WH Press Briefing Announcing Strong Results From Targeted Opioid Crisis Response – Drug Overdoses Drop, Life Expectancy Increases…

Upon taking office one of the first initiatives from President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump was to organize a full government effort to tackle an extreme opioid crisis impacting many American communities.  In October 2017, President Trump declared the opioid crisis a public health emergency.  Today the White House and CDC announce some incredible results as a result of the effort.  [CDC Data Here]

Fatal drug overdoses dropped in 2018 for the first time in 30 years; and as a result average life expectancy for Americans increased for the first time in four years.  Drug overdose deaths are still an urgent health emergency; and the entire program will remain a priority; however, the upward trend has been stopped and is starting to reverse.

Senior Counselor Kellyanne Conway, ONDCP Director Jim Carroll, and Asst. Secretary of Public Health Admiral Brett Giroir hold a press conference to announce & discuss:

(Politico) […] New CDC data released Thursday provides hope that the major contributors to three years of stagnant or declining life expectancy may be relenting. (more)

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33 Responses to WH Press Briefing Announcing Strong Results From Targeted Opioid Crisis Response – Drug Overdoses Drop, Life Expectancy Increases…

  1. Perot Conservative says:


    Or do a sick, demented portion of liberals, MSM, & Globalists not care when Rust Belt cities get hallowed out by drugs & manufacturing leaving?

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    • jeans2nd says:

      If the aforementioned cared about the hollowing-out of Rust Belt and other cities, they would have done something about the problems long ago.

      They don’t – neither care, nor care to do anything about it.
      Thanks be to Our Lord we elected a businessman who does care, as you said PC.


  2. vikingmom says:

    Huge news!! Government policies in previous administrations allowed this crisis to grow and thankfully President Trump is enacting policies to turn it around!

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  3. woohoowee says:


    And to show how little the WH Press Mob thinks of their fellow Americans, they did not have a single question regarding the topic of lowering overdose deaths and raising life expectancy.

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  4. Linus in W.PA. says:

    Make sure that all of your liberal/leftists/democrat ‘friends’ understand that the Trumpet doesn’t just say things and then not deliver.

    This administration’s efforts to combat opioid addiction goes hand in glove with the need for an American labor force. Any other administration would be thrilled to just reduce unemployment. The Trump administration knows that for real, unprecedented success, you have to get healthy Americans into the labor force.

    Total solutions. No bullshit.

    TRUMP 2020………..LIKE A FREIGHT TRAIN ROLLING!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. Caius Lowell says:

    What about Shackler contributions to the DNC?


  6. Anon says:

    The rise in life expectancy is a huge deal.

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  7. Bucknutguy says:

    My son recently was proscribed oxy as a pain reliever following the removal of his wisdom teeth. I refused and insisted he be given tylenol or ibuprofin. Please push back on your doctors even if prescribed for legitimate needs. There is no need to run the risk.

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    • suburbanwoman says:

      My grandson was prescribed a big bottle Hydrocodone for a sore throat several years ago (he was just 19 at the time). He complained to me about feeling really strange after taking it. I asked him WHAT he had taken and he didn’t know….didn’t pay any attention, just trusted Dr. with what she prescribed. Had him bring his meds to me and discovered the Hydrocodone. I was PI$$ED that she would prescribe such a strong pain killer for a freaking sore throat! Sat him down and educated him on opioids, medical practices regarding them, and the detrimental effects and results of using them just willy nilly. He now tells any Dr. treating him that suggests any type of pain killer that he is allergic to opioids. Another grandson, same age as this one, fortunately, was educated by his Mom. He also refuses opioids if the subject arises during medical treatment.

      As for myself, I make sure to add the statement, “ABSOLUTELY NO addictive pain killers of ANY kind should be administered to me in the event I can’t speak for myself.” on medical emergency information I carry on my phone, in my wallet, etc. My family knows not to allow it as well.

      I am SO THANKFUL our wonderful POTUS is on this and working diligently to put a stop to the greed that is so destructive of so many lives.

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      • PInky1920 says:

        Have you ever had acute pancreatitis, Suburbanwoman? Do you think you’d want some pain relief? Or would some cognitive behavioral therapy work for you? Just curious?


        • suburbanwoman says:

          Notice I said, “… and the detrimental effects and results of using them just WILLY NILLY” Keywords “willy nilly”. They’re NOT necessary for every type of pain, IMO.


          • PInky1920 says:

            Unfortunately, Suburban, the government dragnet includes legitimate pain management doctors. They should not be allowed anywhere near them. Hope you never need one, I really do.


            • suburbanwoman says:

              Pinky, I’ll agree with you that it is unfortunate for patients who legitimately need pain relief. That being said, these poor souls wouldn’t be suffering had the makers of these drugs not made it so enticing and easy for the medical professionals with questionable morals to begin with to pass this stuff out like candy.

              I hope you never have to experience the loss of a loved one who was a victim of these shenanigans. I lost my brother to addiction. The pain of watching someone you love dearly lose control of their life and ultimately their life to addiction is just as unbearable and painful. The pain and hopelessness that envelopes you when you try everything you can possibly dream or think of to try to help them overcome the demons only to fail due to the power of these drugs is wretched. Hence, my passion regarding this subject and my loved ones. I wouldn’t wish that on anybody.

              My hope and prayer is that this problem is brought under control and lives are safe whatever their circumstances.


              • PInky1920 says:

                Suburban, you cannot be serious…”these poor souls would not be suffering if the medical professionals hadn’t made it so enticing for them…passing them out like candy??? You obviously do not have a clue. These are people who are in INTRACTABLE pain…their LEGITIMATE doctors, pain management specialists, work with them to treat their PHYSICAL pain, many times from devastating illnesses and injuries.

                You are not the only person in the world who has lost someone to addiction, so have I, and more than one.I ’m hoping I have misunderstood you. It appears you believe it’s the fault of the person suffering, as if they somehow don’t even DESERVE to be treated.

                I will bow out of this conversation, Suburban. Your ONLY concern is for yourself, as if your loss trumps everything else.


                • suburbanwoman says:

                  Pinky, you did misunderstand me. I don’t begrudge those who genuinely need pain relief for serious health issues which is why I said, “I’ll agree with you that it is unfortunate for patients who legitimately need pain relief.”

                  I begrudge the drug companies and medical professionals with questionable morals that pass this stuff out for tooth aches and sore throats.

                  Had they not done that, those with genuine need for these drugs wouldn’t have to suffer due to the government finding it necessary to crack down to prevent those with questionable morals from prescribing such powerful drugs for minor issues.

                  My concern is for ANYBODY that suffers for whatever reason. I am sorry for the losses you have experienced. I wish that had never happened to you. Lovingly I say to you that I pray that whatever pain you experience, be it physical or due to the loss of loved ones, that you are able to heal and wish you peace.


    • The same happened to me after a tooth removal. I didnt pay attention to what they were, and took one, per the dentists orders. I threw the rest away after I realized how STRONG they were. TOTALLY UNNECESSARY!


  8. listingstarboard says:

    Oh there is unbelievable “push back” on doctors who are trying their best to fight the addiction war–I know several clinicians in a pain management hospital setting in rural addicted area, and the patients “push back”–they yell , they scream, they threaten, they leave hideous internet reviews–all because the clinicians refuse to prescribe doses that they DEMAND. And the Obamacare insurance rep complains to admin that they are not “prescribing enough” Doctors /PA/NP’s are in a damned if you do/damned if you don’t with prescribing these days. And yes there are bad actors, and many of them are being arrested and losing licenses–but most are trying to do the right thing.


    • PInky1920 says:

      Unfortunately, people who truly need pain relief that opioids provide are being refused these meds, many of them in chronic, debilitating pain. Their doctors are so afraid of the government overlords, they are withholding pain relief to people who are NOT addicts, take the meds as prescribed, submit to random testing, comply with random pill count and urine testing.

      Government interfering in health care is never, ever a good idea. The people who are suffering in pain are the ones paying the price, not the addicts on the street, they will always have an illegal supply.

      When enuf people realize what’s happening, that adequate pain relief is being denied to those poor unfortunate people who suffer chronic debilitating pain, many of them veterans, this will change.

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      • listingstarboard says:

        Prescribing for pain has become complicated, burdensome and extremely difficult task for the medical professional. Opioid addicts/dealers all talk with one another and learn which docs are “easy prey” and bully them into overprescribing. The use of Narcan to bring you “back form the brink” is now a badge of honor and bragging rights, they often talk about their exploits loudly in the waiting area. Security guards are essential now. There are also contraindications for long term opioid use–chronic pain patients benefit from varied treatment modalities and interventions, long term use actually leads to more pain. https://www.healthpartners.com/blog/why-opioids-make-pain-worse/.


      • Thank you for your wise and well thought out comment PInky.

        I know a few Chronic pain patients who are now very worried and suffering much more than they should because of misguided efforts to stop opioid addiction.

        Yes, we have a problem here but as usual we are throwing the baby out with the bath water.

        It is similar to the way our government goes about checking people who fly the airlines in our nation.

        Instead of searching out and double checking the people (young Islamic Terrorist) who look like they might take down the plane they waste time searching all of us and often strip search an 80 year old grandma with a wooden cane.

        Now our government is cracking down on everyone including the doctors who are responsible and trying to care for their patients.

        We have many, many chronic pain patients here in the USA who use their opioid pain meds carefully but they are now being suspected and treated like addicts.

        Something which they do not deserve.

        Many of us have stories about families and friends that use their medications carefully and now because of irresponsible use by lawbreakers they are denied the medical care they need and deserve.

        Many doctors now can not prescribe the medications they now their patients need without fear.

        A lot of this war on the opioid crisis is not good.


        • PInky1920 says:

          Colorado, I too, know a lot of people whose quality of life is now non existent because of this overreaching dragnet. Undoubtedly, suicide rates among these poor souls is skyrocketing. As far as people being told that opioids don’t really help for long term pain, what hogwash. You can believe the authors of these “scientific studies” are NOT the ones suffering.

          Pain management clinics are closing their doors, such is the threat from the government. Others are being forced to wean their patients off their much needed pain meds, replacing them with cognitive behavior therapy. It is cruel and heartless. But, it makes everyone who doesn’t need them, who cannot even comprehend the level of suffering these people endure, feel good about themselves.

          Exactly true, they are throwing the baby away with the bath water. This is going to get very ugly. It is unconscionable that government employees are dictating to the medical profession how a private patients documented pain should be treated.

          All the private citizens who think this crackdown is great, I want to hear from them when they are the ones suffering; they’ll change their tune, real quick, a few right here on this thread.

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          • There are good reasons to prescribe pain meds, and we ARE going to “throw the baby away with the bath water” if the matter isnt addressed responsibly. BUT, as a member of a family that was nearly DESTROYED by an irresponsible doctor running a “Pill Mill” I MUST point out that there ARE two sides to this story.


            • PInky1920 says:

              And I MUST point out, withholding pain relief from people who are NOT abusing their pain medication is CRUELTY. I don’t know one family who has not been affected by addiction, that includes my own, and let’s not forget the horrors of alcoholism, a lethal, legal poison the government has no problem with.

              Who’s against shutting down pill mills? Nobody. Who should be against the government telling American citizens they are not allowed to have pain relief for their documented, chronic intractable pain? All of us.

              Any one of us could be walking in their shoes tomorrow, thru NO FAULT of our own. Let that sink in.

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          • Your comment about the suicide rate is excellent PInky1920.

            I had an uncle that was a family doctor practicing mostly in the 1950s, the 1960s and into the mid 107-s.

            I remember the family conversations around the dinner table when he would talk a lot about suicide rates in the chronic pain patients and how grateful he was that now he had the ability to relieve their pain.

            He talked a lot about how the suicide rate being high among those patients and how it was starting to decline because of the ability to relieve their suffering.

            He was very aware back then of the addiction that might come with the opioids he was prescribing and took that into consideration with every patient he used these meds on.

            Addiction is nothing really new it has been around for centuries.

            But what does seem to be new is the number of young males who are out looking for and finding avenues for their recreational use of just about anything.

            But that is another problem.

            In my own family we have quite a few people who have been prescribed opioids for surgery recovery.

            They have taken the meds and then never needed them again.

            I do have one brother who became addicted to them but he had many, many problems including alcohol addiction.

            So yes as you say I will be interesting to hear from those who are either suffering or have loved ones who are suffer who are responsible in using a very needed tool for pain relief.

            And as usual we all must pay a terrible price for the few.

            And the border is still wide open for the cartel drug war lords to bring their drugs in.


            • PInky1920 says:

              Colorado, I am old enuf to have witnessed family and friends suffer horribly from pain that could not be controlled. And at that point, what we did was just pray that it would be over soon. Usually, it was.

              I have family members, who did take their own lives because of the pain they were in. I don’t think a lot of people today are aware of the kind of suffering the medical profession has been able to alleviate. Maybe that’s what it will take, unfortunately.

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              • So sorry to hear of the suffering in your family, it is a very difficult thing to go through.

                And it is especially frustrating to watch family suffer from chronic pain that could be and was controlled by previously prescribed medication.

                Now our loved ones must worry and fret on top of everything else that makes just getting through the day so hard for them.

                For some reason many medical professionals are being painted as callous uncaring pill pushers.

                Perhaps some of them deserve this label but most of them care about their patients and try to do the best they can to care for them.

                It seems to be “all the rage” to criticize the medical profession and to blame the pharmaceutical companies for this addiction problem.

                But as I have said many, many, many people use opioids responsibly and only occasionally as needed.

                And they did not develop an addiction.

                To make the opioid med the problem and not the individual user is irresponsible and very dangerous.

                Our Congress has passed dozens of bills to crack down on the ability of doctors to prescribe opioids responsibly but do nothing to shut down the flood of illegal opioid drugs coming across our southern border.

                Very responsible medical professionals and legal and law abiding pharma companies are hindered in how they operate but the vicious and violent cartel drug lords are not.



                • PInky1920 says:

                  Yes, Colorado. I wonder how people would like it if we didn’t have “big pharma” around. They are regarded as the worst kind of terrorists. No thought given whatsoever to the trillions of dollars they spend in research and development, how difficult it is to do what they do, to actually get a drug to market, not to mention the lives they save and the quality of life they have blessed us with.

                  And just think about it. How our lives have changed in the last century; because of the brains, talent, money and resources of “big pharma”.

                  But by all means, demonize them, sue them, cripple them. But hands off the murderous, evil, good for nothing, godless, drug cartels.

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  9. Rj says:

    When is China and Mexico going to be held responsible and or accountable for directly killing hundreds of thousands of Americans with the chemical weapon fentanyl ? A court house in Mexico City had a fentanyl manufacturing facility in its basement yet not one thing has happened or a single person been held accountable. These programs will do absolutely nothing at stopping the true killers of the American people.


  10. youme says:

    Six suspected drug dealers who are accused of running a $7 million fentanyl distribution operation out of a Bronx apartment were released without bail under the state’s new criminal justice law early Wednesday.

    The suspects — Livo Valdez, Jaslin Baldera, Frederick Baldera, Frandi Ledema, Diego Tejada and Parfraimy Antonio — were arrested Monday when officers with the New York Drug Enforcement Task Force raided an apartment on Sedgwick Avenue in Kingsbridge that was allegedly used as a heroin and fentanyl packaging mill.



  11. TwoLaine says:

    I have lost two in my direct orbit to the opioid crisis. First cousin of a friend and son of a friend. One got hooked when it was prescribed for pain control after a liver transplant.


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