that will ingratiate everyone!

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    • Donzo says:

      The choice of Pressley goes to show the extent that the AOC wing is calling the shots. Pelosi has lost control or it’s an early effort to position the party it sink the Socialist wing in Nov. Only caveat is that Pelosi is one of them, but knows better for survival purposes than to accede to it.


    • Just another Mass-hole as we say up north. They never saw a tax they didnt like, which are then used to pay for either all the “free” stuff they’ve promised, or to, once again, tear apart Boston to fix the potholes that keep developing on the streets. Why? Because the Mayor, the Governor or a Rep/Senator made sure their Uncle Gino or cousin Billy got the contract, and it seems that in their pursuit of being fiscally prudent, they miscalculated the amount of asphalt to put down- just human accidental error. Could happen to anyone. However, this time around– no worries: no matter how long it takes, no matter how many temporary rotaries/roundabouts have to be put in and no matter how many streets have to close, it will get done right. Why? Because the same uncle or cousin, was awarded the second contract to fix what they did wrong the first time and they promise to do a better job . Honest! ( but it will be double the cost because they want to do a great job and it may take 2-7 years to complete).


    • Chimpy says:

      Excellent news. I can see the boat tip dramatically as more Independents and moderate Democrats rush to the right side.


  10. mopar2016 says:

    Transgender children running policy for normal people? What could go wrong?
    And Katy Tur couldn’t even get in the place? I’ll bet her tranny daddy could get in.
    This stuff is waaaay beyond the Twilight Zone. It’s time to stop catering to the mentally ill.

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  11. Troublemaker10 says:


  12. If Super-Delegates coronate a Republican billionaire as the Democrat nominee, I’m sure Bernie’s supporters will be fine with that and take it calmly in stride, Mayor Daley.

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    • ezgoer says:

      Bloomberg is in no way a Republican. He ran on the GOP line in his first run for NYC mayor ONLY as a way to avoid the crowded Democrat primary field. As soon as he won he changed his affiliation to independent. He’s always been a liberal Democrat on most issues and a globalist.

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    • DebbieSemms says:

      They would vote for Trump if that happened.


  13. mr.piddles says:

    This: “There’s a possibility the Club would eventually plan to push the base to the extremes in an effort to suffer the greatest loss. Within that loss the Club can then attempt to destroy the pesky AOC wing forever.”

    Is not such a bad strategy. The Dem Establishment needs to do SOMETHING. They’re losing control. You could argue that they already have lost control. You know, young people n’ stuff.

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    • WSB says:

      There must be a reason the Dimms allow Bernie to run with their party.

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      • Menotrite says:

        Because if he runs as a third party candidate they have no chance at all.

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      • old deplorable owl says:

        I have wondered about that too. If he is such a thorn in their paw, why not simply announce he doesn’t reflect their “values” and refuse to support him? They rely heavily on polls, both internal and external, and surely must know they’re hemorrhaging voters due to the constant leftward push.
        I realize that Bernie would be the equivalent to Ross Perot back when, but it would only be one time, then he’d be out of everybody’s hair. I think they know their chances of winning 2020 are between zilch and zero anyway, why not use it for trash removal?

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    • dayallaxeded says:

      commies and socialists always self destruct, because they always run out of other people’s money.


    • Bogiewan Kenobi says:

      Consider the scenario that the DNC does position their base to lose big and Bernie gets the nomination. Not only will it potentially destroy the AOC wing, it will release the frustration and rage of the Bernie bots upon the country once our best President ever wins in a landslide. The Democrats play the long game and the country exposed to rampant political violence from the Bernie bots will allow them to readjust as the more moderate party in 2024 as opposed to the extremist wings on both sides.

      Eliminate all thought that Democrats look out for the little people. There is ‘gold’ to be mined from chaos in the streets.


      • mr.piddles says:

        “it will release the frustration and rage of the Bernie bots upon the country once our best President ever wins in a landslide”

        That’s going to happen whether Bernie or any other Clown loses to VSGPDJT. Streets of D.C. were lit up the first time around, I’d imagine it’ll only get worse.


  14. MAGADJT says:

    I hope this comes true, and it makes sense. Dem establishment would love to get rid of Bernie. I’m sure that some of the establishment dem candidates absolutely hate having to tack to the left to compete, and being forced to spout off things even they believe are lunacy.

    I would love it if the left got a big dose of what most of America things of their ideas when Bernie is up there touting 70% tax rates, and government paid everything for everybody. Even hard core democrat voters know his ideas are pure fantasy. He wouldn’t come close to Hillary’s vote totals, even in blue states. Just my opinion.

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  15. Troublemaker10 says:

    Billionaires vs Millionaires battle. The Dem party is so funny. Lol. 😁


    Michael Moore EXPLODES On Bloomberg; ‘He’s On Stage Because He’s Got A Billion F**king Dollars!’

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  16. wolfrom1 says:

    With my own small personal pole and honest opinion, i see the dems attraction to Bernie similar to Trump in 16. People were tired of the widespread corruption in government and wanted an outsider to make changes. All of the other contenders seem weak. They all come across as phony and incapable of an honest thought. To the dems Bernie, is the only one that will make changes… In their own. twisted way Bernie is their choice.


  17. Troublemaker10 says:


  18. Deplorable Incisor says:

    I think Katy Tur has turned MAGA ya’ll.
    That’s twice now that she has touted the size of Trump’s er…RALLY! 🙂


  19. rebelinme2 says:

    The DNC is taking all the money they can get since they know they don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning. They have harvested all they can get from the current candidate’s clueless followers, and now they will let the billionaire in to reap what he can harvest for the DNC.


  20. namberak says:

    I actually saw a MiniMike TV commercial yesterday (also seen a Steyer one). The punchline was him saying he’d hire DT to manage a golf course but that’s about it. (Think it was a golf course, might have been something else, shopping mall maybe.) I had a spit take moment then thought, this dude couldn’t get elected county clerk anywhere off the coasts so who’s he kidding? As to Bernie, Pat Buchanan had a great line about him I read the other day: “Can a septuagenarian socialist who just survived a heart attack and would be 80 years old in his first year in office be elected president of the United States?” As Nimitz’ message to Halsey said, the world wonders. (And yeah I know that was cryptanalytical padding.)


  21. paintbrushsage says:

    Bloomberg was kept off the debate stage until they were done with impeachment. They didn’t want to taint him with having been part of that.


  22. Mike says:

    I don’t believe the Pelosi-Obozo-Cankles- grifter wing of the Democrat party will allow Bernie and AOC to win. They have literally millions to “Fusion GPS him.”

    I believe they will pull an op on Bernie, just like they have tried numerous times with Trump. Perhaps a #me two will come out of the woodwork,
    perhaps we will be revisited by Bernie’s wife’s corruption problem,
    we may even see the Dems – MSNM start promoting the Project Veritas videos of Bernie’s crazed, violent revolutionary’s.

    I also question if Bernie really wants to win. I have always seen his perpetual presidential campaign as a way to pad his ego, and his wallet. In 2016 he said his net worth was $650k when he announced. Shortly after he conceded to Cankles he bought a dacha on Lake Champlain for $650k, and now he’s a millionaire.


  23. lizajmoon says:

    Sundance, while bowing to your expertise in all things Astroturf, i hold the opinion that the largest manufacturer of such Astroturf, zuckerberg, has selected Mayor Pete. i find it easy to believe none of any political manipulations involving any aspect of the internet is unknown to zuckerberg. i believe he will use what he knows to get mayor pete nominated. why zuck likes mayor pete escapes me, but that 2 days of bro-bonding here in nearby south bend back in 2017 alerted me to his interests.


  24. minnesotamike55 says:

    The democrats cannot choose their winner with any policy or money or campaign. All they can do is destroy who they don’t want. It will be interesting to see how many moderate democrats quietly support Trump in order to destroy Bernie, if he gets the nomination.

    Given the choice of socialism/communist in the whitehouse, Biden voters can’t just stay home because what if Bernie were to win? Can’t have that so vote for Trump gets rid of Bernie.
    I don’t think there is any way Bernie bros will support Bloomberg so that’s a loss too. If Biden squeaks through, no way Bernie bros will fall in line after a second loss. Another path to losing.

    It’s going to play out where dems know there is no path to the presidency so what’s the least objectionable outcome? It’s going to be interesting to see the media switch their focus away from Trump if Bernie gets the nom.


  25. rharkonen says:

    Bernie may not be -preferred- by some DNC planners (right now), but if he turns out to be the path to power and money, they will embrace him with the expectation of controlling him in return.

    We are a many-times-over witness to there being no limits (legal, rational, ethical, scientific) to what modern Democrats will think, say, or do for power and money and the appearance of moral superiority.

    A few behind-the-scenes arrangements with the right handfull of people and it will suddenly be a love-fest coronation.

    Especially with the right vice-president pick.

    Given his health and age and fragility, there are reasonable odds he won’t complete a term and can be viewed as a short-term transitional figure by people planning their path to power and money.


  26. rharkonen says:

    The conventional wisdom, left-over from race against Clinton in 2016, that DNC opposes Bernie, just means he hasn’t given them something they want.

    If he is winning, then gives them what they want — their cut — then it will be “Go Bernie!” Democrats.

    When the conventional wisdom about Bernie suddenly changes, you will know he has given them what they want.


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