Des Moines Register Endorses Elizabeth Warren…

Last week the New York Times endorsed Liawatha, this week the Des Moines Register follows along.  Neither endorsement matters much in the world of actual voting; however, when the Iowa progressive media support is combined with CNN’s previously coordinated hit against Bernie Sanders, to the specific benefit of Warren, these endorsements start to highlight where the institutional DNC is aligned.

Lyin’ Liz Warren is currently polling in fourth place in Iowa with 15 percent.  Bernie leads with 25%, Buttigieg with 18%, Biden with 17% and then Warren with 15%. {LINK}

Warren is a very inauthentic candidate but holds the support of elitist limo-liberals, pontificating professors, grad school woke crowd, High School media girls, and the gender focused democrats within Hollywood Inc.

Liawatha is an insufferable coastal candidate and generally unlikable. However, that said…. it appears The DNC Club prefers Warren; so look for new hits against Bernie in the next few days.   Keep an eye on Obama’s crew, they’re running out of time.

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197 Responses to Des Moines Register Endorses Elizabeth Warren…

  1. Newhere says:

    You have to remember THE key event/development hovering over all of this.

    After the DNC’s 2016 debacle of getting caught rigging things against Bernie, there was a throw-down over the nominating rules. Bernie’s side wanted to eliminate superdelegates. They’re preferred compromise was to reduce the number, thus reducing their influence. The DNC establishment refused, and instead agreed to what is now the current rule: superdelegates have NO vote unless/until the second ballot. Our wise political punditry dismisses the outcome of what was at the time a small civil war.

    But don’t brush past this; WHY would DC power brokers REFUSE to even reduce their influence, but then AGREE to give it up altogether by relegating themselves to the second ballot?

    If the nomination doesn’t get to a second ballot, it makes the Establishment compromise the worst in power politics.

    Nothing is certain, but some assumptions are more reasonable than others, and here the MOST reasonable assumption is the DNC plan always has been to get this to a second ballot, which means ensuring that NO candidate makes it through the nominating contests with 50% of “earned” delegates. Now consider another big difference from GOP nominating rules: GOP has winner-take-all contests, which is part of how Trump quickly ran up the delegate score. For Ds, EVERY contest is proportional delegate allocation, split among all candidates who get over 15%. Which makes it much harder to break away from the pack.

    The goal is to keep at least three, ideally four candidates over the 15% vote threshold and thus part of the delegate allocation. They can’t afford a head-to-head, because the obvious “compromise” would be one of the two. And then the outcome they will not abide is one the table: Bernie. They must ensure the vote splits enough to prevent him having an obvious claim to the nomination — or ANY of the current field having an obvious claim. They do not want ANY of these candidates, but would cede the election and –worse — blow up the party before letting Bernie have it.

    That the superdelegates would not give up control is IMO obvious. How it shakes out is more uncertain. But here’s my take.

    Biden has always been a proxy, a fake Chosen One. They wouldn’t have based impeachment on such an ugly Biden corruption episode if that weren’t the case. He’s probably in the race by some combination of hubris and pressure. So look at the top 4: Biden (proxy), Bernie (real enemy), Warren (plant), Buttigieg (useful idiot). Why did donor billionaires actually get IN the race this time? Both Steyer and Bloomberg are old Clinton allies. Bloomberg makes it obvious — no one trying to win would glibly blow off all contests before super Tuesday. He’s there to amass delegates on Super Tuesday for horse-trading, to have a more direct influence on the “compromise” candidate.

    Biden, Buttigieg, Warren, Bloomberg and Steyer ultimately are going to endorse the eventual winner, forming the nucleus of the Grand Bargain candidate. Warren is absolutely essential, because she will represent the “progressive” SJW side of the “compromise.” Bernie thrown under the bus once again. Now ask yourself, why did Warren lob the giant “sexist” bomb at the Bernie camp, whose supporters she supposedly needs to hold if she were actually trying to win? Why draw the battle line on THAT issue?

    It’s going to be the year of the woman. And there are a lot of clues on whom that will be.

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    • swissik says:

      I agree about the year of the woman and therefore it will be more difficult for DJT to be a “meanie”. It was easy last time around because nobody likes Hillary even those who voted for her. But if Michelle O or Oprah is nominated, watch out. Double whammy!

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      • Newhere says:

        I don’t think the Obamas have yet made enough $ off Michelle’s brand to jeopardize it with presidential politics. She’s the most “respected” now, but running would quickly tank it. Oprah would be a natural savior, but no hints about it yet. I think she likes her status as American royalty.

        Remember, Clinton’s post-2016 is “Gutsy Women” (barf). And her docuseries debuted at Sundance at week before Iowa, and hits Hulu right around Super Tuesday. She’s certainly failed before. But I don’t see anyone else angling for it.

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        • diogenes says:

          Plus the entire field of dopes has to have in the back of their minds that Hillary Clinton will quite literally commit murder to get herself into the White House again. I STILL suspect the only reason she didn’t have President Trump “tragically die in an accident” when he was her opponent was that she never thought she would lose.

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    • abel says:

      Very good analysis.


  2. thedoc00 says:

    Its all about crossing the finish line on 12 July with no winner and a brokered convention starting 13 July. The numbers are looking good and Bernie’s price keeps going up. This convention will make 1968 Chicago look tame.

    Odd, where is Bloomberg?? Thought he had 5% nationally.


    • Newhere says:

      He’s writing off all the contests before superTuesday. Per your thesis, he’s in it to try to grab some delegates from the big haul states, for more direct power in the big horse trade.


  3. aarmad says:

    That doesn’t say a lot for the Des Moines Register. warren is the biggest liar of the bunch of nominees. She will say anything at any opportunity to focus on herself and 9 times out of ten she is lieing!


    • paulashley says:

      Iowa journalists are wannabe coastal progressive elites embarrassed by the flyover country citizenry they purport to serve.


  4. Bendix says:

    People are forgetting – Obama hates Bernie, the DNC hates Bernie, because he is the outsider with a chance of winning.
    Just like Trump.

    Rush mentioned, last time around, that the things that were done to Americans that had many of us riled up, Bernie didn’t “have any fingerprints on”.

    Obama could not afford to have anybody but Hillary in the White House. He was forced to support her, because she had so much dirt on him, and it went both ways.
    Just to be sure, the Bush/Clinton dynasty offered up another one of their sons, to make sure the Republicans not in the know didn’t go for the wrong person.
    Jeb had better things to do, he even said so.

    A President Bernie would be more of a threat to them than to us, and for different reasons.

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  5. akaPatience says:

    Lots of speculation here and elsewhere that everything’s being set up for Clinton to give it another go. Warren’s been tanking steadily, so why the recent endorsements of her by the D establishment, one may wonder? Very curious. Clinton riding in on a white horse at the last minute to supposedly unify the party is plausible and possible — she is, after all, The Thing That Won’t Go Away, Wall Street (maybe) and neocons would still support her, etc., etc. She’d lose again of course, partly because Sanders supporters would go berserk, which makes me suspect this may not be The Plan.

    I still wouldn’t discount the possibility of another last-minute “White Knight”; Michelle Obama. People speculate that she wouldn’t want to work that hard but forget her husband wasn’t exactly a workaholic either. Valerie Jarrett would do the heavy lifting, like she did before. The Obamas are hypocrites who seem happy to be figureheads. If we start seeing higher profile Obamas in the news before too long, I’d give this plan more of a chance.

    However, even though she’s been tanking in the polls, it’s possible Warren really is the Chosen One, since the exposure of Biden’s corruption, his senility, inability to decisively break out ahead of the others, etc., no doubt worry the D establishment. They may figure Warren’s the only one in the field that Sanders supporters would get behind, thus preventing him from launching a third party bid.


  6. Summer says:

    Has Bernie locked up the invaluable radical-militant-insane vote yet?

    If yes, how would this violent bunch react if their Commissar is derailed (in reality, bought off) by the establishment once again?


  7. SD is accurate when he describes Liawatha as “generally unlikable”

    She’s in the same league as Hillary when that metric is applied.


  8. dwhitehurst says:

    “Stands with Marxists” is such a loon. Sadly, much of our citizenry–the takers–heed her call.


  9. Nattydreadbushdoc says:

    Maybe they Dems have realized Trump can’t be beat in 2020? Their current goal may be to push for his removal from office (not going to happen) if that fails; stop Bernie.


    • conversationsingw says:

      Or the Dem leadership is taking the long game. They know Trump is unbeatable in 2020, so they’ll maneuver Warren into being the winner and submarine Sanders.

      When Warren loses in 2020, she’s out of the running for 2024. She won’t have a chance to land the ’24 nomination, after losing the ’20 general. So one of the other Lefty Establishment candidates–Buttigieg, Harris, “V.I. Lenin,” Bloomberg, etc.–will have an easier time landing the D nomination.


  10. Our country is denigrating into a bigger joke. When you have such support for Soviet Bernie, then you have Fauxcahontas of the Lieallotta tribe from the Wewannaenslaveyou Nation being propped up. What happened to a country of Freedom loving people that abhors a legal theft ring called the government to exist?


  11. Hasenpfeffer says:

    Are people overlooking Bloomberg??? He has billion$ at his disposal – enough to be picked VP with the war chest at worst case scenario. As a former NYer – Bloomberg is the worst possible type of politician. He uses capitalist rhetoric to force social change a true Trojan horse candidate. He turned NYC into a playground for rich international oligarchs and looks to that to America. Talk about someone who would embrace China wholeheartedly. This should scare people the most.

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    • Ausonius says:

      Gloomberg is running a ridiculous ad here in Ohio: Donald Trump is causing climate disasters!

      Yes, that is how powerful Presidentl Donald Trump is! Like Pudge*, TRUMP CONTROLS THE WEATHER!!!



    • abel says:

      no ones listening to bloomberg. he’s a dud. literally he’s that pathetic.
      interesting concept about him making himself auto vp. why wouldnt you want a billion plus donor as vp. bloomberg has a viable route to the whitehouse if the pres dies.
      “i’m bloomberg! i got fired….blaa blaa”…turn the channel.


      • abel says:

        oh and to all the moochelle proponents. she’s highly unlikeable as well when she opens her mouth. a token do nothing that has been affirmative actioned into every dollar she’s conned out of guilty america.
        what’s her platform? i hate america and crackers and she’s $200M victim who’s never held a real job? pulease. the woman is an angry racist dolt.

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        • jello333 says:

          Agreed, I think Barack’s wife is VERY unlikable. I’m not sure how anyone can’t see that. Even a lot of those on the Left kinda roll their eyes when they talk about how fantastic she is. Sure they’d vote for her, but they don’t REALLY believe all the over-the-top compliments. So I doubt very much she’ll be the one swooping in to save the Dems. If for no other reason than she might be the WORST choice to try to bring in former Bernie supporters.

          In fact, I can’t really see Bernie encouraging his supporters to switch over to ANY of the current candidates. But as I’ve said before, I think there IS one person who might be taken seriously, and wouldn’t necessarily turn off Bernie’s people either. And despite being filthy rich, he’d done enough good with his money that even Bernie would have trouble tearing him down.

          I’m talking Bill Gates. I’ve said before and I’ll say it again… if the Convention is thrown into disarray to the point a “savior” is considered, then I wouldn’t be at all surprised. And while I’m not the least bit concerned about Trump’s chances against any of the current candidates (or Michelle Obama either), Gates would concern me a bit. And should he take someone like Tulsi Gabbard as his running mate? Let’s just say, I hope it doesn’t happen.


  12. sDee says:

    The globalists simply need someone trusted in the White House – someone who will sign what they need signed. If they have the gift of a smooth sell, that is even better. The media takes care of everything else. The RNC and DNC always oblige.

    Donald J Trump and us Deplorables blew up their line of secession.

    So, that would have been Biden for 2020, but even the globalists’ media can no longer prop that guy up. They can trust Warren OK. She may campaign on one thing but she will sign they tell her to.

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  13. markone1blog says:

    What gets me is that the Des Moines Register endorsed Liz at the same time that they admitted a number of her programs would be disastrous.


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