Jim Jordan Joins House Intelligence Committee – Interim Replacement for Rep. Rick Crawford…

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has announced the move of Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) to the HPSCI for impeachment proceedings.  Jordan will replace Rick Crawford for open committee hearings during the House Intelligence push toward impeachment.

Jim Jordan is an articulate and eloquent politician who is very quick thinking on his feet during hearings.  The democrats constructing the fraudulent impeachment proceedings do not like Jordan; and this move comes as political network operatives used Fusion-GPS to dispatch a media hit against Jordan in an attempt to block his security clearance.

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251 Responses to Jim Jordan Joins House Intelligence Committee – Interim Replacement for Rep. Rick Crawford…

  1. Merkin Muffley says:

    Hannity posited today that Pelosi allowed Jordan on the committee so Democrats could rehash that wrestling coach meme.


  2. Justin Green says:

    The corrupt RINOS, as well as all the Democrats, sure don’t want to be exposed. Getting kickbacks from the Ukraine and China and elsewhere, riding on Epstein’s plane, paying off sexual harassment victims with taxpayer money, enriching themselves with no-bid contracts, and whatever else dirty evil schemes they’ve devised to fleece the American taxpayer.

    And if you want it to stop, if you want them held accountable, you’re a “racist” or “Nazi” or “dumb bitter clinger”.

    They’ve ripped this country apart and spat on the rule of law all the way up to and including the Constitution.

    I’ve written all of my representatives and both Senators. No response. They’re all Republican.

    We don’t have leaders in Washington, for the vast part of it. We have degenerate weasels.

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    • Bayougirl says:

      Long time lurker here. I love reading the Treehouse every night to try and stay updated with all of y’all’s wonderful comments.
      Just one thing I feel strongly about in this comment. “We don’t have leaders in Washington.” President Trump is our leader and Congress is elected to be our Representatives. All it them leaders has gone to their heads I think. 😉


  3. snarkybeach says:

    now replace Will Hurd with Meadows or Collins…

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  4. delighteddeplorable says:

    As an aside…..I chuckle every time I see your name. My brain automatically fills in the rest of John McClane’s famous statement. 😎


  5. LouisianaTeaRose says:

    Here’s a theory….whether she wants to admit it or not, the Nancester is probably glad Jordan is coming on board….at this point, I suspect she may want this thing to go bye-bye, they dinged Trump but he has basically recovered. I think she knows Biden is going down, Bloomberg prob throwing in, damning reports are coming out soon, indictments are almost certain, and Ukraine is quickly becoming an anchor in the deep dragging Dems down. She’s coming up way short, out of sight this week, maybe back home getting some prep work on her T-day recipes, hmmmmmm????

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  6. Iron Lady says:

    Say what you might about Kevin McCarthy, Paul Ryan would never have done this.

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  7. WSB says:

    The President has signaled that his branch will not play along with Schiff’s unconstitutional sabotage. Why won’t one, just one from the GOPee stand up like he or she should, and WALK OUT OF THIS?

    Why perpetuate this, unless Turtle and McCarthy are pressuring?

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  8. Cocoon says:

    The US AG is currently investigating the IC for spying on Trump and his campaign.
    The Dems response has been to throw out all earlier precedent and give control of Impeachment Inquiry to Trump hater and Head of Intel Committee, Adam Schiff.
    This is about controlling the IC and those who wish to assist DOJ in this matter.
    It’s a clear signal.

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