Day Six – Senate Impeachment Trial, Defense Continues – 1:00pm ET Livestream…

There will be 24 hours of presentation by House Impeachment Managers (over 3 days); 24 hours of presentation by Defense team (over 3 days); 16 hours of Senate questioning; 4 hours of closing arguments, equally divided; and then a Senate debate/vote on further motions to include witnesses. If there are going to be witnesses, they will first be deposed prior to testimony. No witness testimony will be permitted without first being deposed.

The Senate Trial continues today on day six at 1:00pm ET. Today is the second day of the Trump defense and will continue with approximately 8 hours of presentation.

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1,301 Responses to Day Six – Senate Impeachment Trial, Defense Continues – 1:00pm ET Livestream…

  1. sunnyflower5 says:

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  2. MAGADJT says:

    Everyone crying about the media cutting away from the defense. What did you think they would do? Why are you surprised?

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  3. WSB says:

    Barrasso just said the four Senators whose eyes were open the widest listening to the Biden information were Sanders, Warren, Bennett and Klobuchar.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Should make the Iowa Caucuses more FUN!!!

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  4. FPCHmom says:

    That is why PDJT’s attorneys should use up every minute of their time. They can put the whole Obama administration on trial, and I hope they do.

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  5. rcogburn says:

    Bolton now doubling down on his lawyer’s denial from yesterday. If this is some kind of a leak trap, and Bolton is innocent of leaking, a categorical denial like this is what one would expect him to do (whether or not he was told about the leak investigation).

    On the other hand, if Bolton is lying through his teeth, and he or his people did leak the book, he has dug himself a disastrously deep hole and is digging even deeper.


    • Your Tour Guide says:

      They will gladly use Bolton, because he can make
      Trump look bad. They will gladly lie about what he says,
      because it makes Trump look bad. Then, they will gladly
      kick him to the curb. Stab him in the back, after he helps
      them make Trump look bad. Call him a liar, if he doesn’t.

      They’ll betray him, either way. Because they’ll remember
      that they hate him.

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  6. Reserved55 says:

    Barosso, the four Senators running for president sat jaw agape while listening to Biden/Burima testimony.

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  7. We are about to hit prime time TV where they should be saving the best Fireworks for the evening performance. This afternoon was just a warm up performance. This should be even more fun if Hannity will just shut up.

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  8. bcsurvivor2 says:

    Fabulous so far….I’m pumped.. were are hitting back hard….

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  9. Admin says:

    Oh my f’n god. They are whining on MSNBC about POTUS using resources to investigate an American citizen using foreign contacts and resources. WTF!?!?! Seriously? What the hell do they think Hillary did with the Steele Dossier and what Obama did with the FBI? Schiff said Obama had a duty to investigate Trump because he was a candidate running for President but yet Pedo Joe is off limits?

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  10. Coast says:

    We are watching it on TV, but on a minor over-the-air channel. ABC, CBS, NBC….all regular programming.


  11. stenwin77 says:

    Bondi’s testimony was a warning. You want witnesses – we’ll get witnesses.

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    • thedoc00 says:

      Technically they can call Obama because during House Hearings, one of the Democrat Witnesses testified that Biden was acting within “official policy”.

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  12. Chiefco says:

    Right now Biden is on the phone yelling at some corrupt staffer “You told me they weren’t going to bring me up” Oh the Irony!!!


  13. trapper says:

    I think one thing to remember in this is that many senators (I’d say most but I’m being charitable) are pampered show horses, groomed, sheltered, clueless, out of touch, told how to vote by staff, and had no idea about any of what the president’s lawyers presented today. Even on Cspan you could hear the gasps and shuffling in the background. Sitting there with their eyes propped open, forced to SEE. I expect many (most) heard of this Biden stuff for the first time today.

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  14. TrumpPatriot says:

    I hope in their seditious souls those who are not willing to stand up for MY country and MY President realize how many of us love this country and are fightin’ mad they so cavalierly take actions that threaten the most successful government ever conceived.

    This Is My Country
    This is my country! Land of my birth!
    Thisis my country! Grandest on earth!
    I pledge thee my allegiance, America, the bold,
    For this is my country to have and to hold.

    What diff’rence if I hail from North or South
    Or from the East or West?
    My heart is filled with love for all of these.
    I only know I swell with pride and deep within my breast
    I thrill to see Old Glory paint the breeze.

    With hand upon heart I thank the Lord For this my native land,
    For all I love is here within her gates.
    My sould is rooted deeply in the soil on which I stand,
    For these are mine own United States.

    This is my country! Land of my choice!
    This is my country! Hear my proud voice!
    I pledge thee my allegiance, America, the bold,
    For this is my country! To have and to hold.

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    • margarite1 says:

      I met a Ukrainian on Saturday at the Mercedes dealership in Bellevue, WA. His family had to escape because they’re Christians, he said his grandfather was shot in the back and thrown into a grave He said they didn’t always eat. He can’t believe his good fortune at where he is now – so grateful to be here, doing what he loves as a car enthusiast, and afraid that fools who don’t understand what they’ve got will vote it away.

      On Friday I had a Lyft driver from China. He left China to study computer science in the US and changed his mind and is now studying film making. He said in China there is enormous pressure to do what one’s parents want and there are big problems with the middle aged Chinese because they’re seeing how it is with other cultures. He also is very grateful to be here – he loves our culture where you can determine your own destiny.

      It’s very fulfilling to hear these stories and why and how much they love it here – they know how lucky they are.

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      • jrapdx says:

        Those stories are inspiring, and remind us to be grateful for the enormous blessings bestowed on us here in America. Preserving our liberties is paramount. Despite propaganda to the contrary, the US is still a beacon to people all over the world, our nation is what so many others strive to be.

        Way back in the 1970’s I visited East Berlin. Areas near Checkpoint Charlie at the Berlin Wall were built up to appeal to a stream of international tourists. It was striking how much it was made to resemble “main street” shopping back home, though in a movie set sort of way. For all its artifice the American influence was definitely palpable. The lesson stuck with me.

        It’s good to get the perspective of immigrants. After 2 or more generations, we assimilated descendants of immigrants often are unaware of our ancestors struggles and perspectives. Seeing it through their eyes is crucial to reinvigorating our commitment to keeping America as great as she can be.

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        • margarite1 says:

          After listening to so many new first generation immigrants here I am thinking they, along with people like us, are the ones who will protect our constitution from the entitled brats who don’t realize what they’ve got.

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          • jrapdx says:

            I’ve often had a similar thought. Maybe PT does too and that’s why he’s been in favor of legal immigration. Personally I’m honored to stand with people like those you described, they’re the kind of “diversity” our country needs more of.

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          • Judith says:

            That’s so true. These people recognize Fascism when they see it. They’ll want none of it here. Unlike those thumb-sucking, safe space seeking, pissy hat whiners who claim to speak for everyone else on the planet.


  15. I would ask that conservative websites not support / suggest live feeds from Agenda News Media — including Fox News — who do not have the courage to show President Trump Defense Team in action.

    We had to watch nearly 24 hours of the Prosecution, and now Americans cannot see the Defense — unless they can live stream?

    I would like to see the FCC call the heads of the major networks and simply ask, “Why?”

    Or, better yet, for President Trump to do so?

    If there is one thing Americans smell faster than the stench of the Deep State Swamp, it is the lack of fundamental fair play.

    President Trump should have some fun and ask the Agenda News Media, “Why are you ‘censoring’ a presentation of all the facts for the American people?”

    Time to play hard ball. . . .

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  16. thedoc00 says:

    They need to play the video clip from the House Hearings, when the Democrat Witness Stated that Biden was acting within establish “official policy” implicating Obama. That would get hearts really beating cross ways and place Obama on the witness list.

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  17. Garavaglia says:

    Keep this in mind: If/when a 1 for 1 witness deal is struck..Dem witnesses (Biden..etc.) will plead the 5th. Bolton will not.

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    • Cobicat says:

      Exactly. Why hasn’t anyone asked Schiff at the pressers if he is called will he testify or plead the 5th

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    • oldumb says:

      Biden pleading the 5th will cement his guilt with the people.
      Bolton presuming/assuming or truth telling will go no where. Trump wanted to….. and the point is President Trump did not do anything wrong.

      I will accept Bolton’s BS for Biden’s guilty 5th right.

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  18. Troublemaker10 says:

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  19. History Teaches says:

    I never thought they would cross the Rubicon by bringing up Obama. Gloves are off!

    The Dems assumed he was off limits for the political calculus. Any criticism immediately invoking the racist card and thus wrecking Republicans for election propaganda. Obama has been their real security blanket. Immune from investigation or even accusations.

    All this treason was orchestrated under his command. Whether directly or tacitly as part of their agenda. Others smarter than him may have done the planning, but he used his office and powers to infiltrate every single branch of government with traitors and treasonous operatives. Whether it was Jarrett, Soros, the Lawfare elite, globalist braintrust or any other mix of radicals, everything can be traced back to his administration.

    I doubt he ever is seriously investigated or charged with anything before the election That really would add a new dynamic to the mix. But after a landslide Trump win, this should be a priority.

    And the completion of the cycle that began with Trump questioning the birth certificate.

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  20. Lucille says:

    Impeachment: A Runaway House
    Editorial of The New York Sun | January 27, 2020

    Judge Kenneth Starr’s speech today in defense of President Trump will go down in history as one of the great pleadings ever delivered before the Senate. He called on the solons to rebuff the charges of a “runaway house.” He called for an end to the era of eager impeachment. Generations from now, law professors will teach it to their students. It will endure as a masterpiece of constitutional law and wisdom.

    Read the rest at:

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    • amwick says:

      OH ty Lucille, I taped and then watched every word of that speech, and I thought it was great. Some people have been dissing him, saying stuff like, dull, history lesson, but I was spellbound. I think he balanced being factual and had just the right amount of emotions… Just me, but I think that speech was more for the benefit of the general public, than the senators. He was talking to us!!!


  21. Troublemaker10 says:

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  22. Paprika says:

    Mmmm…..Robert Ray, at least in my humble opinion, is a wee bit too full of himself and full of name dropping and justifying his own qualification/self worth. He uses “I” as much as our former President and seems to be just as boring.


  23. Troublemaker10 says:

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  24. mopar2016 says:

    Dershowitz is putting the nails in the dems coffin.

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  25. Ackman419 says:

    Loving this Dershowitz presentation.
    Picked up the pace. It’s prime time engineered
    The entire day has been beautifully executed. From Starr’s intro, to Philbins measured Constitutional appeal.
    Especially appreciated having Bondi present the “sexy” Burisma corruption argument.
    There was a ton of thought given to the entirety of today’s arguments.
    I’m extremely impressed

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  26. nats1mom says:

    Would like to especially give a shout-out to Eric Herschmann. He was articulate, forceful, well-seasoned and by far, IMO, outshined all others today (although I do admire all President Trump’s team). Herschmann is/was a star. I could have listened to him forever.

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  27. paper doll says:

    “What is the crime? ” is the crux and a show stopper.

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  28. L. E. Joiner says:

    Dershowitz is absolutely right. The Articles of Impeachment are unconstitutionally vague. There is no basis for further consideration. The Senate should immediately vote to dismiss.

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  29. islandpalmtrees says:

    Meeting Never Happened’ – Trump Responds to Last Minute Failed ‘Bombshell’ Bolton NY Times Story Meant to Shake Up Impeachment
    by Cristina Laila January 31, 2020


  30. islandpalmtrees says:

    Remember the (FBI and CIA) used the New York Times when they wanted the Carter Page FISA warrant approved.

    First they feed the leak (defective article) to the New York Times or another MSM. Then they used the same article to justify their spying by referencing it in the FISA warrant request.

    In this case they leak the fake Bolton article to the New York Times and reference it in the impeachment trial.


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