Sunday Talks: White House Impeachment Lawyer Robert Ray Interview With Maria Bartiromo…

One of the White House impeachment lawyers, Robert Ray, sits down for an interview with Maria Bartiromo to discuss the impeachment trial.

As customary with most high-profile defense team assemblies, it would appear there are three or four of the team who have been selected primarily to articulate the legal arguments in the media arena; while the co-lead counsels (Cipollone & Sekulow) focus on the trial detail and presentations therein.

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34 Responses to Sunday Talks: White House Impeachment Lawyer Robert Ray Interview With Maria Bartiromo…

  1. thedoc00 says:

    I hope they are at least in close touch with and are debriefing the House Republicans who shredded each and every Democrat Hearing.

    They know the witnesses,
    they know Democrat Managers and their lawfare staff,
    they were actually in the hearings and know the testimony 1st hand and what Schiff has hidden,
    they can identify the holes in Schiff’s printed evidence and again ID what he has selectively omitted.
    They know how to attack in a congressional hearing. This is not a courtroom.

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  2. bessie2003 says:

    So was wondering, whenever people mention if the Dem’s get their way and call witnesses that the Rep.’s will then call Hunter and Joe Biden. I would rather have the Republican’s call the other often overlooked party as a witness, Crowdstrike. That would surely put the Dem’s in a completely different mindset.

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    • littleanniefannie says:

      I said the same thing. Call Brennan, Comey, Clapper, etc. if they want Sec. of State Pompeo then we want SoS Clinton! They only know how to play dirty. Witnesses come in and testify in pairs. None of this they get their witnesses and then the ones we want have sudden onset dementia. They want Bolton, we get Schiff. They want Mulvaney, we want Valerie Jarrett. See the way it works?

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      • The Trouble is, Brennan, Comey, Clapper etc. Would all lie and the media will back them up… Unless there are documents in-hand, I don’t think it’s a good idea.


        • Julian says:

          And then AG Barr would haul them into the DOJ and indict them wouldn’t he! That’s his job right?


        • DD More says:

          Then we talk to @Johnheretohelp and ask about the Sep 11th 2019, tweet

          To Rod, Brennan, Comey, Mueller, Holder, Lynch, McCabe, Page, Strzok, and many others.
          My dearest friends, remember all those debriefings? Those tasking meetings? How bout when you threatened me and my family to betray Trump? Remember the intrusive strip searches and pat downs because you knew my specialty was documenting in difficult scenarios? Do you remember how lax you got? How I would unplug and hand you my tiny digital recorder and you would remove the battery?

          Now, do you remember how you always checked for another recording device after that?

          Yeah, neither do I. Almost 9000 hours of audio coming your way. Play all the word games you idiots want with txts and emails. People are going to hear it all in your own words. The pain is coming.😎

          Or maybe just a LARP.


    • That would be former FBI Washington Bureau Chief Shawn Henry, now of CrowdStrike.. Yes–he could tell us all about Ukraine, about Sharyl Attkisson’s computer and about Hillary’s server, etc.

      Then we could call Mary McCord, IG Michael Atkinson and Eric Ciaramella to tell us about their collusion with Schiff. I’d even like to hear from the State Dept. official who coached Amb. Yovanovitch on how to sugarcoat Handout Hunter for her confirmation hearing.

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    • sedge2z says:

      POTUS Trump specifically mentioned ‘Crowdstrike’ in the Ukraine telephone conversation. It’s in the transcript. We were gifted with that breadcrumb by our VSGPDJT.

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  3. islandpalmtrees says:

    Here is great opening question for the trial.

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    • bertdilbert says:

      The only way to end this now never ending impeachment the democrats are trying to pull off is to nuke Schiff’s district. The democrats have no shame. Even if acquitted, the democrats will roll back their sleeves and do it again and again until election day.

      This is the new normal. Democrats trying to overthrow an election. There is another way we can do this without a nuke.

      Previously I suggested that after the impeachment was thrown out, that the articles of impeachment be tossed into a trash can and rolled back to the house in set on fire While the idea was well received I have added a twist.

      Same parade and fanfare with the trash can in front of the house doors. As the Senators spread for their media photo op, out pops Barron Trump who places a cardboard flame and smoke into the trash can. Barron Trump then pulls apart a scroll that says “I am Barron Trump and I approve this message” Just like his dad does with any important signing, he pans back and forth with the scroll for the media to get their fill.

      It would be the most epic mocking the world has ever seen. Pelosi and her crew being mocked by a 13 year old boy. The left not only hates the name Trump, they hate the name Barron as well.

      This should turn out epic mocking memes for a couple of weeks. Welcome to reality politics.

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    • Daniel M. Camac says:

      islandpalmtrees, AND GOD SAID: On Saturday I removed what was left of Shifty’s soul and threw it to the One Who’s Name We Do Not Speak (hint: It’s not McStain). On Sunday, I rested. Now I have to continue my works because those who oppose me are crazier than even I had imagined. Yeah, I know. I know everything. What has happened since your infantile time began and what will happen when you infantiles cease to exist is an experiment in progress but DANG NABBITT, I thought this part was just a commercial in the realm of times.

      Anyhow, Rest assured I do love the United States of America. That’s why I brought Donald on board. He hasn’t got his wings yet but he’s working up a pretty decent resume. Ha.

      Stay faithful. Stay alert. Stay away from Fake News and remember the 6th commandment.

      It’s not murder it they fire on you first.

      Goodnight, and God Bless. Hat tip to Red Skelton on this one.

      Haha, I always like to put that in there as a funny cuz people think I’m so serious.

      AND I AM NOW.


  4. gildie says:

    They should call in Sundance with his arm full of folders & just cut him loose.
    That woulds give D’alessandro pause while she cracks the second seal on her stash of Sneaky Pete for the day.

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  5. Robert VanBrunt says:

    Sekulow, So Chairman Schiff are you going to submit “pictures nake Trump” as evidence?

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  6. islandpalmtrees says:

    President Trump’s Senior legal advisor Jenna Elllis on “the next Revolution” tonight on Fox.
    —Impeachment as to be dismissed out of hand.
    —No witnesses needed

    Topic Impeachment
    L­i­f­e, L­i­berty & Levin [ Full ] 1/19/20

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  7. no-nonsense-nancy says:

    Interviewers are so focused on the questions they are supposed to ask. When he answered that he didn’t expect any republicans to vote for impeachment she immediately went to her next question, I wanted him to elaborate on that and I think he was about to. A shame, really.


  8. trump20162024 says:

    Why isn’t Joe diGenova leading the Trumpster’s defense?

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    • glissmeister says:

      More valuable on the outside. Plus, he and wife Victoria are representing other clients related to the U1 and other fiascos involving whistleblowers yet to come into view.

      And then there’s still the matter of Solyndra.

      Machine Democrats and their endless syndicate schemes of graft, diversion and conversion. Obama was little more than Chicago, nationwide.


    • islandpalmtrees says:

      Good question: Maybe he is busy, preparing for the Rudy reveal, if witnesses are called.


    • DebbieSemms says:

      Because he has better attorneys?


  9. islandpalmtrees says:

    The first 90 minutes of this trial by the defense will determine what happens next.

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  10. islandpalmtrees says:

    If witnesses, are allowed to be called by President Trump’s defense team, then I am expecting, all hell to brake out. Ending with allot of people, shown to be corrupt on national tv.


    • sedge2z says:

      Calling in witnesses may be the Dems & Lawfare’s plan to weasel their way into the Mueller report and expose all the subjects/people that currently are redacted.

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  11. Linda K. says:

    Ray seems ok to me. Confident.


  12. Magabear says:

    So if this is correct, Team Trump could ask for a dismissal vote at any reasonable time during the shampeachment trial? I’d do it right after the Trump team eviscerates the demonrat shampeachment clowns.


  13. Mr. Morris says:

    Andrew Peek, a brilliant student at Princeton went on to many more academic achievements. He was a fanboy for the Afghanistan surge, Gen Petraeus, Gen. Allen, Chuck Hagel, and Presidents G.W. Bush and Obama.
    He ridiculed the Presidential campaign of Donald Trump and said he would never be President.
    He basically said Trump was smart but clueless about foreign affairs.
    It must be coincidental that the witnesses Adam Schiff called before his committee were all convinced that they and not President Trump were brilliant and should direct foreign policy.


    • sDee says:

      It is not that Congress wants to direct foreign policy per se. The globalists have dictated foreign policy for decades, through the likes of the CFR, NSC, and deep state henchmen. They also dictated that the House remove President Trump. The optics would have been bad had Ryan and the Uniparty(R) led impeachment, so he exited.

      They end game is global governance. Everything we see on the surface are means to that end.

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  14. Rynn69 says:

    Take care of yourself, Maria. Heard she was under the weather and she is a pivotal voice for truth out there…

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