House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Blocks President Trump Entry into Capitol Building – Confirms State of Union Speech Cancellation…

It looks like Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi has no intention of allowing the House chamber to be used for a State of the Union address.

Speaker Pelosi has informed the House Sergeant at Arms that no executive branch official will be permitted entry into the Capitol building.

Earlier Fox News reported Pelosi cancelled a walkthrough last week, and a second request for reconsideration from the White House is expected to meet the same fate. The House Speaker controls who is, and who is not, permitted entry to the House floor. Until Speaker Pelosi calls for a vote to support a joint session of congress, the President cannot enter the chamber.

Deputy White House Press Secretary Hogan Gidley discusses the status of the current shutdown negotiations and the likelihood a SOU address will have to take place outside Washington DC.

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691 Responses to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Blocks President Trump Entry into Capitol Building – Confirms State of Union Speech Cancellation…

  1. DonL says:

    Maybe all this completely unacceptable behavior by the deep state and the left is their only choice. When and if America learns the full extent of what the left (and their clones in the GOP) has already done, the only workers union cheering will be the “Brotherhood of Scaffold and Noose-makers United.”

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    • 06/11/63: Dem. Gov. George Wallace Stands In the Schoolhouse Door to keep Black students from registering at segregated Univ. of Alabama.

      01/29/19: Dem. Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she’ll block Pres. Donald Trump from making his State of the Union Address in the House Chamber.

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  2. Marsha Tarbert says:

    Give the speech at the border.

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    • Or from the Oval office. No grandstanding. Just sit behind his desk and talk to us. Like a fireside chat.

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    • The Secret Service might be a bit wary about being able to control the POTUS SOTU security zone, given that one side of it would be in a semi-hostile foreign country. It’s a too-good of a place for a long-range rifle to operate, which would not be beneficial to anyone decent and honorable.

      But I like the way you think…good historic SOTU optics. Gets the speech out of DC for the first time in a century.


  3. getfitnow says:

    The rest of the House does itself a GREAT disservice by allowing her to speak for them. Don´t blame Trump for this. DC has been dysfunctional for decades. We are just seeing it now because Trump is an outsider, and not part of DC swamp.

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  4. RuthY says:

    President Trump should throw a Hail Mary pass with the SOTU. Don’t hold it in the House, but in another venue, like the Kennedy Center, paid for with private funds, and by invitation only. This means only Republican congressmen and senators and their guests, and polite Democrats who ask to attend, but with no guests for them. Thus, no protestors, no agitators, no radicals. And a very friendly, vetted audience of patriotic Americans brought in from all over the US.

    And after a huge, happy, televised SOTU, then President Trump can present Nancy with a written transcript to comply with the law; even offering to do so after the government shutdown is over, long after the real SOTU is over.

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  5. Chris says:

    President Trump should do the following:
    1. Reschedule the SOTU for a large facility near the Southern border
    2. Arrange seating to match that of the House chamber and seat all elected representatives accordingly
    3. Seat angel families in the places where no-shows would have set, including the Speaker’s chair

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    • C. Hudson says:

      The Angel families should be in seats up behind the POTUS. Like in bleacher type seats arranged so the cameras can see all of them. All wear MAGA gear. LOL.

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  6. If Pelosi follows through with this and I were Trump I would never set foot again in that chamber EVER… Pelosi is just out of her mind, she is going to set this country on fire just because of her personal opnion .

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  7. Karen says:

    Pelosi you will be sorry! Take heed the President is coming!

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  8. shirley49 says:

    guess everyone has forgotten that it is our HOUSE. We pay for it. We elected Trump. The only way she gets elected is because she lives in a corrupt State and voter fraud on top of the millions poured into her coffers because she does what her masters want. These people forgot who their bosses are.

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    • Harvey Lipschitz says:

      Her House. She is building a wall. Trump will get the illegal treatment.


    • avman1339 says:

      I am so glad I didn’t have to read too far before I found someone who gets it. The House is the House of WE THE PEOPLE. It doesn’t “belong” to Magic Mushroom Pelosi. As a matter of fact, the biggest problem with the federal government is that they serve themselves, not the people.
      This cannot stand.


  9. Beverly Fields says:

    Undeterred Look forward to hearing
    President Trump
    Speaker Pelosi has shown obstruction.
    Thursday McConnell proceeds

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  10. RumRunner1 says:

    Televise it from the President’s Desk at the Oval office.
    Send a hard copy to Congress, and to each congressperson individually.
    Constitutional Requirement achieved. Pelosi be damned.

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  11. THAT is the PEOPLES house NOT the kalifornia hags haint house. SHE CANT keep POTUS out of it. MY DAMN TAX money pays those bills NOT the SCRUNTS money.

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  12. POTUS Trump will make hay with this, Pelosi just handed him a gift.

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  13. Tom says:

    Don’t misunderstand – this is an existential problem for the Democrats. Without the illegal aliens, the Democrat party ceases to be a functional force. They cannot survive having Trump and the deplorables blocking illegal alien voters. The Dems are crazy, but this dispute is much, much more than pique and disdain – it goes to survival.

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    • guest4ever says:

      And then…when Anthony Weiner’s laptop info comes out (see, from 1/22/19 AD), and the info from JW about her travel expenses, that WE pay for!!!

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  14. Robert Rush says:

    The democrats are selling themselves out (as usual) to the Mexican mafia.

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  15. Robert W says:

    It truly is time to arrest Pelosi and company for treason. This is ridiculous We the People are allowing this…

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  16. Oldskool says:

    I hope the President decides on AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX where a 100k + citizens can be there.

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  17. Alligator Gar says:

    I appreciate that many want a “rally” in their hometown stadium. The people of this country, however, being the true government and seat of power, deserve to hear from our President as we are accustomed to do. We don’t need to have only a few tens of thousands hear him and the rest of us wait for a transcript.

    Everyone needs to hear our President. It’s the best way for him to reach waverers and those who are increasingly disaffected by the childish and even stupid antics of the left. Winning “hearts and minds” comes to mind; but, how will they be won over to our side if they have not heard the great accomplishments our President has made?

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  18. jameswlee2014 says:

    Read it at a giant MAGA rally in the heartland.


  19. guest4ever says:

    Oh, this idiot is going to regret doing this! She is WAY, WAY out of her league.
    Wonder if she’ll be more reasonable when Anthony Weiner’s laptop info comes out (see, from 1/22/19 AD), and the info from JW about her travel expenses, that WE pay for!!!

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  20. Mike diamond says:

    Nancy and schummmmmerrrrrrr,should be in prison

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  21. Brenda MCGowan says:

    Speaker of the House is NOT President! We voted him in, not her! She has grandiose illusions which is a symptom of mental illness.


  22. Richard Thompson says:

    People like Pelosi and Schumer need to Go term limits should go into effect


  23. Debra Wuetherich says:

    Someone needs to use that gavel on her head.


  24. Nora says:

    Wait wait wait. It says she controls who comes in the Capitol but she cannot possibly exclude him from the building and Senate!!!


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