John Bolton Denied Publication Approval by White House Three Days Before Selected Manuscript Leak…

Three days before the New York Times received a selectively leaked copy of a book manuscript written by John Bolton, Mr. Bolton’s lawyers were informed by the White House the manuscript could not be published.  [Source: John Roberts]

On January 23rd John Bolton was denied authorization to publish. On the evening of January 26th the New York Times wrote about a copy of the transcript.  It now appears Bolton’s team held a retaliatory motive and may have leaked the manuscript themselves.

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292 Responses to John Bolton Denied Publication Approval by White House Three Days Before Selected Manuscript Leak…

  1. Is there a remote possibility that Bolton was unwittingly “used” to sabotage PDJT? I have no fondness for Bolton and didn’t care for his views. However, his belief in his own invincibility could have enabled others to set him up for a fall. Just wondering.

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  2. david Mitchell says:

    here is the great thing…if there are found to be TS SCI materials in the manuscript, then a reasonable question is with whom else did Bolton share the book while writing it, and before submission for government review…lots of exposure for unlawful disclosure of classified information to anyone without either a security clearance or a need to know…and as a former National Security Advisor he should have reasonably been able to determine what was classified. I’d open an investigation and start asking some questions…”you wanna poke me in the eye? I’m gonna put my boot on your neck and not let up…”

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    • John Adams says:

      Seems like if he put all of this stuff in the book and flung it around then he has burned his own house down, can he really be this dumb?


    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “if there are found to be TS SCI materials in the manuscript, then a reasonable question is with whom else did Bolton share the book while writing it, and before submission for government review…lots of exposure for unlawful disclosure of classified information to anyone without either a security clearance or a need to know…and as a former National Security Advisor he should have reasonably been able to determine what was classified.”

      I am no fan of any NeoCons, but I could also envision a scenario where “evidence” was injected into that manuscript for manipulation by various “actors” in this saga.

      Sharyl Attkisson has first hand experience with that. So have some other people that have had incriminating “evidence” implanted in their electronic devices when they became impediments to the shadow government’s objectives.

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    • Spooky says:

      “I’d open an investigation and start asking some questions”
      I would too. Unfortunately The Trump Administration DOES NO INVESTIGATING, THEY ONLY GET INVESTIGATED. This is what happens when the ENTIRE Federal Government is a fetid and utterly corrupt swamp. As I have stated before the problem with draining the swamp is that there wouldn’t be anything left of the Federal Gov. if that happened. You would have to literally re-create it from the ground up. Which is why it will never happen.


    • Yy4u says:

      My guess is it was Col Vindeman’s brother who leaked it once he realized it was going to be turned down. My guess also is Bolton’s testimony would not have hurt Trump. This was just the usual NT Times attempt to damage the president…maybe get squishy RINOs like Pierre Dilecto to get even squishier

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      • Spooky says:

        I’m still not clear on whether the manuscript was leaked before or after the NSC had a chance to review it but I’m with Sundance on this. Most likely Bolton had his attorneys leak it as pay back. I still don’t have any idea why Trump hired this lunatic warmonger. I said at the time nothing good would come of it and I was right.

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      • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

        Yes his twin Ukrainian immigrant, the other Vindman, working at the NSA is the most likely suspect, not Bolton or his people as they want to get a book published and this whole scenario is doing him no good in the long run.
        Don’t believe the New York Slimes or CNN.

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      • Benedict Comey says:

        Speaking of Mittens, did he ever find his kittens?


  3. David Mitchell says:

    Someone with some experience and clout needs to file a FOA with a simple question–who in the government had access to the manuscript. Easy question, maybe a difficult one to answer…but nothing should prevent the disclosure of these names…lets make someone sweat in public…


    • Rhoda R says:

      The potential leak sources aren’t just in the government, there are also the publisher and Bolton himself. Trying to find out where the leak came from doesn’t appear to be as straight forward as we’d first assumed.

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  4. Jason Ross says:

    Bolton is neo-con liquid dog excrement. POTUS should have known better. PERIOD.
    No sugar-coating this one, no 456-D chess. Just a bad decision.

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    • JG3 says:

      “Complicated business, folks. Complicated business!”

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      • Jason Ross says:

        and so is real estate … take it as a loss and move on


        • 4EDouglas says:

          I think bolton was hired to divert attention fro the hard work that others and Pres. Trump were doing -Bolton is almost a Dr. Strangelove in certain ways.. Once Bolton found out what was really happening, he cut the cord…
          I don’t see Bolton happy with any sort of Middle East Peace for instance..

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      • Lady Sid says:

        I can’t remember when Bolton was appointed, but I do remember that he was a regular with Lou Dobbs on Fox Business tv. The panel regulars all wished him well when Trump asked him to step up to NSA. Sneaky little sh$%, as Dean Wormer would say. Bolton has cooked his goose, for sure.

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    • bored identity says:

      …And Bolton ain’t the only one.

      Tucker did great “I Told You” segment on Walrusian Stooge and President’s failure to insulate the Oval Office with a big, beautiful, teflon wall of MAGA loyalists.

      Hopefully, that four year long learning curve will result with some different approach after 2020 re-election.

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      • John says:

        Tucker is a one-trick pony and the President shouldn’t be listening the sky-is-falling crowd. POTUS is running his administration like he would run a business. He uses people for their expertise and he wants to be surrounded by people with different opinions. When he is done with them, they’re gone. He doesn’t look at these hires as mistakes like everyone else does.

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  5. Sammy Hains says:

    So the mighty John Bolton turned out to be just another threat to national security, spreading classified materials around Washington DC and beyond for his own personal profit.

    Bolton has managed to shred whatever credibility he may have still had.
    Oh, and here’s a video of Bolton boasting that he would lie to advance his own foreign policy agenda. That means lying about conversations with the President if that could get us closer to one of his wars.

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  6. Blind no Longer says:

    I am convinced more than ever now after listening to Schittmouth, that Bolton has been colluding with Team Schitt all along to get President Trump removed from office or destroy his chances for re election!!
    And to think I gave the traitorous bastard the benefit of the doubt!!!!
    Oh how I despise these people!!! Satan’s sons and daughters!!!!

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  7. NJ Attorney says:

    Christine Blassey Bolton!

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  8. hokkoda says:

    I saw that Bolton and his lawyers are denying they leaked it, and are blaming the White House. I think the s$$t has hit the fan with John Bolton who is, at best, party to a felony, and at worst, guilty of a felony.

    Friday is looking like it’ll be a good day for America.

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  9. Fools Gold says:

    That’s highly probable Sundance but then again there’s the NSA who got the official copy of the manuscript prior to the leak and I sure as hell don’t trust NSA anymore than FIB or CI of A. Remember all of those agencies ersonnel have done a lot of high level schit for 30 years including starting wars. No I’m not defending Bolton. Remember he’s also been around pushing wars for ~40 years.

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  10. The Boss says:

    Bad hire supports bad hire.
    Retired General John Kelly is issuing statements supportive of Bolton’s book.
    Birds of a feather. And all that….

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    • mr.piddles says:

      hokkoda says: “I think the s$$t has hit the fan with John Bolton who is, at best, party to a felony, and at worst, guilty of a felony.”

      Enter Retired General John Kelly. From what we’re seeing now… not a coincidence. IMO.

      “John Bolton??? Great guy!! GREEAATTT guy!!!”


  11. Randolph Scott says:

    This is easy to fix. Visit wherever Bolton is sleeping to night. At 4:30am surround the place, kick down the doors, shine 100,000 candle power lights in his face, place him in handcuffs, charge him with releasing classified materials, read him his rights and throw his ass in jail with no bail.
    This makes a fine example and deterrent to other assholes who leak information.

    This is the Simple way of fixing government leakers.

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  12. mylabs5 says:

    That pretty much solves who leaked the fantastical garbage from the sanitation worker.


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  13. hoosiertruthfan says:

    No doubt that Bolton was a poor fit for the Trump Administration but one of the beauties of our president is that he welcomes divergent opinions. He lets them hash it out.
    The problem was, since President Trump had no background in politics, he had to go out on a limb with many of his appointments. It opened the door for any number of vipers to insinuate themselves.

    I would love to know who in the Trump orbit was so ticked off about dealing the Bolton’s shenanigans that he finally got the ouster. Or if he finally ticked off our President. What was the straw that broke the camel’s back in giving Bolton the boot? It certainly was an acrimonious departure.

    John Kelly defending him is no surprise. Thank heavens neither has any influence any longer.


  14. rcogburn says:

    The plot thickens! Looks like Johnny forgot the first rule of digging yourself out of a hole. Stop digging.

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    • mr.piddles says:

      Ha! So it was a race to the “witnesses vote”. If the vote is for no witness… then no Bolton testimony. Solution: leak the transcript.

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      • rcogburn says:

        “…given that Ambassador Bolton could be called upon to testify as early next week, it is imperative that we have the results of your review of that chapter as soon as possible.” sent at 4:30 on FRIDAY.

        Translation: we really need this done by Sunday so we can leak it without breaking the law.

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        • mr.piddles says:

          I don’t think the leak was Plan A. They probably saw the likelihood of witnesses leaning toward a “no” vote, freaked out, and executed Plan B. Hence the curiously frantic emails. At the end of the day, probably not a good Plan B.


        • gnome says:

          Recess Ambassador Bolton. He was never confirmed as an ambassador.


  15. California Joe says:

    Didn’t President Trump require a non-disclosure agreement from his White House staff????

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  16. mr.piddles says:

    Eliot Engel (D-NY) says: “He strongly implied that something improper had occurred […]”

    So Engel surmised that Bolton implied? Is that it?

    Now where have I heard THAT before?

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  17. Dwayne Diesel says:

    Here’s an idea…once his book is published…don’t buy it. Very simple. The liberals won’t touch it after they are done using him. So don’t buy it. We all know he will edit and redact and then publish. Just don’t touch it. Not even after they put the reduced price sticker on. Make the publisher eat the millions they fronted the traitor.


  18. Remember:

    Schumer scoffed at the suggestion Bolton’s book could be reviewed in a SCIF. He actually said the notion was absurd, since the book itself would be available to the public in just a matter of a few days. 😂😂😂


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    • Greg1 says:

      You know what? Trump and everyone who knew about the letter denying ability to publish the book til the classified info was removed got a belly laugh out of Schumer saying the book would be out in days. If Trump actually knew about it, he may not have been told.

      Still, that’s funny!


  19. dayallaxeded says:

    At this point is there even any confirmation that the reports accurately reflect Bolton’s manuscript or that the portion referenced is even Bolton’s work, rather than unpoetic TDS license by corrupt MSM &/or a ghost writer/lieditor? If recent history is any indication, the reports are total fabrications.


  20. MD says:

    Their letter to him states that TS information is contained in the manuscript. How can this guy be writing this and not know he shouldn’t have classified at that level in it. Unless this moron was using a typewriter to compose this, it is on his computer, which is a security violation.

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  21. MD says:

    If this manuscript contains TS info and is stored on his electronic devices (computer, phone) then those devices automatically are regarded as sensitive equipment classified at the same level as the info that’s on them. In this case TS. At a minimum they need to go search his house and confiscate his devices, computers etc to be checked to see if any classified is on them. If they happen to come across other useful information during the course of their review oh well.


    • Greg1 says:

      Exactly! It’s already been noted that the book was sent electronically to be reviewed. That is a monster of a problem for Bolton if people actually follow protocol and do their JOBS.

      And if his lawyer or publisher sent the book electronically……oops.


  22. X XYZ says:

    Whenever I see Bolton’s mustache I think of the barber scene from the Marx Bros.classic movie, Monkey Business. I couldn’t find a video clip of the scene on YouTube. So here’s the screenplay of the mustache trimming, which some of you might remember.

    CHICO: (Indicating mustache)
    We gotta give the Sergeant
    a trimming on the mustache.

    Harpo nods his assent –
    gets scissors and they
    both eye up the mate’s
    mustache. Harpo takes a
    little nip of it. Both
    scrutinize it closely.

    CHICO: I think you better give
    this side a little snoop.

    Harpo agrees – cuts other

    CHICO: (Smiling)
    That’s good – that’s
    fine! Now —

    The barber chair settles
    a couple of feet, leaving
    the boys high above it on
    the ladder. They scramble
    down and saw the legs of
    the ladder so that the
    top will be even with the
    barber chair. As soon as
    the ladder is shortened
    the boys ascend to con-
    tinue their barbering.

    CHICO: (As he examines
    Now, I think this side
    is a little too long.

    Harpo pantomimes that he
    will fix everything. He
    cuts first side again.
    Both look at mustache and
    then at each other inquir-
    ingly. Then they shake
    their heads with dissatis-

    CHICO: (Shaking head)
    Not yet, partner.

    Harpo then reaches over
    to take another snip of
    the mustache. As he does,
    the barber chair again
    settles about two feet.
    The boys scramble down to
    the floor and repeat their
    action of shortening the
    ladder. When this job is
    completed they mount to
    the top of the ladder to
    continue their work on
    the mustache.

    CHICO: It’s a little off
    balance. Snip this

    Harpo follows instructions.

    CHICO: Well now, I tink it’s
    all right.

    Harpo looks and shakes
    his head with dissatis-
    faction. He takes the
    last nip off side number

    CHICO: Now, let me see —
    (He feels what’s
    left of the
    I think it’s just a
    little bit rough over

    Harpo feels it and agrees.
    He takes razor and re-
    moves the rest of the

    CHICO: ‘At’s a perfect!
    Partner, perfect!

    The boys feel satisfied
    with their job. Chico
    rubs his hands.

    CHICO: Well, ‘at’s a that.


  23. fractionalexponent says:

    Maybe Trump could offer warmonger Bolton a job in Bahgdad.


  24. Beth02 says:

    Confused again – and would be grateful for help. Why would Bolton put classified (including Top Secret) material in his book and expect that the WH or NSA would let that fly? Is it possible he placed information in book in order for book to be delayed? Also, can someone confirm that anyone without security clearance read the book – ie editor, etc. ? If so, isn’t he in trouble for revealing classified information? I seem to recall Adam Lovinger got in serious trouble for just having classified material in his briefcase. Just wondering if someone has covered all the bases on this? Thanks.


  25. Jimmy Jack says:

    George Webb has said he has metadata to support a shocking claim – that John Bolton sold weapons to Iran illegally and used his anti Iranian bluster as cover. If that’s true he is practically Robert Hansen level treasonous. He could have been using his time at the UN as a cover for meetings and drops.

    This would explain his acceptance with the dirty Bush & Romney clan as well as his promotion on Fox.


  26. spoogels says:


    Oh, this sideshow just keeps getting better and better…

    For the past week Adam Schiff and Democrats have called for John Bolton to testify

    Tonight video surfaced of Adam Schiff attacking John Bolton for “lack of credibility.”

    Shifty Schiff said in 2005 John Bolton has a “lack of credibility”

    — The Colorado GOP (@cologop) January 30, 2020

    GAME OVER… 2005 VIDEO: Adam Schiff Says John Bolton suffers a “Lack of Credibility”


  27. Dick_Turpin says:

    Is that a criminal offence to publish material that has been denied publication on security grounds?


  28. Retired IG says:

    Don’t know if my comments get the end of the post cycle. Nonetheless, what I do know is the White House memo is utterly correct. Anyone writing a book or any other document, containing National Security information MUST be formerly reviewed by officers (employed by the US Taxpayers) who determine whether the contents – any, or some of its parts – can be released into the general domain for public consumption. Yes, it is against US Law to expose National Security information without Government permission and we the people pay actual human reviewer’s an income to make this so.
    What INFURIATES me the most is that ALL the Criminal Actors from the Supreme Court, the Senate, House, Directors of Federal Agencies, etc. aren’t STRIPPED of THEIR PENSIONS and all their PERKS FOR LIFE benefits – NO MATTER WHAT THEIR NAME, TITLE or POSITION in the federal government when they are using their positions for personal, political, or PERSONAL financial gain.
    Can’t even believe MY MONEY is paying for this shit show,

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