Chairman Lindsey Graham Discusses His View of IG Horowitz Testimony…

Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham appears on Fox News with Sean Hannity to receive attaboys for his efforts and discuss his views on IG Horowitz testimony.

Chairman Graham notes he would like to hear from current FBI Director Christopher Wray and former Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein…

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87 Responses to Chairman Lindsey Graham Discusses His View of IG Horowitz Testimony…

  1. dufrst says:

    Sidney Powell with a strong take on IG report

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    • mikeyboo says:

      Sidney Powell is so plain spoken, it is a pleasure to listen to her educate people.

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    • Landslide says:

      She is a national treasure. So easy to listen to, has a fabulous mind, and is extremely believable. No one messes with her because she has such command of the FACTS! 👍🏻🇺🇸👍🏻🇺🇸

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    • Zy says:

      Yes, the IG shouldn’t say anything about bias in a report. Let the facts speak for themselves.

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    • Sammy Hains says:

      “When once a Republic is corrupted, there is no possibility of remedying any of the growing evils but by removing the corruption and restoring its lost principles; every other correction is either useless or a new evil.” — Thomas Jefferson

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      • strateshooter says:

        Yes. But how ??

        The Democrat and RINO establishment + their owned media accomplices are now SO powerful that they cannot be removed by conventional means.

        Even Barr and Durham (establishment guys) will side with the institutions I think.

        The problem is…I think half the country now knows that the DC establishment and their media buds are TOTALLY corrupt…and at some point things will turn hot.
        I am sure they feel differently and that that they contain the situation.

        I am sure Colonel Ghadafi and Sadaam Hussein felt the same way too.

        God Bless America. And God Bless all the past soldiers who fought and died for freedom.
        If they are looking down on America now I suspect it would be with a burning and cold anger in their hearts.

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        • Boots says:

          Yes. But how ??

          Here’s one way. Rooted in the Second Amendment. You’ll note the Amendment contains no parentheses, brackets, or other provision to limit barrel length or type of action (semi, full auto). If this had been available at the battle of Long Island, Washington would’ve sent the British back into the Hudson.

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        • SuperHimalaya says:

          James E. Strates Shows.


    • LEET says:

      As Sydney Powell states in the above video, some years ago she wrote about the corruption in the Dept. Of Justice in her book, Licensed to Lie, “they changed the balance of power in the Senate in the Ted Stevens case” , they have gotten away with these tactics before. This is not their first RODEO. Seems to me another of their tactics has been to neutralize Inspector Generals. Didn’t obama FIRE a competent Inspector General when he found corruption in the Obama administration and actually CALLED IT corruption.

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    • saywhat64 says:

      “I don’t think Durham is going to do a report, I think he is going to start indicting people”. Yup, I agree…

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      • Learned Hat says:

        I am all for that . . . but we need a report. Trials with little coverage and jail time for people that most “undecided” or otherwise “malleable” voters know little about and probably care even less will not be the smelling salts needed to snap people out of the stupor that the last 3 years of brainwashing has brought about.


    • RAC says:

      “So many basic and fundamental errors”
      “17 errors or omissions”
      “Didn’t find political bias or improper motivation”
      “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action”

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  2. dufrst says:

    Trey Gowdy not too impressed with Comey’ sacred. I can’t wait until Comey and McCabe are indicted!

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  3. flatlandgoober says:

    Problem with Lindsey is you have to expect him to flip his strong opinions in the next interview.

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  4. technerd says:

    Isn’t Graham just a place holder as head of the judiciary committee? He stormed into the job wanting another independent council to look at FISA abuse by the FBI. He had one meeting with AG Barr and I’m guessing he was told looking into these matters was beyond his grasp, not up to the task. Since that meeting, he’s been doing a lot of talking on Hannity, but not much else. He doesn’t even appear to be in charge of the Trump appointments. McConnell and Grassley spear head that effort. So, is Graham the PR guy for the Senate GOP? Looks like that’s his only job.

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    • Dutchman says:

      I wish I was good with technology, not my strong suit.
      I would put together a video, of ALL the Republicon Congressional leadership, saying, one after another :
      “Mueller is an Honorable man, and his investigation should continue”, and every time Lindsey or one of these decepticons goes on camera, like this, saying what he knows we want to hear,
      I would post the clip.

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      • FrankieZee says:

        Excellent point. Every one of the Republicans said the same thing.

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        • Dutchman says:

          Actually, not ‘my’ point, Congressman Gohmert, of Texas said it in his op-ed on Mueller.
          I call it the “Gohmert test”; he basically said iys a litmus test on whether a Republican in Congress is supportive of Trump/Deplorables, or corrupt.

          And yeah, they got their marching orders, and on cue they all sang a rousing rendition of “Muellers an honorable guy, which nobody can deny”.

          Problem is, with what we know now, Mueller is anything but, and only a few refused to join in.
          Nunes, Jordan, Meadows, Biggs, the small group of defenders in the,House.

          In the Senate? Bupkis.

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      • FreedomLover says:

        Well, Trump seems to continue to say Xi is a great guy. I always thought the statements about Mueller are along the same lines.


        • Dutchman says:

          Actually, “Trump” is more nuanced than most give him credit for, but suggest reading the op-ed on Mueller, written by Rep. Loise Ghomert.
          Brief review of Muellers ‘distinguished resume’ (actually a review clearly displaying ineptness and corruption) and he then sums up by pointing out this was all known by those who sang the chorus.

          Add in what we now know; that they WANTED PDJT to fire Mueller, and that Mueller investigation functioned as a major part of the coup and cover up.

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    • AustinHoldout says:

      I’m pretty sure his job is running for President.


  5. SR says:

    He is good only in talks and writing letters but not taking any action or subpoena.

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  6. TheLastDemocrat says:

    Oooh! Lindsey warns FBI they may end up on Double Secret Probation!!

    Dude! Man up! You like run the Senate! Go kick azz and take names!!!

    Don;t go on TV and cry like a baby for someone to do something!!!

    Go to Trump and say, “MAGA!! I want to be more help to you than Guiliani. What do you want – I am at your service. And here are my top five ideas to save America from the Swamp, the Globalists, and the Commies. Let’s get crackin’ “

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    • Risa says:

      He can’t. How does Lindsey drain a swamp he is so deeply mired in? He would most likely be implicated in many of McStain’s corrupt activities. Why else were they glued at the hips like conjoined twins?

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    • Summer says:

      If a RINO ever shows up in the Trump Oval Office with such a proposal, it is virtually guaranteed that he is wearing a wire. Just sayin.

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  7. Mo says:

    Perfect Tick Tock Picture

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  8. roddrepub says:

    Sundance 😂🤣 I love the gray haired Hannity! I can see him tick tocking till the end!

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  9. Elric VIII says:

    ” The lady doth protest too much, methinks ”
    Miss Lindsey has overplayed his hand. He has long since revealed his fealty, and it isn’t to his constituents or the citizens of the United States of America. It is time for him to exit, stage left.

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  10. Zombie says:

    Lindsey doesn’t want to go anywhere near a discussion of Russian hacking(Crowdstrike) or Ukraine. Other than that he had his moments while walking down the middle of the road.

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  11. Jim in TN says:

    Speaking of running out the clock, when will Durham have to put his investigation on mothballs because it is too close to the election? October? The conventions? (DNC mid July) The primaries? (February).

    Barr hypothesized things would be happening late spring or early summer. That is pushing into the conventions.

    And if they wait to prosecute until after the elections, will they carry thru with prosecutions if Trump loses?

    Everybody on the left hated Comey for announcing the reopening of the Clinton coverup 3 weeks before the election. It took Trump firing Comey to get Democrats to embrace Comey once again. But the original whitewash had to be done well before the DNC Convention. They even kept that deadline in their name for their snow job on America. The Mid Year Exam.

    So what rules apply to Durham’s investigation in this election year?


    • Zombie says:

      How would indictments of persons with no political bias effect the election. They are so non-partisan I cant really tell their political leaning.


    • California Joe says:

      What does Durham’s investigation have to do with the 2020 election or any of the candidates? NOTHING! Durham is investigating former FBI and DOJ officials who have no connection with the government or with any presidential campaign. There’s no reason to put a hold on anything!


    • Dutchman says:

      Its not a RULE, as in written down on paper. The unofficial rule of thumb, IIRC, is not to announce an indictment within 60 days of an election, if the indictment could effect the election.

      Makes sense, any indictment can be held off for 60 days, or filed under seal, if Statute of Lims is a concern.

      So, nothing in September or October, according to the rule of thumb.

      I expect there WILL be a Declination document, written by Durham, detailing the factors in why he has made the decision to decline to prosecute.

      That would be his “Durham report”, and it will be similar to Comeys press conference, where he announced the decline to prosecute Hillary.

      Durham WIIL document much wrongdoing, but will never the less decline to prosecute.

      He can’t prosecute ONE, without prosecuting ALL. He can’t prosecute for perjury, or obstruction, without (in the indictment, and the trial) detailing WHAT,it is they,were lieing about and obstructing; an organised conspiracy to prevent DJT from being elected, and even before elected to entrap him in order to impeach him; a coup.

      And, as S.Powell suggested, these people hand picked to be the,small active group are,NOT going to take one for the,team.

      Serious charges start being handed down, they,WILL flip. Hence, again you can’t indict one, without indicting ALL.

      And “all” probably includes at LEAST 10,000 people, and leads to the highest levels of our,Government in Executive, Legislative and,Judicial, Military leadership, both parties and of coarse the media.

      Durham HAS to “investigate to exhonerate”, and drag us closer and closer to the Statute of limitations.

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      • Austin Holdout says:

        Dutchman, I see no way he can avoid charging Clinesmith and Clinesmith’s crime can be compartmentalized to just him unless he implicates others to avoid jail. If Durham wants to avoid the huge undertaking of charging all involved, the Clinesmith as fall guy thing is his way to cater to everyone.


        • Dutchman says:

          Won’t be catering to anyone. Won’t restore confidence in DOJ, but I suppose,Clinesmith might can be payed off to take the fall.
          I am optimistic, but not about official actions by Barr or Durham.

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          • Raptors2020 says:

            Seems like Clinesmith has been warming up in the bullpen to be the scapegoat, for a long time. Everyone knew it, except “viva la resistance” Kevin.

            This nest of vipers was always looking to CYA. Comey wrote everything down: that’s the “memo” the DOJ is now desperate to conceal. Strzok the sociopath would have been looking for fall guys, at all times. Lisa Page was no doubt cast in that role, probably seduced with that in mind. She may not have figured that out, to this day.


            • Dutchman says:

              Much as Prosecutors will make a deal with ‘hit men’, to get them to testify against those who hired them, I am less interested in the,small group, of ACTIVE participants, than I am in seeing those higher up held accountable.

              If indicting and prosecuting small actives, is the,way to get them to flip, fine but for me the goal is to get to, hold accountable and discredit totally the higher ups.

              What we,are calling the small group did NOT do this on their own initiative.

              These,are swamp critters who rose up in the buerocracy, by NOT sticking their neck out, by ALWAYS CYA’ing, by never trusting anyone, etc.

              That they would engage in a conspiracy of this type and magnitude on their own and without confidence that powerful people countenanced what they were doing, and would protect them, is ludicrous.

              And, being DC swamp creatures, they are well aware of the 8 year cycle of administration flips from one party to another.
              Most DC buerocrats have a view of Presidents and the political appointees as temporary anoiances, to be tolerated,..point being, ONLY having Obama’s buy in would not have been sufficient.

              They had to know, to be reassured before they started down this path, that if it ‘went off the rails’, that Republicans in Congress wouldn’t eviscerate them and expose them for attempting a coup.

              Had to.
              Ergo, just like with Fast/Furious, IRS/Tea Party, Benghazi, the Republicon/Decepticons HAD to be complicit in this, from the early planning stages.

              And THATS who I want to see exposed, and removed from the scene.
              After all, like most all the small group at FBI/DOJ, most of the key Obama people are out of the admin, Lynch, Rice etc.

              But McConnell, Graham, as well as obviously Pelosi, Schumer Durbin are STILL there.

              Only Ryan left, of the group in leadership.


            • What has happened to Page?


  12. Normally Quiet Observer says:

    Color me amused … but, if you change the hair color, Hannity’s ‘aged’ picture almost looks like Reagan! Maybe it is just late, and I am not seeing so good tonight, but … ROFLMSAO!

  13. Austin Holdout says:

    Maybe he’ll think about putting a message in a bottle asking them to send him a banana gram. If it’s ok with Mitch. He has no backbone and no credibility with me.

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  14. Miss Lindsey learned from Gowdy that if you act outraged, then you can get away with not doing anything… even as Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee. And Hannity will praise you for boosting his ratings.

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    • DebbieSemms says:

      Exactly bearlodge.


    • CountryDoc says:

      Lindsey is so overdramatic. After a while, my spidey instincts know nothing useful is coming from him, but to watch my back. Trey Gowdy has the intellect and verbal skills, but he really has seemed like a strutting Rooster laying down chaff with no corresponding action in the past. Today he seems more directional, like he is moving toward a point, but it is more tick tock.

      He was going to be one of Trumps lawyers, but a rule made him wait. Is he still on schedule to come on board? He has useful knowledge, skills,and experience, but will he use it?

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  15. In the Land of Poz says:


    BREAKING: Jack Goldsmith (Lawfare) admits Horowitz report shows Nunes’ memo was right, Schiff’s memo wrong, notes refutation of common wisdom in Lawfare-world

    “Among the many things that require rethinking in light of the IG report is the dominant conventional wisdom, at least in my world, about who got closer to the truth in the Nunes v. Schiff exchange on the Carter Page application in early 2018.”

    Goldsmith also infers “institutional bias” and “massive thumb on scales” at FBI in recent tweets.

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  16. konradwp1 says:

    “People need to go to jail”

    Is that so, Miss Lindsay?

    Nice suit you have on there. It would be a shame if you had it dry cleaned in a Ukrainian Laundromat …

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  17. CountryDoc says:

    The democrats are real officers, soldiers in real positions, acting like clowns running around with handguns, rifles, and bazookas with no bullets or ammo, shouting, “BANG! BANG! YOU”RE DEAD!”at our president, clearly a threat to this country everything sacred to it.

    There are Republicans, also in real positions with real authority to protect our president, our country, and other good men under attack, holding real rifles, bazookas, grenades, hand cuffs. We see the crimes of the democrats clearly, we know the bullets and ammo in their weapons is real. They did not even bother to point the weapons or speak about the crimes of the democrats until We the People called them out. Now they just point their weapons and posture, but no arrests, no detaining, no quarrantine, no cease and desist. For Treasonous acts.

    Our POTUS also has authority to do more than he is using, but because he is defending himself, does not go for the kill, but those supposed to be on his side are not acting effectively..

    There are several possibilities:

    This is all a big psy ops show designed to fool the American people while evil is being done to us, or to cover something up. Maybe they are all working together with the legislative and judicial body playing “Good cop” in a tug of war, and POTUS being the bad guy, in order to reset the American economy back to where it is not careening out of control, but still able to siphon enough money to ALL the politicians to keep them all happy without sending any to jail.

    Or there is continued strategy happening in order to gain the larges catch of black hat players and black hat crimes in a way that preserves our system of justice, and is transparent for a critical mass of the American people, so we don’t cause a civil war — and thee are real indictments, real convictions, and real justice fixing to happen.

    Or republicans, including POTUS are under blackmail, compromised, unable to act without great harm to themselves.

    Everyone is acting, posturing, creating drama. No decisive action is happening.

    All while POTUS is causing huge economic transformation in this country, the likes of which have never been seen before — against so much resistance. So much accomplished that it is either too good to be true and false. Or miraculous.

    I am a suspicious, increasingly angry, impatient cat.

    Ridiculous traitorous clowns, too dramatic to pass as real, clowns on the left. Ridiculous inaction, so unresponsive it defies credibility, with the only “action” being words and drama, on the right. Unprecedented change happening to the economy by a POTUS being “resisted” more than every in history.

    I’m sorry, fellow Treepers, how can this be real? I can’t in my experience or reading recall God acting this way — maybe Joseph in Egypt, or all of the Kings demanded by the people and God let Israel have them. Convince me we are not being played by all of them. Lord help me in my unbelief.


    • CountryDoc says:

      AdRem, I wrote this and decided it was more appropriate on the presidential thread, so copied it there. you can delete it from the least appropriate post if you see fit. The current events seem to defy reality and I think feedback on this point from the collective wisdom of the Treepers would be helpful.


      • This mess is the climax of many years (about 50, to be precise — since 1968, more or less) of increasing “defying of reality” and Left vs. Right dogmatic (and ever increasingly, MERELY dogmatic, that is unthinking, knee-jerk) opposition.

        Obama brought into “political correctness” a definite desire for “jihad”, or final holy war on the part of the Democrat party (he and all of his cult followers — led by racist Black Muslims, essentially, like Elijah Cummings — call it “transformation”, but it is really just revenge for all of their built-up sense of “victimization”; the truth is that their dogmas are false, and defending them all this time has led to insanity, when push came to shove with the closet hysteric — and closet Muslim — Obama). I have known it since early in Obama’s first term as “The War of the Insane Left”.

        But that’s just one half of it. The stars aligned this long-brewing insanity with the “New World Order” folks, the globalists, intent upon pushing Asia out in front and de-industrializing America, for their own multi-national interests, most infamously represented in the “global warming/climate change” worldwide hoax.

        There are trillions…not of dollars, but of “sacred” false dogmas, false religiously-held beliefs, at stake, and each one inherently, and now obviously, divisive of any attempt to make it all work together for the common good (and man’s inalienable rights). War — Civil War, and World War — have been the probable natural outcome, since Obama’s rise to power in 2008; that’s when “The Insane Left” came to the forefront of the national discourse and national policy-making.

        Adherence to false dogma over good, honest reason, is now ascendant in the minds and actions of man, leaders and followers alike. The Democrat party, a criminal organized mob and an insane cult, is no longer a legitimate political force, and we do not have a legitimate federal government, only an amazingly good President with his finger in the dike…the crumbling dike.

        Yes, I know, it sounds like just so much rant. Nevertheless, “there you are” (as all the smug heroes who ever were, are ever wont to say).

        And the cold anger will turn to ice, if left out in the cold, of our broken political system.

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    • “Or republicans, including POTUS are under blackmail, compromised, unable to act without great harm to themselves.”

      This ^^^, except POTUS himself isn’t under blackmail or whatever it is would have been leaked by the rabid Left. I honestly think that Trump doesn’t see what’s going on yet. He trusts Barr, trusts Graham, trusts Hannity. They’re all snakes. Will he wake up in time?


      • CountryDoc says:

        POTUS has demonstrated too much intelligence and awareness not to know. He either knows and is part of the charade, or he knows and is not acting to let the dysfunctional government and populace of the republic work because he still has faith in it, and knows we will be strengthened by the process AND that he will appear self serving or obstructionist if he tries to solve the problem. My faith and prayers are that the latter is true.

        He is helping by turning over the rocks with tweets, direct communication, disruptive tactics that bring sunlight and awakening to all of us, and the embarassing Truth of exposure to the enemies of good.


        • He’s certainly a genius but he’s out of his element in DC. There’s been several appointments of snakes over the years, why would he do that? Why would he put GHW’s old AG in power again instead of someone he KNOWS is MAGA? More importantly, why would Mitch ALLOW an AG that was going to expose everything? He wouldn’t. Barr is not MAGA!! This charade has gone on WAY too long. Trump’s trust in Graham and Hannity should tell you everything you need to know. I just hope he wakes up in time.


    • davidwmhs says:

      I agree with your comments and have been thinking about this for a long time. The show in DC is being orchestrated and acted out by both sides, with the only ones being fooled being the American People. The media is there to create the good cop, bad cop scenarios and serve to further divide the country. I hope the President is not an actor in this play, but sometimes I wonder when a lot of promises go unfulfilled or just plain forgotten about. I think the whole agenda is based on globalism, power, and money. The Ukraine scandal has revealed how US Aid dollars have been laundered back into US politicians pockets via their families. Wonder how politicians get so wealthy once they get to Washington? What other countries cannot account for US Aid dollars? We need an audit now!


  18. railer says:

    Graham’s face shows much tension and fear. Nunes’ face, and Jordan’s, and Cruz’, show resolution and doggedness. Graham looks like a guy who knows full investigation of this conspiracy blows up his world. He’s under extreme pressure, and riding the tiger. The others are obviously unencumbered, and Nunes and Jordan have obviously been victimized by Deep State previously, so they have motivation to fully investigate.

    Time is on Trump’s side. He shouldn’t cut any preemptory deal with these criminals. “Let’s see what happens” is one of his favorite summary statements, and it definitely fits here. This conspiracy is wide and deep, and long forming. Unravelling it should also take time.

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  19. Graham is becoming as useless as Reince Priebus.

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  20. saywhat64 says:

    You have to give Kudos where Kudos are due and yesterday was a day I give Kudos to Ms. Lindsey. We’ll see if he follows through with bringing in Rosenstein and Wray…

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  21. TwoLaine says:

    Rosie & Chrissy are next. 🙂

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  22. hokkoda says:

    I think they need to call Mueller and Weissman in to testify about that 4th FISA warrant in June 2017 which was on their watch. Since Weissman was mentioned several times in the IG report, there’s at least a weak signal that he knew of the shenanigans going on inside FBI pertaining to the fake Russia investigation. They might claim, “Well, you know, we trusted the FBI to do its job properly,” but it gets them on the record as to their knowledge of the FISA abuses, their interaction with the people who fabricated evidence for those FISA abuses (Clinesmith, who was on the team, and Strzok whom Clinesmith worked under I think). I think, also, the repeated mentioning of Flynn in the IG report means that the Page FISA and the Flynn investigation are inextricably intertwined. Many more questions about Flynn need to be asked under sworn testimony, and the Senate should start sending subpoenas to the DOJ that mirror Sydney Powell’s MTC and sur-replies.

    Also, this thing about “bias” needs a vigorous colonic. If there was no bias, then why did Horowitz send those text messages to Mueller, why did Mueller remove Clinesmith, Strzok and Page from his team, and why did they wait until the day after the Flynn plea agreement to publicly acknowledge this? (IIRC they acknowledged the firings/reassignments a day after Flynn’s plea.) If political leanings are not indicative that the bias could negatively impact the investigation, then there was no need to remove anyone from the Mueller team, and Strzok did not need to be fired. If political bias is not a factor at DOJ, then why wait 4 months to acknowledge the personnel changes? If political actions cannot impact an investigation, why did Devin Nunes have to go through hell to release his “memo” so that we could learn definitively about those text messages, and why did DOJ and FBI fraudulently claim that declassifying the memo would compromise “sources and methods”?

    The OPR report on Strzok just torches the guy for what he did…there need to be more questions about how you can fire somebody for those messages while simultaneously trying to make the case that political bias has no impact on the outcome of various investigations. That’s patently absurd. Of course their biases impacted those investigations. That’s why they were #@$%ing fired!

    It’s like a football referee calling 17 questionable penalties against the visiting team in the first half and none against the home team. Then we find out a few days later that he’s texting his friends what a huge fan of the home team he is, that the opposing team is a bunch of reprobates led by a head coach who is a cheater who should never be allowed to coach a football team, and declares some sort of vague “insurance policy” in the event the visitors might actually win. No sane person says, “Oh, well he had bias, sure, but it didn’t affect the game at all,” while we’re standing there aghast at the 17 consecutive “errors” and are told to believe it was all just bureaucratic lapses and training issues.

    When my kids and I were talking about this over dinner last night (they are teenagers), and I was explaining how bad this is, my daughter said, “So, it’s like somebody that doesn’t like you says they accidentally hit you, but you got hit in the face 17 times?” Exactly, kiddo. It wasn’t an accident. It was deliberate.

    My 13 year old understands this better than the Department of Justice, Democrats in the Senate, and the ENTIRE media complex of the United States…


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