Win/Win – Speculation of Mike Pompeo Running for Kansas Senate Seat…

Several news articles are speculating that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo might run for the U.S. Senate Seat from Kansas [Here and Here].  If accurate, that move would seem to solve a few personnel issues in a rather diplomatic way.

Since the Sept./Oct. impeachment operation started there has been a considerable shift notable in the relationship between President Trump and Secretary Pompeo; especially after officials from within the Dept. of State came out strong against President Trump after CIA whistle-blower Eric Ciaramella lit the fuse…. and Pompeo was, well, essentially mute.

Getting rid of Pompeo for a Senate bid would be a win/win.

Absent the dangerous Siren voice from Nikki Haley :::spit-spit-spit::: moving Treasury Sec. Mnuchin (or similar) to State would be a good transition.  Mnuchin already knows the players and has contacts therein etc.  A Senate Foreign Relations Committee confirmation should be seamless, well, sans the predictable Mitt Romney grandstanding.

Spitballing CTH could see moving Mick Mulvaney (or similar) to Treasury (Senate Finance Confirmation) and then put Mark Meadows in as chief-of-staff and/or Robert O’Brien with Meadows becoming Nat Sec Advisor.   Or something similar.

Internationally, geopolitically and economically, term two is obviously going to be more EU centric (U.K and EU trade etc.)… while grouchy panda takes a backseat and has to prove his reform promises were genuine.  Panda being tied up in promises leaves room to navigate the hostage release of Little Rocketman.

Meanwhile the strategic, fracturing, pressure on the EU would be a role Mnuchin would seem well adept to deliver….

Regardless, the Senate campaign is a diplomatic way of getting Pompeo out of the picture.

I’d wager President Trump will find a way to encourage Pompeo to run.

A primary race between Mike Pompeo and Kris Kobach would be interesting.

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284 Responses to Win/Win – Speculation of Mike Pompeo Running for Kansas Senate Seat…

  1. Sherri Young says:

    The Deep State must be profoundly unhappy that Pompeo remains in place. This is from “The Atlantic”.

    “Battered by haphazard decisions and neglect, the State Department has seen a mass exodus of diplomats during the Trump administration. Now some former diplomats are so worried about what another Trump term would mean—further erosion of alliances, more loss of credibility with friends and foes alike—that they are for the first time taking their services and experience to 2020 candidates, hoping to stop him.

    But whom to pick?

    A former diplomat concerned about immediately working to repair relationships with foreign counterparts, and returning to “business as usual” American diplomacy, might favor Joe Biden…”

    “…The union that represents diplomats said in November 2017 that the State Department had lost 60 percent of its career ambassadors. They were either fired, pushed to resign, or reassigned, according to personal statements released upon departure, interviews after the fact, and media reports. In May 2018, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo rescinded a 16-month-long hiring freeze implemented by his predecessor, and the numbers have slowly started to climb back up. But Pompeo has also attempted to fill career vacancies with political appointees, sparking a showdown with Senate Democrats.”

    IOW, Pompeo has squeezed out the old guard and replaced them with Trump supporters. That is win/win.


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    • MBB says:

      Atlantic has lost all credibility. What a hilarious quote. The king of graft will certainly bring our foreign-policy back into line. Maybe Hunter Biden for VP? Baby Mama and new wife in the White House. Sounds like a good reality show. More fun than the Palins. They didn’t do crack.

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      • Sherri Young says:

        I chose The Atlantic specifically because they are Lib/Globalist/DeepState aligned. If they think Pompeo’s term at State has been disasterous, that means Pompeo is serving POTUS and our republic extremely well.

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      • Zorro says:

        Of course Dems have never filled positions with”political appointees”.

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      • MBB says:

        Sherry: I meant no criticism of you with my post. I thank you for posting it. It just made me laugh. State Dept could lose 90% of its employees and I would be fine with it if those smug azz wipes testifying at impeachment are typical and I imagine they are.


    • Peoria Jones says:

      Sherri, I like Pompeo. I’m willing to unlike him, if he gets in the way of PDJT. Having a few personal policy differences (if, in fact, that is even the case) is not an issue for me, if the man supports the MAGA agenda. PTrump knows that NO ONE is going to see things 100% as he does.

      If he were undermining PTrump, I will throw him under the bus and back over him to make sure. But at this point, SD’s thoughts don’t compute for me. I have so many questions, and the potential logical answers simply don’t jibe together.

      Any musical theorist knows that it’s not just the notes or beats which are played, but also those which are NOT that are important. Great percussionists and bass players master this for feeling and tension. Great music is intended to manipulate one’s emotion. I suppose Pompeo’s “silence” in this regard could be interpreted either way.

      One thing I do know, is I have zero trust in ANYTHING the mass media wants me to think. And I continue to keep a beady eye out for the rest. 😉

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  2. rjones99 says:

    Here’s a suggested rt on this BS tweet by Chaos Actual which is bouncing around between the controlled opposition artists:

    Am i smelling some gas and burnt matches? Does CA have dog in the hunt for truth?

    Or, did I somehow miss all the corruption within Dept of State being cleaned up? If I didn’t miss that, perhaps I missed the thread where CA proves Rudy is blowing smoke?

    Hmmmmm…weird. Right?


  3. flatlandgoober says:

    Since I still live in Kansas, I like the choice between Pompeo and Kobach. And I pray that the KS GOP doesn’t take a dive on this one like they did on the Governor race last time. Laura Kelly is a damn fool and we can’t afford any more of them in power.

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    • Desert Dreamer says:

      It’s a sad day when Kelly and Sharice Davids won. Just more proof California and the east coasters are moving to Kansas. We are out of here in 2020.

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  4. WhiteBoard says:

    ron johnson called the SECRET MEETINGS Group out, then walked it back after backlash

    ron johnson should be the sentate intel guy


  5. MikeN says:

    How does Mulvaney get confirmed with his refusal to testify about Ukraine?


  6. Tom Hansen says:

    Richard Burr needs to be replaced as chair of the Senate Intel Comm. He has been working against the President.

    I would think if Pompeo is really interested in advancing his political career, that he would remain at SOS and do great things with Trump during the second term. He could be the number 1 Republican candidate for President in 2024.

    Running for Senate would be a step down for Pompeo. I would prefer a real pro Trump Senator in Kobach personally.

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  7. Julian says:

    Kris Kobach would be a better and more reliably MAGA Senator from Kansas – the only problem is – would he lose like he lost the Governor’s Race?

    I believe in a Presidential Election year he would win the Kansas Senate seat on the back of a greater turnout of Trump’s supporters.

    Just look at the difference between 2018 & 2016.

    IOW – If I was in Kansas I’d vote for Kobach ahead of Pompeo for Presidential Election year contest. Pompeo would be a better bet in an off year like 2022.

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