Pelosi, Nadler and Schiff Announce Two Articles of Impeachment – Abuse of Power, and Obstruction of Congress…

The Democrats within the House of Representatives have decided to suspend House Impeachment Resolution [HR 660] without following their own rules that established a House Minority Hearing. Instead, House leadership have produced two partisan articles of impeachment for a full house vote.

Both articles are exceptionally weak; the Democrats are rushing to cut their losses:

♦Article One is “Abuse of power” – and structured on a false premise that President Trump “exercised the powers of his public office to obtain an improper personal benefit, while ignoring or injuring the national interest.”

♦Article Two is “Obstruction of Congress” – and structured on a ridiculous premise that President Trump “engaged in unprecedented, categorical, and indiscriminate defiance of the impeachment inquiry”, by challenging congressional subpoenas and seeking relief from the judicial branch.

Both articles are structurally deficient in the extreme. It will be interesting to see which House democrats could possibly vote for these articles, especially article two. There is a possibility some democrats will ignore Pelosi’s whip.

The weakness of the articles now actually appears to be a feature, not a flaw. The exercise of the “impeachment process” writ large was more of a political promise to the far-left constituents of the resistance movement itself. Structurally there is no strength to either article; they appear designed to fail in the Senate. Again, a feature not a flaw.

Nationally the democrat resistance voters are not too smart. What Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler are delivering for them is an impeachment in name only. The downstream consequences for this incredibly partisan political effort could be a massive backlash amid independent voters and centrist democrats.

Traditionally, impeachment is constitutionally designed to remove an elected official from office. However, in this modern example the process has been intentionally corrupted to disparage the President, not to remove him.  In essence Pelosi has used the impeachment process as way to sooth the emotional needs of the far-left resistance.


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448 Responses to Pelosi, Nadler and Schiff Announce Two Articles of Impeachment – Abuse of Power, and Obstruction of Congress…

  1. tacocat43 says:

    So, Sundance, you are saying it is designed to fail in the Senate? Not a flaw, but a design. I agree. They don’t want all the Swamp exposed to their crimes in the Senate trial. Maxine Waters looks pissed, not happy. That means something to me.


  2. Troublemaker10 says:

    Robert Ray talks about the articles of impeachment. Says they don’t meet constitutional “high crimes and misdomeaners” and Senate should dismiss.

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  3. tav144 says:

    I bet the only reason they narrowed it down to two, is so that they can try the impeachment angle again in the future and want to save other possible grounds for future use.

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  4. davidberetta says:

    Insane Idiots in Congress leaves us with this –


  5. Rynn69 says:

    Pelosi is no longer in control. She would never have done that. Other invisible puppet masters are involved controlling her.

    On the night of April 18, 1775, hundreds of British troops set off from Boston toward Concord, Massachusetts, in order to seize weapons and ammunition stockpiled there by American colonists. Early the next morning, the British reached Lexington, where approximately 70 minutemen had gathered on the village green. Someone suddenly fired a shot—it’s uncertain which side—and a melee ensued. When the brief clash ended, eight Americans lay dead and at least an equal amount were injured, while one redcoat was wounded. The British continued on to nearby Concord, where that same day they encountered armed resistance from a group of patriots at the town’s North Bridge. Gunfire was exchanged, leaving two colonists and three redcoats dead. Afterward, the British retreated back to Boston, skirmishing with colonial militiamen along the way and suffering a number of casualties; the Revolutionary War had begun. The incident at the North Bridge later was memorialized by Ralph Waldo Emerson in his 1837 poem “Concord Hymn,” whose opening stanza is: “By the rude bridge that arched the flood/Their flag to April’s breeze unfurled/Here once the embattled farmers stood/And fired the shot heard round the world.

    In addition to the American Revolution, the “shot heard round the world” became associated with other historical events, such as the 1914 assassination of Austria’s Archduke Franz Ferdinand, which helped trigger World War I. (Hat tip

    So let’s get this straight – Pelosi is upending over 200 years of a peaceful transfer of power for snowflakes? Per Sundance’s quote: “In essence Pelosi has used the impeachment process as way to sooth the emotional needs of the far-left resistance.”

    The Democrat Communists need to think long and hard on that one. You cannot undo what is done.

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    • SSI01 says:

      I thought there was a saying that’s been around a long, long time about how if you want to take out the king, you’d better make sure your first shot is your best shot, because you won’t get a chance for a second one. If this is the best the Demos can come up with, they’ve done nothing but ignite a massive groundswell of hatred and disgust for themselves from Trump’s supporters and reactions that will likely range from amused contempt to the same disgust and hatred on the part of undecided voters – not to mention place themselves squarely in POTUS’s sight reticle for the upcoming campaign trail when it starts in earnest. There’s no popular support for what they planned and more and more people are beginning to see through what they’ve done. Folks know a smear job when they see it. There will be a considerable amount of ill feeling displayed against them next fall at the polls.


      • beach lover says:

        You notice all of those dims come from either NY or CA as well. They are in “safe’ districts.

        What I wouldn’t give to see Schiff or Pelosi lose their seat. I know.. Im dreaming, but…

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  6. Austin Holdout says:

    Not just to soothe the “resistance” but also to try to stamp “Impeached” on Trump’s forehead like a scarlet letter so that their nominee will have something, anything to say in response to him accomplishments. As always, Trump will wear it as a badge of honor and use it to our advantage.

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    • H.R. says:

      Oh, you betcha, Austin. You called it.

      President Trump will not shrink from the “Impeached” label. He is already hammering on the fact that the Democrats are only going through the sham impeachment because… it’s all they have. It’s.All.They.Have.

      Far from shrinking from the “Impeached” label, he will throw it in the Democrat’s face every chance he gets on the campaign trail. It will be more than a “badge of honor.” President Trump will use it to highlight the harm in electing his Democrat Presidential opponent and can use it to help any Republican Congressional or Senate candidates he is endorsing as he campaigns. He’ll tie it in with the Do-Nothing Democrats.

      PDJT to 2020 campaign rally crowd: “Do you want to vote for more [lists accomplishments] or do you want to vote for Democrats, who DID NOTHING for two years but run a phony FAILED impeachment? Vote for me and we will keep winning and Keep America Great. Vote for [Candidate X] here so we can get things done and not waste America’s time with crooked sham impeachments.”

      More than a badge of honor,I will not be surprised at all if he ties Do-Nothing and Impeachment together and beats the Democrats with it like a rented mule (which they are, BTW; rented mules).

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  7. Caius Lowell says:

    So nothing, and nothing — awesome…

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  8. Liberty ONE says:

    I said from the start of this so-called “impeachment” DEBACLE that the DemonicRATS objective, knowing this was going nowhere in the Senate, was to be able to say to their base of Left Wing lunatics…” Hey, we voted to impeach the president BUT the Republican-controlled Senate would not”. They appease their base of lunatics, smile and then say…..” We’re working on OTHER investigations, don’t you worry”!


  9. SSI01 says:

    The Dems just don’t want their faces on television at the same time the coverage starts to go practically 100% for the Barr/Durham report. It’s going to start on sites like here, CFP, and OANN on cable, and if the left-wing media want to make some sponsor money on this thing they’re eventually going to have to cover it as well. Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, nor any other Demo wants to have their image showing in an impeachment report that immediately precedes or follows a Barr/Durham piece. They want to rush this thing along and find a good hiding place before things go south really badly for them.

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    • ann says:

      The semi moderate left are actually potential allies.

      There’s a split on the left. Many younger progressives advocate a shift to small scale localized markets, decentralised government and sustainable, grounded lifestyles.

      Then there the Big Left, EU model.
      The globalist financial model that popularized under that pseudo humanistic open borders +free trade+monolithic one world fuzzy worldview .

      Just my observation from conversations w young adults. Once the preconceptions built by media & overlaid by class prejudice are clarified, I’ve found many areas of common concern.

      Ex. Environmental degradation, water table pollution, wise resource conservation, humane habitats, preservation of historical & cultural identity are big concerns that are aggravated by illegal migration, Big agro, command economies, rigid massive top down hierarchical orgs.

      Younger Americans are watching as England’s ruling class collaborates with EU instead of their constituents. Fresh eyes are observing , in their own era, the dangers of concentrated wealth & megagovernment.
      EU’s tyrannical dictats and the struggle of England’s voters for liberation & a greater degree of control over their country are thought provoking.

      I’ve heard over and over again that they have no one to talk with about these things, that adults are super judgemental and polarised
      Their intellectual isolation & loneliness is sad, really. Very moving connections can be forged.


  10. cbjoasurf says:

    So, WHAT IF White House counsel CALLS Lindsey Graham as a hostile witness in its defense of
    POTUS Donald Trump in the Senate Impeachment trial & then sends him to GITMO for treason for his philandering with McCain in the Mideast & Ukraine? It’s CRAZY TIMES, jus’ Sayin”


  11. litlbit2 says:

    “process has been intentionally corrupted” as they(Soros/dnc/GOPe/…) have done the same to “foreign aid”, House of Representatives, DOJ, FBI, Gang of 8, COC, voting process, US Senate etc as a real legal Justice Department can/will use these same charges and illegal actions used against POTUS. They are all guilty and continue to daily expose themselves. The electorate is woke.
    Today, look at the latest exposure, McConnell, Graham! All in due time, “the Fat Lady Sings”


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