Day Five Impeachment Hearings – Fiona Hill and David Holmes – 9:00am ET Livestreams…

Today begins day five of the House impeachment hearings.  Testimony today will include Fiona Hill, President Trump’s top adviser on Russia; and David Holmes, a very sketchy State Department fellow whose wife, Stephanie Holmes, also works at the State Dept; holding a previous assignment with former Ukraine Ambassador Yovanovitch.

The foreign service office is one big internecine anti-MAGA network of mutually aligned career interests, and hard-core political operatives.  The fiasco starts at 9:00am EDT

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  1. Kenji says:

    What did I just hear!? Schiff-fer-brains just said that Ukraine couldn’t “look to ‘Europe’ for help” … because … “of all their problems”? What? Europe … problems? Schiff’s-type have done nothing but yell that Europe was BETTER than America. That the EU is a perfectMODEL of global governance! Problems? What EU problems!? And if they have problems … then they sure have the BEST American Ambassador *thank you for your service* Sondland EVER in the history of all Ambassadors.

    “Please pass the sweet and sour shrimp”

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  2. Listening to virtue signalling by Democrats is like picking up a hooker in a hotel bar peddling some first class professional company, then going to a room and instead receiving a pretended prude’s lecture about the more glorious pleasures of chastity.

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  3. Bogeyfree says:

    IMO, Our 3 best upcoming flag color tests…….

    1) Will the current US Ambassador extend Visas to the President of Ukraine and his AG to come to the US to testify in the Senate trial and tell the American people everything they know about the call and the corruption and money laundering involving Americans from a political party?

    If no, then look no further than Pompeo as there is no escaping this IF it comes about.

    2) The rules that Schumer and McConnell are working up for the trial and if they include any type of restriction of the Whistleblower to testify in public.

    If so, then IMO you know unequivocally McConnell is a pure RINO at that point.

    3) If AG Barr supports Ukraine’s request for American DOJ assistance in helping to investigate Ukraine corruption and money laundering charges which may include high ranking Americans from a political party.

    If DOJ declines or comes up with a BS excuse, well that would tell me all I need to know.

    IMO these will be HUGE tells one way or the other and there is no ducking these. They will be black or white indicators!

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  4. burnett044 says:

    and so it ends…

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  5. Nick the Deplorable says:

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    • Ray Runge says:

      Correction, the circus will soon move to the judiciary where an even less competent Nadless will stumble through some additional Tar Chamber nonsense.

      USA needs a diplomatic corp decompression chamber environment after a six year maximum time of duty is finished. The 3 acre pot of ground will have some office pods, hallways and a few conference rooms with side trees as the overhype’s head covering. Numerous watercolors and leaning posts will permit and encourage gossip until all the participants are throughly exhausted. This to continue until the individuals are able to speak with normal peopeople without terminal nose in air maneuver as a reflexive consequence of social conversation.

      Wash rinse and repeat.

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  6. Newhere says:

    Using coverage and viewership as a gauge for the effect of this embarrassing spectacle is missing the point.

    In the internet age, what the networks and cable news do isn’t about real-time viewership; it’s about reality construction. It’s part of the information laundry cycle. What happens on daytime “news” replaces what actually happens in real life. The prime time news, and other commentary and analysis that fills up people’s google, FB and twitter feed, *could* report on real life — and some of us try to seek out reporting and discussion on real life — or it can “report” on what runs on daytime TV. It reports on the latter and treats it as the former. Thus the only important thing is that this fake spectacle happen and runs on cable, that way it can be harvested for reality construction.

    It’s difficult to find adequate words to describe how disastrous a moment we’re living through in terms of information construction. Let’s call it, in a broad stroke, wholesale Deep State information manufacture and control, the big difference from other times being the puppet strings are TOTALLY VISIBLE IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, and our “curators” are just counting on enough people to be trained and conditioned not to see them.

    If it works, this is our world now. Merciless, dehumanizing, totalitarian reality control. If it doesn’t work, maybe we still have a chance.

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    • mdt123 says:

      You have explained what I felt very well. It is a sort of virtual reality game where night is day, black is white, whatever ‘they’ want it to be for the masses.
      I avoid talking to real people on these topics so my only real people exposure is CTH which is not at all representative of the masses.

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      • Newhere says:

        Same here. It is really quite difficult. I pray for full, unrestrained disclosure, for many obvious reasons, but among them is the personal reason of wanting to have real conversations with real people.

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    • zekness says:

      agreed…this latest misinformation climax is the result of a very long term strategy…enabled by an infotainment centric audience that devours information at a rate that can only be considered manic.

      this was predicted long ago when several key developements occured:

      a. internet and social media
      b. media firms who are known massively profitable by selling ad revenue.
      c. technology firms that decided it was in their best interests to influence politics.
      d. SCOTUS rulings that corporations are “persons”
      e. a social/cultural shift from relatively conservative patriotic views to one that is very untrusting of the institutions of government…bank and credit crisis bailouts and the sad reality of iraq war are the most recent high level examples…as well as “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” BS…people have lost faith in normalcy..they see big government as the corrupt institution that it has become ….the media plays on that reality and the emotional response it can trigger with every story. I mean we actually have people in this country that HATE police officers!
      f. media no longer even acknowledges journalistic ethical’s an echo chamber and not much more than that.

      Quite a few years ago, I had the good fortune of being stuck in a full white out snow storm in minnesota. So I sought refuge in a library…Scanning the shelves for something worthwhile, I luckily found some FrontLine videos…I spent the next 12 hours watching a video that captured some of the most important critical changes in the news industry in the US. It was a forbidding message about what to expect..

      I recommend it to everyone to get a idea of what caused journalism to drift down the toilet.

      newswar…3 part series…good stuff..back when frontline was still balanced and not beholdened to shareholders and their political goals. this was 2007…still valid.

      good luck america, you deserve better than this.

      never stop believing in honor and truth.

      it IS the american way.

      be good.

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    • TarsTarkas says:

      It’s optics for the headline readers. That’s why they front-loaded the long statements full of accusations that were refuted by the testimony. Figuring that most people wouldn’t stick around to watch it that long. The goal is to get enough push poll support for 2/3 of senators (IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE 67, ALL THAT’S NEEDED IS 2/3 PRESENT) to convict without major political or finance damage.
      And then the war’s begun.


      • Maquis says:

        That’s why fools like Heck play scripted roles so isolated from the reality of the situation at hand, they are simply staging the various scenes that fabulistic menteurs will assemble for months and even years to come to construct narratives at will to suit their evil intentions. Outrage, sorrow, reasonable, raging, it’s Hollywood for Ugly People as Rush so wisely calls it.


  7. sunnyflower5 says:

    The man has some serious problems.

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  8. fanbeav says:

    Schiff’s face today at the end of hearing when he finds out he is the subject of Ukraine money laundering!

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  9. sunnyflower5 says:

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  10. sunnyflower5 says:

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    • Beu Geste says:

      But it looks like the Ukranians WANT to investigate on their own initiative. We pretty much know what they will find – dem congresscritters (and some rinos) and their “donors” and family/friends getting kickbacks.
      Can dem congresscritters vote to impeach if they are under indictment in the Ukraine, or in jail?

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      • zekness says:

        “new” ukraine is in a bit of a jam here….

        should they launch an investigation, the blowback would come from nato states who ALSO provide aid, loans, weapons and training, as well as favorable trade agreements.

        it is not surprising ukraine a very rick oil & gas resourced country, is corrupt…it’s a young nation, trapped between a military former soviet state with its muskets at the ready waiting for a moment of weakness from nato and particularly the US..and also from EU states that prefer status quo, because lets face it…EU has invested massively over many years to install pipelines and hammer out energy and trade agreements that allow the EU to essentially become a big player in oil cabal superbowl…all without necessarily “owning” the resources directly.

        the point here, is that Ukraine is playing a dire game of chess..should they falter and implicate too many corrupt officials, that signals, game over and combat operations commennce immediately from crimea to the west..and there would be little the “west” and the corrupt EU would or could do about it. In fact, it would be easy to see the EU and even US policy makers moving to make deals with russia..and flipping perceptions in the media about a “corrupt” ukraine…ALL OVER AGAIN.

        this is what “the world” has over ukraine…

        and as much as I would like to fancy the new UKR president a game changer, lets face it..he is a comedian by profession.

        think about that.

        the best strategy, near and long is for president trump to gel a novel strategy, by arming ukraine to the teeth and aggitating russian forces out of this way, it removes the serious threat from both nato EO countries to “game” ukraine..and also to induce this new UKR president to understand not with words, but with real weapons of war and the full support of this president and the US military to back him up.

        then he has real power…this is how you nation build..and this is how both president trump and UKR can preempt what I fear is about to happen..nothing!

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  11. islandpalmtrees says:


    SCHIFF-PELOSI CAUGHT IN UKRAINIAN ARMS SCANDAL: Giuliani Confirms TGP’s Prior Exclusive – Schiff and Pelosi’s Ukrainian Donor Was Given Lucrative Defense Contracts!
    by Joe Hoft October 8, 2019

    We reported on September 29, 2019, that==>>
    Speaker Pelosi and Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff are both connected to a Ukrainian arms dealer. This is why they lie in front of the nation. They are afraid of their own deeds being uncovered!

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    • jbowen82 says:

      I don’t know about this particular one, but I am confident that following the money will uncover all kinds of mutual back-scratching schemes that result in money in Democrat coffers at the expense of the taxpayers. It’s what they specialize in, starting with the teachers and public employee unions. For example, we know Ukraine was a donor to the Clinton Foundation. Did it donate while Hillary was Secretary of State? Did we give money to Ukraine during that same timeframe?

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      • jebg46 says:

        The money laundering isn’t being committed just by Dems, there are plenty of republicans involved too. That’s why Mitch McConnell is so sketchy, trying to protect the RINOS=UNIPARTY. Remember McCain rattling his swords on the Ukraine border, in Syria, Iraq, etc. many politicians have ties to arms dealers, that’s why we have 20 yr wars. Romney has ties in Ukraine too, Kerry, Pelosi, the whole frigging bunch are ripping off US foreign aid, despicable.

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        • jbowen82 says:

          Oh, sure, but nowhere near on the same scale. Democrats start with the graft down at the alderman and city council level, and they build up to massive graft at the DC level. It’s what they do.


        • not2worryluv says:

          Where did the money go from the middle-of-the-night-flight authorized by Obama to “repay” the debt the US owed them from funds frozen years ago? Money authorized by an Executive Order and no one says a peep about Quid Pro Quo?
          President Trump is right – we should not give money to countries who are corrupt, who support our enemies or won’t give us an accounting of where the money was spent.
          The American people are tired of working and paying taxes for these Elite Politicians to become Millionaires and retire with a benefit package funded by tax payer dollars for the rest of their and their family lives.

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          • Right to reply says:

            I don’t believe the Iranians got all the money. DNC bank accounts should be checked


            • wildsailor2018 says:

              Yup, they got their frozen accounts back with interest *and* the pallet of untraceable cash. I believe, given how the money for the Ukraine was handled, that pallet was for Kerry to disseminate to the coin laundry inhabitants. It never got to Iran.


        • CountryClassVulgarian says:

          I doubt that there are “plenty of” republicans involved in the criminal activity in Ukraine. This is a demonrat boondoggle and THEIR noose needs to stay around THEIR necks.

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    • The FBI only handles “Matters”


    • Beau Geste says:

      Schiff got “donations” from Ukraine buddies? Hard to believe that a dem congresscritter elected from california would be so corrupt….

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    • Despicable Me says:

      If, as you always seem to post, the FBI is completely corrupt why would you expect them to investigate this?


    • StanH says:

      So Nancy, how did you earn $232million come from? It’s a miracle.

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  12. zekness says:

    this isn’t over…this impeachment and all the following questions will continue well into the next election cycle.

    whether it is impeachment wrt trump “bribe/extortion/collusion/abuse/kitten drop kicking” what have you..democrats will dream up more crapola.

    then we have to consider there are other key issues that remain open
    fisa investigations
    DOJ IG report fbi abuses of CI’s.
    and other adjacent investigations that will likely follow:

    DNC coordination with crowdstrike and it origins in Ukraine in former regime.
    to what extent american business entities co opted corrupt officials in Ukraine to enrich themselves, starting with the expected first candidate to examine: hunter biden…but lets not forget the podesta group, and many others! (it’s not going to be a good set of days even for many “republican” associates and politicos.
    a reexamination of IC powers and limits in using unverified foreign data funded by political parties
    a reexamination of IC powers and limits in creating and manufacturing dubious claims before a FISA court.

    and the list will go on ..and on..and on.

    now, most americans are tired of this already..but in reality this is just starting..we haven’t actually accomplished ANYTHING to clear the swamp.

    for me, best case scenario is that the corrupt in DC and abroad, eat themselves…

    the worst case scenario is that they all work out some grand deal to make a show of it but do nothing really. maybe out some less than obedient lower level schmucks who might dare to out them.

    I am a realist…I am also a skeptic. Will this country have a chance to return back to some kind of normalcy where corruption is removed….probably not. But I can dream right?

    bottom line: there is much much more coming…we ain’t seen nothing yet….the big stuff…

    in the short term, most of this seems to favor trump reelection…that’s how I see it. The dem’s have failed to make a solid least a dozen attempts…

    something about americans: more than criminal conduct, americans really hate hypocrites. and likewise, they very much hate losers.

    love him or hate him, noone with half a brain can qualifiy trump as a loser in this entire mess.

    the irony is that he may actually have committed serious misconduct…but the constant and dubious methods that have been attempted to draw them out have simply created a mistrust among americans this was every handled correctly..americans are moved by perceptions…first and foremost…it is both our greatest strength and our achilles…when it works out, we get ahead of the curve…when wrong, the unintended consequences is that often it enables a status quo problem that takes a very long time to shake.

    americans just don’t like to be wrong. Well..maybe that’s just a human trait.

    geaux tigers!


    • Beau Geste says:

      There is no “misconduct”, if that is what you are promoting. PDJT is the President. He does not take orders from the State Department supernumeraries, or voldemort, or “.call-me LT KERNEL, you PEONS”. He can investigate corruption and criminality and bribery of US citizens, congresscritters, and the CIA – he even has a Constitutional duty to do so under the “tke care” clause. He can assist the Ukraine in their criminal investigations. There is even a treaty to facilitate it.

      He can condition free US dollars on cleaning up corruption. He can condition who he meets with, for any purpose. He can investigate and evaluate the draft opinion of crowdstrike that his FBI relied on, and can evaluate the strange performance of the FBI in refusing to take custody or, seize, or subpoena the allegedly-hacked DNC/hillary server(s).

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      • zekness says:

        if that’s the impression you read on my post, my apologies for not being more clear.

        the simple point I was trying to make is that if you are going to fight corruption, one has to be spotless and above reproach. In that vein, my point is that a corrupted investigation could (and has in many cases) could very well wind up screwing the pooch in an otherwise correct situation where allegations of ora crime warrant good policing.

        I speak from experience. I have countless examples where very crappy prosecutors have sabotaged their own cases with disastrous methods..often bordering criminal misconduct.

        I am NOT suggesting trump has committed any crime here. I am stating that the manner in which the entire charade of allegations, leaks, unilateral rule making, the farcical highjacking of the intelligence committee versus the judidiciary oversight committe where it truly belongs, damage perceptions that the “prosecutors” in this case has acted in good faith.

        In a normal court, where you and I would face charges of a crime, this prosecutor would likely be rewarded with misconduct, jury rigging, and disbarred. Likewise, the leaks pre-trial would likely cause the presiding judge to throw out the entire case of witness statements!

        but here is the king schitt, doing everything..and I mean everything in his power to separate normal standard lawfully enforced rules of law, and due process..

        Think of how many criminals have gone free, simply because of overzealous, corrupt prosecutors and law enforcement. ? It’s not a trivial number.

        that was my point.

        I hope this clear things up..

        when in doubt, when you see me post, always have in mind, that I look at these political issues, in the same way I see how the public, the common man, the citizen understands them to be. I am not legal expert…But I know none of this was even close to meeting the standards of conduct imposed and enforced by law license associations and “the bar”…

        It seems what is unique here…is that there IS a special set of laws set up to not only protect congressional members, but also to give them unusually powerfully and easily abused authorities. I find that worth inspecting, as this very case demonstrates the problem at the most fundamental level.

        we have law makers, who are literally not accepting due process ….constitutionally, this is the very definition of treason and anarchy…I’ve always held this postion..this case just illustrates this in high profile as kind-shitt has decided to crank it up to 11.

        Imagine this, here is an example, of what kind of ill consequences that democrats are directly funding in their actions to protect biden and at the same time allege political crimes against a sitting president:

        all one has to do is “run for office”..then all previous criminal suspicions, even those that are worthy of investigation, are off the table. rob a bank, then run for office..simple as that…

        but how dare a president invite an inquiry against that person.

        think if it this way: if the president had asked for that investigation against biden and biden had not yet filed his paperwork to run for office..then what?

        see the problem here…the dems have created a special class of protected citizens..where all laws do not apply..not even common sense..

        and don’t think for a minute this will not be abused again by “your” party…as long as corrupt officials exist, this kind of corruption will be exploited.

        as a citizen, this is not acceptable. We cannot have a institutionalized systemic theater of corruption that is allowed to go unchecked.

        every generation has its challenges..some are new, and novel..

        this particular cancer is persistent like the flu…it’s seasonal and there is one common denominator.

        corrupt officials who get close to money and power in DC.

        how to slow that down and roll it back..

        that is the challenge.

        it requires action…voting might have the least influence with corruption at this level and breadth. Its massive and its assumed..and right there is the its the feeding station …where many otherwise good people feel powerless and vote to win..and nothing much more than that.

        it’s time for a good revolution…

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  13. Jenevive says:

    Once this goes to Judiciary do we have to have
    hearing AGAIN? All these people won;t be called
    again will they?


  14. MDNA I says:

    Any more information on this? I saw it a few pages ago & was too occupied w/ the hearing at the time to follow up, in my mind I linked it w/ the screenshots of a letter signed by the Minorty tweeted by Ldr McCarthy but not sure

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    • MDNA I says:

      House Minority Leader McCarthy’s tweet of the Letter from the HPSCI Minority to the Chairman

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      • Eric C. says:

        So, does Schiff and Nancy just end it, hence the not gonna vote for USMCA or do they allow the Republican’s hearing to further torpedo their efforts…..sounds like they’re in a lose-lose.

        As Trump always accounts for, own the downside………they didn’t think that one through.

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        • zekness says:

          its uncommon for these corrupt politicos to face a trump and a team orbiting him that has experience with the long game…

          they have depended on a pliable and willing press to harden and steel themselves..but as they are about to find out very soon…this isn’t chess…it’s poker…

          and they never considered their high stakes bluff games that have worked so well in the past, are useless to a player like trump who aims to take everything you own and then some!

          they never made the distinction….they have underestimated his skills…they see people as lessor opponents and that is their weakness.

          so they are unprepared to have a player of trump’s caliber and fitness to raise the pot or to concede a hand..they have played a fool’s game.

          I’ve seen the man in action…it’s pretty much a documentary on how a single lion can cause an entire herd of wildebeests to absolutely panic and lose their minds. it’s live or die to trump..there is no other options..these people just don’t understand this…it isn’t how they were developed to accept in dc. this is why he scares the shit out of them now…now they can see what they are dealing with..they have slightly injured a powerful and wicked smart predator. who will never stop…

          trump has that effect..he knows who he is. And he knows really poorly developed hands at the table.

          give it two years and these same people will be handing out awards to him…..

          because in the long game, to totally dominate your opponent is to strip them of all self respect. and that is the goal..and to that, I say…yes, and let them have all of it…they deserve everything they have’s fair and its just…skin them alive…no prisoners.

          and considering who these people are…it would not take much to render them void of the last fragment of self respect they pretend to cling to.

          no mercy. full justice.

          trump style.

          then we can rest.


    • MDNA I says:

      Link to 116th Congress Rules of the House of Representatives

      Letter cites Rule XI “Procedures of Committees & Unfinished Business”

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      • Andy Krause says:

        I read the PDF section, this is a paraphrase..
        A majority of the minority members may request a special hearing for their own witnesses. The hearing must be done before the matter at hand is closed.

        It sounds like the letter is that request.

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        • MDNA I says:

          Yes. I think the letter invokes the Rule. & I though I only checked an hour ago, I noted that when asked by reporters “how did it go?” & “are you done?” kinda Qs, HPSCI Dems were ofc upbeat but non-committal

          I may have missed some announcement – in writing – that the HPSCI phase is over but there was none an hour ago. Until it’s pronounced “CLOSED”, I’ll assume it’s open


          • Andy Krause says:

            I watched the Fox news casts. There was no mention of this at all. It makes me think that it won’t happen. They had Elise and McCarthy on so my feelings were they would mention it. I agree that the committee hearings do not seem to be formally closed yet. This could block the committee from voting until the new year. Nothing may become of it but I was really glad to see the letter and our representatives fighting back.


        • All Too Much says:

          “…shall be entitled upon request to the chair…”

          The rule, from what I have read, does not give the chair any discretion.
          Shall be entitled is very specific language, and the entitlement arises upon making the request.


          • zekness says:

            its a clever lawfare style nomeclature…

            let me be the devil’s advocate to make sure you are not getting your hopes up.

            one way to interpret this language is to examine why the nomenclature written did not read:

            “shall be entitled”..and just that.

            rather, consider the legal rule making, by inserting “upon request”..
            it does not necessarily mean, request will be approved.

            it is basically are entitled to make the request. the shall part might be interpreted as whole cloth guarantee…but that isn’t the way I read it.

            I read it thinking how a corrupt law fare backed lawless power hungry schifft might design such wording…

            wording that is vague enough to present the illusion of a promise of fairness only to deceive respondents from making an early challenge of it.

            yes, I know..I am very skeptical….and cynical…DC has given me plenty of reasons to assume there are any genuine promises that are decent…

            schift has proven himself to be unreliable. One has to accept there would be no reason at all for him to arrange any promises that might create a serious challenge to the ruse he has manufactured…unless he is also very very stupid…and as much as I despise this schiffty soulless hound…I am not willing to gamble he is of common intelligence…maybe he is himself…corrupt people often have intelligence defects..but its the people that surround him…this is high level chess…and they are playing to win and win big…given the opportunity to set all the rules for a massive power play, considering how things have operated thus far, one can only assume this careful wording was designed to give the illusion of fair play, but nothing should be taken for granted.

            I am seriously hoping the conservative support team in orbit has a strategy here…that deals with issues like this..because there are multiple other obstacles the left dem socialists have alloyed into the rules.

            one thing I find fascinating about this entire charade is how poorly the witnesses have performed …one would think that schift had conducted a much more sophisticated and well prepared bunch of “witnesses”.

            that is the thing that strikes me the most.

            when you go to pick the weapons that win. period.

            this guy and his team might just not know what war really requires.

            probably that…not amateurs..but certainly not the professional level winning ability either.

            I also find it absolutely refreshing to watch “gym shorts” jordan (as so many on the left have now started to call him), with little legal experience to note in his resume”…has taken then case apart at the seams and ripped it to shreds.

            I find that very fascinating to muse over.

            I get a special blend of schadenfreude watching schift and crew get owned by jordan…this guy knows how to win…he has experience with it. and he isn’t afraid…

            schift….something just isn’t right with the boy.


            • Andy Krause says:

              Not a lawyer so I defer to you.
              My reading is different. The “entitled to” refers to the hearing. The “upon request” refers to the letter. Delivering the letter authorizes the hearing. The special hearing must be held before the committee makes it’s decision.


              • zekness says:

                lol….please don’t…the day I pretend to fully understand the implications and real world interpretations of legal ease, is the day I will have done off the wagon.

                It’s purely speculative, tested with serious cynicism, against what can only be described as schift level debauchery of standards and norms.

                I just have no faith schift will honor anything.

                for example,,,,one can argue…”authorized. look at that..

                why doesn’t it read: “shall be approved upon filing with the committee”? see the difference here?

                authorized takes on a special meaning to me. authorized requires a process.

                the shall part mentioned, doesn’t necessarily means ALL requests WILL BE authorized…more to the point, automatically approved is not mentioned..

                I know I seem to be splitting hairs here..but I’ve seen this sort of wordsmithing before.

                when you get rule such as this, you have to assume, given who we are discussing, and the circumstance of HOW those rules were developed, that there isn’t anything the democrats are unwilling to legally condition…it’s clear from the beginning to present, they have created super powers with little if any moderation by the minority members. there is nothign fair or open about this process..why would they offer something in those rules that gives the minority a backdoor, so to speak?

                No, I think we can assume the wording was deliberately vague and open to address the joker card they dems want to hang on to.

                minority: your rules state you would approve our witnesses
                majority: no, go back and read the rules..we any witness LETTERS in writing you put forward will be authorized…we have considered your witnesses and find your claims to fall short for other reasons and we have disallowed them. But please you are authorized to try again.

                cynic me…that’s how I see this going down

                for example…can you imagine what the reaction will be if Jordan and camp seek the leaker/blower? how about biden? chalupa? schift himself, since he is a FACT witness?

                no, these requests will have limits based on other rules the majority has set.

                so, it’s suspect the careful wording…it gives the illusion of a promise to fair play..but I can’t see the democrats at this point, considering how they crammed it all up, to allow anything that might cause more damage to this train wreck they have created.

                but I would say, strategically, this should NOT be a reason for the minority to test it. Nope, one of many strategies is to force the majority and stress test each and every angle…not to merely frustrate their process…rather to prove out over and over, the many instances where this process has been an utter failure…and make those public and loud.

                americans need to know that process of law is very important..will they listen to the minority..I think in this case, yes, they will.

                because lets face it..adam schiffft has got to be the most unreliable untrustworthy idiot of the moment…people really don’t like the guy..he gives them plenty of reasons for that.

                americans need to know WHY their inner self really can’t trust him…illustrating the gimmics he created flesh that out in plain view. puts him in the defensive position…his weakness..

                anyway..not a lawyer…god forbid…

                have a great weekend.



  15. Phflipper says:

    Everyone knew “Burisma meant the Biden’s” perhaps because everyone knew the corruption.

    Liked by 6 people

    • zekness says:

      Yes, its probably more than just that toon.

      burisma also means, podesta group…specific high ranking CI officials who were investors and direct actors in the forming of crowdstrike as a cyber forensic entity…state department officials who were likely offered favorable sunset hiring and possibly kickbacks through a series of complex (but trackable) soverign wealth funds for their participation in co-opting interagency policy making..which leads back to aid and loan guaranteess….some dod officials and associates in the MIC who were certainly rewarded financially and made solid partners with multiple NATO members in these corrupt, but otherwise twisted lawful foreign policy schemes.

      the rabbit hole is potentially very very deep and widespread.

      behind all of it, is of course, money and power…peddling influence ultimately directs policy…and policy is always attached to serious money numbers.

      It would not surprise me at all, to find this goes a very long way back in history…that isn’t an excuse to ignore it. It’s a welcome invitation to take on the challenge of fighting the beast.

      because this is where WE are at. The very notion of what America is, and its true source of power is with the people.

      are we OK, with allowing any of this to go on?


  16. Ironclaw says:

    I can’t imagine anybody wasting their time watching this garbage unless they are getting paid to do so.


    • Justin Green says:

      I listened to it while i worked. So, technically….

      Liked by 4 people

    • zekness says:

      I spend the time, because it is important to see how congress handled this matter. I call it score keeping.

      the score according to what I have seen thus far is:

      a. about 200 highly visible people in congress and in the media are willing to subvert due process to protect own of their own, and carry out a misdirection campaign to influence the next election.

      b. the people are getting taken for a ride.

      that about sums it up.

      I don’t think I speak for all americans, but if I had to guess, it isn’t a stretch to assume my sentiments are held across many segments and across many party lines.

      I don’t like trump…the person, I find a loathsome individual..I know his past and what he really represents…
      as a president, however, and because he was duly elected by the people, I respect and am loyal to supporting him. full stop.

      what I am most outraged, is with the never ending nonsense the left socialist dem prog party has been highjacked by ruthless lawless power brokers who are obviously involved in coordinating what can only be described as a coup..and for a reason that is just as corrupt and contemptible: they can’t accept that many people within the government, the deep state, and many of their celebrated politicos are purely corrupt and have decided against everything normal and faithful to the constitution, to protect them.

      I find that textbook treason.

      I will never forgive the current set of dems for these actions.

      I have made it my life’s purpose to keep them to account.

      as well, I will be watching like a hawk, any conservative that steps out of line as well…this entire sham has conspiracy written all over it.

      all because of an imperfect demonstrably unkind and trouble making outsider whom the people decided to give power…It’s ironic and perhaps romantic in a negative way, I present my feelings about this president..but the circumstances in which he has been forced to operate, and the overt corrupt means to usurp his power, which is a direct assault on voters, IS AGAINST everything I believe in. Trump deserves to be treated fairly and correctly..plain and simple..attack him for his style…criticize his tweets…chop into his policy actions…blast him for rhetoric…all fair play..

      but this impeachment process and the counterintel operations that began before he ran for office are out of bounds…It will always be out of bounds for ANY candidate, no matter and especially when he may not be favorable to those that feel otherwise.

      america is a special place…it’s unique…scams to pull off coups are not allowed…period.

      consequences must be harsh and heavy for anyone making the attempt..


      • Andy Krause says:

        Stop the smears and your points would carry more weight.
        “I find a loathsome individual..I know his past and what he really represents…”


        • zekness says:

          I think my characterizations of donald trump, THE PERSON…are just as they are:

          my opinion..based on first hand knowledge of his prior actions.

          you do realize this is a guy who jumped ship to the “conservative” party only after exhausting his long term campaign to fund the hilary and bill clinton project, ?

          perhaps the best thing I can offer in response is that may views are not solely focused in trump in this regard.

          as I stated, I admire and celebrate and defend totally his position as the president of the united states..but I am also not merely wary…he has been proven to be unreliable in the past…perhaps I have high standards…

          but these are my doesn’t stop me from recognizing the power and the representation he provides on my behalf on other very important matters.

          to be clear, and state the obvious, I will never be comfortable with a rich new yorker who has some very nasty background in both his business and personal dealings.

          i’m a southern boy…it’s my nature to have a serious mistrust with “yankees”….it’s a cultural thing. I admit that. But there are also some very real reasons based on first hand evidence. I live in NYC and NJ from 1985-1990. In those five years, I had the experience to know this guy was the overbloated egomaniac narcist power hungry that he was. he celebrated it…he was a very toxic person. He was the typical NY tycoon. One among many. I don’t see much of that has changed over the years..just his “tune” and his new formed allegiance to a party he now makes claim. I will always be suspicious of that.

          I also believe in redemption and forgiveness…but honestly, I find it hard to give this guy too much leeway…

          as president…he has done what should have been done many many years ago…attack the swamp..for that, I consider his ongoing legacy fulfills my own personal agenda that the status quo in DC be challenged at every corner.

          He does that…and for that, I will likely vote him again…

          but ONLY for that useful reason
          for me, it’s literally closing my eyes and grimacing when I pull for the guy.

          guys like trump are black swans…I’ve accepted that. But it doesn’t mean I have to go around faking that he is someone I would have my children model their lives after.

          and that is the point here…there is political morality..and then there is the real world.

          I can’t celebrate his lifestyle in my real world moral tests.

          If you consider that smearing…I respectfully disagree..All of us here can have different ideas …it’s what makes us different and also the same. that we can agree to disagree.




  17. dogsmaw says:

    Liked by 4 people

    • Justin Green says:

      Apparently even though overhearing the phone call was a “touchstone moment” in David Holme’s life, he couldn’t remember the details without looking at his notes, and didn’t remember it in time to be billed as a witness in today’s hearings until the last minute, lol.

      Thanks, Ratcliffe.

      Liked by 5 people

      • margarite1 says:

        I just watched a clip of Holmes testimony and to me it seemed as though he thought he heard that POTUS wanted an investigation. However….Ukraine got the money and so far no investigation so what’s the big deal? Besides, I want an investigation! We probably all do. Our tax dollars were recycled to enrich Joe Biden’s worthless kid. I don’t get what’s so wrong about POTUS wanting an investigation before he sends our tax dollars into a sink hole!!

        I’m with POTUS 1000% whether he asked for an investigation or not.

        Liked by 5 people

        • Justin Green says:

          Agreed. Most decisions done by Presidents are calculated to benefit them politically. If they’re also good for the country, we don’t complain about it.

          Investigating corruption is good for America when the investigation is properly predicated with probable cause and civil rights aren’t violated. When you have Joe Biden on live TV admitting to corruption, you have reason to investigate, and a duty to investigate</em. That duty overrides concerns that it might hurt Biden's re-election chances.

          Liked by 2 people

    • Ray Runge says:

      This a supreme example of a bureaucratic pile of bloviating dog too doo given precedent over the elected leader in the House of Representatives.

      The current state of affairs would have the contemporary status of the USA Constitutional Republic in the neighborhood of Banana Republics are US.


    • Bigbadmike says:

      I didn’t realize that Jeffrey Dahmer was still alive.


    • All Too Much says:

      So, Holmes shared the classified conversation with family and friends while on his vacation. Nothing wrong with that, as long as he did not have the intent* to share confidential information.

      *Comey On Law, 1st ed.

      Liked by 2 people

    • MILupper says:

      Watch the 2 people left and right behind Holmes while he answers. Who are they? His handlers? They are both grimacing as he answers. Not happy campers.


    • Rynn69 says:

      All of these people need to be FIRED IMMEDIATELY. Close the agencies. Put them in a rubber room until agencies can be flushed out. Whatever you have to do to get them out of government. Every Obama holdover needs to be out. THIS IS NOT A GAME. Americans see the depravity and levels of corruption and it needs to be rooted out now. Wasting Congressional time, taxpayer money for a bunch of nonsense.


  18. FPCHmom says:

    Liked by 9 people

    • bosscook says:

      Great analysis. Plus, I’m not sure who’d hire them, let alone vote for any of these idiots.

      Liked by 1 person

    • IGiveUp says:

      I like Julie Kelly but this shouldn’t be the takeaway. The important point isn’t that some people abuse the system. It’s that the system, our system, works this way. We have a government run by a permanent bureaucratic class–primarily a liberal one– with its own agenda which remains in place even as Presidents come and go. Beyond serving themselves, they serve liberal masters by turning a blind eye to to another normal, permanent part of our system–pervasive and expansive and deep financial and political corruption. That’s our system! That’s America in 2020! Read it and weep.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Despicable Me says:

        The system has not always “worked that way.” Abuse of the system used be the exception but I agree that now abuse seems to be systemic.


    • Ray Runge says:

      Tooooo charitable in the assessment.


  19. Justin Green says:

    Glad that at least one of the liberal hacks in today’s hearing has already been fired by Trump.

    One more to go.

    Liked by 1 person

  20. 13wasylyna says:

    Where’s the beef? 0 + 0 still equals 0


  21. individualright says:

    “If the phone don’t project, you must re-elect!”

    “If you don’t hear speech, you can’t impeach.”

    Liked by 1 person

  22. sunnyflower5 says:

    Liked by 2 people

  23. Enoch Root says:

    I’m out. I’m sure I am just naive and it is all very complicated but it’s been years. We all know what happened but no one will declassify the documents and let the sunshine dry up the swamp. So I’ll vote but no more money no more worry no more angst. It’s put up or shut up time for me.


  24. FPCHmom says:

    Paul Sperry often has thought provoking tweets.

    it’s a funny reference to Al “I’m in control now” Haig, but serious question about all of these unelected bureaucrats that do not consider themselves to be subordinates of PDJT.

    Who do they answer to, if not the President?

    Liked by 1 person

  25. individualright says:

    Liked by 1 person

    • individualright says:

      It’s unknown how significant a role the altered document played in the FBI’s investigation of Page and whether the FISA warrant would have been approved without the document. The alterations were significant enough to have shifted the document’s meaning and came up during a part of Horowitz’s FISA review where details were classified, according to the sources.


      • Zy says:

        More importantly, imo, they implied that the report indicates that anything wrong with the FISA doesn’t make the investigation into Trump and associates unwarranted.


    • Lt Col Covfefe999 says:

      Who leaked this info? The FISA report is under review now, right? Which person ran to CNN as soon as they finished reading it?


  26. realeyecandy1 says:

    so some weeone is gonna get blamed for this … in other words …. they are gonna get away with it


  27. not2worryluv says:

    Tonight’s DEM new “I” Word “IF”


  28. islandpalmtrees says:

    Want to see “Quid pro quo”

    If Obama had provided military arms to the Ukraine, then Pelosi and Schiff could not have sold the Ukraine arms.


  29. Ellis says:

    Even democrats on Schiff’s committee are downplaying impeachment now. It looks like partisan censure will be the end result.

    A censure allows Pelosi an out from this fiasco, cover for swing district democrats, and an opportunity for Pelosi to tell the fringe left she tried.

    I would personally love to see Trump demand to be on a piece of currency afterwards.


    • Johnny Boost says:

      I’m thinking that’s the most likely outcome at this point.


    • DebbieSemms says:

      I doubt the communists will go for anything less than an impeachment.


      • thedoc00 says:

        If those socialists want to keep their seats in the House they will go along with her. The 4-Amigas and others are before the House Ethics committee for expulsion level offenses. Nancy could even hand them over the DoJ. They also botched the impeachment hearings so badly, she can rearrange committees. Nancy may have lost some face on this, over and above the Botox, but mama Sith Lord is about to regain control.


    • linda4298 says:


  30. islandpalmtrees says:

    If a government official in a position to predict or create a critical shortage in another country or in his own country, works with partners to fulfill that shortage at a profit. Then, do we have an example of what is going on with Pelosi, Schiff and Ukraine.

    Obama working with Pelosi and Schiff to take advantage of a critical Ukraine arms storage?


  31. litlbit2 says:

    Is anyone wondering how these not very bright persons testifying can stand up take a oath then lie, lie and lie some more only under cross questioning expose the lie they just spoke in front of God and everyone. But no pushback!

    We’re is it written the taxpayers must pay salary and benefits to corrupt lying persons on our payroll governing law abiding folks?

    So tell me again about hearings, courts, judges, honesty, role models vs liars and the law.


  32. Anon says:

    When Schiff put the gavel down today, his voice sounded like it was breaking – as if he realized his gambit was a total failure that backfired and increased Trump’s support.

    It reminded me of this clip from a few months ago:


  33. CNN_sucks says:

    The media is lying and lying some more. Media is worst than Nazi propaganda.


  34. DougEKnow says:

    Can’t believe the Schiff Show findings make their way to the Rotund One’s judiciary committee. Too many gail force winds going against the socialists. Public opinion polls flipped against them. Bad optics, boring and confusing hearing. Horowitz/FISA report coming out. No way do the dems want Schiff and Biden in front of a Senate trial. This will be a good Thanksgiving break. I’ll take some extra gravy… thank you very much.

    Liked by 1 person

  35. WeThePeople2016 says:


  36. zekness says:

    watching schift today reminded me of some old black and white videos of the post ww2 war crime tribunals…

    you see the same stiff, arrogant, emotionless, thousand mile stare, the stoic posture flexed unnaturally, conditioned to withstand the toll, and the occasional uncomfortable out of place grin and tight laugh…not wanting to say the truth..because the truth is so disturbing and you play this game of “make believe”…you put in this face…and you decide,you force yourself..I am not going to matter what…I have to stay calm…no matter what happens, I can’t let them see me for the person I really am. I can’t imagine what kind of sadness inside that kind of person..I could almost feel sorry and have empathy…but my sense of proper justice can’t allow it…he made his bed..and he doubled, tripled down…may god have mercy, but there will be none for him here on this earth…schift has the funk #49:

    to steal some lines from from joe walsh

    “I sleep all day, out all night
    I know where you’re goin’
    I don’t think that’s actin’ right
    You don’t think it’s showin’
    Jumpin’ up, fallin’ down
    Don’t misunderstand me
    You don’t think that I know your plan
    What you tryin’ a hand me?
    Out all night, sleep all day
    I know what you’re doin’
    If you’re gonna act that way
    I think there’s trouble brewin”


  37. linda4298 says: Because, no matter how hard liberals try and convince you otherwise, the Trump presidency doesn’t operate in a vacuum. Republicans believe they’ve been living life under two sets of rules. Considering what previous administrations have gotten away with — and what many of the people now clamoring for impeachment helped them get away with — it’s difficult to blame them. Perhaps if Democrats and operatives within government hadn’t spent three years cooking up a fantastical Manchurian Candidate conspiracy to delegitimize Trump this impeachment inquiry might be playing out differently. As it stands now, the entire effort is drenched in partisanship. Which makes it extremely unlikely that many voters will be pried from their previously held positions. Nothing that’s been said during these hearings changes that fact.


    • zekness says:

      thats a pretty good assessment.

      however, the author doesn’t collect all of the other important aspects…I don’t think he purpose was to evaluate and measure all the aspects of this inqury, but they so important not to ignore. He does hit at the biggest problems in this saga though.

      some of the items he does not mention:

      a. the impeachment process pretends to be based on standard due process..even the wording and procedures are aligned somewhat…but these are special rules, set by a special set of special people…none of these standards of conduct would ever hold in a normal courtroom that you and I would face in a normal lawful court of justice. This case illustrates in full bloom the very problems that happen when rules of law are not recognized. It makes a mockery of justice.

      b. irregular unilateral procedures to conjure up allegations and selective witness canidates with constant leaking during the inquiry…what? !!!! this isn’t just unusual, it is whole cloth unfair and improper. Misconduct at a minimumm, and likely criminal in any other court of law you and I would ever face.

      c. schiff and camp are fact can they impartially be involved in any rule making or participating in any of this inquiry. Again, this is not just a perception goes to standard due process.

      the point here, is this entire matter has been a catastrophic failure..made possible by a single party, where whataboutism does not fit…and never should anyway.

      that needs to be called out…he sort of does this, the author, but it needs to be highlighted and examine and re-examined over and over and over.

      there is also this other “thing”…and it’s important to run it down fully.

      why would the democrats in charge here, on the premise that the “law” requires them to examine whether the president has abused his powers in some way, have not even acknowledged or even discussed the central aspect of this issue.

      and that takes you directly to biden???

      it’s the 800 pound gorilla that they just want to ignore…

      so it’s a dubious claim they are advocating a proper inquriy.

      biden is at the center stage here…he admits it…publicly…with full candor his aim, his intent, and the results…so, you have the act, the intent and the result.

      I find that the democrats that refuse to accept this reality, are illegitimate and corrupt for not pursuing that investigation..

      we know why they are wiilling to do it…

      but that isn’t an excuse to allow it to unfold in the selective partisan power hungry way they want to protect on of their “own”.

      biden committed a crime..there is reason to believe a crime has been committed.

      who will investigate this?

      congress? they haven’t done squat.

      doj.they haven’t done squat.


      the president ..again, is doing what should have already BEEN DONE>

      and if that helps him politically, I say, proceed with full support from me and many like me.

      trump is the person we don’t deserve..but trump is the person we need.


  38. Sunshine says:

    I didn’t listen to it. I figured their ‘star’ witnesses would be today but it wouldn’t change the overall story. These people are all giving their opinions, nothing more.

    God Bless Donald J. Trump who had the wisdom not to dish out Hundreds of Millions of Dollars to a group without knowing where and how the money would be used.



  39. Troublemaker10 says:


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