Impeachment as a Means to An End, and Not The End Itself…

It does not seem accidental the hastily defined two articles of impeachment mirror the  arguments needed in two lower court cases brought by the House Judiciary Committee.


It is likely both articles of impeachment, “Abuse of Power” and “Obstruction“, are designed to support pending HJC court cases seeking: (1) former White House Counsel Don McGahn testimony; and (2) grand jury evidence from the Mueller investigation.

Because the full House did not originally vote to authorize articles of impeachment the House Judiciary Committee never gainedjudicial enforcement authority‘.  The absence of judicial enforcement authority was evident in the lack of enforcement authority in House subpoenas.

The House could not hold anyone in contempt of congress for not appearing because they did not carry recognized judicial enforcement authority. Additionally downstream consequences from that original flaw have surfaced in cases working through courts.

There is an argument to be made the rushed House articles are a means to an end. That is – a way for House lawyers to argue in court all of the constitutionally contended material is required as evidence for pending judicial proceedings, a trial in the Senate.

This would explain why all the prior evidence debated for inclusion and legal additions to “articles of impeachment” were dropped.  Instead the House focused only on quickly framing two articles that can facilitate pending court cases.

If accurate, that perspective means the grand jury material is the unspoken goal and impeachment is simply the enhanced means to obtain it.

The 6(e) material relates to evidence gathered by the Mueller team for grand jury proceedings in their two-year effort to construct a case against President Trump.

Remember, the Mueller evidence was gathered during a counterintelligence investigation, which means all things Trump -including his family and business interests- were subject to unbridled surveillance for two years; and a host of intelligence gathering going back in time indefinitely.  A goldmine of political opposition research.

Obviously if Jerry Nadler could get his hands on this material it would quickly find its way into the DNC, and ultimately to the 2020 democrat candidate for president.  This material would also be fuel for a year of leaks to DC media who could exploit rumor, supposition, and drops of information that Andrew Weissmann and team left to be discovered.

We know from the alignment of interests it is likely Jerry Nadler and his legal Lawfare contractors are well aware of exactly what Weissmann and Co. created for them to discover.  The problem for the House team(s) is they need legal authority to obtain it and then utilize it to frame and attack President Trump.

With the impeachment articles now approved – the DC Appeals Court is asking Nadler’s team if the purpose of their lawsuit is now moot.  Essentially the court believes the prior lawsuit was based on gathering evidence for the impeachment articles:

If my suspicions are correct [SEE HERE] then Jerry Nadler will respond to the court by saying the HJC needs the 6(e) material to support the obstruction article in a Senate Trial. Per the court deadline, we will know by Monday December 23rd.   The obstruction article will then become disposable; it will have fulfilled its purpose.

The original lower court ruling approved the HJC request but limited the scope of the material to only that which Mueller included in his final report.  So it’s not accidental that Nadler’s crew shaped an “obstruction” article considering two-thirds of Mueller’s report was structured around… wait for it…. yep, obstruction.

Conveniently a pending Senate Trial against President Trump for obstruction paves the way for the DC appeals court to rule in favor of the HJC need for supportive evidence.

While twisted, this approach screams Lawfare…. that is, to make an indictment and then go fishing for the evidence to support that indictment.   Evidence that, not accidentally, carries more political usefulness than the indictment it is intended to support.

Also, it is worth remembering HJC Chairman Jerry Nadler hired Mary McCord as part of his contracted team effort.  McCord was the DOJ-NatSec Division head who accompanied Sally Yates to the White House to confront Don McGhan about Lt. Gen. Flynn.

“I think people do see that this is a critical time in our history,” said Mary McCord, a former DOJ official who helped oversee the FBI’s probe into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and now is listed as a top outside counsel for the House in key legal fights tied to impeachment. “We see the breakdown of the whole rule of law. We see the breakdown in adherence to the Constitution and also constitutional values.”

“That’s why you’re seeing lawyers come out and being very willing to put in extraordinary amounts of time and effort to litigate these cases,” she added.  (link)

My suspicion is the articles of impeachment are a means to an end, and not the end itself.

Defeating and destroying President Trump is the goal, by any means necessary.

This severe type of goal is not guaranteed by relying on a republican Senate to remove him.   More extreme Lawfare measures are needed…


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799 Responses to Impeachment as a Means to An End, and Not The End Itself…

  1. Kay Sadeeya says:

    FACT: At this time there is no evidence of an impeachable offense by Donald J. Trump.
    FACT: The Democrats knew this all along (They teased the public and media with charges like: “collusion”; “election tampering”; obstruction of justice”; “bribery”; “witness intimidation”; etc. but never had any proof, because it was all false)
    FACT: The Democrats have stated they will not stop.
    FACT: The only way to stop them is taking power from them in November. VOTE!
    FACT: If they cheat in November through Soros’ and SEIU voting machines; and other voter fraud activity, then they must be stopped by other means. Whatever means are free of their nefarious influences.

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    • Victor Laszlo says:

      If you look behind, you will see that most of these creatures have been in congress for a hundred years. And you think now we can vote them out?
      If you look next to you, you will see that nothing has been done to protect our votes, and nothing has been done to stop the fraud. Even the few cases in which the voter roles were ordered to be purged, those states got caught ignoring the ruling. Of course the machines are rigged, of course they will cheat like never before
      If you look ahead, you will see that no matter who wins, there will be violence. If the creatures regain control, that’s the end. We need to drop the hammer now, and destroy the evil (not just vote them out), while we and our Hero have the power to do so. Why are these creatures still alive?

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    • Joe says:

      Fact: there is no transition or presentation of impeachment to the Senate required. The constitution is clear, once impeachment is voted on the senate is to hold a trial.

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      • Susan Bolle says:

        Lawfare re-writes laws and interprets the writers of the Constitution. Remember Enron.

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      • Dennis Habern says:

        If Pelose fails to transmit her articles of impeachment, then the Senate has no obligation

        to impeach or maintain a trial. Why would the Senate hold a trial, based upon what?

        Pelosi needs to be given a date to submit her articles, and if she refuses, the Senate

        is no longer obligated to hold a sham-trial, base upon no grievances. Pelosi is quite

        aware that the only reasons why she has permitted to box herself into a corner, is, she

        believes that it will assist her in getting rid of 45, and once 45 is no longer a problem,

        that the Communists/Democrats, can nominate a Lefty to the Supreme Court, and

        that is a “STAR SPANGLED GIVEN.”


      • ms doodlebug says:

        So Pelosi can lock their impeachment in a secret safe and the Senate has to conduct a trial? That makes no sense. If the House doesn’t ‘present’ their charges the Senate has nothing to take to trial.


    • garylthmp says:

      FACT: The only way to take power from them in November is to vote out ALL Democrats, which means everybody hiding under the R label as well. I think the most effective way would be to run candidates next year for the presidential convention who are pledged to vote not only for Trump, but a U.S. Speaker candidate as well, and pledge House candidates (and Senate candidates as well) to that Speaker candidate and his/her Contract With America-type platform with no-hands-barred on restoring the original republic, cleaning out all the deep state corruption, and returning power to the American people (congressional candidates who will be ordinary people from all walks of life instead of the Ivy League lawyer elitists infesting Washington now). Primary results would be honored–but not if the Democrats infiltrating the GOP leadership endorse and fund their own lackeys to victory in the primary, commit voter fraud, redistrict to suppress the true Republican grassroots in favor of the Democrats, freeze a legitimate Republican out of power and positions in the legislature, etc., etc.–in which case the Speaker’s slate will remove the primary winner and put the legitimate grassroots populist candidate in their place.

      FACT: The House Democrats well know that pursuing those HJC cases under oath are not worth running into the booby traps in the Senate trial, of calling certain key witnesses and doing discovery which would uncover and put the spotlight on the Democrat corruption, which the impeachment is intended to distract from. That McConnell has already indicated he has no intention of pursuing these witnesses and a trial, and that the Democrats show no fear of it, means they must have McConnell and Graham and et al firmly in their pocket.


  2. Road Runner says:

    I have a question some of you might be able to answer for me?

    Is PDJT actually “Impeached”???

    I ask because last night I quit watching the live stream of the House vote once Article II was passed. I did not see the Session closing, with the drop of the gavel.

    IIRC, I believe Sundance posted that prior to the drop of the gavel, they tabled a “Motion to Reconsider” for both Articles… ALSO today Pelois stated, and I am paraphrasing, that once she is comfortable with the Senate procedures the Articles can “Be brought up again”…

    So again, am I correct to assume that the Impeachment is not absolutely final? Since the motion to reconsider is still on the table and needs to be voted on?

    This could explain why Mitch needs to wait for the Articles…. Otherwise if the “Impeachment” IS indeed carved in stone, the Senate could simply set a date certain, January 6, 2020, to hear the matter and if no Managers show up he can simply have a vote to Dismiss…


    • stevelbrown says:

      The interwebs tells me:

      It is the common practice in the House for the Speaker to follow final passage of most bills or resolutions with the statement: “Without objection, the motion to reconsider is laid upon the table.” If no objection is raised, this has the parliamentary effect of ending any possibility that another vote on the bill can take place.

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      • Road Runner says:

        SteveBrown, thanks… I guess that answers that…

        Jay Sekulow has weighed in and as I suspected it Impeachment is set, the Senate can indeed proceed without the fools from the House is they choose to stay away…

        Thus this delay tactic is an epic fail…



    • Brutalus says:

      Yes…the impeachment process has not been completed yet! Therefore, their dreaded stain can wait

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    • Daniel says:

      Impeachment is effectively “indictment.” Impeachment carries no penalties. It’s for the senate to decide if/when it’s presented to them officially.

      And we’ve seen the Democrats’ willingness to indict anyone and anything. The laws of evidence do not hinder them. The possibility that this could be used against them later does not hinder them. The reality that our systems are based on the notion of proof beyond a reasonable doubt and that no one is required to prove their innocence does not hinder them.

      And sadly, we’ve got a lot of loud-mouthed people in the media and elsewhere who are stupid enough to think this is a good idea.

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    • Larry T. Mondello says:

      Yes, he is impeached, but not removed by the Senate. Clinton was similarly impeached, but the Senate in 1999 didn’t have 67 votes to remove him. Trump will probably face the Senate in January, but there will definitely not be the votes to remove him as well. This move will backfire in November, as the Republican and Trump supporters won’t forget yesterday.

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      • Road Runner says:

        Larry T Mondello, thanks… My question was directed at if it was a valid impeachment due to the motions to reconsider being tabled…

        I am fully aware of the Senates roll…

        How are Wally and the Beav doing? Where is Lumpy?


    • Dennis Habern says:

      What’s the deal with maintaining managers? Have managers been used in former
      impeachements? I cannot recall?


  3. Bill says:

    I, for one, am proud that President Trump has been impeached by this traitorous cabal of lowlife scum. He is a better man than the lot of them, combined.

    His patience and strength has forced them them to expose themselves for all to see. That genie will never be returned to the lamp. We own that to him.

    It is they, not President Trump, who will carry the stain of impeachment on their shoulders like a dying albatross.

    It is they that history will damn.

    It is they that I damn.

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  4. MR52 says:

    Well saw this at the Federalist:

    Ukrainian Oligarch Paid $700,000 To The Husband Of A House Judiciary Committee Democrat.

    Robert Powell, the husband of Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, D-Fla., reportedly took $700,000 from a Ukrainian oligarch named Igor Kolomoisky. Mucarsel-Powell sits on the House Judiciary Committee, the committee that drafted two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump for his alleged abuse of power with regards to Ukraine.

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  5. Bogeyfree says:

    What an interesting dilemma for Barr…………

    Because if Sundance is correct and the next step by the Dems is to secure 6e material to use for Impeachment 2.0 and thus create the precedent for non stop impeachment trials in the Senate that McConnell spoke about…….

    AG Barr has a choice.

    Save the Republic by Indicting & Exposing the Russia Collusion and the Mueller report as bogus, a fraud, a frame job and a coup and thus anything collected by the Mueller report (I.e. grand jury info) would be considered fruit from the poisonous tree thus thwarting the Dems from using the courts and providing them access to grand jury information which if successful would set the precedent in future court cases that this “bully technique” for impeachment is now OK in a court of law.


    Don’t indict and/expose to the American people anything regarding the fraud, the frame job and the coup perpetrators whereby there is no fruit from the poisonous tree and thus opening the door for the Dems to possibly be successful in gaining grand jury documents via the courts to be used to enhance their impeachment articles on PT while securing a future precedent in the court of law.

    I’d really like to get Sundance’s thoughts on this hypothetical choice scenario.

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  6. Seadoc66 says:


    TO: Nancy Pelosi, American Politicians (Especially those in DC, VA, NY & CA).
    cc: President Trump, Americans

    RE: The Vets are Coming!

    I joined the army in Ike Eisenhower’s last year in office and continued service as a soldier/cop/security consultant until 2005. During all those years and right up through today, one thing has never changed. Most of the politicians found at every level of government have proven time and time again to at best fit the label of; “self-serving, witless, cowards.”

    If anyone (pay attention DC, VA, NY, & CA politicians) thinks any cop and/or soldier is going to do the bidding of a house full of politicians to take weapons away from Americans and/or enforce their radical positions on communism, socialism, wholesale abortion, climate control, open borders/unchecked immigration, etc., much less go up against other soldiers/cops; they had best think again! We cops and soldiers are bound into a brotherhood by our oath of office. We take an oath to uphold the Constitution and to serve/protect the American people from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Take note; during my career the greatest threat to the American people and we soldiers/cops has been the politicians, bureaucrats, and media!

    I declared when I left active active duty that the only job I would accept if recalled is that of; Commander, Revolutionary Forces. My primary task would be to lead soldiers and cops in putting every self-serving, witless, coward in political office behind a broom cleaning the streets from sea to shining sea.

    Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired
    PS Politicians, before you start threatening to send soldiers against cops not willing to do your criminal bidding I suggest you ask yourself a question. Who has all the guns and bullets?

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    • free2313 says:

      Right on Target Seadoc66: “….We cops and soldiers are bound into a brotherhood by our oath of office. We take an oath to uphold the Constitution and to serve/protect the American people from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.
      Take note; during my career the greatest threat to the American people and we soldiers/cops has been the politicians, bureaucrats, and media!”…

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    • Daniel says:

      I refer you to what was done to people in Louisiana before and after Hurricane Katrina. A complete violation of several constitutionally guaranteed rights were violated and to the best of my knowledge, nothing has been done to address it. Cops did this under orders despite the easily recognized fact that is was fully unconstitutional.

      I would love if what you say is true. And I have no doubt some will refuse to follow such orders. But too many will. And those who fight to defend their rights will be slaughtered as “cop killers.”

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    • Seadoc66, Thank you. I will also be one of the 3%


    • Dennis Habern says:

      As a fomer military member, I fully comprehend the thrust of your sentiments, but what

      is lacking, is a comprehensive program that all Americans are on the same page,

      male and female, and that program is “UNIVERSAL CONSCRIPTION.” It has been

      written that the United States is a divided country, and I wholeheartedly concur,

      therefore, as I have proposed, “UNIVERSAL CONSCRIPTON,” delineates that every

      eligible,future senior, graduating from our high schools across the nation, would not be

      permitted to accept a civilian position of employment, nor to matriculate into a college

      or a university, until they have fulfilled their military contract of at least 4 years. Our

      5 military services, maintain the authority and the wherewithal to demand that their

      members learn what it means to be patriotic, disciplined, “NATIONALISTIC,” and to

      walk in the footsteps of our Creator. The civilians side of the house does not demand

      anything, with the exception to obey the law. There is a distinction between the rules

      tha govern the military and the civilian world. Our 5 military services, are a positive

      influence in maintaining that each service member, maintains some skin in the game,

      where in the civilian side of the house, Americans become susceptible to be coerced

      to drift towards the Communist/Democrat/RINO Party, which is anatema to the visions

      of our Founding Fathers, whom gave up everything in 1776, including their lives, so

      that the United States would remain free and prosperous, permitting all citizens to

      be aware of their current rights granted to us under the “DECLARATION OF INDEPEN-

      DENCE AND THE BILL OF RIGHTS. But today, we patriotic Americans are once more

      countenancing similar political conundrums that our colonists faced in 1776, where they

      rose from the ashes of tyranny, to get rid of the Tories and all of the King’s-men. Since

      the inauguration of Black 44 in 2008 and in 2012, the United States has never been

      in accordance with the views of our Founding Fathers. Black 44 has declared, even

      before he was sworn into office, to fundamentally change the direction of the United

      States, and todate, he would have succeed, had the election of 45 prevailed, instead

      of Hillary Rotten Clinton. It is imperative that we Americans remain on the same page,

      only through military service. Once “UNIVERSAL CONSCRIPTION” becomes law, the

      sons and daughers of the 435 Congressionals, the 100 Senators and the 9 Supreme

      Court Justices, and the masses, will be demanded to matriculate into one of our 5

      military services. Once “UNIVERSAL CONSCRIPTION” become law, worthless

      Communists/Democrats such as Soros, Clinton, or Black 44, would never dare in the

      future, to influence our youngsters, because these Communists would be destroyed

      before they slapped leather. It is currently evident that the United States requires a

      strategy that all our members are on the same page. Prior administrations have

      attempted to unite our country, but everything that they have attempted, has failed,

      but they have not attempted “UNIVERSAL CONSCRIPTION,” When the DRAFT was

      eliminated in 1973, it was quite evident that it was the functions of the “NEW WORLD

      ORDER,” so that our young members would not become too nationalistic, which is

      anathema to the policies of the “NEW WORLD ORDER,” which is currently ramrodded

      by George “NAZI” Soros, while the “MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD,” is curently ramrodded

      by Black 44. Therefore, my fellow Americans, Soros, Clinton, and Black 44, must be

      made to disappear, as if they have never existed, and in the meantime, perhaps 45

      will hear my cry to establish further generations to be on the same page, militarily,

      patriotically, disciplined and nationalistic, as God fearing, American citizens, and that



  7. trapper says:

    Here you go

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  8. realeyecandy1 says:

    I just made my measly $10 per week contribution straight to the DJT campaign itself. I wish I could do more but I wear Trump gear every day and engage folks and I make phone calls. My Trump gear gets folks out and talking, people are still in hiding but the gear gives them a chance to converse

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  9. ericsrightsock says:

    Last evening the hate filled Democrat Congress also impeached every Republican/Conservative who voted for DJT in 2016 !

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  10. Mr e-man says:

    This is interesting. It takes 2/3s of Senators present to convict. If they recuse some on both sides, the number of R crossovers needed goes down quickly.

    For instance. Currently 2/3 is 67 votes which need 14 R’s to cross over if all Dems vote to convict. If 10 R’s and 10 D’s are recused for bias, they only need 10 R’s. If 20 of each party are excused, they only need 7, and so on. If 30 from each are recused, they only need 4. Collins, Murkowski, Romney, and Sasse.

    R’s 53 43 33

    D’s 47 37 27

    Total 100 80 60

    2/3 67 53 40

    # of R’s to convict 14 10 7


    • Matthew LeBlanc says:

      47 democrats + 20 republicans = 67

      20 defectors are needed at a 100 vote total not 14.

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    • III% says:

      There is nothing more serious that they would need to be “excused” to go do.

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    • booger71 says:

      McConnell can order all senators to the floor before a vote, and have Sergent at Arms go get them if necessary. Only exception would be if a senator was hospitalized.

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    • Road Runner says:

      Think about this… It takes 2/3 of the Senators “Present”… That means that if 30 Rs choose to go fishing or golfing then the Dems can convict with 47…

      So if you figure in a combination of recusals and not “Present” and you might have someting…

      But I don’t think the Rs, as a group, will cave… Mittens, Murk and Collins? Maybe but not critical…

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      • Beau Geste says:

        Does senator delecto make it 101 senators?

        like clark kent, has anyone ever seen senator delecto and mittens in the same room at the same time?


    • Daniel says:

      If it came down to it, every last Republican would be petitioned to recuse. The left’s favorite past-time is to go back into peoples’ past to find some dirt to use as an excuse to get people out of their way. Meanwhile, the left will refuse to recuse when they are called out on their bias.

      Quick question? Who is the governor of Virginia and what party is he?

      Get my point? You’re doing the math wrong because it doesn’t reflect the reality we live in.

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    • Eileen McRae says:

      Is this scenario possible?


    • mushr45m says:

      There is no recusal.
      This is POLITICAL. Everyone is impartial. A Bull#$%& argument.

      That is why the founders designed Impeachment the way they did. The crimes have to be so egregious that it crosses party lines.
      The crime must be so significant that 67 out of 100 Senators (REGARDLESS of political affilliation) believe the POTUS has committed Treason, Bribery, High Crimes AND Misdemeanors.

      One of the great designs of our constitution, differing from a parliamentary government.

      Unfortunately, Pegrossi and company have turned the process toward a parliament…
      Tyranny of the Majority!


  11. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    So what did the House Democrats accomplish?

    “If the plan was to sabotage Trump’s second-term campaign it seems to have backfired spectacularly. With every hearing before the Intelligence or Judiciary Committee the public support for impeachment actually decreased. Even CNN was forced to admit the existence of ‘growing evidence that the public impeachment proceedings in the House against Trump may actually be helping him politically.’

    Indeed, what better way for President Trump to solidify his bona fides as the populist outsider than to be impeached by the coastal elites and the Washington Swamp in what amounted to a nakedly partisan process? Even then, Democrats and their friends in the Media pressed on, rejecting the evidence before their own eyes in favor of feelings and beliefs.

    That calculus may be as premature as their confidence in Hillary Clinton’s victory on the morning of Election Day 2016 however. For all of Trump’s many failings he has something akin to a superpower; his presence forces everyone to show their true colors, friends and foes alike.

    Trump never gets tired of pointing out the accomplishments of his administration: jobs, stock market growth, trade deals, etc. He did so again, in a scathing letter to Pelosi on Impeachment Eve, contrasting that to her party’s ‘open war on American Democracy.’

    However, the end of his six-page letter shows that he is fully aware of the Democrats’ gambit bringing it out in the open. He wrote it not because he expected them to see reason but ‘for the purpose of history’ and to create ‘a permanent and indelible record.’

    From an article over at RT NEWS. (Of course RT is Russian propaganda according to the American Fake News pushers like CNN, ABC, PBS, MSNBC, NPR, & CBS)

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  12. czarowniczy says:

    There was no doubt that Lawfare would be used against Trump, just go back to the team of hunter-killer lawyers assembled to go after Nixon by finely parsing the huge available lot of Federal codes. It’s been honed over the years into the ‘democratic’ version of the Divine Right of Kingship’.

    In days of old (and possibly days-of-not-dso-old) the plotters would just pop a cap in the offending king’s ass but that’s harder to do here unless you have a member of the coup in the #2 position. If I were #2 Pence I wouldn’t eat any Christmas candy sent to me by Pelosi. Now we just weaponize the mountain of law available to do the cap poppin’.

    If Trump wins in ’20 and the Rats retain control of the Hose you can expect four more years of the same. God help us if they get control of the House and Senate. This election’ going to be a tsunami of money sloshing throughout the country as the Left tries to get that slight edge that will allow them to suppress and destroy the Right. We’re seeing the same kind of death match we saw with the Left/Right in ’80 and ’84, let’s pray the leaders on the Right have learned their lessons.

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  13. realeyecandy1 says:

    would not surprise me to see a Trump rally in Florida pop up while POTUS is home for XMAS

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    • free2313 says:

      The New Year is soon enough for POTUS Trump and his Myriad of Supporters, to denigrate the ‘Gang of anti-Constitutional Communist Thugs, who impeached Trump, without a cause and without a crime;’ to be easily handled, dismissed and dismissed in 2020…

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  14. Bugsdaddy says:

    Maybe this has been asked and answered somewhere else, but…..
    It would seem the so-called Articles of Impeachment would need to reference specific statutes that have been violated, along with the (sorry, I’m not a lawyer) specific elements of those violations. Again, I’m not a lawyer, but it seems to me that any one charged with a crime is informed of those things, are they not?

    And if they are not identified, wouldn’t the “judge” be required to throw out the allegations?

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    • SHV says:

      In my reading, grounds for impeachment may contain violations of statutory law but is not necessary. To my reading, in the 11 Articles against Andrew Johnson, there were no statutory crimes. Also:

      ” In Federalist No. 65, Alexander Hamilton described the subject of impeachment as:
      those offences which proceed from the
      misconduct of public men, or, in other
      words, from the abuse or violation of
      some public trust. They are of a nature
      which may with peculiar propriety be
      denominated POLITICAL, as they relate chiefly to injuries done immediately to the society itself.”


  15. William Warburg says:

    It’s is interesting to me that almost every major civilization has been destroyed – not by invasion and occupation – but from the rot within. By removing “spiritual law” first (getting rid of God) civil laws and rules can be changed and distorted to accomplish whatever goals are sought. We have seen this repeatedly done since the second world war. Without spiritual accountability, material ambition has no limits and power becomes the ultimate goal. The best thing about the modern day world is that the elites can no longer operate in total shadow and the main stream media cannot control and stop ALL the information from getting out.The godless left would have continued their takeover of the world unimpeded.But God is not mocked and Donald Trump is God’s ace in the hole. The unlikeliest of candidates was seen by millions of “regular folks” as their chance to save their democracy and he has risen to the occasion and proved himself to be the best cure for corruption
    and the destruction of the state for greed and personal gain. As Yoda said “out it will” and sunlight is filtering in through many sources. Social media cannot block every ray of information and people still have sense enough to make their own decisions. Without Donald Trump, western civilization will collapse from within and be overrun by hordes from the third world. The elites won’t care. Nancy Peelousy doesn’t care if a mentally defective person takes a crap in a grocery store – she never shops there anyway.She just wants to be president herself. Only Trump and Pence stand in her way. Most of the lackeys in congress that voted along with her have no idea what’s really going on – they just want a turn at the microphone and a cut of the profits. Pray for America.

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  16. Why the hell do I have to Sign in every friggin time I come here to Comment ?

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  17. bosscook says:

    Fascinated comments this morning…thank you all! My two cents:

    1. The crimes the left are DESPERATELY trying to keep hidden must be absolutely bonkers. And WHEN the American public get a view of them, the left is DONE. In my view, murder, money and sex are extensively involved…the sins that they are DESPERATE to hide. They hate Trump…yes, we know that…but what they really hate MOST is being found out.
    2. The voter fraud will be rampant in 2020…at every level and in every state, down to the dog catcher. I’m encouraged and hopeful that the increasing numbers of black voters for Trump, as well as disgusted Dems, and independents will cancel out the fraud. But the fraud will be massive. I know that’s how they won back the house last year. Absolutely.

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    • Peppurr says:

      It’s critical that President Trump gets a second term and the polling stations and possible fixed machines are a big concern to me. I’ve read that 16 States have machines tied to Soros. I mean, really…. how many billionaires would be interested in funding something like this? Only deceitful ones, imo.

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  18. Janice Farley says:

    Everything Trump does is impeachable to the Democrats. We all know this. So it really doesn’t matter what is in the 6e material. The Republicans will not change their minds. They can leak and leak and leak day in and day out. We aren’t changing our minds.

    Liked by 2 people

  19. Janice Farley says:

    Everything Trump does is impeachable to the Democrats. We all know this. So it really doesn’t matter what is in the 6e material. The Republicans will not change their minds. They can leak and leak and leak day in and day out. We aren’t changing our minds.


  20. Janice Farley says:

    Everything Trump does is impeachable to the Democrats. We all know this. So it really doesn’t matter what is in the 6e material. The Republicans will not change their minds. They can leak and leak and leak day in and day out. We aren’t changing our minds.


  21. franz dorn says:

    Fox New is reporting that Pelosi can withhold the articles of impeachment indefinitly and prevent the president from getting a trial. Mike Robinson’s bill of attainder now has all its elements. IF Pelosi holds on to the articles they should be quashed by the court as a Bill of Attainder and the President should receive damages

    But,I disagree with Fox

    Pelosi has a mandatory ministerial duty to send the articles of Impeachment to the Senate within a reasonable time or else she violates the constitution. The President or the president need to demand in writing to Pelosi that the articles be sent to the Senate. If this does not happen by January 15 2020 ,A Petition for Writ of Mandumus should be filed forcing Pelosi to send the articles

    Liked by 5 people

    • Justin Green says:

      That’s not a bill of attainder.

      And if Nancy decides to sit on the articles for 5 days, 5 months, or preferably, the next 5 years, Trump remains President the entire time!

      Liked by 1 person

    • The American Patriot says:

      The Senate don’t have to wait on this.

      Since Turtle knows the true reason behind this,and did not follow proper constitutional procedures, he can just go ahead and dismiss the “faux charges”


    • JL says:

      Where does the Consitution say that the House must transit articles to the Senate?

      The vote last night on the articles, was all the Senate needed to get started in the Constitutional sense. They are public record.

      Any role the House is still given in this process is a courtesy. Normally that courtesy would be guided by precedent, tradition, and fairness.

      Those principles were completely rejected by the House. The Senate will act accordingly.

      Liked by 1 person

  22. tozerbgood8315 says:

    LOL – Or was it withholding gifts for being bad?

    Liked by 4 people

  23. tdwesselman says:

    I am not a lawyer, but the right to a speedy trial and the ability to face our accusers is enshrined in our constitution. President Trump has been accused of a crime by impeachment. Why cant he go to the court and force Pelosi to either submit the articles or withdraw them. She is violating his rights by accusing him of a crime but preventing him from defending himself from the accusation.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Fox News is reporting that Pelosi can withhold the articles of impeachment indefinitly and prevent the president from getting a trial. Mike Robinson’s bill of attainder now has all its elements. IF Pelosi holds on to the articles they should be quashed by the court as a Bill of Attainder and the President should receive damages

      But,I disagree with Fox

      Pelosi has a mandatory ministerial duty to send the articles of Impeachment to the Senate within a reasonable time or else she violates the constitution. The President or the happen by January 15 2020 ,A Petition for Writ of Mandumus should be filed forcing Pelosi to send the articles


    • Joe says:

      Yes. Delaying this is nonsense and should not be tolerated. Take it to a senate trial and make it a debate as to how Hunter Biden got the millions and converted foreign aid. The impeachment has been voted on. Saying that there is a second step before the Senate can proceed seems to be at odds with the Senate rule. They voted yes. What more is to be done?


  24. cattastrophe says:

    If McConnell comes through for the President on this (big time) it will be one of the few times we can be glad he’s been a Senator for a hundred years. He knows all the tricks or can find them readily, no newbie would be of any use in this situation no matter what his outside experience.


  25. Bogeyfree says:

    Since Sundance has brought up impeachment as a means to the end and for them to get to the end they must go back to the Russia Collusion and Mueller investigation to possibly secure grand jury info for Impeachment 2.0

    And as we know one of the key elements to the Russia Collusion frame job was spying on Americans via FIB contractors conducting millions of searches via the NSA database and by abusing the FISA process.

    So here are some of the known pieces of evidence of spying and FISA abuse:

    1) Adm. Rogers 6 month audit where 85% of queries were non compliant

    2) The 99 page Collyer Report

    3) The recent and scathing letter from Collyer to DOJ/FBI

    4) Adm Rodgers meeting at Trump Tower to inform him of the spying

    5) documentation that shows there were 3,100,000 searches in one year alone

    6) 47 hard drives from Dennis Montgomery and Hammer Program given to FBI

    Now add in the text message that says POTUS wants to know everything.

    Does not all of this scream that US Attorney Durham MUST conduct a deep and thorough dive going back many years, into Contractor Spying AND FISA abuse?

    I mean how can you prosecute something if you don’t do a thorough investigation that gets to the depth and magnitude over time of the offense?

    And how can you have a statement that possibly connects the President, in (POTUS wants to know everything) and not go back multiple years during POTUS tenure to see just how much spying and FISA abuse actually occurred during his tenure?

    My point is, IMO if Durham is serious about getting to the truth he MUST conduct a deep an extensive multiple year examination of FIB contractors usage and FISA abuse possibly going back to 2012.

    Anything less or just accepting Adm. Rodgers audit and Collyer’s Report/Letter would be a huge travesty b not providing the ll picture and true transparency as the American people deserve

    So it will be interesting to see the ACTIONS taken by Barr and Durham as IMO THAT will be their talking.

    Liked by 3 people

  26. JL says:

    “Jerry Nadler will respond to the court by saying the HJC needs the 6(e) material to support the obstruction article in a Senate Trial. Per the court deadline, we will know by Monday December 23rd. The obstruction article will then become disposable; it will have fulfilled its purpose.”

    It’s likely they will try to argue this. It is also laughable.

    If they were able to Impeach without it, they don’t need it at a trial. As far as the Contitutional role the House plays in an impeachment and Senate trial, that role is complete as of last night.

    The Constitution does not require articles of impeachment to be transmitted to the Senate. It does not require “House Impeachment Managers”. It does not require further introduction of evidence by the House.

    The Constitution is explicit. The power to conduct a trial lies solely with the Senate. The instant the House passed the articles of impeachment, was the instant their Constitutionally mandated role in the process ended.

    They haven’t yet realized that the threat of impeachment was far more powerful than impeachment itself.

    Nancy Pelosi just put all of her eggs in one basket and handed it over to Cocaine Mitch. What the House now says and does regarding this impeachment is totally and completely irrelevant to the process.

    Liked by 4 people

  27. Gallo3 says:

    Behind all this smoke and mirrors is the rapidly deteriorating health of Justice Ginsburg. This is seen as a way to delay her replacement until after the 2020 election. That fact drives the timeline as much as anything IMHO.


  28. Mike Van says:

    They can always pass the article’s of impeachment over to the Senate if RBG makes he announcement. Then the Senate cant replace her cause they have to start a trial.


    • Road Runner says:

      Which is why Mitch will want to kill this thing ASAP… Outside of PDJT no one wants to install a new SCOTUS Justice more than Mitch…

      Clearly Mitch knows that regardless of whether the current impeachment is killed. The Socialists will simply gin up a new Article to block any nominations…

      Therefore, I bet he will go forward with any nomination put forth by PDJT even if the bogus impeachment is still lurking…


    • JL says:

      There’s no reason they have to complete a trial before they can confirm a SC justice. They can do both at the same time, or delay one to do the other.


  29. Pew-Anon says:

    I commented earlier that the House Impeachment Faction’s lust for the Mueller 6e material is to obtain fraudulently fabricated criminal evidence therein. Perhaps another, corollary reason is it also contains similar fabricated evidence against Pence, whereby both could be removed in impeachment 2.0. Then the whole Pelosi/Hillary scenario plays out.


  30. MR52 says:

    In Jan 2017 Shiffy was pushing fake stuff. Watch him here. I saw this back then when I was doing cyber security stuff and I know everything he was saying was B Schiff. Most of the stuff he claims is Russian is Chinese. Classic distort the truth to make you stories seem creditable. They started weaving this in 2016. I am guessing earlier when they figured out Hillary was not going to win. What is amazing is Trump still won with all the Democrat cheating.


  31. Trump Supporter says:

    President Donald Trump has done more for the American people, than any other President in the past. Unfortunately, all of the Liberal Democrat FAKE NEWS don’t mention President Trump’s
    accomplishments, only lies to their viewers at CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, etc. President Trump did so many great things for this country and its people in only 3 years and now the Democrat Party has impeached him because they were afraid he would be elected again in 2020 by the USA people. Democrats even said that. If this crooked and corrupt election happens, then every President after President Trump can be impeached the same way for no reason. Wake Up America!

    Liked by 1 person

  32. Trump Supporter says:

    If President Trump is impeached, the people who voted Democrat will end up living in a socialist, communist country like China. Venezuela voted for a socialist President and the people regretted that move for the rest of their lives. People were starving and had to kill their pets in order to survive. So go ahead people and vote Democrat in 2020 and you will end up like Venezuela. Bon Appetit (Enjoy your meal).


  33. Bill G says:

    The Mueller Report is for Obstruction of Justice related to investigation 2016 Election Collusion with the Russians. The Articles of Impeachment are related to Obstruction of Congress related to 2019 Ukraine aid. Why would a judge release grand jury material to the House of Representatives for an unrelated matter?

    Liked by 2 people

    • elizabethross1776 says:

      @Bill G Why would AT&T and Verizon release private phone call metadata of one member of Congress, who has not been accused or convicted of any crime, to another member of Congress, who does not have legal subpoena power? Why the hell not? Why or why not makes no difference with these people. They are immune to the forces of tradition, common sense, personal integrity, and apparently even self-preservation. They break laws with impunity, they have no conscience, and no shame. If there is a backchannel way to get what they want, there is nothing to stop them from getting it.


  34. Harry says:

    Does GOP and WH lack a stretegy here? It seems to me they are reacting and not in a well organized way. They should have pushed a court fight sooner than later.


  35. rcogburn says:

    Posted this by mistake under the SD’s flying monkey’s thread. Reposting here:

    SD’s nailed their MO. Next up will be another fresh scandal tying Trump to influencing US elections, the Russians, or both. Pre-planned and carefully coordinated, ready for launch.

    This occurred 12/11/19. Can’t say for sure, but it sure looks like it’s being readied for deployment:

    (all caps mine)
    “Lev Parnas, an associate of Rudy Giuliani, received a $1 million payment from Russia a month before he was charged with conspiring to funnel foreign money into Republican campaigns in the United States, federal prosecutors said Wednesday. PROSECUTORS FOR THE U.S. SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK ASKED A FEDERAL JUDGE TO DETAIN PARNAS WITHOUT BAIL, arguing that he lied to the government about his income and assets and could potentially flee the country.”

    The Bulwark explains how this would be deployed during impeachment:

    “Republicans want to dispense with their Constitutional responsibility before the public realizes there is a second Russia-focused federal criminal investigation underway and that Trump, once again, is at the center of it. … One of the reasons for this rush may be a desire to be done with impeachment before any more news connects Russian money to President Trump. We now know Rudy Giuliani’s indicted ex-business partner Lev Parnas—who paid Rudy $500,000 to do Trump’s Ukraine election meddling—had a Russian funding stream.”

    Judge is J. Paul Oetken, appointed by Obama. The SDNY Prosector is Geoffrey Berman. I’m sure SD knows who this guy is. Trump appointed him to replace Preet Bahrara, then it seems Berman repudiated Trump once in the job. “Geoffrey Berman, U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, is investigating campaign conspiracies and Trump Organization finances, inauguration funding, Trump super PAC funding, and foreign lobbying.” Berman recused himself from the Michael Cohen raid and charged Natalya Veselnitskaya for obstruction of justice.

    Keep an eye on this one.


  36. Jimmy Jack says:

    I agree Sundance – the goal it to utterly DESTROY Trump for good and his kids as well.

    They will do anything, absolutely anything.

    We have now seen several open assassination attempts on Trump and his supporters in Congress. God only knows what we haven’t seen.

    Additionally, I expect to see the SDNY move to bring any charges they can against any Trump they can and to get prison terms on top of fines.

    They are happy being able to fund raise and crow about their support in “impeaching that m’fer”. But they will not stop at this.

    We are in a crisis situation but IDK how many realize that yet.

    These uniparty scumbags on both sides of the aisle are absolutely desperate to cover up for decades worth of crime and fraud that are not only criminal but flat out treasonous. They will do anything to keep their gravy train going and to cover up what they’ve done.


  37. WeThePeople2016 says:


  38. PVCDroid says:

    Stall tactic as they build on the Parnas, Gulliani conspiracy. Apparently they’ve got Parnas and are going to give him the Manafort treatment in order to restart Russigate. Then the ongoing Mueller 6e material they will convince a judge to approve now that they have a pretend impeachment done. For God’s sake they are evil.


  39. trapper says:

    “defeating and destroying President Trump is the goal, by any means necessary.”

    Maybe. Or maybe it goes beyond Trump. Schiff has now made clear that Pence is next. If he resists his “subpoenas” they can go the same route, contempt of Congress.

    Perhaps Prime Minister (sorry … President) Pelosi is the ultimate goal. Before the 2020 election.


  40. Anunymous Reader says:

    Excellent analysis and forecast.

    The cabal that is about to take us all under its despotic rule is going to deprive of any privacy every viable and truly conservative-American contender in the Presidential race (as of now, Trump is the only one in that category) , while shield their every pet contender behind the veil Constitutional right to privacy (4th Amendment, 5th Amendment, and unwritten doctrines of political process).

    So every crook who keeps his scams secret will look better than Trump or anyone else subjected to this kind of scrutiny.

    This deceptive trick alone will sway millions of voters.

    I wonder if this heinous crime against the Republic can be punished?

    The cabal, like a strain of pathogens, will never give up. It will exploit every vulnerability of the attacked organism (our Republic) as long as it exists. We need some serious antibiotic to survive as a free nation.


  41. Jack says:

    What is chilling about the shampeachment of POTUS by the House Dems without sending articles of impeachment to the Senate is that it’s tantamount to the Local Police arresting, charging you (on parallel evidence from another crime) and telling the court and prospective jury how you will be tried while you rot in jail. It’s obvious 8th amendment violations against POTUS after they’ve already violated his 4th amendment rights. Think about it. Delaying articles and managers until 2020 will create a conflict of interest for Senators running for POTUS when they vote FOR impeachment. Warren, Sanders and other would be voting to fire the POTUS they’re running against. Vote Republican and tell others to vote Republican in November as if your freedoms depended on it because if it could happen to POTUS it could happen to you.


  42. Sarasotosfan says:

    It appears what is unfinished is a ministerial act, and as such it seems to me impossible to present the case that Trump has not been impeached.


  43. IvanOranrof says:

    Thanks for this unsettling analysis. These people are trying to take over the country, and they seem to be clearly intent upon destroying the first and second amendments; then moving on to destroy our country itself. They are working for the dark lord.

    OTOH, this too will pass.


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