Nine American Women and Children Massacred by Mexican Drug Cartel, President Trump Offers U.S. Military Assistance to Mexican Government….

Last month the Mexican government backed-down from a drug cartel in Culiacan, releasing the two sons of drug lord El Chappo after the cartel overwhelmed the Mexican military during an attempted arrest.  The cartel defeated the Mexican military.

Today, three American mothers and six children (4 boys, 2 girls) were brutally murdered in northern Mexico by drug cartels prompting President Trump to offer military assistance to Mexican President Lopez-Obrador in the ongoing struggle against cartel violence.


MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Gunmen killed nine women and children in the bloodiest attack on Americans in Mexico for years, prompting U.S. President Donald Trump to offer to help the neighboring country wipe out drug cartels believed to be behind the ambush.

All nine people killed in Monday’s daytime attack at the border of Chihuahua and Sonora belonged to the Mexican-American LeBaron family, members of a breakaway Mormon community that settled in northern Mexico’s hills and plains decades ago.

A video posted on social media showed the charred and smoking remains of a vehicle riddled with bullet holes that was apparently carrying the victims on a dirt road when the attack occurred.

[…] A relative, Julian LeBaron, called the incident a massacre and said some family members were burned alive.

In a text message to Reuters he wrote that four boys, two girls and three women were killed. Several children who fled the attack were lost for hours in the countryside before being found, he said. He said it was unclear who carried out the attack.

[…] Trump tweeted that he would await a call from Lopez Obrador, urging him to accept U.S. assistance.

Lopez Obrador said he would call Trump on Tuesday about ways to cooperate on security but rejected what he called any foreign government intervention.

“I’ll speak with President Trump to thank him for his support, and to see if in cooperation agreements there’s the possibility of getting help,” he told a news conference. “I don’t think we need the intervention of a foreign government to deal with these cases,” he added.

[…] “War is irrational. We believe in peace,” said Lopez Obrador, a leftist who took office last December. (read more)

It’s starting to look like President Lopez-Obrador is a cartel manager.

Build the wall.

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309 Responses to Nine American Women and Children Massacred by Mexican Drug Cartel, President Trump Offers U.S. Military Assistance to Mexican Government….

  1. 🍺Gunny66 says:

    First of all….
    Our Military “does not need any further training”, They have been at war for decades.

    The strikes against the Cartel….if they occur…must be surgical. The Dem’s would go nuts if women and children are killed.

    Just build the wall…..finish the wall….and shoot any one who attempts to cross our border.

    Finally, if people want to live in a drug infested country ran by gun by cartels……or Pakistan…or Lebanon…well you get the picture….it is not our responsibility to send the military in if people are not responsible enough to protect themselves.

    Did this family have their own guns?…To protect their kids?……No?……Reality is a bitch…

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    • YvonneMarie says:

      No surprise there.
      I hope the kids who survived get out of the cult.


    • mot2grls says:

      Untrue. This is a Mormon family. One group was on their way to a wedding. The other was picking up her husband at the airport coming in from AZ. One young boy walked 14 miles to get help after hiding his siblings. The family members men returned with guns. This happened 70 miles from our NM border. I’m listening to an account on the radio.

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      • jello333 says:

        Thanks for that. I have no idea why anyone CARES if these people had some connection to a “sex cult”. I doubt it’s true, but even if so… who cares? The slime that killed them are something akin to ISIS, and that’s all I care about. Exterminate them.

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      • Stickboy says:

        “Untrue. This is a Mormon family. One group was on their way to a wedding. The other was picking up her husband at the airport coming in from AZ. One young boy walked 14 miles to get help after hiding his siblings. The family members men returned with guns. This happened 70 miles from our NM border. I’m listening to an account on the radio.”


        Unfortunately, nothing, absolutely nothing you hear on radio or television from the media can be believed.

        This story isn’t complete yet, there will be much more coming out…….and it may not be all that nice, or flattering, to the Mormons.

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        • foodog says:

          Which may explain Mitts caution. His family tree goes back to Mexico, but a different area.
          Just getting weirder as we go down the rabbit hole. Like some parts of rural UT and NV especially…


      • Cetera says:

        What makes it untrue? I mean, sure, we’ve got one MSM source (Daily Post) saying it is true with sources to back it up, and one MSM source (whatever radio show you’re listening to).

        Odds are, I suspect it is probably more true than not, especially since the reasons the Mormon sub-cult “escaped” from the U.S. in the first place was due to sexual and marriage practices not allowed here or by the modern LDS church.


      • pocketnuke61 says:

        No, these are not “Mormons”, any more than Lutherans and Methodists are “Catholics”. That is fake news. This group, comprised of 2 families/clans, was excommunicated from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (“Mormons”).
        I think continuing to call them “Mormons” is just a gratuitous slap that has little bearing on the situation.

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        • RePete says:

          Calling them “Mormons” effectively engages a large portion of our domestic population that would otherwise not concern themselves with such 3rd world atrocity. The Mormon community is now engaged. There will be blood.


          • Justin Green says:

            And there should be – but not because a particular religious group is outraged.

            IF they are connected with the sale or transfer of Mexican children into the sex industry here in the states, then I have zero sympathy for the parents whatsoever.

            We need facts, and as has been pointed out, thanks to liberals, we have precious few arbiters of actual facts.

            Regardless, the children are to be pitied. They did not have the choice their parents had.

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      • McGuffin says:

        Perhaps you’re both correct. It’s a Mormon family returning from a wedding AND they have ties to Nxium sex cult.
        And I CARE because it might explain WHY they were gunned down. The why is important to me….it should be to everyone.


      • JJay says:

        Awful situation. A little more info: This is an offshoot group run by the LaBaron family, not what most people consider “Mormon.” (The LeBarons left the larger LDS church to continue polygamy as did the FLDS.) This looks to be a retaliatory hit that took place in 3 separate locations.

        It’s speculated that this group and the FLDS group in Colorado City had ties to Nxivm and even Epstein. This is a much bigger, sordid story. They weren’t trafficking Mexican children. The rumours are that they were trafficking their own as well as fake converts from Eastern Europe that were brought to the US under religious auspices. When girls disappeared, they were said to be “repenting” at one of the many compounds around the US / Canada.

        Just the local rumour mill …


  2. Yes these were American /Mexicans living in what Mormons call “Colonies” in Northern Mexico , a migration that dates back to the early days of Utah . Romney ‘s father was born in one of these (in Mexico) > looking at a recent youtube , there are some 400 or so Mormons still living in these colonies in what look like main street American towns transplanted to Northern Mexico. BTW Mormons refer to themselves as “Saints” (from Latter Day Saints ) as “there are 400 Saints living in these Colonies”. A bit presumptive IMHO , but that explains why the Mormons I have dealt with are cheerfully condescending to us non-believers who are not “Saints” in any meaning of the word.

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    • pocketnuke61 says:

      I think a clarification needs to be made. You will note that almost every article on this points out that this was a “offshoot” group (or similar term) from the Mormons. The family involved acknowledged that, while they are not affiliated with other “fundamentalist” groups, they have all been excommunicated from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. There is an error here in continuing to call them Mormons. That would be like referring to Lutherans as Catholics.
      Regardless of their religious leanings, the killing of women and children is tragic all the same.

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      • OW21 says:

        Thank you, pocketnuke – there are many misconceptions out there about the LDS Church and offshoot groups who practice polygamy, etc., and have been excommunicated. “Mormons” is a blanket term being used incorrectly here. If this was a polygamous family, which I assume they were, but do not know, they have no affiliation with the current LDS Church whatsoever. I am quite shocked at the amount of finger pointing and vicious gossip going on regarding this poor family when no one here knows exactly what happened. Very disappointing.

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  3. Madmax110 says:

    I think before going into Mexico to fight the cartels, let’s get rid of the thousands that are inside our country first. And of course keep building the wall.

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  4. chojun says:

    Time to start running some Tom Clancy-esque “Clear and Present Danger” stuff in Northern Mexico.

    Insert some Army Rangers/SEALs and turn em loose on the Cartels. Give em something to keep em up at night.

    I don’t support meddling in foreign nations but in this case they are meddling in ours and are killing/poisoning our population and they don’t seem to want to do anything about it. I’m done with all of them.

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    • Ringo Phonebone says:

      Cellulose bombs for the win!

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    • Justin Green says:

      I’m guessing that a platoon of SEALS or Rangers or Green Berets, resupplied periodically, could get the Mexican countryside cleaned up in about 6 months.

      The towns, on the other hand, are a completely different story.


      • sturmudgeon says:

        Why put OUR Special Force people in the Cartels’ home turf? Those craps/creeps have no value placed on Life, so why put our people in danger? Build Our Wall, then let our people defend OUR border effectively… let Mexico sort out THEIR corrupt problem… we have our own to sort out.


        • auscitizenmom says:

          And, people who choose to live withing THEIR borders can take their chances. Quit calling them U.S. Citizens. Maybe expatriots. They choose to live outside the country.


    • 2Alpha says:

      Let’s not neglect the cartel held Mexican oil platforms in The Gulf. We need to add Seal Team strikes on the platforms to your plan


    • mugzey302 says:

      Then the cartels in OUR COUNTRY will start a war on our soil. No, get them out of here FIRST.

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  5. Don McAro says:

    maybe Beto should go to the exact spot to offer the family support…unarmed of course

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  6. Chilidog says:

    The good news is that Trump is not going to invade Mexico with US soldiers to destroy the cartels. The bad news is that if the violence continues to escalate a future president will. We can be certain that the neocons will advocate for a military solution to this problem. This is why it is urgent that the wall be built. It is the most effective way to prevent a future military confrontation with narco terrorists in Mexico.

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    • No, that is not certain. If we do not drive out the anti-American deep state we will not have any more American presidents.

      If we are able to get rid of deep state and the 100 year old embedded bureaucracy we are likely to nullify the careers of many politicians who would never have achieved that state had they not been groomed by the embedded.


    • Stickboy says:

      “The good news is that Trump is not going to invade Mexico with US soldiers to destroy the cartels.”


      Sending troops to Mexico would be a fool’s errand, it would be Vietnam all over again, just cheaper for transporting equipment in and bringing the body bags out.

      This incident is a local issue, it involved citizens who have been around this kind of violence for decades. They knew the score, and really, what in hell were they doing traveling without an armed escort?

      The fact that citizens aren’t allowed to own guns is irrelevant, if I was living in a war zone, I would sure as hell have what I needed for protecting my loved ones…..laws be damned. Especially when those laws come from corrupt politicians.

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    • thedoc00 says:

      Food for thought: The paragon of progressivism, Woodrow Wilson, sent a rather large US Army expedition into Mexico in 1916 in pursuit of Pancho Via after one of his gangs attacked a US Town.


  7. lemmus1 says:

    Build the wall.

    Do not put any American boots on Mexican soil.

    The wall will force 90% of the drug traffic off-shore and into the air where we can intercept it without spilling a drop of our blood. It will force the cost of trafficking sky-high and cut the cartels’ profits drastically. Without the cashflow to bribe governments, including ours, the cartels will no longer be able to play warlords.

    As ‘trapper’ said, we can exterminate the cartel leaders from afar and do it legally via a mutual assistance agreement with Mexico giving us access to their airspace. With the cartels’ profits and leadership decimated, Mexico can deal with the rest without having to swallow their national pride.


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    • OW21 says:

      Boycott Mexico, period.

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      • lemmus1 says:

        A boycott won’t stop the drug and human trafficking across unprotected sections of the border that feed the cartel vaults. Only the wall will do that.

        Mexico is our 3rd largest trade partner. A boycott of all Mexican goods would not significantly address the cartels’ income sources. It would however, drastically decrease the Mexican govt’s income and thus it’s ability to fund its anti-cartel campaigns, such as they are. It would also severely impact much of our own economy short term and likely a political backlash. I doubt that would achieve the desired results. Could be wrong but don’t think so.

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        • foodog says:

          Starting to look like we’ll be involved in Mexico like we were in Columbia and El Salvador, if not already…

          Better get that Wall built, for National Security.
          We have enough Hezbollah sleeper cells as is, dont need more.


        • OW21 says:

          What about the tourist industry? I would never travel there again. I would think slowing that down would have an impact, but I could be wrong. You make good points. I was mainly referring to people who go to Mexico for vacation.


  8. jeans2nd says:

    May Our Lord have mercy on the souls of the departed, and bless, comfort, and keep safe the little ones who escaped.

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  9. Mike in a Truck says:

    Opy rejected PDJT offer of military assistance. Of course he did, he’s not gonna let the gravy train derail. The Uniparty is also on that train.

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  10. Julia Adams says:

    If President Trump was able to end the ISIS Caliphate and kill Baghdadi. President Trump will find and locate who did this and eliminate the Cartel threat.

    Watch the movie: Sicario

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  11. President Lopez-Obrador

    Dear Sir,
    I write this today to ask you to not be so fast to brush away the assistance offered for use of force when dealing with the drug cartels. I understand and respect the statement that your great country doesn’t need another nation’s military in helping rid your country of the cartels. Who are we to offer to assist to rid the cartels when we have our own problems in the USofA?

    Well Mr. President, there’s a different man in the White House now. He has declared war on drug trafficking in the US and he has declared war against opioid addiction. Oh, and he not only wiped out daesh and just killed the leader, he already has the new “leader” in the crosshairs.

    Hope for Change was the last President, the current one is making Changes for Hope.

    Micah Kengle

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  12. I submitted a comment on this last October 19; it is worth reposting here:

    The cartels are like a raging cancer in Mexico; an indiscriminate “border stand” won’t help, although as others here have pointed out, this shows poignantly and immediately that our President is right about securing our border (I wouldn’t stop with a wall — I suggested years ago that we need a dense string of military bases on the border, and this latest Mexican tragedy underscores that. I’m not a military expert, I just know that lawless societal cancer in Mexico will have to be killed off, by direct and overwhelming force, not to mention fundamental societal backing).

    They don’t need no stinking badges — they are saying, by their actions, that theirs is the superior culture in Mexico (and, like Islam, in every “yet unconquered territory”, including the USA). We have Mexican gangster gangs here to prove it. Our own law enforcement is too widely, even culturally, corrupt.

    What we have here is multiculturalism — with a dominant lawless culture — run amuck in Mexico, and threatening the USA and every other country whose citizens think they need “recreational” drugs to endure their lives, or get a false high against reality.

    If we want it cured quickly rather than tragically, over generations, someone will have to go in and kill them all. A new American-continent military alliance against a domestic Axis of Evil. It is a cultural war, with a lawless culture, and it won’t just go away.

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  13. Bert Darrell says:

    My two cents: Latin America’s drug cartels are nothing but well funded terrorist entities. Crime is their business and money is their reward. Who funds them? Anyone, anywhere, that consumes the poison they sell.

    The Mexican government does not know how to tackle this problem and cannot afford to have hundreds (or more) innocent citizens massacred by murderers in a way and at times that cannot be predicted. Giving up is their current way to placate the beasts.

    This is a war that can be fought successfully only by bringing deadly power to the front lines (as was the case with the clean up of ISIS in IRAQ and Syria). Simple rules: no mercy, no second chance, just bullets. They say in Mexico (and other countries) that once dead, dogs cannot spread rabies.

    Mexico’s military need to bring no-warrant-execution orders to the front lines. Summarily killing 10 or 20 cartel guerilla members for every crime or murder they commit. No court intervention. All property used to hide cartel members and escape tunnels to be demolished. Mexican gangs will not submit to anything less than gun fire and demolition.

    This is not a official box match, it’s war without Geneva conventions. Anything less will be a waste of time and cost additional innocent lives.

    Chapo Guzman is a murderer of the same caliber as Abu Bakr al-baghdadi, He still gives orders and issues commands … and he is in an American prison.

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  14. Cisco says:

    Of course Mexico refuses REAL help.
    Gonna put the arm on Trump for “humanitarian” aid.
    Read $$$$


  15. Dee Paul Deje says:

    Manufactured crisis. How’s that talking point going for ya Dems and DSMSM?


  16. hawkins6 says:

    The President’s offer of military assistance was well intended but fortunately the alleged “cartel manager” or peacenik Mexican President refused the offer. American soldiers should never die in a corrupt and brutal Cartelocracy. Whether Mexico’s Prez is an alleged drug manager, an idealistic peacenik or something else, it will not make any difference to those in the immediate future that will be the cartel’s next murder or torture victims. Even if you kill a cartel leader and decimate the cartel’s entire army, another and maybe even stronger and more brutal one will pop up in its place faster than an Iguana can regenerate a new tail or a salamander a limb.

    As long as millions of addicted or “recreational use” American drug users continue to purchase widely available imported drugs, the lucrative multi $Billion drug trade will regenerate.

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  17. Alan Reasin says:

    If I had the power, I would send in some Delta Force personnel, which is a secret organization which would protect family members from retribution, to eliminate the leadership of the cartels. There might be retribution in the US, but when Reagan got tough after the killing of the DEA agent, it didn’t happen. But this problem would not be what it is today if US citizens didn’t demand the drugs.


  18. Garavaglia says:

    I think this is a brilliant strategy by the president.


  19. JimWVa says:

    No one is above the law. Bring our special operators home. The Kurds can take care of themselves. The Mexican cartels deserve 24 hour-a-day armed drone strikes and 3:00 am visits from US special forces. No one is above the law.

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  20. MLK says:

    This was NOT “mistaken identity.” It was a message for AMLO and POTUS Trump.

    “It’s starting to look like President Lopez-Obrador is a cartel manager.”

    I’m more sympathetic to AMLO than you are. So is the POTUS.

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  21. From owtolunch video, you must watch it..
    It appears at first glance..
    That YES,, the Family(s) were in fact targeted…
    Along with additional reports, of the “Families” stance(s) on Drug cartels & trafficking.

    I’m NOT one too Judge on what these Mormons were practicing in Mexico..
    Though; what happened, the “Slaughter” was a message by the Cartels ..
    Do We need to have a Military intervention?..
    Just seal the dern Border..

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    • cplogics says:

      How do we respond when Americans are targeted in other countries? There needs to be a response and it needs to scare the total sh*t out of the Mexican government.

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      • auscitizenmom says:

        If an American is visiting, yes. But, an American who chooses to live in a war zone should be on their own. They are asking for trouble.


        • cplogics says:

          How many non American tourist visiting the U.S. have been victims of crimes for finding themselves in seedy neighborhoods by mistake. I agree with you in that it is hard to fathom why any American would want to live in Mexico.

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  22. apfelcobbler says:

    The fact that Fox has no reporters on the ground is very telling.


    • foodog says:

      Fox is cable tv. They lost one of their few reporters in Herridge.

      Breitbart Texas has been doing good work funneling out info from real reporters in Mexico who are regularly assassinated by narcos when id’d.

      Those mexican patriots are the free press, buen hombres, not our chattering class on #deadbird.


  23. Carrie says:

    What if these killings weren’t random? I mean, yes there is constantly senseless killings in Mexico- but women and children? What if we don’t see all of the facts or connections yet?

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  24. Sherri Young says:


  25. I have been thinking about whether it should make any difference that these victims had dual-citizenship. If they had been just American citizens, perhaps touring Mexico or even traveling through.

    I believe in that case our government would seek to determine who the perpetrators were, then issue indictments and request they be arrested and extradited to the US for trial. I expect something like that to happen, though it remains to be seen if the Mexican police are either able or willing to arrest these criminals.

    Our Uni-Party has truly been selling us down the river for many decades with their quietly acquiescent population replacement program, known to all for years: La Raza not only never hid their intention to merely shove us aside and outproduce us, they actually put it in writing.

    The last 40 years’ worth of politicians were not deserving of the great nation bequeathed to us; they saw it as a vehicle to increase their power, stature and bank accounts.

    Ann Coulter’s book Adios America was published in 2005. “The more from There that are Here, the more Here looks like There.”

    I don’t want to live in Mexico. This is yet another display why.


  26. DeWalt says:

    You fight them the same way we fought the Colombian Cartels. Use their military and our technology.

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  27. I am disgusted by some of the comments I have read here. For God’s sake, these were women and children. Babies. Massacred. I don’t care if they were Muslim, Southern Baptist, Branch Davidians or followers of Jim Jones.

    Maybe when you die, someone will immediately report all the bad things your family has ever done or been remotely associated with.

    I’m out of here for a while.

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    • OW21 says:

      EastCoast – I am in total agreement. So extremely disappointed by many of the comments here tonight. Shame.

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    • ichicinnabar says:

      People, …… This will not end here.

      Just consider this. Here is our noble President. Who just pulled us out of Syria, who is getting us out of endless wars, who is the neo-cons worst nightmare, just offering to send our full military into Mexico. Now let that sink in.

      This is not some minor incident. These are Americans. These are our bothers and sisters. These are blood of our blood. Like marines, you do not leave a fellow American to die alone in a foreign land.

      When Americans are killed, massacred, not only Americans, but woman, who pleaded for mercy, children and babies were gunned down, you drop your petty hatreds and gripes and stuff it. We are Americans. You do not come against us. We defend our own.

      I am ashamed to hear the vile poisin on our dear tree house tonight, Mormon hatred, dual citizen hatred, they shouldn’t have been in Mexico anyhow, I rebuke you all. This is not the time.

      Make no mistake. This was not a random incident. This was a message. This was a slap in the face to our country and our president.

      As Sherri points out above, Some of this war will be out of sight. Our president knows how his people feel about this. This will not end here.

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      • Joemama says:

        I disagree with your assessment. If they are dual citizens, they do not need to live in Mexico.

        This is not our problem. They made their choice. They reaped the consequences of their choice.

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        • ichicinnabar says:

          Heartless. We are Americans no matter where we are in the world. We bond together in times of trouble. We help each other out.

          Many of our best posters on this forum live outside of the continental USA as Americans.


    • foodog says:

      In NY? Up a few points from NYT which is damned by faint praise.


  28. Graham Pink says:

    How many times do we need to repeat the fact that the Mexican guberment is the largest drug cartel in Central America.
    $100 billion a year cross border trade buys a lot of influence.
    Build the wall and shoot on site anyone that gets through said wall.


  29. Everett Miller says:

    This sad story has an even sadder ‘back story’. These families are part of splinter Mormon sects who moved to Mexico in the late 1800’s when he church banned polygamy. Since then, the sect(s) in Mexico have further splintered and fought among themselves. This group included leader(s) who were making themselves Targets; by warring against the cartels, pushing back, calling them names, making public lists of cartel “enemies”, etc; rather than picking up stakes and moving back to safety in the USA. These “leaders” put their wives, sisters, nieces and nephews in harms way ON PURPOSE in effort to stay in Mexico to practice their cultish/religious dogmas; to have multiple wives becoming more important than living wives. Sad–yes. Stupid–yes. Our Problem–no.


  30. Rynn69 says:

    You have open borders, you’re going to get this back and forth. Keep voting Democrat, you stupid Americans.


  31. Mexico is a failed state due to our drug policies for the past 40 years. My thoughts for the past 4 years are to pull our troops out of the Middle East and send them to Mexico to both shut down our border and clean up the drug mess that is killing 50,000 US citizens per year. Probably not a good idea to start another war.

    Upon reflection, the best path forward would be to allow each state to set their own drug policies and remove the federal government entirely from any drug policies. The 10th amendment should run this battle, and it would break the Mexican cartels completely.

    If CA wants to allow all drugs to be legal, that is their choice and the citizens of CA choice. Sure, it might be bad for CA, but it would be good for the USA, and good for Mexico. Letting the People decide what is in their own best interest is usually good policy. It is called Freedom, which our Federal government dispises.


    • Nathan Hale says:

      See my comment below about Mexico. Same thing applies, even more so, in letting states, or one state like California go their own way.

      Drugs will pour into the rest of the country from California, and the rest of the states who would embrace this direction.


  32. foodog says:

    As in any shooting, surely news readers have learned the 24 hour rule app?ies. In the meantime Teh Press out does one another on Stoopid-To-Be-First, or worse.
    If it bleeds it ledes…is not a new thing.


  33. foodog says:

    Its helpful sometimes to consider sourcing of news, in this case Al-Reuters, and bylined by

    Out of Mexico City, but with many collaborators.

    Used to be in standard reporting you started with first sentence firts para stating the case. Last para wraps it up, proving the main point.

    In this article it ends on focus on Mormon connection, so take it up with Thompson Reuters:


  34. Nathan Hale says:

    “Build a Wall” is a must, but not the solution to the massive drug and criminal flow from Mexico into the USA, as a few posters have suggested. The implication being as long as the wall holds what happens in Mexico is not a concern of ours.

    I believe the President has it right. Sooner or later, the drug cartels will have to be eliminated in Mexico or we will end up with an exponentially, massively larger national drug manufacturer as a southern neighbor.

    The Mexican government long ago lost this war. It’s now up to the USA.


  35. TwoLaine says:

    I am sorry, but I think it’s really sad that so much time and media is being focused on an American (dual citizenship?) family who lives in and was murdered in Mexico, by Mexicans, when American families in the USA are murdered daily by illegal Mexicans and other countries that Mexico shipped into our country. Not to mention the astronomical numbers of drug deaths.

    I personally know two people in the past year who died from drug overdoses. One in the last month, one in December last year.

    I sincerely grieve for this family, but I grieve even more for the Angel families and those violated and devastated by gangs, like my own.


    • jello333 says:

      Yeah, I agree. If my earlier comments made anyone think I felt otherwise… nope. While I DO think what happened to these people was horrible and deserves retribution, my reasoning for wanting to go after the scumbags is NOT based on this one incident. I guess it just gives us a trigger point or something, giving us an “excuse” to finally do something. I agree with you that this is a lot bigger than what the cartels do in Mexico… it’s HERE that I’m more concerned with. But yes I really DO want to see us finally do something. NO, not our stupid “war on drugs” that punishes the little guys, the addicts and such. What I want to see happen is us go after, SERIOUSLY go after, the people who matter. And I’m not talking about harsher sentences. I’m talking about TARGETING the scumbags, the cartel types, the kidnappers, murderers, etc. And do that in Mexico AND right here in the US. Make them understand no place is safe… and that they won’t wind up in prison, they’ll wind up DEAD.


  36. Some acquaintances of mine awhile back wanted to go live in mexico as expatriots. You couldn’t pay me to live in a country that has only one gun store in the entire country for citizen purchases while the drug cartel has all the paramilitary weapons money can buy.They used to tell me not to worry since the drugs only happened in certain areas. I wonder today if they saw the recent news. Breitbart’s Boyle was coming down hard on Trump for not making it possible to put more FBI on the border to do whatever it is they do and making it possible to investigate more tax returns that may affect the flow of cartel money claiming that if you stop the money you stop the cartel. He may know a lot about their ruthlessness and their ways but I suspect it’s more complicated than stopping the money flow. If those people kill so ruthlessly they can always find new ways to bleed more money.


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