Sunday Talks: Adam Schiff Justifies Partisan Political Coup – Now Claims President Trump is an Asset of Saudi Arabia…

HPSCI Chairman Adam Schiff appears on Face the Nation to justify his corrupt political efforts to construct a soft coup within the government.  Mr. Schiff begins the interview by saying President Trump is an asset of Saudi Arabia, and implying President Trump supported the Saudi terrorist attack in Pensacola, Florida.

Toward the end of the interview Schiff attempts to justify his publication of private phone records, which turned out to be inaccurate, by claiming his subpoena to CNN parent company AT&T [*nudge/nudge*-*wink/wink*] wasn’t technically looking for Devin Nunes phone records…. that he published, falsely, anyway.

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209 Responses to Sunday Talks: Adam Schiff Justifies Partisan Political Coup – Now Claims President Trump is an Asset of Saudi Arabia…


    I’m trying to stay ahead of the game.

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  2. CTH Fan says:

    I don’t know how American patriots stand by and let this happen. I was hoping Barr was a good guy.

    I know that Congress can make their own rules but not their facts. We should still have rule of law even if you are a Congressman. This man is outlandish in his lies. Seditious is too kind of a word for Pelosi and Schiff.

    President Bush, if you read here, I once looked up to you and it breaks my heart that you have sold your country out by not standing up to these people who are destroying the Presidency. Dislike of a man is one thing, but destroying the Presidency, and therefore the country, is another. Man up sir.

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  3. What drugs are these people on?

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  4. I finally found a person more despicable than Weissman.

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    • ms doodlebug says:

      She said ‘technical difficulties’ but it sounded more like his demons saying ‘we are legion’. He needs to be perp walked to the nearest priest and exorcised.

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  5. Zy says:

    So how many countries to go? Liddle Adam could do one a week.

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    • Raptors2020 says:

      193 countries in the UN. Enough for both Trump terms, surely. If he stays past 2024, like he hints to rile any humorless Democrats (all of them), they may start calling him an agent for Mars.

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  6. kleen says:

    Jeff Carlson

    16m16 minutes ago
    1) I’m being told that the expected broad public release time for the IG Report is no sooner than 1:00 pm EST tomorrow.

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  7. kleen says:

    Jeff Carlson

    2) There will be a short briefing in advance of the public release where a limited number of hard copies will be distributed.

    IG Horowitz is NOT expected to be present.

    But there will be an information embargo until at least 1:00pm EST – according to what I’ve been told.

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  8. Brutalus says:

    Trump’s an Antarctician asset

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  9. TwoLaine says:

    Do my eyes deceive me, or did she not interrupt hi even once?


  10. carterzest says:

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  11. California Joe says:

    Next Schiff (who was Lawfare himself) will be claiming that President Trump is a Martian! I’ve been on the witness stand in court being cross-examined by guys like Schiff and no matter how many times you bitch-slap them, HUMILIATE them and destroy them (very politely!) they just don’t know when to give up!

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    • Zy says:

      This reminds me of an old discussion at CTH. Trump, Barr, Durham, and all the good guys have one chance and have to be near perfect. All the bad guys can just throw Schiff out there ad Infinitum.

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    • 56PackardMan says:

      This stuff is in Schiff’s DNA. His great-great-grandfather, Jacob Schiff, as chairman of the investment banking firm Kuhn, Loeb:
      • Financed the Japanese war against Russia in 1905. He hated the Romanovs and wanted to bring them down.
      • Financed the attempted coup against the Romanovs in 1907.
      • Tried to bring down William Taft and destroy the Republican Party (1912; was behind recruiting Teddy Roosevelt to run as a 3rd party candidate to siphon off Republican votes from Taft resulting in the election of Wilson.
      • Financed the Bolsheviks in 1917.
      • Sent Trotsky from Brooklyn in 1918 to help topple the provisional government in Moscow after the fall of the Czar.
      • Is thought by some to have been the one who gave the order to kill the Czar and his entire family in 1918.
      • Was one of the instrumental players in establishing the Federal Reserve. Jacob Schiff associate Paul Warburg was another deeply involved in establishing the Fed.
      • Both Jacob Schiff and Paul Warburg supported a One-World Socialist government. Paul Warburg is quoted as saying: “We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether it will be achieved by conquest or consent.”

      The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree … We need a savvy, well-financed Constitutional Conservative to take on Adam Schiff and defeat him at the ballot box.

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  12. no-nonsense-nancy says:

    I watch all the videos that SD posts but I cannot watch this lying , evil creep.

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  13. Schiff IS mentally ill, so much so he should be institutionalized.

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  14. WES says:

    Too bad this political drama is not being played out in the Lincoln Threater.

    Then it might be possible to have an unexpected happy ending!

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  15. NICCO says:

    All of their corruption is being exposed.The scripture talks about being turned over to a reprobate mind.You are seeing first hand The Almighty s hand in this to expose their corruption to we the people.Father I thank you that your enemies are bought down and humbled and made completely irrelavent.We pray in the name above all names,Jesus Christ,King of Kings and Lord of Lords,Amen

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  16. Vince says:

    If he a tool of Saudi Arabia why did he open up the US oil industry more, which lowered oil prices? We now produce more oil than they do.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      Well Trump is a supposed tool of Russia also and I’m not sure what payoff Russia is getting from that.

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      • Roland Woltman says:

        Javelin missiles through their tanks?

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      • Jan says:

        No, Pres. Trump has tanked the market for Russia, OPEC and other oil exporters AND he’s s stopped their solidarity in cutting back supply to try and drive oil prices higher. He’s no asset to anyone in the world but the USA.

        That’s why it is so sad and terrible that they’re doing this to this President. Say a prayer and drop him a line if you can. What a man……mighty fine man!!

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      • mikeyboo says:

        “what payoff Russia is getting”
        The answer is obvious, Robert. Free piroshki and borscht for everyone! (sarc)


  17. bluenova1971 says:

    I looked up schizophrenia in the dictionary…
    there was a picture of Adam Schiff.

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    • David Mitchell says:

      I saw two pictures of him there, and it was that the end of a right facing page; when I turned the page there were more pictures of him…a true schizophrenic!


  18. Piper says:

    This guy deserves a very special place in the lowest reaches of Hell.

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  19. joeknuckles says:

    Damn, I thought it was going to be more funny Tom Shillue videos.

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  20. Retired IG says:

    Amazing how I just spent 10 minutes trying to recover this website after reading the comments and attempting to post a comment. Someone there doesn’t like this site.
    Nonetheless, as with others, I just could not watch the Schiff.
    Of interest to me is Schiff’s DNA and the history of it. Wonder if he even has a clue of what he inherited? DNA is a very serious thing when it comes to the handing down of addictions. You name it. And yowser. He’s got a great, great, grandfather whose history gives great insight into the flame (hate to denigrate the watching a flame burn) of crazy that is burning in Schiff.
    Handing the mic back to smarter people than I in this room. Have my supplies ready for several days re reading the Horowitz report. Weather will be cooperating. Rain, low temps, etc. Might have to fire up the sauna to detox from all the gvmint speak. But I get it. Already. Reading between the lines is a craft I leaned over many years. This is just the opening salvo. I’m in my element.Thanks for after the 1:00 pm tip-off.
    And as Charles Dickens may once have written, “God bless us, each and every one.”


  21. Cathy M. says:

    UPDATE – U.S. Marshals hunting 10 Saudi nationals… Part of terror cell…
    Posted by Kane on December 8, 2019 10:26 pm
    Categories: Breaking

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  22. pucecatt says:

    Somebody put a straight jacket on this guy and throw him in a padded cell ASAP, I also notice he tends to copy President Trump a lot lately .. ie: they got caught , using swear words publicly .. President Trump said “ we caught them we caught them all “ President Trump at rallies sometimes uses the words BS etc., which I love btw .. liddle Adam wants to be just like our Great President, I bet he has wet dreams about it .. TRUMP 2020🇺🇸

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  23. Seadoc66 says:

    Adam, guess who the principal was inspiring the comment below? You are too young to remember Bo Galloway, but just know even though I was one the renowned Galloway Boys attending the Commanding & General Staff College in the last years of the Vietnam conflict when I was given a red F and made rewrite a paper regarding cost effective measures to rid the army of incompetent commissioned officers. An overweight light colonel who had never heard a shot fired in the heat of battle was mot amused when I concluded the most cost effective personnel management for incompetent officers was, “Fragging!” Made the same comment when I sent the CECO to the President in 2017. He thanked us but stated he was going to start the swamp cleaning process using the Constitution, appropriate statutes, with heavy doses of common sense thrown in the mix! Guess he is right, but many of us old vets can still day dream, right? Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired

    Subject: Lack of Candor, The Unforgivable Sin!

    TO: American politicians/bureaucrats/academicians/members of the media:

    Take this comment any way you desire, but as one of the veterans who assisted in drafting a document tiled; Citizens Emergency Constitutional Ordinance (CECO) I submit many of you are very fortunate that Donald J. Trump is true leader of the American people. Had the President accepted a veterans’ group’s offer to raise a unit of various individuals skilled in the various disciplines required to assist him in cleaning the swamp and installing a lean/mean government with its principal objective being to serve/protect the American people, politicians/bureaucrats who fail to communicate in any manner short of absolute candor would find themselves in violation of their oath of office and subject to both criminal and civil penalties. You see the CECO provides among its many measures designed to clean up the swamp is an oath of office for all elected/appointed/contracted government personnel that includes severe penalties for the violation of being less than candid in one’s communications. I suggest my each and every employee (Yes, that includes all elected/appointed/contracted individual members of the Federal government in that each of you work for the American people!) needs to consider the following. 1). Stop making unscripted comments, 2). Start preparing comments with the assistance of persons with the ability to insure all information is factual (In short, start your brain, before putting your mouth in gear!), and 3). Never make comments or address individual or groups of veterans (most especially combat soldiers and/or marines) in that I can validate from personal experience two facts reference the consequences for being less than candid with such persons. First, as an army officer and civilian police chief I relieved/fired nine subordinate officers during soldier and cop careers. I did not relieve/fire any of these men for making mistakes nor for their failures. I fired all nine for the same reason. Each of them were fired for what combat soldiers and marines consider an unforgivable sin. That sin is, failure to be candid in all communications! Second, would you like to know the principal reason (as determined by testimony of the offenders [in the few cases where authorities dared investigate] ) officers in military units engaged in combat during the Vietnam War were are assaulted/killed (soldiers’ term for the practice is ‘Fragging’) by their subordinates? The reason the offenders gave was, the officer lied to them! Something to think about, Huh?

    Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired

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    • Rhi says:

      Love that Seadoc, puts ‘lack of candor’ in proper prospective. Interesting the President declined your offer, preferring to do it ‘by the book’ – the Constitution. Anyways good for him to know there are millions like you who have his six.
      Thank you for your service sir!


  24. Reloader says:

    I have to repent and ask forgiveness for even just fleeting thoughts of a revolver against this guy’s temple.

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    • Rhi says:

      Lol, can relate to those ‘fleeting’ thoughts. “Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord, I will repay”.

      1 Timothy 5:24 King James Version (KJV)
      24 Some men’s sins are open beforehand, going before to judgment; and some men they follow after.

      I pray every day the Lord rip the cover off the DS swamp and expose the putrid maggots infesting our body politic, our Republic. Looks as though multitudes of prayers are starting to be answered.


    • mikeyboo says:

      Reloader, While you are having “fleeting thoughts” don’t forget Nancy.

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  25. Screaming Eagle says:

    I’m begining to see parallels in history between Churchill and Trump. Churchill was ridiculed, called a conspiracy kook, was treated as a laughing stock and warmonger by the British political and media elites. Yet, if it weren’t for his forging ahead and making believers out of all of Chamberlain’s apostles, and exposing the Nazis for what they were, Britian would have been rolled up. I see Trump in the same light. The majority of the political class, the media, and voters simply have no idea what is happening to our country. Thank God for VSGPDJT!!

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  26. Lying coup schiff is Really sick person that he need help,
    Schiff is seriously mental illness,


  27. Hey coup schiff now saud then what’s next country?


  28. “He’s a {FILL_IN_NAME_OF_COUNTRY_HERE} asset! He’s colluding with the {FILL_IN_NAME_OF_COUNTRY_HERE}s!! Orange Man Bad!™ Impeach! Impeach!”

    Anything – anything at all – to deflect the Department of Justice from conducting a criminal inquiry into the corruption of myself, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Barak Obama and Joe Biden … among many others.

    It’s that simple, folks.


  29. MO Pragmatist says:

    Having fewer years ahead of me than I have behind me, I wish and hope that I live long enough to see the demise of this putrid excuse for a human being. So dishonest and such a lying jerk! And these are his “good” attributes.


  30. EricStoner says:

    Yeah, that’s the ticket, Adam “Ed Buck” Schiff!

    Let’s just issue the “ballbearings” to the Democrats, now? Cain Mutiny,


  31. thedoc00 says:

    It had slipped my memory that AT&T now owned CNN. It would not be too hard to imagine parts of CNN have electronic access to AT&T records. People who know how to do searches for these types of records could easily extract anything that is being stored by AT&T. With the proper clearances and deep state access, as is held by several CNN employees, that would include any INTEL data bases managed by AT&T.

    The source of leaks, since 14 June 2018, has now been publicly exposed by Mr. Schiff. That is the date sale of CNN was “formally” completed.


    • thedoc00 says:

      The subpoena was sent to two places, AT&T and CNN.

      If only the DoJ and INTEL was on the level, this would have been a supreme trap taking down CNN and all their operatives.


  32. 6x47 says:

    Please, Lord, let the GOP win back the House in 2020 and then as one of the first acts of the new Congress expel Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler and Nancy Pelosi.


  33. CaptainNonno says:

    Schiff shell game. So Trump WAS under the Russia shell, then under Ukraine shell, back to the Russia shell, back to the Ukraine shell, NOW under the Saudi shell. Why not go to the DPRK shell and obviously the China shell, Schifty? I think Trump likes fortune cookies. I mean that’s serious collusion right there.


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