Speaker Pelosi Invites President Donald Trump to Deliver State of Union February 4th, 2020…

This is interesting. Last year Speaker Pelosi used the SOU invite to play out political games against President Trump.  This year, considering the political impeachment effort, I thought she would be likely to replay that scheme; but she didn’t.   This implies the private polling and public sentiment (ie. bbacklash) against her constituent democrats must be much more severe than is currently visible:

Per Hogan Gidley: President Donald J. Trump has accepted the Speaker’s invitation to deliver the State of the Union Address on February 4, 2020.

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301 Responses to Speaker Pelosi Invites President Donald Trump to Deliver State of Union February 4th, 2020…

  1. chojun says:

    Proof that Pelosi just might have Stockholm syndrome

    • Pedro Morales says:

      The DEMs greatest ally is their Archilles Heel—- The Legacy Media
      I got a buddy works in DEM circle (I know I know) and here is the problem. The DEMs still think its the 1970s when Uncle Walter had 50 million people watching. Nope. They still THINK CNN WAPO and NYT has a vast audience that can influence hundreds of millions of Americans. Nope. The combined audience of CNN WAPO and NYT (crossover audience) is under 2 million people. They play to 2 million people in NY Calif and Washington. So when CNN WAPO and NYT start cheer leading about Bombshells, Explosive Testimony, Dan Goldman is awesome, Schiff is brilliant, Nunes is a putz, the ambassadors are awesome, Jordan & radcliffe are dummies, Stefanik is fat— the DEMS in the confirmation bubble believe it! THE DEMS have CNN WAPO NYT push their agenda but they NEVER see when its not working. Their audience is small and people fact check them. So when they slant the coverage, the DEMS never know that the public can see thru it. My friend told me “we were stunned by Trumps & the impeachment poll numbers”. They never saw it coming. The MSM did more than they ever dreamed for them, and IT STILL DID NOT WORK! The MSM actually causes a backlash against the Dems and they NEVER see it. Do there ya go folks!

      • Dutchman says:

        And, they believed the skewed polls, as well. Surround yourself with yes men, you lose touch with reality.
        NO ONE left, willing to speak truth to power, on the Dem side.

      • JC says:

        Great info and insight, Pedro. Thank you.

      • Robert Smith says:

        They called Stefanik fat?

      • Raptors2020 says:

        So true, Pedro. Sometimes it seems like only Mitt Romney and people with erectile dysfunction (but I repeat myself) watch the evening newscasts. The New York Times is the echo chamber of a dying elite. What comes after?

      • Herbert Kroll says:

        2 million plus the shill media’s audience in the rest of the world, all the european press does is copy NYT and WP propaganda. The European attitude, as it is fed through the media is like “It’s all not that serious, just a play for the sake of politics, so don’t pay too much attention to it all..” Yet, the european corporate and state media. who all support the globalist agenda, know too well what’s coming: The Democrats and their cronies will be exposed, the new phase will be about damage control only.

    • Darren Ulrich says:

      More like Alzheimer’s diesease.

    • Ironclaw says:

      Chronic, terminal stupidity, that’s what all communists have.

    • MIKE says:

      I hope he tells Nanzi to stuff it, takes the SOTU night off, and just runs the video of his 10/13/2016 speech from west palm beach.

      • Raptors2020 says:

        Leftism is actually founded on two conceits: everyone else stinks, but I’m great. I’ve just summarized the politics of Obama and AOC, and most every undergrad in America. Let them explain why they’re so great. Why do you get to live well? Global warming dogma could actually be used to shame them into silence. Why do you get to consume petro-carbon energy, and destroy the world?
        The pull of neo-feudalist elitism drives them. American equality infuriates them. Open borders are essential to provide an underclass to justify their snobbery. The American middle class can only be a hindrance to their illusions. From Marx’s contempt for the petty bourgeoisie, to now, America’s middle class is just such a pain!

    • Pelosi is a drunk with medical problems.
      The Democrats have no one to help them find their way out of this mess, Lawfare and Lawrence Tribe is a bust and all of the money the Dems have paid these guys went down a black hole.

    • This will be the greatest SOTU address ever as President Trump uses the opportunity to rip the Dems and Nancy a new one in front of the entire country. Get your popcorn ready, everyone!

  2. bertdilbert says:

    I think the surprises that Trump mentioned yesterday concerning the next few days and weeks is more democrat defections to the republican party.

    • PInky1920 says:

      The evening of the SOTU address is officially my New Years Eve celebration nite, I will never need another.
      What the heck else in the last 100 years, and the next 100 to come could ever compare to what this is going to be like??
      I think the old hag sees her comeuppance in 2020.

    • Pedro Morales says:

      Pelosi is stalling and regrouping to buy some time. Its very likely she is going to get rid of Lawfare after this last fiasco. They have driven the Dems off a cliff. Pelosi was assured this latest scheme would work. She is looking at Lawfare’s body of work so far– Th Cohen hearing, John Dean, Mueller, Corey Lewandowski, the butthurt Ambassadors, Sonland, and the 3 law professors with TDS. Not exactly what she expected. Trump polling higher than Obama, Impeachment polls down for the Dems, Dems getting killed in swing states, and now Trump is out polling EVERY Dem in the national polls. Even Sleepy Joe! I am guessing Pelosi may fire Lawfare, leave Trump alone,, and focus on going after Mitch as a villain so she can keep House seats. She knows Trump if a big block of Kryptonite. She knows when a fight is over. she cant beat Trump, but she can try to save herself and some House Dems. Lawfare may be exiting the building soon….

      • Pale rider says:

        Im more inclined to think Hillary gave the pep talk years ago “If he gets elected we all hang”.
        Congress has accomplished nothing, she has fooled herself believing she will start now. They survive by protection from our DOJ and FBI and stealing from us.

        • rcogburn says:

          Hillary’s pep talk was highly motivating to those within gunshot, er, within earshot.

          • Sharon says:

            Haha! BTw, I examined the so-called epi-pen Hillary’s security carried openly. That was a single-shot pen gun. She was prepared to kill…even as she campaigned.

      • trialbytruth says:

        Interesting prediction Pedro
        Inspite of Lawfares ruthless interpretations of law and their attempts to take power not theirs. It is starting to become evidentiary that they are a dull tool
        Think back to those brilliant stoner days of college. ” Their could be millions of universes inside universes inside this eraser, why we might be living in someone else’s easier ” Perhaps these guys never put down the pipe.
        Combine that with the millennial generations tendency to replace theory testing with theory support. Their theories only seem to work in the right court rooms with the right judges.
        One thing is clear Natural Law is not demonstrable in their theories. Man understands and will bow to Natural Law. Other forms of law are threatening, resisted, and transparent in intent.
        You may be right Pedro Lawfares has made the Dems look petty, whiney, and weak. Nancy may indeed show them the door if she can find it.

      • Robert Smith says:

        I find it hard to believe Lawfare would be kicked out. They got their impeachment with nothing which is what they wanted.

      • Scott B. says:

        I suspect that one doesn’t just “give up” Lawfare – not without paying a hefty price.

      • Peppurr says:

        Beats me how she ever went with Lawfare after the Kavanaugh fiasco. That was pathetic. And Trump now polling higher than Obama!!!. He must be going bat chit crazy.lol Great post Pedro!

      • raptors2020 says:

        You are so wise, Pedro! Trump fights back, so why challenge him? Take on the Mitt-type wimps. Even Candy Crowley scared him. Most Republicans (Jeb!) will never understand that fighting back is the answer.
        I fear after Trump will come the Nikki Haley-type quislings who insist Trump was the problem, and fighting back is not bipartisan, or something..

      • GB Bari says:

        Pedro – I don’t know if you are correct about Pelousy giving Lawscare the boot, but it’s certainly possible – as is anything these days. Plus, your post reads well and it’s funny too.
        Thanks for making me laugh – it’s good medicine.

    • Beau Geste says:

      The sleazy dems would not have voted for impeachment en masse, if they were goingto defect.
      Hopefully PDJT is referring to something better…

      • vikingmom says:

        Hoping that he has been given a heads up on some indictments dropping VERY soon – the NYT piece on John Brennan may have been their admission (FINALLY) that maybe, just maybe every single thing done during the Obama years was not done as “by the book” as they all pretended to believe it was. Wonder if Brennan will take the fall or throw someone higher-up under the bus to save himself?
        Could be a Merry Christmas after all…

    • hokkoda says:

      What was the context for that? His meeting with that Democrat who jumped parties?

      • bertdilbert says:

        It was during that meeting, yes. While we do not know the exact nature, Barr stated he was “months away” in recent interview. So I lean toward defectors. Hoping for Tulsi Gabbard.

        • You mean the Tulsi Gabbard who voted PRESENT for the impeachment vote?? Yeah, she’s so great she couldn’t cast a vote in favor of PDJT and The Deplorables. With people like her who needs Romney?

          • bertdilbert says:

            If Trump could steal her from the democrat party it would be a lib explosion. The democrats have already called her a Putin puppet. Tulsi is a potential future star. Something the democrats are very short of.

        • hokkoda says:

          Tulsi is the Democrats’ 2019 version of Jim Webb…a perfectly decent person who is CLEARLY in the wrong party and comes to realize it as the primaries and debates unfold. I would have happily done a prisoner exchange of John Kasich for Jim Webb in 2015…
          Trump said, back when he did that hour-long Fox and Friends show in November that the IG Report was going to be epic (it was), and that Durham was going to have something to say shortly after. I don’t think Trump meant that short statement by Durham saying he did not agree with Horowitz on the issue of predication.
          The Mueller Report came out several months after the Flynn plea deal, and other non-Russia-collusion-related indictments. I wonder if we’ll see some of these “small fish” get rolled up earlier by Durham on his way to get Comey, Brennan, etc…
          Party Jumpers are very welcome too…

        • Ackman419 says:

          I’d say A Comey indictment.
          Tulsi….I’ve already warned my peeps about her. Can’t trust her at all, too many asteroids flying around that moon to land on. At worst, she will siphon off MAGA votes.

        • Robert Smith says:

          Did you know Tulsi was a vet who was present in war zone?!

          • H.R. says:

            And her dad was a mailman and she can eat a whole pancake in one bite!
            Oh… wait… that’s Kasich.
            Sorry, y’all. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference ‘mongst all these Uniparty critters.

    • Peppurr says:

      More winning!!! :-))

  3. dufrst says:

    Maybe explains why she’s holding on to impeachment. She doesn’t want Trump gloating about a Senate acquittal? Who knows what’s the motive in that sick head of Pelosi!

    • Raptors2020 says:

      She wants it over and forgotten now. The left wing nuts asked for this, and they got exactly what they asked for. Tom Steyer has to deliver some Senate seats if he wants more. Nancy gets to shrug now and say “that’s all I can do”. On to the 2020 election.

      • boogywstew says:

        Awww … I knew we could trust that sweet old gal! She was just kidding about that whole impeachment thingy! I can’t believe anyone took it so seriously! Group hug everybody!

    • Pale rider says:

      bingo, dufrst you got it.

  4. Ringo Phonebone says:

    “In the spirit of respecting our Constitution”
    LMFAO! You just can’t make this stuff up!

  5. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    I’m betting this time frame (Feb 4) fits in while the impeachment trial is ongoing. Or, the Dems hope that it does, anyways.
    Agreed that the polling on the Dems now, and Pelosi holding back the impeachment articles, must be awful for her to do this. But I don’t think it’s a gracious gesture, I think it’s meant to make POTUS look bad by having the date coincide with an impeachment trial.

    • MaineCoon says:

      Probably the date PT has planned to execute China-US Trade Agrmt with XI…or some other big event.
      Davos is Jan 21-24, Piglosi has some evil reason for picking that date.

    • Anonoma says:

      It’s the day after the Iowa caucuses. Why do Democrats want the optics of impeachment going on DURING the election? Both sides are being completely insane right now. It smells like some bizarre uniparty scheme.

    • L4grasshopper says:

      On the contrary, this date gives McConnell a timeframe for when to get it all wrapped up.
      And I’ve no doubt that, one way or another, The Turtle will have put Pelosi’s sham Impeachment in the rear view mirror before the SOTU.

    • DaughterofLiberty says:

      Yeah – it’s something – something’s is behind this. The SOTU is always in January. The Mistress of the Swamp always has a motive.

    • rcogburn says:

      The impeachment was planned and rushed to be done before Xmas.
      The stall on sending articles was planned and pushed it into January.
      In January when they get back, they’ve got something planned and ready to go
      Then Feb 4, PDJT walks onto the House Floor with House, Senate, SCOTUS, Cabinet, and every network covering.
      My guess is a “new bombshell” allegation, but it could also on the eve of his trial, or both, or something else we don’t know about. No way is this a gracious gesture!

  6. MaineCoon says:

    I stand by my post yesterday. Still think PT should do this.
    The U.S. Capital building is under the auspices of the NATIONAL PARKS SERVICE.
    The Office of the Presidency should inform NPS Director David Vela that the Office is reserving the entire Capital for President Trump’s SOTU on January , 2020 and the entire building is too be vacated for said use.
    Henceforth, PDJT invites all Senators, only R-Reps and a multitude of dignified guests of honor of PT’s and Melania’s choosing.
    Arrest and detain any trespassers refusing to vacate the Capital until the SOTU is complete.
    President Trump,
    When you finish your great speech, would you mind turning the lights off and the heat off too?
    TYIA. ???
    P.S. Sure miss Zinke.

  7. MAGA Scoop Twitter LibberTea says:

    Hold a RALLY instead for WE THE PEOPLE!

  8. barnabusduke says:

    Sad that I feel a Lawfare Group ploy at hand. No idea what could happen, but something just stinks big time to me. Can’t believe I’ve gotten so mistrustful of Dems… /s

    • The Devilbat says:

      I can’t believe that you or anyone else ever trusted them.

      • mac says:

        Well said, ‘Bat. ‘Rats are evil, stupid, vicious liars who hate normal people and who are not to be trusted about anything at any time. I learned that lesson long ago. They are the reason for Jim Mattis’ comments about having a plan to “deal with contingencies.” Don’t be around them if you can help it, and if you do have to be around them, treat them exactly the same as you would a rabid dog likely to bite at any time. Never turn your back on them.
        I wouldn’t trust one of them to return a library book, much less anything more important. Don’t talk to them, definitely don’t do business with them, avoid them wherever possible and vote against anything they approve of every time you get a chance. They are a cancer on the American body politic. Prepare and act accordingly.

    • Ketchikan says:

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Pedro Morales says:

      Lawfare’s batting average is below the Mendoza line. They have been a gift to POTUS! They have screwed up every hearing and are driving voters to Trump. People see a sham and a rigged game and they dont like it. You mean to tell me the only Law Professors they could find were 3 Dem hacks with TDS and a long paper trail? They couldn’t find a few Republican versions of Jonathon Turley? Seriously? They are trying to convince the public and they find 3 Twitter nuts who wear pink pu$$y hats and pick on Barron Trump! That was their A team? SD greatly overestimates Lawfare. Personally I think they are Trump’s double agents.

      • GB Bari says:

        I like your spirit, but I don’t think Lawfare are all idiots. I think Lawfare’s strategies are designed to work on the average John Q Public rather than the small minority who are constantly reading everything possible from the alternative media where good investigative work is being done..
        We are the beneficiaries of pretty good investigative and analytical insight from our host. He sees and reads what a lot of people and many of us see and read but he construes facts and associations that most others miss.
        Other sleuths are doing this too, SD reports on their work from time to time; and that collective body of evidence and analysis is not what the majority of folks are getting from the MSM.

  9. eric says:

    I bet Donald will Lambaste them good!!

  10. PatriotX says:

    President Trump cannot be out-maneuvered because he is on the right side of all things – the more the dems try to do to damage – the more they get damaged – they are very slow learners – they chose the hard way to learn…

  11. B. Franklin says:

    May I suggest that Comey, Brennan, Clapper, McCabe, Strokz, and a few others involved in Obama’s admin to be invited so they can be singled out for their contribution to our Republic, and here DJT could layout the whole scheme in front of the country in prime time. Once the recognition is given, have them all escorted out in handcuffs by John Durham’s FBI.

  12. HB says:

    I’m getting the feeling he’s going to win California next November

  13. disgustedwithjulison says:

    Is Nancy going to be respectful this year…or flip through her Botox Today magazine like she did last year while feigning disinterest in what Trump had to say. Either polling isn’t going well or they plan on “Pearl Harboring” VSGPDJT by delivering the articles of impeachment to Mitch McConnell at the State of the Union.

    • Greg1 says:

      Wow…….I can EASILY see them delivering the articles of impeachment to McConnell during the SOTU. With the media fully informed in advance, and without McConnell or Trump either one knowing about it. Then letting Trump know riiiiight before he gets up to speak, just to throw him off.
      Yeah, that would be something I can see democrats not only supporting, but doing.

  14. Tl Howard says:

    Sundance, do you think the Barr comments filmed two days ago OR POTUS’ comments that something big is about to happen had anything to do w/ Pelosi deciding, at least for now, not to deliver the articles to the Senate?

  15. FofBW says:

    Hillary is counting on Pelosi to soften up PT considerable before she makes her acceptance speech ot the DNC convention.
    IMO, if she does, PT will not be as kind (/s/) as he was the last time.

    • Pedro Morales says:

      The DNC has thrown in the towel. There is no White Knight. They are throwing the election and waiting for 2024. They may hand it to Bernie, let Trump win in a landslide, and destroy the left wing of the party. The REPs did the same thing to the teaparty movement. The Dems want to purge AOC + 3 and get back to their corporate, Neocon, Wall Street, roots. No DEM heavyweight is gonna take on Trump after this. He is too strong.

  16. straightstreet says:

    Pelosi is a conniving drunk biotch. I don’t trust anything she does or says in her continuous drunken stupor.

  17. ezpz2 says:

    Isn’t the SOTU typically given in January?

    • another face in the crowd says:

      yes but not always, President Trump gave it on Feb 5 last year.
      Typically is given late Jan or early Feb.

      • ezpz2 says:


      • Dutchman says:

        Constitution just says “from time to time”, and doesn’t even specify a speech.
        He could send them a letter, or do it as an address to the Nation. Gonna be a barnburner, for sure!
        State of our Nation is,….fantastic! Then go thru the ever growing list of HIS accomplishments, great economy, great National defence,….and the draw attention to, …..CONgress, um,..well not so good.

    • Rileytrips says:

      Yes, it is. I am thinking that Nasty Nancy believes that somehow in January, she and her minions will be able to get the Republican majority Senate to remove President Trump from office….therefore the February SOTU invite will be obsolete.

      • ezpz2 says:

        Nothing about ‘Nasty Nancy’ Plastic Pelosi or ANY of these evil dims would surprise me.
        Let’s not forget that she called POTUS an impostor a week or so ago. Now, she formally addresses him as:
        ‘The Honorable Donald J. Trump
        President of the United States’
        I can’t sand two faced back stabber.

  18. Fromseatoshinningsea says:

    This is confirmation of her insanity. This is saying, “Nothing personal big fella. We want you out of the White House but please come over for dinner.” PDJT has to accept if he doesn’t he looks vindictive but no president in our lifetimes has spoken to us the way this man has, so he will address this group of traitors and thieves but he will look past them. He will find a way to convert this it will Trump moment. He will win.

    • Fromseatoshinningsea says:

      She also is just conceded the 2020 electio. But we certainly can’t take this for granted we still have to contribute as much money as we can support local candidates that are American first and aren’t likely to steal our money and freedoms.

  19. hokkoda says:

    Send a letter, give a prime time speech at a MAGA rally inviting all GOP members of Congress!

  20. Sharon says:

    HA! I spit specifically in her direction.
    (I really hate it when people type in all caps, but there are times…………….)

  21. nerveman says:

    Any event that visually shows the Democrats acting like crybabies works to Trumps benefit. Let’s go.

  22. Johnny Boost says:

    Trump should hold an alternate venue for the SotU address. There’s no requirement that he give a speech from the floor of the House. Something stinks…

  23. CoHoBo says:

    It’s a trap!
    They are going to have the Capitol Police arrest him on the House floor.

  24. Ketchikan says:

    Don’t trust Pelosi. Who knows what they have planned.

  25. TwoLaine says:

    That will be one day after the first state DIM primary in Iowa.

  26. Alison Wilson says:

    Nah, she’s not being gracious. She sees how much blame she is getting for the mess she has made. She also sees that until she sends over the articles that he is not really, truly, honestly impeached. She sees that her attempt to grab the credit for USMCA is falling on mostly deaf ears, she sees that she bet it all and lost.
    She invited him in an effort to say “Acting unconstitutional, ME? Look, I did what I am supposed to do an invited him over for a speech.”
    I wish Trump had said, “gosh, Nancy, that’s nice of you. But I think I’ll skip it this year and just do an oval office address instead.”

    • disgustedwithjulison says:

      That was the answer she was hoping for…..Trump graciously accepting messes up a story they had fully loaded about how petulant he is to not accept the invitation.

  27. rcogburn says:

    SD, I think your instinct is correct – she WILL use the SOU to play out political games – she just won’t use the one she played last year.
    I agree that public opinion is so bad for them right now, they appear to be lying low. Which means they’re coordinating something now, out of sight, to be revealed in time for SOU.
    What’s the political game plan this time?
    -Will the House have articles have been delivered to the Senate by Feb 5?
    – Will the Senate have acquitted PDJT or will he still be in limbo: the first impeached POTUS to deliver a SOU and awaiting trial in the Senate?
    -Will the SOU be timed to occur at the same time NEW “bombshell allegations,” another “whistleblower?”
    -Will Schiff and Nadler be interviewing more “witnesses” without due process?
    -As Trump arrives for the SOU, will the House have just voted on NEW articles of impeachment?

    • MaineCoon says:

      rcogburn — I agree. The invite falls into the Piglosi/Schumer/Lawfare timeline. Anyone of your could be the gameplan.
      I think PT should decline the Chamber location and present it from the Oval Office, but if he accepts the invite, I want some Trumpian face-to-face counterpunching.

  28. Democrats dread this.
    Two or so hours of President Trump – unfiltered by their media accomplices – regaling a litany of record breaking achievements accomplished by 1) Undoing what his predecessor did and 2) Doing the opposition of what every one of their presidential candidates wants to do, to uproarious applause from enthused Republicans . . . . . and all they can do is sit on their hands and take it as their abject hate for this President – and by extension – the return of American greatness is on full display for everyone to see.
    The 2019 SOTU was worse on them than 2018 and 2020 will be even worse than that.
    This is going to be epic!

  29. JohnCasper says:

    See Pelosi’s star fall from the sky
    Every claim she ever spun was a lie
    So many stories to rearrange
    What reality is reveling becomes ever more strange
    She has so many false faces
    Any truth left in her erases
    With the avalanche of all those lies
    Dancing in her evermore empty eyes!

  30. Swanzinator says:

    “This implies the private polling and public sentiment (ie. bbacklash) against her constituent democrats must be much more severe than is currently visible.”
    No kidding! I’d contend that the red-pilling effect of Pelosi’s impeachment circus is running waaaaay deeper than any of the MSM-pushed polls are revealing. Anecdotal, but most of my normally loud-mouthed lib friends here in Chicagoland / Crook County have suddenly become rather quiet, both in person and on social media, when it comes to the state of their preferred political party. They’re getting crushed.

    • thedoc00 says:

      More likely the actual cash cost of buying the election for the puppet masters may have increased into the intolerable range.
      Contrary to popular belief, after 2016 both parties and likely key political figures run pretty accurate polls, with results being held as “classified” data. The media spin machines will do as they always do … run structured polls to help the spin.

    • mac says:

      Swanzi, why do you have such “friends” ?

  31. subro52 says:

    I pray you are right Sundance and the conclusion you have drawn about the backlash from the Democrat’s Impeachment Folly is boomeranging back on them BIG TIME!

  32. jx says:

    Pelosi invoking the Constitution is a nauseating farce.

  33. I am disappointed he has accepted an invitation to speak in “the House that has gone on record to remove him from office.”

  34. RAC says:

    She seems to have veered out of character, where’s that picture of suspicious cat .

  35. TexasDude says:

    Use her and abuse her, but trust her, never.
    Thing is, Trump knows her. Pelosi is just the same Democrat he had to fight against when he was a registered Democrat.

    • So true TexasDude.
      Pres Trump has been around these people for decades and knows them better than they know themselves.
      He is the only sober person at their DC cocktail parties and knows all their secrets and understands exactly what motivates them, how they think and what they will do next.
      He knows exactly what they will do for money.
      No wonder they are so afraid of him, and us.

  36. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    SOTUS 2020 Special Edition:
    Driving Democrats crazy since 2015.

  37. Remember when Pelosi left a meeting with him totally pissed? She said, “You just wait and see what we have planned for you.” She is possibly the antiChrist. Wicked piece of garbage!

  38. sunnyflower5 says:

    ‘ I invited the President to give the SOTU…. No more questions, press.’— Rouge SOH Nancy

  39. MaineCoon says:

    PT should every so graciously decline Piglosis invite and then:
    1. present the SOTU from the Oval Office (reinstating presentation in the House chamber after Piglosi is fire Nov 3, 2020), or
    2. present SOTU in the Senate chamber, only invited R-Reps, or
    3. schedule a rally in the biggest venue possible and present SoTU to We The People.
    I am very serious. It no longer is business as usual when dealing w/Piglosi. Minimize her presence in all ways possible. Ban her from the WH. Do not entertain pure evil. Kick her out of your presence.

  40. Coast says:

    Last year she used the State of the Union address to clap in Trumps face as he called on everyone to work together to benefit our nation. She’s a snake…a disingenuous person who should never be trusted. Whatever you do Mr. President, don’t look at Pelosi. Don’t give her any recognition. Don’t give her any opportunity to use your address for her benefit.

    • Sharon says:

      If that pig witch seal-clapping bottom-dweller does her seal clapping again, he should call her out on it – “Look at her disrespect toward the presidency – children and young adults, this is not appropriate behavior by an elected official and she is taking a dump on everyone watching, on every American.”
      Right to her face. Right in her face. Then tell her to behave appropriately or he will have her citizenship revoked and she will be banned from ever entering our country again.

  41. Ausonius says:

    Trojan Horse Alert!
    Trust absolutely nothing about this “invitation.” To paraphrase an ancient – and accurate – phrase: “You Can Trust the DEMS To Be DEMS.”
    I would not be surprised to see Pelosi with DEM Secret Service agents trying to arrest the president as he walks down the aisle. I would not be surprised at an assassination attempt of some sort: perhaps an unhinged lunatic “mysteriously” will “somehow” breach all the security and end up attacking President Trump.
    It is not paranoia if “they” are out to get you…and in this case they are on the record saying that they are out to “get rid of” President Trump.

  42. 10en6ixty6ix says:


  43. NJMAGA says:

    They’re all going to stand up and hate clap him just to humiliate him. I hope Pelosi has a heart attack and dies before February 4th. I’m sorry guys.

  44. MitchRyderDetroitWheels says:

    San Fran Nan will send over the articles to the senate the afternoon of the SOTU speech. The Donald is to maintain keeping the high road. Anybody with a working brain understands the dem path is a joke.

  45. Arthur Jury says:

    The devil bowed her head because she knew that she’d been beat.
    And she laid that golden letter for SOTU at POTUS’s feet
    Donald said “devil c’mon back if you ever want to try again”,
    Because I old you once you raving bitch, I’m the best that’s ever been ”
    Apologies to Charlie Daniels

  46. Heika says:

    Elegantly put by Kunstler
    “The simplest explanation for this hot mess is that Mrs. Pelosi’s team wanted desperately to just distract the country’s attention from the Horowitz report — which it pretty much failed to do — and now that she’s shot her wad with that gambit, she’s left holding a bag of meritless impeachment bullshit that will disappoint and embarrass the Resistance just as much as the Mueller investigation managed to do.”
    and …
    “So far, there are just opinions a’plenty. One was offered by Noah Feldman of Harvard, the very fellow who testified last week fervidly in favor of impeachment before Mr. Nadler’s Judiciary Committee. He wrote, in a Bloomberg op-ed, that the action would signify that the president had not, in fact, been impeached, that it would only be so if the bill were conveyed to the senate. The issue of conveyance looms large in the present kerfuffle.

  47. lfhbrave says:

    IIRC, last time she also invited POTUS for SOTU speech, and later withdrew the invitation amid government shutdown.

  48. Mom4Trump2020 says:

    Doesn’t the media HAVE to show the SOTU? I thought that there were times when they HAD to show presidential info???? Anyone know?

    • dd_sc says:

      No, the media is not required to cover the SOTU.
      It’s not even a requirement for the president to deliver a speech from the House; the president just has to inform Congress about the SOTU.

      • Shirley U. Geste says:

        Oh yes – any particular channel or all channels? Do some radio stations have to but others not? How about the print media – is Rolling Stone exempt but the Babylon Bee not? Fox. CNN and Alex Jones?
        Lucky that pesky First Amendment was never adopted or there’d be all sorts of press freedom.

      • ms doodlebug says:

        They may not be required to but they will. How else can they pick apart and criticize everything he says? Then, too, it’s another chance for the vipers to expound on the impeachment charges of the House. Mitch McConnell cleared the Senate calendar for January. I don’t think he intends to play the Pelosi/Schiff game.

    • jmuniz1 says:

      Watch it in This site but the Media has to show the State of the Union.

    • Shirley U. Geste says:

      I can’t find anything in the First Amendment that says the Government can make laws to that effect.

  49. Landslide says:

    I am day-dreaming about him doing the entire speech in his “dignified politician” voice.???? The one he has done at rally’s as a “stiff”!
    I’m torn between the idea of “not stooping to their level” and “go for the jugular”.?? Someone help me out here!!

  50. Harvey Lipschitz says:

    Her letter addressed to the Honorable Donald J Trump
    President of the United States.
    Her gavel malfunctioned.

    • So true Harvey Lipschitz.
      Pres Trump, the President that was such a danger to our country that the House had to rush the Impeachment through.
      The guy that was so awful that Pelosi could not wait to get him out of office is now referred to as The Honorable Donald J Trump President Of The United States.
      The woman really swings back and forth between sober and not quite so sober.

  51. Ironclaw says:

    Personally, I hope he has an extended section that highlights exactly how much of a farce the whole inquiry by the communists in the house was.

  52. Heika says:

    President Trump has not been impeached (apparently) Kept hearing this yesterday over and over. All they have done is voted for it, it is not done until it goes to the Senate. The optics are all that matter right?

  53. Bob says:

    One phrase is all he needs to speak….The Communist party, disguised as Democrats continue to try to destroy the USA and turn our Country over to the UN…..

  54. namberak says:

    Prior to, I believe it was Wilson, the SOTU was a document delivered to Congress. I know it’s counterintuitive but sending a document and not showing up to speechify and have fools play games with their apparel or sitting on their hands or whatever sophomoric nonsense occurs to them, actually says a lot about the corrupt character of Congress by refusing to engage it.

    • Mike in a Truck says:

      The SOU will be upbeat, with POTUS pointing out all his accomplishments. The big ones USMCA, the economy, trade, jobs, etc. All the good stuff.Americans dont want to hear negative crap, especially in an election year.Sure he will poke at the Communist Democrats but on the whole it will be positive. He has lot to be proud of and we have a lot to be thankful for.

      • Rhoda R says:

        That may be his only chance to get his positive accomplishments out to the general public since the enemedia has been censoring them all along.

    • woodstuff says:

      A document would need to be read. People usually don’t want to read, being only visually oriented and needing a TV. Some are illiterate, or borderline.

  55. NJMAGA says:

    This must really be enraging her lunatic base. She holds up the articles and they’re probably reading on line that he’s not impeached. Then she sends him this respectful letter inviting him to the SOTU. They must be going nuts. And if they’re seeing the polls they’re probably in shock.

  56. Nordic Breed says:

    Nasty Nancy will surely have something smelly ready for our dear President. The Demonrats can’t stop themselves. Their train is speeding faster and faster on a downward slope and nothing will stop it. But don’t worry. The good Lord is hearing our prayers. I hope I live long enough to see the dissolution of their party and all the commies in academia. God bless America and our President!
    Merry Christmas.
    And Epstein didn’t kill himself.

  57. Robert Smith says:

    Democrats probably want to do something silly like stand with their back to him or walk out.

    • dd_sc says:

      Instead of white, they’ll all dress in black this time, and the media will mostly pan scowling Democrats while the president speaks.

      • Robert Smith says:

        The state of the union only sucks for them because Trump is still their president. They can’t even exhibit good manners. The Media acted like O’bama got physically attacked when he was accused of lies during a SOTU. Can they control their emotions?

  58. Robert Smith says:

    Democrats probably want to do something silly like stand with their back to him or walk out.

    • gnome says:

      Which is why he needs to start off by saying the Union hasn’t been in as parlous a state since the early 1860s. There is a challenge to democracy by an underground state which doesn’t accept the will of the people, the primacy of the Constitution and the rule of law and unless these rogue operators are prevented from using the machinery of the state to impose their will on the people the people will come to no longer accept that the Nation is in union.

  59. Sigh2016 says:

    I think their going to gloat while wearing matching outfits. Will also be praying for extra protection for him from danger and curses and hexes!

    • Risa says:

      Didn’t the Dem female freshmen wear virginal suffragette white, last year? ?????
      Then on the day of their sad, solemn impeachment vote they wore funeral black.
      Yesterday Pelosi wore red.
      At this rate they are running out of colors. So much symbolism but no rational substance.

    • Anonymoushorse says:

      Orange jumpsuits?

  60. More drama to subsequently withdraw the invite? Or recognition that he would be exonerated if it ever gets to the Senate? Or perhaps one martini too many today?

  61. Bill Henslee says:

    Just goes to show what a ridiculous farce the impeachment of a “rogue president who is an immediate threat to the Republic and the planet’ is. The “threat” is apparently not as imminent as before the crucial vote, eh? Those dummy Dems can’t even get their “existential threats” straight.

  62. RAkin says:

    Sorry Madam Speaker, I’m busy that night. How about Monday March 2 the night before Super Tuesday. I think I can squeeze you in that evening.

  63. Nagothm says:

    I think that it is far more likely that she is inviting him to do it now for political cover and will try and play games with rescinding it at the last minute in February.

  64. Ackman419 says:

    It’s a trap!

  65. Gunner says:

    She’s an evil pig. She and her ilk do nothing without an agenda — stand by for a childish and pathetic display by the assembled progressives/socialists/liberals. I’d prefer he give it from the Oval Office.

  66. Skeeball says:

    All of the Democrats will be wearing white straight jackets to the 2020 SOTU.

  67. sunnyflower5 says:

    Just yesterday, Nancy called President Trump and Senate Majority Leader McConnell “rouge”.
    Today, a invite to deliver the SOTU. On both occasions, Media is not allowed to ask Nancy any questions.

  68. @ChicagoBri says:

    He ought to say, “thanks but no thanks – here is my written SOTU.” And then hold a rally that night in a swing state.

    • How about the 199 Republican Representatives, don’t they count? Take the high road and go. Pelosi is not expecting him to appear.

      • joebkonobi says:

        Right. I say go. Because of the shampeachment there will probably be a significantly bigger TV audience. PDJT should get up there and read a list of his accomplishments that has made the Union stronger both here and abroad (at least 30 min. worth). He should also say that impeachment hoax is destroying the fabric of our constitution and rule of law.
        Let the dems reactions show the petty, petulant jerks they are.

  69. RAkin says:

    She must have watched the Debates last night and also realized they don’t stand a chance.

  70. Moray Watson says:

    Olive branch? Or Lucy getting ready to pull the ball away again? Respect the office and traditions, even when the other side can’t ? I am counting on Trump to do the right thing. That’s what leaders do.

  71. Harry says:

    I know my opinion does not count. However, My request to president Trump would be to skip SOTU and make another history. Tell them that Dems has made the congress a joke with unfair process and partisan politics. He does not see any value going their and tell them his plans. Instead, president will deliver the state of the union dorectly to the american people from some wher ein the country land of USA. This means SOTU via Rally.

  72. Morgul Lord says:

    Washington sent a letter. Trump should do the same. Why be in the same room as all those cockroaches?

  73. Bill says:

    SOTU Address, 2020.
    “Everything I have done has strengthened the country. Everything the Democrats have done has weakened the country.”
    Fortunately for the country, I’m winning.
    God Bless America!”
    Good night.

  74. Harry says:

    I am disappointed that WH accepted peolosi’s offer so quickly?/

  75. Barnestormer says:

    Worth remembering that he’ll be addressing all the Republican reps who voted “no,” all the Republican senators who will vote at his trial, and a vast share of his electorate, as he describes his record. (Whether random Ukrainian officials will be unobtrusively recognized in the gallery is hard to predict.) Is there a better opportunity to expose the lunacy of impeachment and its protagonists?
    And thankfully, the Speaker, who has set about in her somber and prayerful humility to nullify 63M presidential votes and dictate the Senate’s impeachment trial rules, has not (yet) asserted editorial control over the SOTU. So a glimmer of the quaint separation of powers notion does remain.

  76. cpurick says:

    “The state of our union is increasingly great again, but the state of the federal bureaucracy is more corrupt than any of us had imagined. “

  77. Due Gonzalez says:

    During the last State of the Union address as the cameras panned the room, I instinctively became filled with rage and yelled at the TV “get out of my countries Capital get out!” I stunned myself. Now I know exactly where that rage came from. With few exceptions these people do not belong in our house!

  78. Justin Green says:

    This is Pelousy being the petty witch that she is. She is inviting Trump to come give a speach in front of the body that just voted for two articles of impeachment.
    And, Trump will do it. Because he has a TON of accomplishments to brag about, and get Democrats on the record booing them.

  79. zozz1 says:

    Well, I guess Nancy figures Trump will still be President in February……

  80. Mac says:

    Who knows what this means. What Trump chooses to do, on February 4, will be determined by the House actions between now and then. If the impeachment is still pending or has been delivered to the Senate, he might well skip the SOTU address to Congress. If it has been withdrawn, or he is acquitted, he may well show up. Or Pelosi may withdraw the invitation to speak. Then we have the Senate. The Speaker of the House can not order the Senators to attend any joint session of Congress. They are an independent body. But, whatever the outcome, it is irrelevant to the governance of the nation.

  81. MicD says:

    Right before my eyes, it’s happening again.
    This time it’s right inside our capital dome.
    When I came back from Vietnam (all other BS aside) my little sister wanted to know what I thought about the TV show MASH. I told her I’d seen it and that it made me feel good that we were a free country and crap like that show could be shown.
    Boy howdy, what a mistake, look at these cockroaches today!!
    She married an Indian (+ 1024) and had a family who all wore OBAMA tee shirts.
    I’ve never met an Indian I didn’t like, it just my story and I’m sticking to it.
    Lyndon Banes Johnson was a SORRY SACK OF SHITE, but he knew the Federal Gubmint could Buy Minority Votes for the next 100 years, and buy those vote the Demoncrats have.
    Just how did JBL become President, anyone know?

  82. jkcinsalem says:

    This is more of a style question, but did anyone else notice her use of lower case b and r for the ‘best regards’ above her signature. Shouldn’t it at lease been ‘Best regards,’? Is this a slight on NPs part? I notice small stuff.

  83. MLK says:

    Pelosi is desperate to derail a constitutional challenge to the Supreme Court of her wanting articles, as I’ve detailed previous here.
    Having listened closely to signaling by relevant principals, here’s why I think she announced this invite now: First, she can always withdraw the invitation at any time which, if memory serves, she did last year.
    In short, Pelosi needs a publicly agreement between Republicans and Democrats in the Senate (Mitch and Cry’n Chuck) on the trial procedures before transmitting the articles because the Supreme Court is likely to reject a constitutional challenge after the Senate has already arranged to try the impeachment articles.
    Unless I miss my mark, the POTUS planned to immediately file upon transmittal. Mitch would have been blocked from reaching an agreement for trial until the Court decided to hear the case and ruled.
    McConnell has offered Pelosi an out, it seems to me. Have Chuck agree to his terms and he’ll announce a deal; in which case it will be safe for her to transmit. Alternatively, I wouldn’t be surprised if the POTUS files anyway next week if this isn’t resolved.

  84. I hope that President Trump uses the SOTU Address as an opportunity to point out the threat posed by the hyper-partisan politics waged in the U.S. today.
    In particular, he should SHAME Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff for staging the politically motivated impeachment that culminated this week.

  85. joebkonobi says:

    The question is. . .will there be a trial going on Feb. 4, or will the President be acquitted by then?

  86. Start it off with the National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance…search out those on the left who do not stand, hand over heart, for both or either.

  87. penny munday says:

    Pelosi loves, loves, loves the wrap around smear. Wait for it….

  88. What kind of a game is she playing….impeach the President, pass USMCA and now this…..this is kind of worrying me!

  89. Proud American from Texas says:

    Thanks, Nancy for allowing me here in the People’s House. Before we get started, I just want to recognize a Great American and let him share a few words.
    Mr. Durham, please come up and tell Americans a few things that are on your mind.

    • vikingmom says:

      Wouldn’t that be fun?!! I also just saw an article that said Adm. Michael Rogers has been interviewed by, and is cooperating with, US Attorney John Durham!! Oh, this could get VERY interesting!! Rogers knows where all the bodies are buried…wonder if this is why Sidney Powell expressed confidence that something will be happening before General FLynn’s sentencing on January 28th?

  90. trialbytruth says:

    And then of course there was Lucy and her football

  91. AnotherView says:

    Pelosi “invites” Trump…..wonder if she used that phrase on California’s plastic surgeons. I’m sure she’s hit all them, judging from her over-stretched face. Her eyebrows are in her scalp. She and Cher must be utilizing the same surgeons. Both look like something out of a 50s horror movie.

  92. no-nonsense-nancy says:

    I cringe every time I see those evil weasels standing beneath the portrait of the great George Washington! He must be looking down and telling them to scat.

  93. IGiveUp says:

    Pelosi’s letter references “balance of power” with “three co-equal branches acting as checks on each other.” She meant it in a nasty way, i.e. Trump you’re not King.
    However doesn’t that argument also include the President’s right to executive privilege? Seems like Nan just now made the case that the impeachment articles are flawed. Scratching head…

  94. Guyski says:

    February 4th, 1789, the first presidential election, George Washington was unanimously elected president of the United States via the first electoral college. ?

  95. How about this scenario: (in keeping with the utter sinister and cruel nature of Nancy Pelosi)
    The Speaker of the House exploits a lull in the branch warfare to invite the Presidnt to give his State of the Union address in a spirit of good will and cooperation. Everybody is keenly aware of the menacing articles of impeachment the Speaker has withheld, but everybody indulges in a momentary suspension of disbelief while the President makes his way through the congratulatory reception line, and approaches the rostrum. As he does, the
    Speaker motions to the President that she would like to whisper something to him, he approaches, leans close, and nods his head in agreement since the Speaker has indicated she would like to make an announcement. As the President remains in the background, the Speaker approaches with a written statement, and intones with exaggerated gravity that ‘ even as we speak, my aides are delivering to the Senate both articles of impeachment, and under the circumstances, it would be inappropriate to permit the President to disgrace our sacred Chamber, and I would now like to call the Sargent-at Arms to come and escort the President out of the Chamber.’ At this point, the chamber is full of a deep murmur of voices as The President of the United States is evicted from the House Chamber in humiliating fashion.
    Can’t happen?? She wouldn’t do something so craven?? Not even Nancy Pelosi could do something like that???

    • Such weirdly possible scenarios like this make it imperative to not fool around with these articles before Nancy runs to the courts to validate them.
      Note that in impeachment, the Senate is the highest legal authority, so if the Senate dismisses them (with or without managers present), those articles are dismissed for all time because, in matters of impeachment, there is no judicial review.
      If Nancy keeps drafting new articles, they can also be summarily dismissed for the insufficiency of the evidence ad infinitum. Ultimately, she will have to hold authentic probable cause hearings in the House before the Senate will accept them
      If the Senate does not act quickly, Nancy might very well gain access to confidential grand jury information on which to base new articles. Currently, she’s barred from doing so.
      I say give up the Ukraine connection at this point! Pelosi is thinking along the lines I’ve stated.

      • The urgency of the matter compels me to repeat: in matters of impeachment, there is no judicial review. The Senate, for impeachment purposes, is the Supreme Court, and any act they take in regard to any article of impeachment is FINAL.
        Nancy knows this, but her team may think Mitch doesn’t know this!

  96. Magabear says:

    Just make sure all the demonrats are patted down and checked for any weapons they may try to sneak in. They really are that insane.
    I hope PDJT uses the occassion to rip the dimms a new one. Fill the upper seating of the House with MAGA rally people. ?

    • capt fast says:

      After considerable thought, I would deliver it to the senate and not invite members of the house. not to say deny them entry, just not invite.

    • InAz says:

      @ Magabear
      I thought the same thing. These Bass turds can not be trusted. They are planning something.

      • vexedmi says:

        Not much left to plan other than not standing as POTUS Trump enters the chamber. They sat on their thumbs for a lot of President Trump’s statements of “America Is Great” at the last State of the Union.

    • muckeyduck says:

      lol, I am a full fledged deplorable, but in true self deprecating fashion, when I read that comment “Fill the upper seating of the House with MAGA rally people”, the scene from Happy Gilmore, where the Golf spectators are chugging beers, and tossing the beach balls came to mind.

    • ms doodlebug says:

      There is no freakin’ way he should ever stand with his back to Pelosi, and I’m not too sure about Pence. Really wishing he had chosen a different location and said, no thank you. At least have a team of clergy in to exorcise the demons first.

  97. Eileen McRae says:

    Beware the lioness that invites you into its den! Something is afoot with this invitation! Forewarned is forearmed! Pelosi has something nefarious planned. What a spectacle for the nation to watch if the House uses the opportunity to arrest President Trump, handcuff him and drag him from the house as a “clear and present danger” to the Republic!

    • TreeClimber says:

      I wish I could say that sounded paranoid, but I can’t. :/

      • TonyE says:

        And the instant they walk out the door of the House’s main chamber the Secret Service arrests all the House Commies, frees Trump and serves a double scoop of vanilla.

    • huecowacko says:

      You can bet she/they is/are working on some sort of anti-Trump strategy. Screw this non-delivery of Impeachment Articles to the Senate, Turtle should take the initiative and end this charade once and for all, i.e., give a deadline for delivery, if it’s not delivered, acquit; otherwise, this issue will fester, giving the duplicitous ‘rats ample opportunity to foment more trouble.

    • MustangBlues says:

      Someone noted: ””’Beware the lioness that invites you into its den! ”’
      What?? pelosi in a lioness and an it also?? well and good. but
      it is rumored that nanci the demented is at best a hyena beta pack leader, the screeching swollen udder kind.

    • Trump Train says:

      100,000 MAGA Patriots would hit the road 30 min after that.

  98. Zy says:

    At the very least the (low IQ) Squad will cook up some kind of demonstration, the D women will all dress alike to show their diversity, and Stacey Abrams, exiled Governor of Georgia, will give a fantasy filled rebuttal.
    Traditionally, in opening his speech, the President turns around to greet the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House, who are seated behind him. In 2020 he should turn around and give Pelosi the double middle finger salute.

  99. teaforall says:

    I don’t care what they wear. They are just showing the American People how disrespectful they are to the Presidency. The House chamber is a symbol of our Democracy . Not for congressman and women to behave like Snowflakes. President Trump will have the MIC and attention of everyone watching. This SOTU will be Historical . President Trump will reign

  100. Right to reply says:

    He should hold a rally in a football stadium instead.

  101. Leftnomore says:

    Insert “shrug” keyboard face here.

  102. kneejerkreactionary says:

    I don’t think the President will go into the lion’s den with no preparation. Need I remind you of the story of Daniel? Or Sampson?

  103. kneejerkreactionary says:

    I don’t think the President will go into the lion’s den with no preparation. Need I remind you of the story of Daniel? Or Sampson?

  104. Genie says:

    “Will you walk into my parlour, said a Spider to a Fly.”

  105. Guessed says:

    So the Female Dog caught The Big Brown Truck.
    Now, what?
    Nancy’s predicament on display.

  106. oldersoul says:

    “It’s the smart move. Tessio was always smarter.”

  107. Total exoneration, complete vindication come November 2020. Keep America Great!

  108. Kent says:

    ….impeach pelosi…..

  109. Rynn69 says:

    For any Democrat (if there are still any ignorant enough to stay Democrat or vote for their own self-destruction and their country’s destruction), here is something you need to understand:
    Nothing . . . NOTHING . . . your evil plotting and scheming puts forth will turn people from the President. The President represents America. You all represent everything against America. Unfortunately, your bald-faced lies, gaslighting, and fraud cloaked in identity politics and compassion has fooled some low IQ people. But it is simple. America wins.
    Peace out.

  110. Kerry_On says:

    While I almost always defer to Sundance’s comprehensive knowledge of such matters, I tended to agree that she probably planned to withhold the SOU invitation, citing his “Impeached” status. I suspect that it may NOT have been polling data that convinced her otherwise but rather the legal opinions being published everywhere (including the holy NYT) that her refusal to forward the Articles of Impeachment rendered her claim of having already “impeached” the President, totally meaningless thereby cutting the legs out from under any excuse for NOT inviting him.

  111. jeans2nd says:

    Much can happen between now and 4 Feb 2020.
    Will wait to update my calendar, tyvm

  112. wemoore says:

    “In the spirit of respecting our constitution…” ???? This woman has done more damage to our constitution than the entirety of Progressive Communists before her. The hypocrisy is so deep it floods from the halls of congress into every home in the US. This woman must be stopped.

  113. Lactantius says:

    “Madam Speaker: As stated by the poet Omar Khayyam –
    ‘The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
    Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit
    Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
    Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.’
    I stand here before you, impeached by this house divided. Behind my back hangs the great flag of our Republic. Behind my right shoulder sits the honorable Vice-President of the United States of America. Behind my left shoulder sits the leader of the impeachment coup.
    With your leave, I prefer to deliver the State of the Union Address from the well of the House as an impeached citizen of the Republic facing his flag while standing before his Accuser in Chief and with the Vice President of the United States at my side. Let the focus of this moment be where it belongs: on your face and the faces of your co-conspirators.
    (He picks up his gear and he and Pence climb down to the well of the House.)

  114. MD says:

    I know this may not be the popular opinion, but this would be the perfect time for Trump to take the moral high ground and take some more votes away from the Dems. Give a speech with the theme of peace and unity and capture people’s hearts. They will go insane bashing him and look like fools.

  115. askandgettruth says:

    if i were trump i would write her back and tell her he doesn’t want to be in the same bldg. with a bunch of treasonous pigs that will stink up the halls of justice

  116. shipley130 says:

    In the spirit of respecting our Constitution. Hee haw Hee haw.

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