Jerry Nadler Announces HJC Witnesses for Impeachment “Groundwork” Hearing…

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler has announced the four selected representatives for the committee “groundwork” hearing on political impeachment.

The hearing takes place Wednesday, December 4th at 10:00am EST and includes:

  • Noah Feldman – Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law and Director, Julis-Rabinowitz Program on Jewish and Israeli Law, Harvard Law School
  • Pamela S. Karlan – Kenneth and Harle Montgomery Professor of Public Interest Law and Co-Director, Supreme Court Litigation Clinic, Stanford Law School
  • Michael Gerhardt – Burton Craige Distinguished Professor of Jurisprudence, The University of North Carolina School of Law
  • Jonathan Turley – J.B. and Maurice C. Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law, The George Washington University Law School


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205 Responses to Jerry Nadler Announces HJC Witnesses for Impeachment “Groundwork” Hearing…

  1. Bogeyfree says:

    Based on this all Americans need to understand the new standard is the President serves at the pleasure of liberal college professors.

    …”How incredibly tragic is it, with all the documents and communications that AG Bill Barr & U.S. Attorney Durham can see today, that they are not acted upon BEFORE the House can brand President Trump with the words “Impeached President” for the rest of eternity.”…

    Amazing to me how quite our AG and Republican Senators are as the House Democrats make a mockery out of our Constitution.

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    • Heika says:

      Yeh and what has Jewish and Israeli Law, Harvard Law School got to do with it… ha ha ha – huh!


    • Brian Gittler says:

      They are all in it…We are nothing but rats to all of them…They plan to kill over 50% of us soon…


    • Jan says:

      I blithely point out that the AG DID make a pretty good speech to the Federalist Society addressing most all of our concerns about “resistance”, activism, national injunctions and a host of issues associated with the Democrats and their very assault on the Presidency and separation of powers.

      With all due respect to Treepers and especially Sundance, AG Barr is on a very short tightrope. He’s balancing censure, contempt, recusal, impeachment at any and all times from the Democrats. Unlike AG Holder, Barr is squarely behind the philosophy that the AG is not the President’s attorney, which he is not. But he serves at the pleasure of the President, so he has that juggling to do with someone who is not, has never been & will never be very politic. This must be a first for AG Barr. I digress…

      I respect AG Barr but I don’t trust him. He has a legal mind that I very much envy, but I only trust my President. I think we have to wait on the IG Report, and what follows.

      Impatient am I, discouraged am I, but Pres. Trump is fighting for us, and that’s more than you can say for most of Congress, politicians, 2020 presidential candidates and George Soreass, Tom Donohue, and the rest of the Globalists and Communists who used to be Democrats. IMHAO!!

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      • Alfred Barnes says:

        I think it’s a given the IG report is a whitewash following the precedence set by the same IG in investigating Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

        We’ll see on the 9th, although it was reported the AG rejected the principal finding, so I suppose we’ll find out at some point.

        I’d like to see Brennan and Clapper taken down, but may be Too Big to Jail, and we’ll just have to settle for a second term for Trump. There’s bigger issues at stake, like the future of our country.

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        • lftpm says:

          I think that what SD was saying was that IG Horowitz has a limited remit, examining only the FISA warrant’s legitimacy per se, and only the actions of DOJ and FBI officials.

          SD gave a masterful analysis of pre-FISA warrant illicit NSA database-querying, much of it done by private contractors, which Admiral Rogers shut down, and FISC chief judge Rosemary Collyer corroborated was not lawful.

          As SD has reported, Barr/Durham are examining events from as early as 2015, which hopefully will include an investigation of the pre-FISA NSA database-snooping on Trump and associates.
          Barr/Durham have the power to examine all relevant CIA, ODNI and NSA records (if anyone tries to stonewall them, that means obstruction of justice charges), and to subpoena these agencies’ officers, such as Brennan, Clapper, Gina Haspel (who was head of CIA’s London station when the Steele Dossier fabrication events were occurring), and others, including Nellie Ohr, Glenn Simpson, Stefan Halper, et al. Depending on how much support they get from the UK government, they may be able to interview Christopher Steele, Alison Saunders (chief UK prosecutor who had dinner with the Ohrs), ex-MI6 chief Richard Dearlove, and others.

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    • So we’ve gone from unelected bureaucrats trying to remove the President to unelected college law professors trying to remove the President. I have no doubt that all of middle America will put everything down so they can sit in front of the TV and be lectured by these gentlemen who are clearly much smarter and better than we are.

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  2. Drogers says:

    Jerry ‘Nads’ Nadler couldn’t keep the Mueller congressional testimony / hearing on track. Now you’re going to trust him to land a successful impeachment inquiry of PDJT …

    #idiots #whatever

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    • mr.piddles says:

      Schiff just completed his leg and passed the baton to Nadler, who’s gonna bring home The Gold while Coach Pelosi pumps her fists in the air on the sidelines. Go Nadler, Go!


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      • littleanniefannie says:

        You mean while Nazi P. Is hiding out in Spain on our dime. Her plane should be recalled.
        Interesting that those so intensely concerned with climate change gave zero consideration to the negative impact their junket by plane would cause. Seriously, if they were true believers, they would have gone by rowboat or considered a webinar. Then again, the Keeper ofvthe Gavel should have smacked each one, including herself, for being Hypocrites of the Year!!

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        • Jan says:

          That would be a hoot!! Recall her plane and let her and the other 14 Congresspeople get back on their own by sailboat, canoe or kayak!! Works for me!! That’s what I want for Christmas!!!


    • Issy says:

      What’s left for him to do? He will have these scholars testify that the President did commit impeachable offenses and call for a vote.


  3. TheLastDemocrat says:

    What could possibly go wrong?

    Ten years ago, I saw Obama and his comrades devising the downfall of the Constitution. They created a group, and a book, “The Constitution in 2020.”

    Aim: how and where to change the Constitution to look more like the Communist Manifesto.

    What could possibly go wrong with this esteemed group of “public interest lawyers.”

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  4. delighteddeplorable says:

    Today has been an excellent news day for our team. “Things” are falling into place nicely. It’s almost like it’s been orchestrated by some kind of genius or something. 😉

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  5. Republicanvet91 says:

    So…some smarmy bureaucrats expressing how much their butts hurt was a disaster, but the nutty left thinks some pointy-head perfessers describing their best fever induced legal theories are going to suddenly convince everyone that POTUS must go?

    Good luck wid dat.

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    • Apparently we are too stupid to understand and this bunch is being brought in to explain it to us in plainer english. Of course. That’ll work. Will we all get certificates for attending this class?

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    • lftpm says:

      Apparently the Repubs were allied to call Jonathan Turley as an expert witness. Turley is a public intellectual, frequently interviewed by MSM. IIRC, he is a Democrat who has been skeptical about the validity of this “impeachment inquiry”, and whether Trump has committed any impeachment-qualifying bribery, treason or other high crimes and misdemeanors.

      I’m sorry that Harvard-emeritus con law prof Alan Dershowitz isn’t testifying. Although he supported HRC in 2016 and is a lifelong liberal, he has excoriated the Dems for this shampeachment.


  6. Sherri Young says:

    Remember that Adam Schiff is said to have started every deposition in the House dungeon SCIF by stating that nothing in the deposition would be classified?

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    • Bogeyfree says:

      Sounds like a Presidential declassification is in order Mr. Barr.

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      • Sherri Young says:

        That declas needs to wait until Nadler refuses the Republicans their witnesses. Rep. Doug Collins has said that Schiff is the first witness he wants to call. Get Nanzi involved and on the record. Let the volume of the screaming rise on both sides rise, then do whatever it takes to force the issue. This kind of thing should be hard to spin to the benefit of the Dimm Deep Staters.

        Adam Schiff should be frog-marched out in shackles, IMO.

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  7. GB Bari says:

    So, basically, here is the DemonRATs case against the President regarding Ukraine.

    President Trump, the blunt, bullying guy according to the (self proclaimed) wise and sophisticated news media stars, was suddenly possessed of a personality change on July 25, 2019 with a very nuanced and subtle quid quo pro pressure attack, that was so subtle, no one in Ukraine could pick up on it. PDJT may as well have been speaking the language of a remote New Guinea people.

    Fifteen seconds after he hung up, he reverted to the blunt, coarse bully, with no more subtlety than Jim Acosta.

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    • Jan says:

      In short, Turley is the only one who’s said there’s no “there, there” to impeach on Russia, Ukraine, bribery, obstruction of justice & abuse of power, even though he’s a Democrat. I guess he”s representing the “republican” view. No wonder FOX News dropped his sorry butt to appear on its parade of star reporter shows.

      I’m very surprised the Dimms aren’t calling Judge Napolitano. He’s got their back. He was Scalia’s (who’s no longer with us to say “yay” or “nay”) close friend who used to be more neutral before he got pounded by FOX News for a seemingly “false” report.


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      • Phil Bacon says:

        If Judge Napolitano passes gas and a tree falls in the forest, is one caused by the other? That’s the argument the Judge makes vis a vis Trump and Ukraine Security Assistance.

        Keep in mind the Ukrainian Parliament on Sept. 3 revoked their immunity to corruption investigations, following V>P. Pence’s meeting with Zelenskyy Aug. 29.


  8. bessie2003 says:

    It doesn’t speak very well to the quality of education provided by these Universities that these professors are open and willing participants in this now 3 year coup against a duly elected President of the United States.

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  9. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights were established on hundreds of years of hard fought battles by the common people fighting against corrupt autocrats. Thousands sacrificed everything they had over many generations to get us to this point in history.To witness this overt attempt to destroy the rule of law by these malefactors is incredibly infuriating. If this seditious plot is not decapitated posthaste the light of Liberty and Justice for all will have been extinguished EVERYWHERE & FOREVER!

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  10. Rynn69 says:

    What credible person on Earth would volunteer to participate in this open sedition? Dumb.


  11. Jim in TN says:

    Mr. Canady. The gentleman from New York, Mr. Nadler, is
    Mr. Nadler. Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
    We have an obligation to the Constitution and to the
    American people to be fair and to accord due process to every
    individual involved in this matter, including the President. I
    would remind my colleagues that while the President is not
    above the law, neither is he below the law. He is entitled to
    the same fairness and due process as every other citizen.
    What does due process mean? It means, among other things,
    the right to be informed of the law, of the charges against
    you, the right to confront the witnesses against you, to call
    your own witnesses, and to have the assistance of counsel.

    In a criminal trial, a motion to dismiss for failure to
    state a crime is considered first before the evidence is
    presented. This is the only way we can deal with this matter
    both expeditiously and fairly.
    Unfortunately, the unilateral approach being pursued by the
    Republican leadership does not follow such a procedure. Instead
    of providing due process, we are presented with a procedure
    more fitting to the 17th century Court of Star Chamber or to a
    Moscow show trial of the 1930s. The Chairman has asked the
    President to answer yes or no to a set of 81 questions. The
    President is being asked to do what no American should ever
    have to do, to prove his innocence without ever even knowing
    what charges he will ultimately face.
    In America everyone, even the President, is presumed
    innocent until proven guilty, and everyone, even the President,
    has the right to know the precise charges against him and to
    have the opportunity to confront his accusers.

    [Those were Nadler’s words prior to the Clinton Impeachment. 11/9/1998.
    Very big document
    Sure sounds like this is simply a matter of taking revenge. They are making sure that they really do everything they accused Republicans of doing against Clinton.]

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  12. MDNA I says:

    Turley & Gerhardt are not hacks. Both testified for the Republican majority in the Clinton impeachment inquiry. I’m more familiar w/ Turley’s work than Gerhardt, but I coincidentally found a ton of their work in scholarly areas.

    IDK anything about the other 2


  13. mugzey302 says:

    This inquisition is a TRAVESTY of justice!


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