President Trump and President Putin Call Readout…

“Yesterday, President Vladimir Putin of Russia called President Donald J. Trump to thank him for information the United States provided that helped foil a potential holiday terrorist attack in Russia.

Both Presidents committed to continuing counterterrorism cooperation between the two countries. The Presidents also discussed the state of relations between the United States and Russia and future efforts to support effective arms control.” (link)

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106 Responses to President Trump and President Putin Call Readout…

  1. Sean Supsky says:

    Time to drive the moonbats crazier

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    • Janie M. says:


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      • Wait until he accepts Putin’s invitation to Moscow next year for end of WW2 celebration.Full Dem meltdown!

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        • Janie M. says:

          Marka, exploding heads with hair on fire!! 💥🔥🤣


        • I think that it would be extremely appropriate. Russia (being the biggest part of “the Soviets” …) certainly bore the worst price in blood during that War, and it was the invasion of Manchuria – not(!) the Atomic Bomb – which ultimately caused the Japanese surrender. If Russia is preparing a celebration, then I think that representatives of all of the Allies should make it a very special point to be there.

          The (rest of the …) Allies “did not do well by the Soviets” immediately after the peace was signed. In fact, Churchill briefly had serious plans to attack them! And of course, “the Cold War” was a very, very strange time indeed. (Although immensely profitable for military industrialists?) Nevertheless, that history should not prevent Allies representatives from attending Moscow’s celebrations.

          “Never Forget.”

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          • Jeff hansen says:

            Absolutely. I don’t defend Stalin on much of anything, but the willingness of the Russian people to bear such horrible losses of military men and civilians due to the Nazi invasion must be acknowledged. Stalin’s Russia was responsible for the large majority of Germans killed in battle and turned the tide of the war. Even Putin would acknowledge that it would not have been possible without American supplies that were often transported just North of Japan to Russia and the convoys to Britain through the war.

            Stalin was the only leader to enter into alliances with everyone. The only one that endured was with the allies through the end of the war.

            Who knows, maybe Trump can find common ground with Putin and forge a new path forward. Until then sanctions and containment will have to do.

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      • Dutchman says:

        Appreciate the,sentiment, but that simply IS NOT POSSIBLE.
        Crazy may be a relative term, but moonbat, batsh*t crazy is a binary condition; either you IS, or you AIN’T.

        They IS, and apperently there ain’t no cure.


    • carterzest says:

      Finally, Documented Russian Collusion!

      We got him now


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      • Bill Durham says:

        Whistle blower will be ready with his “perspective” of the call based on what he heard some guy tell another guy on a cab ride that he heard on a speaker phone….

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    • cbjoasurf says:

      President Trump, living in LIBERALS heads 24/7-365 “RENT FREE”.
      Best President >>> BY FAR<<< in my 6+ decade lifetime !!!

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  2. John says:

    The President should have released the call details to the Flight of the Valkyries. Have to watch the latest Maddow collusion theory tonight now……. not.

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  3. booger71 says:

    Too bad our own FBI didn’t use the intell they got from Russian Intell sources to shut down the Tsnarv (sp) brothers before they acted.

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  4. hagarthorrible says:

    what is wrong with talking to your geo-political rivals rather blasting each other into vapor? the American Left was enamored with all things Russian until the Communist Leftist Soviet Union fell, now they despise all things Russian. Reagan hastened the fall of Soviet power through talking to Gorbashev and Yeltsin, Trump is right (and presidential) by doing the same. MAGA 2020!

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    • Democrats don’t hate Russia or they wouldn’t have sold them our uranium supply and given half million-dollar speeches at PutinBank in downtown Moscow.

      Democrats used Russia. Instead of trying to frame Donald Trump through a phony criminal charge where he would have real Due Process rights, they used Muh Russia! to frame him in a secret counterintelligence court and spy on him. Once Seth Rich turned up murdered, it became absolutely mandatory that it be a Russian hack of the DNC. That’s why they went berserk when the President mentioned CrowdStrike.

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    • Pale rider says:

      They want corrupt governments in power as in the Ukraine. Putin may not be a ‘buddy’ like say Israel but they are not an enemy as say China.
      Russia doesn’t want to lose their country to globalists and we have lied to them numerous times through people like Clinton and Ozero.
      We are infested with these PC critters who don’t have a clue what is behind this racist PC smoke. Putin does Trump does and they are allies on that level that means the left hates them both especially together.
      China would drive the stake in our heart if given the chance, maybe Russia but IMO they would honor our government and sovereignty unless we try to overthrow them.

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    • X XYZ says:

      what is wrong with talking to your geo-political rivals rather blasting each other into vapor?

      To the Left, and the neocons, that is grounds for impeachment.

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      • Pale rider says:

        Well as always Trump shows why. The corruption in these governments is where the money comes from and as true allies it would have to be honest dealings. Remember Ozero trying to turn the Israeli elections?
        Im sure there are people out there who have been telling these stores but nobody would/could believe how bad it really is. The President is being attacked by his own government while other countries watch. Im sure China is ‘licking their chops’. Who benefits if we fall?? I would say no jewish or christian nation, and thats where the spiritual battle comes to the surface.
        Anyway, lots of prophecy and scripture on this of how this falls.

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    • nimrodman says:

      ” …the American Left was enamored with all things Russian until the Communist Leftist Soviet Union fell …”

      “Even Russians Love Their Children Too” – the tag line from a sappy Sting song when Leftys were convinced Ronald Reagan was going to hit the red button and set off WWIII. The intent was to humanize the Soviet Union and portray them as reasonable people who love their children, just like us.

      Not that that wasn’t correct, but the Leftys extended no similar understanding and humanization to President Reagan, who they portrayed as an evil megalomaniac intent on vaporizing Russia with a first strike.

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    • cali says:

      @hagarthorrible: Beginning in 2015 and all throughout the 2016 election ’til today the anti-Russian propaganda driven by the Atlantic Council, Brooking Inst, the left and Neocons reached dangerous levels bordering on criminal. Framing Russia for the DNC hack perpetrated by Google and CrowdStrike, framing Putin and president Trump colluding to steal the election, labeling president a traitor guilty of treason by Brennan, HRC, McCain and the rest of the gang did unbelievable damage to Putin and our president.

      The world was listening and watching!

      To this day and despite all the lies told and propagandized by the media one can’t say anything positive about Russia and Putin in general without being labeled with ‘Comrade, Russian Bot” and much worse names I won’t mention here.

      Thinking about why they did it is even more scary: It was the attempt to frame Russia in advance for the engineered nuke attack here in the homeland by the deep state after Hillary’s win.
      It was meant to legitimize the declaration by HRC of WWIII against Russia despite being a lie which the deep state set up as a means to get to their goal: the (N) World Order.

      Remember HRC was suppose to be the last president and the last election in this republic.

      Thankfully God blessed us and spared us from that apocalyptic plan by these psychopaths hellbent to our destruction because he enabled the election of president Trump.
      For that he expects us to do right, set things right but most of all restore this republic to its original ideas and founding.
      We are blessed beyond what we deserved. Don’t let us squander these blessings and please pray for our president, his family, his team and the alliance fighting this fight which is not about politics but between good and evil.

      Thank you all and a Happy New Year! 🙂

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  5. Harvey Lipschitz says:

    Will Schiff weasel blower post a report on that call?

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  6. Russia having the 4th largest Christian population why wouldn’t we want to be friends rather than enemies?

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  7. More collusion the dems cry!


  8. More collusion the dems cry!


  9. MitchRyderDetroitWheels says:

    Well the whistleblowers on that call should be out before the turkey is done on New Year’s Day

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  10. GB Bari says:

    Short call? or just a short report.
    Let the rampant speculation begin.
    Or not.
    Wonder if President Trump brought up Putin’s hypersonic long range missile, just announced.
    Probably not. PDJT knows that fancy weapons cannot bring economic health to a country still struggling with corrupt oligarchs wielding too much power. Our POTUS still holds the best cards and he knows it.

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  11. Kerry Gimbel says:

    Yes Schiff will see a dim light bulb go off in his head and say, “ by golly, that’s worth another article of impeachment!”

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  12. bluecat57 says:

    Call read out? Is that a transcript? A word for word transcript? Made by a person from an independent third country who hates Trump and Putin? Who doesn’t speak Russian or English? If not, I don’t trust it.


  13. Pa Hermit says:

    For your Monday humor. Maybe a shade off topic, but a little bit of humor on POTUS, Putin, and Hillary. Enjoy:


  14. bluecat57 says:

    How nice of Schiff to take time out of his holiday to make something up.

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  15. X XYZ says:

    “See? See? He’s colluding with Russia again! He’s talking on the phone to Pootin again!
    Collluuuusion! Stop him before he does it again! Impeeach him!”

    But he’s already being impeached.

    “But, but…Let’s Impeach him even more!”

    Now as if impeachment isn’t rare enough, and variable enough, with so many uncertainties involved, here’s another unanswerable riddle. If a president is under impeachment, can he be impeached again on other charges while the first impeachment is proceeding? Concurrent vs. consecutive. Or is the House of Rips too involved with trying to prosecute the first impeachment to do that? (Obviously he could be impeached as many times as the House of Rips wants to do it in the future. That’s the weaponization of impeachment…)

    Can a president be impeached a second time while the first impeachment is proceeding? Adding additional charges to the first impeachment is a different question – but both are in uncharted territory.

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    • Issy says:

      They make the rules up as they go along, so anything is possible.

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    • betseyross says:

      You know they would try. Anything is possible with the Pinko Dems.

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      • X XYZ says:

        “Pinko”. I haven’t heard that word uttered or thought of it in decades. But I woke up this morning and for some unexplained reason that word popped into my mind.

        So why is today different than decades ago? Back then socialists & communists were more subtle or discreet about their socialism. Now they shove it in your face, stridently, brashly. All the Dems are proud to be running on a socialist platform to a large degree. Is this “the last hurrah”? “Feel the Bern!” Yeah, try to walk it back now. Good luck with that.

        As the gays like to do, they outed themselves. Good. They have now revealed themselves. As long as they don’t attain power they can think and say anything they want. But if (or is it when?) they attain power, then, as was also said decades ago the scene becomes that of “Houston, we have a problem.”

        (Sigh). Nobody calls problems problems any more. Today it’s “I have an issue… I need a tissue.” Maybe in the future Americans will have to start solving problems again. 😉

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        • Dutchman says:

          Only 1/2 the Conmunists have “outed” themselves, the other half only have pink underwear.
          Buy, “their slips are showing”, and their bra straps, too.
          Yeah, “Pinko” meant leaning red, but trying not to be too obvious.
          The pinkos now are the Decepticon Republicons in Congress, and they are being forced out of stealth mode, every day.


  16. chojun says:

    Trump colluded with Putin to prevent member(s) of the religion of peace from exercising their rights to political speech. Surely this means that the orange man (who is very bad) is a puppet of Putin. Obviously Putin smiled as he spoke with his lapdog Drumpf (he is a bad man, very bad, bad, a bad, very bad, very orange, xenophobic, bad man). Hillary surely would never have allowed this to happen. It was her turn.

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  17. As much as I LOVE Trump…sometimes I wonder just how he could turn such a fu*king BLIND eye in allowing the dirty DOJ & FBI to continue their cover-ups unimpeded from the antiseptic of disclosure.


    • X XYZ says:

      Trump is nobody’s fool. I’m sure he understands the old phrase about giving someone enough rope to hang himself. Actually, the FBI, CIA, etc. will continue their same behavior, because it is ingrained in them – same as a snail that cannot leave its shell. After a person has reached the age of maturity and their character has been formed, it is very hard, if not impossible for anyone to change his character. So if they were allowed to continue in their criminal ways and have the evidence mount and accumulate, it would be easier to convict them later, the longer it went on, unimpeded.

      Speaking of rope and the freedom to act, it brings to mind old Jeff Epstein. Maybe he really did hang himself. All it would have taken was to have given him the rope and turned all the cameras off, including have all the guards turn a blind eye to whatever happened, then falsifying their reports. The last elements of the cameras and guards actually happened. Those events are proven FACT, not speculation. Why murder anyone who is ready, willing and able to do the deed himself, when all he needed was someone to give him enough rope and the unchecked opportunity? And it is SO very easy to dispose of a simple piece of rope…especially with all the cameras turned off.

      Murder by proxy?

      What does it mean to do something by proxy?
      If you do something by proxy, someone else does it for you.
      Not TO you. FOR you.


      • No, Epstein did not kill himself, nor has there ever been the slightest bit of (reliable) evidence that he wanted to (the earlier claimed attempt was refuted by Epstein via his attorney).


        • X XYZ says:

          But Epstein did die from hanging. That’s a fact. The cameras were off and the guards who saw nothing are also a documented fact, not coincidence. So there is no proof that he was murdered. But he wasn’t stupid and he had plenty of motive to spare himself what he knew would be coming.


          • What proof do you have of a hanging death? The broken hyoid bone? Or the testimony of top forensic pathologists that the extreme evidence points to manual strangulation instead of suicide?
            Are you a troll? Or a bot?


            • X XYZ says:

              “…the earlier claimed attempt was refuted by Epstein via his attorney”

              From Epstein’s attorney’s mouth to your ears? Well if that’s you idea of proof, and that convinced you, and it justifies your belief, then so be it. Since there is no proof that it was a murder, that is merely a belief. Since I don’t believe in murder conspiracies that have no proof you are quick to insinuate that I’m a troll. And maybe that’s to defend a belief that all devout conservatives MUST believe that Epstein was murdered by the Clintons or someone like them.

              Since you call yourself “doofus”, I’ll agree that the name befits you.

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          • Dutchman says:

            X XYZ,
            Gotta wonder why you would latch on to a comment about giving the DOJ/FBI enough rope to hang themselves, and use that to launch a weak argument that Epstien hung himself?

            Next you’ll be insisting that the DOJ made 17 “mistakes” in filing the CP FISA application, and there is no “proof” of bias, or maliscious intent, they were just sloppy.


            • X XYZ says:

              You can wonder. No problem with wondering.

              I also wonder. I wonder how it is that you can predict what I will say next. Apparently you have clairvoyant powers. But it’s more likely that you only like being provocative by putting words into the mouths of others.


              • Dutchman says:

                Projection, as I posted nothing provacative, and anyone familiar with this site would know than posting that Epstien really DID hang himself because “there is no proof he didn’t” is going to be provacative, and engender push back.


                • X XYZ says:

                  These are your words, in attempt to misrepresent me: “Next you’ll be insisting that…”

                  Now you misquote me, saying that I said “there is no proof he didn’t” hang himself.
                  What I actually said was “So there is no proof that he was murdered”.

                  I also said “Maybe he really did hang himself”. You deliberately ignore my saying “maybe” and attack me through words I never said, substituting those of your own device.

                  Yep, Dutchman, you think you can read minds. But everyone can review the thread and see your spin tactics.


                • Dutchman says:

                  Yes, everyone CAN review the thread, and reach their own conclusions.
                  As for me, I’m done.


  18. Robert Smith says:

    You give and get in a good relationship.

    I could see this greater trust being immediately useful in the Syria theater.

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  19. A2 says:

    The Daily Mail had a report, with footage about the terrorists captured by a tip off from the US FBI.

    ‘ Dramatic moment Russian security services used FBI tip-off to swoop on Russian terror suspects ‘plotting New Year’s attack’ as Kremlin says Putin called President Trump to thank him
    Putin thanked Trump ‘for information transmitted through the special services’
    Russian security forces detained two Russians suspected of preparing terrorism
    Kremlin said they planned atrocities on St. Petersburg during the celebration
    Security service said it was grateful for intelligence from its ‘American partners’

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  20. mikeyboo says:

    I like the idea of Russia and US uniting against the Islamists. It is a war which is already in progress and will continue whether we wish it or not. Best that the rest of humanity be prepared to unify and resist until the threat is demolished.

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  21. Jim Comey is a weasel_Doug says:

    Hyper sonic missile technology—Skolovo—HillaryObama

    Good for national security?

    What a couple of F ups.

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  22. mikedeplorable60 says:

    Vladimir Pozner: How the United States Created Vladimir Putin


  23. fred5678 says:

    Does this mean that our NSA surveillance of Russia is better than the FSB’s surveillance of their own citizens?? Wow.

    When Russia tipped off our FBI to the Tsarnov brothers it was because of their travel and connections in Russia (Chechnya). This incident was because of NSA’s surveillance of people and events inside Russia.


  24. Harvey Lipschitz says:

    ……………………just wait till after the election!!!!


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