Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan Discuss Impeachment “Sham”…

Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan discuss the testimony of State Dept. officials George Kent and Bill Taylor yesterday, as well as the upcoming testimony of former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch scheduled for tomorrow.


Not only was Marie Yovanovitch’s prior testimony carefully orchestrated with Chairman Schiff’s staff, but Ms. Yovanovitch brought three lawyers to help construct the needs of the committee and protect Yovanovitch’s legal interests.  [Transcript pdf available here]

During her deposition, when Yovanovitch was questioned about having released her opening statement to the Washington Post on behalf of the Democrats on the committee, her lawyers would not let her talk about it citing attny-client privilege.

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44 Responses to Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan Discuss Impeachment “Sham”…

  1. Bill Dumanch says:

    Her lawyers prevented ANOTHER perjury charge by telling her to DUMMY UP.

    And, if anyone knows how to dummy up…

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  2. Perot Conservative says:

    Did NPR or someone really say they wanted her to cry tomorrow?

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    • tucker7518 says:

      Bet she does.

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      • Phil Bacon says:

        The crying has to be staged otherwise why would the U.S. send a frail, emotional and weepy woman to a country where lies are peddled by the pound to confront a bunch of Ukrainian Corruptocrats?

        If anything we needed a Hillary type who could grab them by their testimonials and squeeze until their eyes watered — unless she decided to fall in with them.

        It was no accident that Masha was recalled shortly after Poroshenko was thrown out of office and Zelenskyy took over.

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  3. Republicanvet91 says:

    I read an article a few days ago describing Yammervitches actions while in Ukraine causing quite a stir before she was fired.

    It made me wonder how much of a paper trail she left in demanding certain people not be prosecuted, and who might now have that paper trail.

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  4. CarolynH says:

    I have a feeling this will not go well for her tomorrow.

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  5. BestBets says:

    I predict she’ll fold like a cheap suit. She’ll start the waterworks/fake crying when talks about losing her job, as if she doesn’t serve at the pleasure of the president. Then she’ll start sobbing when the Republicans ask her some real questions. What a waste of taxpayer money.

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  6. ann says:

    ambassadors aren’t supposed to inject personal or party politics into their role
    , these individuals attitudes and actions are hopelessly skewed.

    The “rules’ that protect their privledged status perpetuate a permanent rogue state that betrays the best interests of our country

    Way way overdue to change the Rules, civil administrative laws, our viability as a nation and ability to govern with integrity weigh far more than legal constructs or protecting one’s peers & colleagues status and job security.


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  7. Sherri Young says:

    There is an unexpected silver lining in this impeachment farce.

    The first time I attended a meeting at which Louie Gohmert spoke, there were two takeaways.

    1) He needed constituents to contact his office to register opinions on legislation before votes, offer ideas, etc. He would not be able to represent his constituents if he didn’t hear from them.

    2) When a new representative gets to congress, he/she is confronted by staffers who think they run the show but will be glad to tell the congressman what to do, how to construct or change pending legislation, and pretty much how to vote. Pretty frustrating.

    I sense that Meadows and Jordan have experienced similar frustration. They are not the only ones who have been complaining lately about unelected government employees assuming they (employees) are the ultimate decision makers rather than the elected officials. It should not be assumed that proper order is for the congressmen to be captives of the staffers. This attempted coup may be what it takes to snap the Swamp culture to a reasonable facsimile of a functioning representative government.

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  8. mr. deacon says:

    I think it would be hilarious if one of the witnesses lawyers just flipped their chili like Al Pacino and started yelling “You’re out of order! You’re out of order! The whole trial is out of order! They’re out of order!” And then spilled the beans on Soros and Obama. The screen would go blank and the channel would cut to commercial while the whole courtroom, including the guards, the media, all the Dems, and a few Republicans; chased the guy around in circles and finally surrounded him, beat him unconscious, and put him in Epstein’s old cell.

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  9. bkrg2 says:

    One of the better Hannity segments.
    Good summary of day 1 and a preview of day 2


  10. Elizabeth Raynor Short says:

    Yovanovich is a longtime Senior Foreign Service (i.e., SES) USG employee involved in Eastern Euopean/Centra Asian affairs since 2004. Hussein appointed her Ambassador to Ukraine in 2016 on his way out the door. Notice every person involved in the ongoing coup now in its 3rd year is SES (although the deepest parts of the adminitrative state may call it something else).SES is closely connected to Serco which is closely tied to the the Evil British Empire and its ridicuous and evil royal family. bush-clinton-hussein-ses-serco=british empire.

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    • SharonKinDC says:

      Yes, and notice how many of both SES and in Vindman’s case, DOD seconded to NSC, happen to have connections to foreign nations? How in the hell do these implants rise so far and so fast? Another fence post turtle, is the vile Samantha Powers. Came from Ireland age 12, gets into Harvard, and a few short years later, is a key player in the Obama admin. I think a bunch of these people are deep plants of the Communist variety, tbh, who are shepherded through life, and placed strategically for maximum (negative) impact. See Obama himself as a prime example, and also Communist Gus Hall voting, John Brennan.

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    • thedoc00 says:

      Yep on the “professional” Executive Branch employee front. Obama broke his firing freeze promise to President Elect Trump, to put these people in place with clearances.

      As stated before, nearly 2/3 to 3/4 of the 2.5 million non-military “professional” in the executive branch were hired by Obama and Bill Clinton. That is a potential pool of nearly 1 million moles waiting to be activated who are protected by Federal Regulations from being summarily fired and/or reassigned without cause.


  11. RJ says:

    All one really needs to do is read up on what the late psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud wrote about the “hysterical character” to understand where the democrats presently are being led by Nancy Pelosi. It is that simple if one seeks clarity.

    Then again, the democrats are working hard to create a “smoke screen” within which they hope to keep their “true believers” and pick up as many others who get confused and scared at what they hear from these hysterical democrats.

    It is a game where “emotions” are manipulated in favor of what the democrats seek–which is nothing more than control. Control this, control that because they are out of control emotionally.

    Fifty years ago in pop psychology there was a segment (Eric Bryne) coining the term “transactional analysis” where one employs gaming theory to understand behavior. The democrats are playing the game coined “Ain’t it awful” as their major ploy. They want to win and want Trump and the republicans to lose. What you see and hear is how they are playing this game.

    When Nancy and her minions talk about Trump and the republicans just start what they say with the line “ain’t it awful what the president (republicans)…did, is doing or wants to do” and you will realize their lead punches are seeking to control via one’s emotions. They produce facts only to effect emotions. Listen closely. It’s what the media does all day long to keep their audiences for ratings.

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  12. I’m a supporter of VSGPDJT’s policies and actions, but this Ukraine Impeachment Coup is Exhibit 1 that Trump makes some terrible hiring decisions. Why didn’t he just hire some fat donor, in US Presidential tradition. Or, why would he allow the FISA-Master lead counsel for the DOJ-NSD transfer to the ICIG, clearly a key position in his war to drain John Brennan’s swamp?


    • SteveT says:

      Could it be that by allowing them to take positions which are demonstrably false/corrupt, they are exposed for the plotters (etc.) they are. If they had been allowed to slink off to a dark corner and regroup, they would return at a later date and retake their positions.

      Their exposure helps to ensure that they will not be able to “just carry on” once the wind has changed. With luck many will have committed serious offences and have to serve time as well.


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  13. Tiffthis says:

    Marie yavonovich needs Botox on her chin- ask for Nancy’s Dr 💯🤣


  14. BitterC says:

    I wonder who gets to ask her about her little data gathering op on our favorite conservative pundits, as well as Don Jr.

    Also expect extended questioning on her do not prosecute list which, despite denials has been confirmed by the guy that delivered it (Kent) to the Ukrainians.

    She’ll be crying alright

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  15. railer says:

    Wow! The whole farce ends with a Friday clownshow. Trump’s a reality tv master, but not even he could have dreamed this up. He just set the table, and they sat down at it, the fools.

    The moment Trump published that transcript of the telecon w Zelensky, he was setting the table for what he knew would come. He knew the reaction from Deep State would be explosive when he mentioned the words “Biden” and “Crowdstrike” in that telecon. He knew they had nothin’, and that they’d flounder into some form of stupidity that would ultimately help him.

    Those 2 videos of Biden coercing the Ukraine government completely inoculate Trump from the charges the Swamp is making against him. Biden’s cokehead son further implicates the Swamp in that corruption.

    Trump always owns the downside, which in this case would be “impeachment”. He knew Deep State would push for that, and that the Swamp would go along. He owned it and plowed forward anyway by saying those 2 words above. He is a fearless warrior. We are blessed to have him. His enemies are determined, but I think he will prevail against his enemies here.

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  16. Mr. Mojo Risin says:

    I think Trump made a decision to tease the Dims on the Ukraine call – and have Rudy “flush” the game – which would keep them fixated until Barr and Durham had time to get their work done. Meanwhile appointing federal judges as fast as possible for the senate to confirm. It was a gambit that will pay off if it hasn’t already. Today should be interesting and I bet the former ambassador folds like a cheap suit. Watch if Rep. Stefanik doesn’t shred her. Tears don’t work against other women.

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  17. Two things are coming out in these hearings: (1) President Trump didn’t do that in Ukraine. And, (2) you did! Repeatedly. Blatantly.

    The Washington Post is a newspaper written by sycophants, for sycophants. NYT is not far behind them. Both of them support the “repetition reinforcement” strategy by constantly saying that the same things are true, to those who are already predisposed to believe them. They assert that they represent the American people, but they really never did.

    The abuses of process have become laughable. “Attorney-Client Privilege” is intended to safeguard secrets between an attorney and the accused; not a press release.

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  18. susanphd says:

    I saw a photograph of Ambassador Yanovich entertaining/honoring executives of Burisma, She had a party at the U.S. embassy in Kiev and all of them posed for a photo. Hope the republicans put that image on a big poster and ask her what the HECK that was all about!

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    • Very simply, until 2016, Ukraine was where you went if you were an American politician who wanted to become a millionaire in a hell of a hurry. For example, while Obama was supplying Ukraine with blankets and MRE’s, Pelosi and Schiff(!) were running black-market weapons to them!

      Until 2016, the POTUS was the guy about whom you said, “call him.” You (the VPOTUS!) felt that you could afford to boast about having the prosecutor who was investigating your son fired, and that no retribution could possibly come from that. Because, until 2016, it never could: the POTUS was The Godfather of it all.

      The Swamp™ is still accustomed to that. They want it back.


  19. susanphd says:

    Yanovich left the embassy in May. The phonecall was in July. She never spoke to Trump, Mulvaney or Giuliani. Can’t understand what kind of material evidence she has to offer in this case. Sounds like she is totally irrelevant to the impeachment issue – which is the phonecall. Everyone knows she is going to break out in tears to add drama and play the “victim”. Republicans are totally prepared for this. Can’t want to see their counterpunch. Stefanik did a great job yesterday. Absolutely Bravo to Rep Stefanik.

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  20. Mr. T. says:

    Should the Republicans take control of the House after the elections in 2020 like I hope they do, and should Adam Schiff be reelected, surely he has to know that he’ll lose his committee seat and most likely be appointed to the committee that oversees office supplies for the House. Whether there is an impeachment trial that in the Senate clears President Trump of any wrongdoing, or better still, this farce never makes it to the Senate for trial, Schiff’s reputation will be totally destroyed by his own hand, especially if the democrats lose control of the House next year. If that happens, he will be made the whipping boy for going too far with his shenanigan’s, even though ALL of the democrats in the House who participated in this farce are responsible for their own stupidity. It’s their own fault for allowing Pied Piper Schiff to lead them over a cliff.


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