Attorney General Bill Barr Statement Following IG Review: “A clear abuse of FISA process”…

U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr releases the following statement after the release of a 21-month investigative report by Inspector General Michael Horowitz:

“Nothing is more important than the credibility and integrity of the FBI and the Department of Justice.  That is why we must hold our investigators and prosecutors to the highest ethical and professional standards.  The Inspector General’s investigation has provided critical transparency and accountability, and his work is a credit to the Department of Justice.  I would like to thank the Inspector General and his team.

The Inspector General’s report now makes clear that the FBI launched an intrusive investigation of a U.S. presidential campaign on the thinnest of suspicions that, in my view, were insufficient to justify the steps taken.  It is also clear that, from its inception, the evidence produced by the investigation was consistently exculpatory.

Nevertheless, the investigation and surveillance was pushed forward for the duration of the campaign and deep into President Trump’s administration.  In the rush to obtain and maintain FISA surveillance of Trump campaign associates, FBI officials misled the FISA court, omitted critical exculpatory facts from their filings, and suppressed or ignored information negating the reliability of their principal source.

The Inspector General found the explanations given for these actions unsatisfactory.  While most of the misconduct identified by the Inspector General was committed in 2016 and 2017 by a small group of now-former FBI officials, the malfeasance and misfeasance detailed in the Inspector General’s report reflects a clear abuse of the FISA process.

FISA is an essential tool for the protection of the safety of the American people.  The Department of Justice and the FBI are committed to taking whatever steps are necessary to rectify the abuses that occurred and to ensure the integrity of the FISA process going forward.

No one is more dismayed about the handling of these FISA applications than Director Wray.  I have full confidence in Director Wray and his team at the FBI, as well as the thousands of dedicated line agents who work tirelessly to protect our country.  I thank the Director for the comprehensive set of proposed reforms he is announcing today, and I look forward to working with him to implement these and any other appropriate measures.

With respect to DOJ personnel discussed in the report, the Department will follow all appropriate processes and procedures, including as to any potential disciplinary action.” (LINK)

Any currently expressed outrage from Barr is quite self-serving considering how vociferous he has praised the officials who approved of a stunningly corrupt FISA process.

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224 Responses to Attorney General Bill Barr Statement Following IG Review: “A clear abuse of FISA process”…

  1. “FISA is an essential tool for us to use in spying on the American people and progressively, systematically, depriving them of their privacy and other rights (including their right to elect any naive moron of a ‘reformer’ not already in Our Club), framing them and sending them to prison based on faked or altered 302s as necessary. The Department of Justice and the FBI are committed to taking whatever steps are necessary to cover up these ‘tip-of-the-iceberg’ abuses you’ve found out about, pretending to take care of them with ‘disciplinary actions’ and a few more Thursday afternoon seminars on ‘how we must really follow the rules, old chaps’ in order to protect our little empires from any outside oversight going forward. Look! A squirrel! I will now offer you my rendition of ‘Mull of Kintyre.'”

    There, fixed it for you, Bob. — V.S.

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    • louche9 says:

      Sadly, perfection.

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    • Super Elite Lt. Col. Covfefe999 says:


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    • Super Elite Lt. Col. Covfefe999 says:

      It’s interesting that all 15 (thus far) people who up voted your comment … I’ve never seen any of those names before and I’m in this forum almost daily. I don’t recognize a single name.

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      • fionnagh says:

        I’m sure there are many “lurkers” like me. We avidly read the articles and often the comments, but don’t post.

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      • J.Thomas says:

        Barr doesn’t leave anything open to question:

        – Predication for the FISA is not grounded and is being further investigated. That investigated has no determined end and should reach a “watershed” moment in spring or early summer of 2020. People expecting something to happen in the next couple of weeks are off base.

        – Barr is extremely critical of: the role of the news media in pushing what was a dead investigation, FBI officials who continued to investigate when the investigation had produced nothing but exculpatory evidence, other outside agencies who were involved

        – Barr makes it very clear that it is his position that this was a counterintelligence operation using spies run by a government run by one political party against the opposing political party.

        – Barr expanded Durham’s assignment to investigate why the Collusion Hoax operation was allowed to continue after it churned up nothing but a year’s worth of exculpatory evidence.

        This may be taking a long time, folks, but as we can see with the recent IG cutouts about McCabe, Comey, the CHI program ,as well as the Carter Page FISA, Barr is creating an extensive, well-documented factual groundwork by which to paint The Resistance as something that will have to be dealt with.

        Clinesmith is the first thread to pull. I would expect him to go to jail and get pressed to flip and help to outline a group of people who conspired to push that FISA through to weaponize the law enforcement powers of the FBI.

        I think they’ll pull that thread and find out that Halper was managing spies in a black operation for a handler that was working for Brennan,and Halper was handed to the FBI to help gather information for Crossfire Hurricane. Look for Halper to have 3 handlers…CIA, FBI, and either MI6 or Hakluyt.

        Its time for Nunes to start making criminal referrals to the DOJ for Brennan’s, Comey’s, and Clapper’s lies before congress.


  2. VotOutIncumbents says:

    That the inspector general could be a part of the general cover-up is sickening. As Devin Nunes said if some of these crooked cops don’t go to jail the FBI will not be trusted by Republicans and conservatives for a generation. I’m afraid Horowitz did this cover-up because he knows it all leads back to Obama. And of course, Obama has the race card. Just sickening.

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    • John-Y128 says:

      At least Obama’s ex-Pastor had the right sediment about our Nation, despite it’s great economy. Nothing going to happen to anybody, maybe some low level schmucks, no players, bet HRC is having 2 glasses of wine tonight before she announces her 2020 candidacy against an impeached PDJT.

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    • Jederman says:

      When wray first started talking about “protecting the institutions” I thought about the fbi/doj for about a nanosecond.

      Since then I’m leaning toward protecting obama. Having now graduated from skepticism to cynicism I now believe they made sure obama was in the loop on everything because he is/was their get out of jail free card.

      I, of course, disagree with them all. Man up, tell the truth and let the cards fall where they may.

      Ok, ok, manning up is probably too difficult (hello obama), just try telling the truth.

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    • Issy says:

      When it comes to trusting the fbi, that ship has sailed for me.

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  3. ann says:

    Why is this not viewed as the ongoing blockage of a full peaceful transfer of power .

    I don’t understand, because the predicates have been proven to be concocted! For years we’ve know this. Why is this not seen as a devolution to a DoJ that acts as a Praetorian Guard , as we see in the declining era of Roman Empire?

    Any government that refuses to accept the lawful transition of power ihas gone rogue, is fractured, and patently unfit to hold power.

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    • Steve Lawrence says:

      How many other elections have they picked the winner in?

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    • mikeyboo says:

      “Any government that refuses to accept the lawful transition of power that has gone rogue, is fractured, and patently unfit to hold power.”
      And there you have it!

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    • John-Y128 says:

      Even AG Barr is pinning his & our hopes on a couple of Durham indictment(s), maybe we’ll get Strzok & Page, maybe and only if PDJT gets re-elected.

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      • noswamp says:

        Barr said “It is also clear that, from its inception, the evidence produced by the investigation was consistently exculpatory.” Last two words should have been “CONSISTENTLY EXONERATING”. Note to WH: no one knows what “exculpatory” means, change it to “exonerate” and now you have a talking point.

        All eyes on Barr and Durham. I expected this from Horowitz. A tiger does not change his stripes.

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      • ann says:

        Not sufficient. The top of the chain of command.
        I don’t believe civilian status in criminal trials is appropriate for any positions that are signers, ultimate authorities or for personnel w SA, Hi access.

        The decision makers, that had the duty & authority to nip this debacle are Yates, Baker, the DoJ crew,
        Yates stomped out leaving a mess of overduecase reviews for cases the FISC found problematic. She knew, and abetted in disrupting the transition,
        Top command tier , AAG, have a clear duty to act, that’s why one has the authority. Its not a damn license for subversion of basic protections.
        She ran entrapment . The bureau are grunts, from Rosenstein, Lynch, Yates perspective.

        Comet folded like a cheap suit for Lynch.

        Nope, gotta restructure, & break up their monopoly

        Our country would not be in this state if DoJ command had lived up to their mission, & not shut their eyes for the last fifteen years.
        IMO. 🌸🤺🇺🇸

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    • X XYZ says:

      Obviously it is a covert, devious coup, This is not mere corruption, it is devious plotting to protect widespread corruption on a grand scale from the highest levels on down. America has never seen this entrenched corruption and retributive power lust on such a large scale before. It is reminiscent of the way in which the USSR operated. It was engineered by the Obama/Hillary party and the various foggy bottom agencies were all too eager to implement it. The coup attempt didn’t work and it became exposed, but most of those players or their clones and cronies still work at those clandestine intelligence agencies. Everyone is in on the racket. When Trump said he would drain the swamp, they all were threatened by it and united to take him out. (I hope Trump has a food taster before he takes his meals…)

      Now the only card that the Dems have left to play is impeachment, and that is only because they have control of the House of Reps. Since they do control that process, they can and they will move it forward. Hey, they are “progressives” and that’s progress.

      As Bismarck said, politics is the art of the possible.

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      • ann says:

        I like your wide informed perspective.
        And the art of the possible is get that too, re POTUS.

        In my mind, sworn officers of the court, DoJ, volunteered to a higher standard. Obviously, they failed, abysmal ly.

        I believe this involves our survival as a sovereign people, and does insidious grave harm . So I feel this is our shot for big restructure,and should not be connected w POTUS,
        You describe a world I do not know, and I respect your insights. I realise how naive I sound, and admit to not understanding the dynamics and risks of civil disobedience & uprisings.

        Thank you for this sensible peak into this intricate fusion of clandestine intell agencies.
        PS I now understand pieces of my father, his extraordinary memory, depth & scope of his knowledge of history, & very obscure topics, the reticence & esp his sour expression re Patriot Act, Iraq war, etc.

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        • X XYZ says:

          Thanks for your kind compliments.

          “You describe a world I do not know, and I respect your insights.” I know nothing of that world either, and I find politics repulsive. But I am educated in history and also human nature through psychology. Neither changes over time, as life is immutable. History does repeat itself – not in the same way, but it does in somewhat different ways. As with fashions, there is nothing new under the sun.

          There is a time for civil disobedience and revolt, but that time is not now, and I pray that it does not come to that. War is hell, and a society torn apart and thrown into anarchy would also be hellish. The label many have used here and is now widely used generally has been that of predicting a “civil war”. NO. Civil war is one of citizens against citizens. Probably the government will try to pit all of us against one another to make it into a civil war. Divide and conquer. That strategy is as old as time. When the situation is that of citizens united against their government, then that is called a revolt, or revolution. If any government does not heed the warnings from its populace, things will be come ugly and violent on a mass scale. The Yellow Vests riots in France? The Hong Kong student uprisings? Our government had better wake up. The handwriting is on the wall.

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          • grumpyqs says:

            Are you certain it’s the government that is asleep? Maybe it is we, the Deplorables, who were asleep until that bad man, Mr Trump ran for President. Everything was set, paid for and ready to go forth, into full blown Globalism. When was the last time you heard a Democrat praise the virtues of our Republic? I think mass scale ugly and violent is coming our way, regardless of coup, impeachment or 2020 election results; thanks to our “government” transformation.

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            • X XYZ says:

              I agree with that, but it is another dimension of the problem. First came the Clintons. Bush who followed was relatively disinterested / disengaged and IMO he rolled out the red carpet for Obama. The Bushes were/are anything but conservative. Eight years of the Marxist president transformed the bureaucracy and the judiciary, as well as the entire federal gov’t into a leftist nirvana, an infestation of permanent apparatchiks.

              Now we are trying to close the barn door after the fact. My point is that when any government disregards its people it is playing with fire and headed toward destruction. RE: the American revolution, the French revolution, the Russian revolution, etc. With the recent organized riots I mentioned above, Macron backed down. He is a weasel, but his government is not stupid. Time will tell what eventually will happen here in America.


      • IGiveUp says:

        “Now the only card that the Dems have left to play is impeachment, and that is only because they have control of the House of Reps. Since they do control that process, they can and they will move it forward.”

        What’s the ending of the story?


        • X XYZ says:

          I dunno. I give up. (I’m not mocking you, I’m only saying that I don’t have a crystal ball or any inside information whatsoever.)

          But apparently Barr/Durham are moving toward grand juries. That means indictments will come.

          IMO, as I was once a fisherman, what will happen in the end? The little fish are often caught, The big fish usually are rarely caught. They usually die in their bigger fish holes..


          • IGiveUp says:

            I think people are mourning the death of their political innocence. We’ll have to create a new story for who we are. The old one just won’t work any longer.

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  4. Steve Lawrence says:

    Was the person in charge of the FISA courts complicit in this? Would impeachment of that individual be appreciate? That possibility should at least be looked into when we have a House of Rep that takes its responsibilities seriously.

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  5. Truth and Liberty says:

    I’ve seen alot of comments mostly negatively skeptical that anything will happen as a result of the investigations into the ongoing coup. I remain steadfast in my belief that it is different this time around. I have faith that AG Barr, US Atty. Durham that justice is comming.

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    • ILOT says:

      T and L: I’ve been a bit of a lone voice on that sentiment and can’t tell you how refreshing it is to hear that sentiment expressed; I’ve taken issue with the “Bondo Barr” and “Fixer” monikers thrown at Mr. Barr by SD and a number of posters. I have believed for many reasons that the coup plotters will not escape justice. What is unfolding with Ukraine right now is handing PDJT more cards and given that, Biden is falling into deeper trouble. I felt the impeachment was a play for the dems to get a better hand, nothing else. Lastly, I trust that Mr. Barr and Mr. Durham will follow through on handing justice to the plotters.

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      • dasantacroce says:

        I agree. While past history suggests a cover up this time DJT is involved and he is is not a politician and they went after his children. I’d burn them down just for that. This will be his campaign issue and he’ll beat them to death with it all tied up in a Ukranian bow.

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        • X XYZ says:

          I’m going to keep asking what “burn them down” actually means. Let’s hope it’s just venting by a expressing a figure of speech, eh?

          If the meaning is literal, I would hope that there is no support here for inciting arson.


      • X XYZ says:

        There is impatience.There is prejudice.There is cynicism. There is even despair. All are expressed here. This is understandable, perhaps also justified, But these sentiments produce nothing useful.

        I too can be cynical, and I often am. But that won’t change anything. We have no choice other than to wait and see what eventually happens. Neither will our venting and bitching change anything. Venting might or will make you feel better temporarily, but it achieves nothing.

        When I was a young man, a much older man expressed this to me in two simple words. “Mental masturbation”. Vulgar, but true.

        Meanwhile we must wait. We conservatives are vastly outnumbered. “Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes.” I mean that figuratively, not literally, and hope you also apply that accordingly. Meanwhile, our time might be better spent in thinking and preparing.


  6. MustangBlues says:

    Wow! What deep thinking in the analysis by posters here! Read two sentences of the IG report, or Barr’s comment, and jump head first into rank cynicism and pessimism firing both barrels at any and everything, all the while clutching their pearls and dodging the falling pieces of the sky.

    Speed scroll through the comments, no meat here, just endless bile and rancor.

    America deserves better, citizens should find a way to help, and stop with the cute sarcasm and insults.

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    • DebbieSemms says:

      Save it…the last three years have been very informative.

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    • John-Y128 says:

      I just wonder if all that ‘popcorn’ is soggy and stale.


    • hawkins6 says:


      Most of the posters here have rational and factual reasons to be cynical and pessimistic about the IG Report given the results of the 2 tiered Justice system over the last few years.
      His report is in may ways a continuation of that unfair 2 tier system.

      But there is also IMO, still room for rational hope that justice will eventually be served as long as A/G Barr and Durham are actively investigating this “undeniable” coup attempt and mass corruption in the DOJ and FBI prior to A/G Barr–although neither agency has been fully purged of its bad eggs.

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    • Sharon says:

      Sometimes cynicism and/or pessimism are solid, rational, reasonable responses to events.

      You are not required to adopt any of them.

      But thanks for telling us to “find a way to help” and “stop with the cute sarcasm and insults”. You wouldn’t be a democrat by any chance, would you? The tone of your comment and the liberty with which you identify, define, and instruct others just sounds so…….

      Please share how you are going to help.

      (Puddy, memories of somebody not doin’ it right at the USO are creeping to the surface………………………………….)

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  7. DebbieSemms says:

    I have full confidence in Director Wray and his team at the FBI”…Can’t hide it any longer know
    Barr is corrupt

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    • John-Y128 says:

      For AG Barr it’s about protecting the institution, he and Durham will come up with a Oswalt and a Ruby, that can be backed into the already written Warren Report(s).

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  8. treehouseron says:

    I think the #1, most important thing I would tell a gentleman like Bill Burr is this is a fantasy:

    “Nothing is more important than the credibility and integrity of the FBI and the Department of Justice. ”

    Mr. Burr, with all due respect, the days of any law abiding American having any respect for the DOJ or the FBI are long gone… and that loss of trust and respect didn’t happen in 2015, it happened long before that. When I see what those people did to President Trump, I am not surprised, i’m not even angered. As a matter of fact, I’m happy that it’s all out in the open so everybody can see the FBI’s bare ass.

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    • mac says:

      It’s one hell of a state of affairs for our nation to be in, but the reality is that any citizen who speaks to any law enforcement agency, federal or state, without a lawyer present is putting him/her self at serious legal risk.These organizations have conclusively proven that they a) are not honest, b) are not friends of the American people, and c) don’t give a damn for justice. Look at what they did to General Flynn.

      Lord knows I wish it was different, but it is what it is. Plan and act accordingly.

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      • X XYZ says:

        Never forget the Miranda warning:

        “I have the right to remain silent”. And if ever detained and questioned, keep saying that phrase repeatedly, and NOTHING else, no matter what happens, until you have legal representation. You will never go wrong by keeping your mouth shut. “Loose lips sink ships.” 😉

        But if you think that way, bad things will probably never happen to you.

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  9. Jaker598 says:

    If Trump is re-elected will he keep all the Obama appointees?

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    • Mike says:

      The correct question is; will the Obama appointee’s allow the President to remain?

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      • Rich says:

        WHEN TRUMP wins re-election…I think enough information will be publicly available and enough people aware of the truth of the deep state that he can start a calculated and sweeping dismissal of SWAMP CREATURE hold overs….as a matter of fact I would not be surprised if one thing leads to another and multitudes of career bureaucrats are perp walked in the end!

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    • noswamp says:

      Will POTUS keep all Obama apppointees upon reelection? I would say absolutely not. He initially did not have a choice for replacement because of the push-back on appointing new folks. Blame Congress and the Senate.(Not as to judges but as to everything else).

      The republicans would not even allow Trump to put in recess appointments.

      I thought he would have been able to get rid of all these folks after 100 days. It’s been 3 years and he has not done it.

      I hope he has learned his lesson. State Dept has cut it’s budget severely. Getting rid of these folks by attrition? Trump has over 700 positions that have not been nominated.

      Half of Trumps Cabinet of appointed folks have not even been nominated. We have no ambassador to Japan or Canada, Panama or Pakistan. We need an ambassador to Japan and Canada.
      Secretary for Oceans And International Environmental Affairs? I did not know we even had a position named that. Trump can wait on that one and many others.

      That being said, Trump needs to clean house when he is re-elected.

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  10. jleonard14 says:

    So…we’re still trusting the plan….right?


  11. CaptainNonno says:

    Now it’s time to declassify everything. FISA Court report from Rosemary Conyers and the three Rosenstein memos to Mueller among the 100 or so others.

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    • Declassifying could give the perps information that could help them avoid justice.
      Trump has a blueprint on how to construct the transition of the of the old corrupt DC power structure, to new management, “TrumpnUS”


  12. SmilinJackAbbott says:

    1. Never talk to the FBI.
    2. Never help the FBI. You could be framed and charged with “lying” to these liars.
    3. Never trust the FBI again.

    The DOJ? See points 1 to 3.

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    • When I saw how well the Democrats made false arguments, I shuttered in fear.
      I worry that these corrupt people could use their persuasive power to crush me.
      The only way to regain my trust in our government, is for good people, in our government, to put these corrupt, low character people in prison.

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    • TrumpsterinPa says:

      Bingo..everyone needs to go see the Richard Jewell movie.


  13. Boots says:

    So, Inspector General Horshitz has issued his report. Here it is in pictures:

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  14. Lion2017 says:

    Justice is dead! Barr & Durham issue statements however, the COUP continues. POTUS needs to declassify now!!


  15. RAkin says:

    I have to trust and have faith in Barr and Durham. At this point it’s all we have. There are a lot of them and very few of us.


  16. Bill says:

    Wray should be fired ASAP. As far as timely…immediately after trial in Senate should be as good as any….Dems will bitch no matter when it is done..

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  17. Super Elite Lt. Col. Covfefe999 says:

    It seems a whole bunch of new (?) people have invaded this thread and it’s filled with anti-Barr and “we’re all gonna die” misery.

    Let me quote someone from an earlier comment in another thread which I think is very appropriate here:

    If someone really, really wants to step out into the path of oncoming traffic just because they aren’t intellectually and/or emotionally capable of enduring a process that MUST play out, then so be it.


  18. DeWalt says:

    The only way to ensure to the people that these abuses will not happen again is to abolish and remove the FISA courts and laws that created them. Secret courts have no place in a Free society and government can never be trusted with a tool of Tyranny. The only safe guards the government will put in place are changes to ensure the people will never find out next time.

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  19. X XYZ says:

    We can throw the baby out with the bath water.

    Or we can throw out those who are abusing both the baby and the bath.


  20. MD says:

    Is anyone else having a problem opening this site. I tried about ten times to open today’s articles and it wouldn’t let me. It came up with a message of the site being unsecure or outdated security software. I went to an article from two days ago and it opened. I have had the issue before but usually refresh once or twice and it pulls up. Rush mentioned CTH and the OAN article from yesterday on his show today, I wonder if they are taking extra steps to block CTH.


    • tappin52 says:

      I have been having security pop-ups frequently. I close out the browser and when I reopen the internet CTH is removed from my frequently visited list.


  21. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

    John Adams

    Herein lies the problem. No matter how much corruption is rooted out, how many indictments and convictions are handed down, and no matter who is or isn’t in office, none of it will matter very much or hardly at all if we don’t listen to the wisdom of our founders. And this bit of wisdom from John Adams is crucial. It must be the cornerstone of our nation.

    If we think of God only when it’s convenient for us. If we spend more time watching football than going to church. If we gladly spend $300 a month for cable but can’t even cough up a dollar for the offering plate. If we see nothing wrong with cheating on our wife or girlfriend. If we are surfing the porn sites instead of paying attention to our family. If we don’t lift a finger to help someone down on their luck. Then we are part of the problem.

    Our turning back to being once again a moral and religious country must begin with ourselves. A return to our Judeo-Christian roots begins with us. If we are looking for good to triumph over evil, it must start with us. There may be a loss of friends along the way. There might be pain and great loss. It may even cost us our lives. But better to lose my life as a free man than to have a long life as a slave.


  22. Rynn69 says:

    Barr: “Nothing is more important than the credibility and integrity of the FBI and the Department of Justice.”

    You are right. But that ship has already sailed. That is why YOU have failed America. You have been in your position since FEBRUARY 14 and not one indictment. Nothing. You should have gone in there Day #1 kicking you-know-what and taking names. You didn’t. You have done nothing. Worse yet, key players in this seditious coup and the exposed illegal crimes therein are still employed or writing books or tweeting lies about their innocence participating in one of the biggest political crimes ever in this country.

    There is no justice, therefore there is no DOJ and FBI. It is a total joke. What part of that do you not understand, Mr. Barr? You cannot band-aid fix this mess. You cannot self-police. The Department of Justice of the United States of America is a corrupted, unrecognizable cesspool of villainy and cover-up. You, Mr. Barr, have just signed your name as the King of the Coverups. Congrats.

    To every fellow American I say this with all sincerity and IMHO:

    1. Never, ever speak to any person from the DOJ or FBI without a lawyer and a tape recorder. The lawyer alone is not enough. Make sure it is recorded with two machines that you take with you. As was the case with Flynn, his first team of “lawyers” did not appear to have his best interests in mind. How could they? Unfortunately for good attorneys, all cannot be trusted. Most of these crimes were perpetrated by lawyers. It is clear the people employed at these government agencies have zero morality, are cover-up artists to their own crimes, and therefore are the Enemy of the People. It is also clear instead of actual video or audio evidence, the FBI will edit 302s any way they desire to fit their narrative for prosecution. Truth will not prevail, only their alteration of evidence.

    2. Never, ever believe any media with a “C” in their company name (ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNBC, CNN). The “C” now stands for composing. They compose the news. They don’t report it. And they compose the news every day in every way to push liberal policies and agendas. Worse yet, media are notedly complicit in pushing falsities to protect government officials.

    3. Vote. Vote like your country’s survival depends on it. It does. Vote Republican. If voting Republican, manually vote each Republican down the ticket. I would not trust straight ticket voting with the fraud that is allowed to go on by the Democrats and no Republican opposition (just what does Ronna Romney McDaniel do anyway?). For judges, you must research this before you vote as they do not list a party affiliation. Ensure the vote is for a Constitutionalist judge. Then, after that the RINOs will need to be purged.


  23. moe ham head says:

    blah blah blah
    he should change his name to bill blah

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  24. Barr seems to detest everybody’s work product but loves them all to death in real life. This was apparent at the Quantico new FBI agents’ event a few months ago. He couldn’t say enough about Wray.


  25. mobiuswolf says:

    Damning with faint praise


  26. So….

    Has Bill Barr actually CHARGED anyone?

    Wake me up if he does. Until then, I’ll be dreaming about who his rep!acement should be.


  27. crasey says:

    It’s time to shut down the FISC and let the AG go to the Supreme Court for FISA warranted surveillance of American citizens and residents. Bureaucrats and executives abused their authority and need to be cut out of the process not retrained with updated procedures as Director Wray proposes. The FISC has documented thousands of abuses that are repeatedly addressed but never stopped over the last decade. There is a need for warranted surveillance of citizens engaged in activities with foreign powers but the current process is abusing the rights of the many in seeking to stop the very few. But I don’t expect anyone in the Beltway to do it willingly.


  28. NanetteDragoon says:

    What is MASSIVELY concerning to me is the fact all this hanged on “Russian interference”. The entire origination of Trump surveillance by obama and team was due to “russian interference”. Barr/Durham already found much abuse of power with the faulty Steele Dossier and lawyer’s lying to use it for the basis of everything. Of course, all Dem’s then used it for the basis of continued COUP operation. This entire process of the dem’s coup, even currently with the impeachment scam, is all based still on “russian interference” and its FUBAR origination in the Steele Dossier used throughout the chain of democrats. My MASSIVE concern is this, why hasn’t Barr/Durham spoken with Julian Assange? He is the only one who has stated he has FACTUAL evidence the “russian interference” wasn’t russia but ACTUALLY the DNC. Why has Julian Assange been so sought after all these years to be locked up forever without a trace? Why nobody hears about him now after his claims and evidence against the so called “russian interference”? Seth Rich killed? Barr/Durham must interview JULIAN ASSANGE to be thorough!


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