President Trump and First Lady Melania Participate in a White House Halloween (Video)…

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump participate in another fun Halloween event at the White House:

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59 Responses to President Trump and First Lady Melania Participate in a White House Halloween (Video)…

  1. GB Bari says:

    Decorations look awesome. The President surely enjoyed some time away from the hyenas and jackals.

    That event has Melania’s fingerprints all over it. She’s the most authentically stylish and gracious FLOTUS I can recall.

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  2. bertdilbert says:

    Washington Post headline tomorrow: Trump hands out blackfaced Hershey’s Kisses..

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  3. milktrader says:

    Great comment!

    The beauty of Melamia is stunning!

    And they ignore it!

    Another reason to loathe their self absorbed orgy of hate!

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    • CountryClassVulgarian says:

      You know. I’m glad they ignore her. Her popularity has nothing to do with them. She can/does/will earn respect and admiration on her own. Let them continue to keep her off their filthy magazine covers. She is in our hearts. THATS what matters.


  4. As usual, TRUMP has the biggest ‘treat’ of all hanging onto his arm. 🙂

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  5. belle819 says:

    Love, love, love the expressions on POTUS & FLOTUS faces

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  6. Drogers says:

    Such a beautiful smile on the First Lady.

    It’s almost as if she’s thinking to herself, ‘For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country, …’

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  7. JohnCasper says:

    Let me guess, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler came as themselves.

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  8. cthulhu says:

    OMG…..the little guy in the pirate hat at 6:29.

    One who GETS IT!!!!!

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  9. Jon Wallenmeyer says:

    What an amazing President and First Lady! Love them!! Thanks for sharing- made me smile.

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  10. cthulhu says:

    Does anyone know if the Trumps did Trick-or-Treating before the White House? They certainly seem to know the difference between the scaredy-cats who want something dropped in their sack, the timid who will only touch the candy but will take it from the hand, and those who will interact. They also seem comfortable with the “take the candy and run back to mom”, and “take the candy and run away” modes.

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  11. cthulhu says:

    A lot of them seem so awestruck reacting to FLOTUS that they just dazedly walk past DJT without even taking the offered candy bar…..


  12. cthulhu says:

    At 27:00, the young gentleman is going to manage for his young sib in the stroller. Navigating the stroller and collecting two tokens means success of the mission.

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  13. cthulhu says:

    I love how some of the White House Aides that are swapping in full baskets when they need replenished are trying to signal with body language that they’re not just another trick-or-treater….


  14. cthulhu says:

    Another at 28:32 who GETS IT!!! 20-25 years from now, will be a great success.

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  15. cthulhu says:

    During Grieg’s “Hall of the Mountain King”, someone thought it would be funny to swarm them with a bunch of clueless very young kids.

    Have to admit, it was funny.


  16. cthulhu says:

    VSGPOTUSDJT has a special thing he’s doing to young men in sports jerseys……


  17. Kate says:

    This would be awful, but imagine if Biden was president and handing out candy to the children with his touchy freely hands , a Halloween scare nightmare in all ways.


  18. spoogels says:

    Hah-Hah! BEST PRESIDENT EVER! Trump Surprises Fake News Media on Air Force One – Serves Them the Garbage Halloween Lunch They Deserve!


    • spoogels says:

      ENM News
      A photo of a Halloween-themed press pool lunch on Air Force One sparked heated debate and confusion among journalists, Monday.
      The meal, a stuffed orange bell pepper carved like a spooky jack o’lantern, with salad, tomatoes, and an unknown dish sitting #

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      • auscitizenmom says:

        Ridiculous. That is a very cute presentation. Perfectly good food. What do they want…………steak?

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      • Lanna says:

        This upset them?! I have a catering biz and have done many Halloween meals/parties. I’ve served dead man meatloaf with spaghetti sauce blood, dirty rat meatloaf in a pool of dumpster gravy, witch’s fingers breadsticks, monster mashed potatoes with broccoli hair, bloodshot eyeball deviled eggs, etc., etc.

        The AF1 chef was very kind to the press idiots. I’d have made them suffer, instead they got ladies luncheon food.

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      • TwoLaine says:

        We should all be so lucky. Idiots.



      • DelAware says:

        >heated debate and confusion among journalists

        In other words Chatterers in their natural habitat.

        Kudos to the chef who went to this trouble and fun. The hacked wad of animal in the top left is especially good, though we don’t eat birds in our household–but one could easily project onto it an “eat crow” pun for the journos’ consumption. And the laughing Orange Man pepper is primo.

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      • CountryClassVulgarian says:

        The big question is why are WE feeding the brood of vipers? They can get their own freaking mickey Ds. Or they can eat the proverbial cake. Good grief.


  19. fabrabbit says:

    That was so much fun to watch. I was only going to watch a minute of it but I watched it all. Musical accompaniment was marvelous. Very clever. Thank you for sharing it, Sundance.

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  20. Blind no Longer says:

    Thanks Sundance!! Didn’t get to watch it live yesterday. Such a wonderful job our beautiful First Lady does!! Greatest President in the history of ever!


  21. Johnny Boost says:

    There’s no time for this. Trump needs to stop the ceremonial stuff and get moving on stopping the coup!


    • GP says:

      @Johnny-are you a troll or just…I won’t go any further or Ad Rem will put me in moderation. That should give you a hint of what I think of your comment


      • Johnny Boost says:

        Do you seriously think that this is a good use of Trump’s time? If he wants to remain in office he needs to act decisively.


        • DelAware says:

          Handing out Halloween candy at the front door of the house is what Papas do this time of year. No matter what else is going on. No matter what weights are bearing down on their dadly shoulders. Papas guide their families in keeping traditions going…and keeping magic in children’s lives. NO. MATTER. WHAT.

          You were evidently raised fatherless, or maybe by males who dress up as female genitalia to scream at the sky. So we can pity you.

          If you want not to lose what little soul you were born with–and clearly never yet have tended to flourishing, never mind fruition–you need to act more seriously yourself.

          Actually I suspect you are a 650-lb tattooed lesbian working for a meager paycheck from Steyer/SPLC/David Brock, who are happy to monetarize your griefs and bitterness for their own power.

          I’m sorry life wasn’t aligned so you could look at this tradition at the White House and feel warmed by and included in it. But as the old story goes, the warm and loving knock is at the door. Will you respond and welcome it, or push it away?

          See you at the American festival of Thanks-giving. Papa Donald will be there reminding the children that turkeys are wonderful and noble birds–recommended by Ben Franklin to be our national dinosaur–deserving of our appreciation and kindness. I guess that will make you angry as well.


      • rvsueandcrew says:

        The participation of POTUS and FLOTUS is a good use of their time. It is important during when evildoers are running wild trying to upend our government to present normalcy for the American public. If they skipped this tradition, the media would throw headlines that “the White House is in chaos” or anything they can think of to promote hysteria and unrest.

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  22. Cisco says:

    President Trump to crying child.
    “What’s the matter youngster. Why are you crying”?
    There’s a scary ugly witch at the top of the stairs.
    “Don’t be afraid, that’s just Nancy Pelosi, she doesn’t eat children…anymore.

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  23. Cisco says:

    President Trump to crying child.
    “What’s the matter youngster. Why are you crying”?
    There’s a scary ugly witch at the top of the stairs.
    “Don’t be afraid, that’s just Nancy Pelosi, she doesn’t eat children…anymore.

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  24. L_Dave says:

    Since Teddy Roosevelt, no president has loved all of the children of America more than DJT.

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  25. TwoLaine says:

    Love it! I can listen to this music all day. 🙂


  26. TwoLaine says:

    The little girl in the pink polo shirt and outfit was too funny. She took her time putting her goods from each of them in her bag. It reminded me of President TRUMP on election night saying “Complicated business”. So sweet.

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  27. TwoLaine says:

    Are those TRUMP gold bars they are handing out?


  28. TJ says:

    Another wonderful Halloween presented by the Trumps. What a wonderful engagement and great decorations.

    I’m sure there were plenty of FBLie “spooks” haunting the place with dirty-tricks for President Trump, while feasting on tax-treats from the deplorables they hate, even more then PT!

    A few hours of fun is all the cesspool of scum will allow before the negative feedback loops of social media addicts start looking for their next two-minute-hate fix.


  29. daylight58 says:

    Fortunately, there don’t appear to be any black pumpkins on the steps.


  30. TrustyHaste says:

    Watching this is so emotional to me. This man and his wife have done SO MUCH and still soldier on. How??? I am so grateful. There must be some guiding light, spirit, and mission along the way. Most of us (especially me) would have given up, but with anger and bitterness, cursing the ways of the world. Please Treehouse, help us in these times. The leaves around us are a shock of brilliance. Do we deserve this beauty? The sun is dancing on the branches. Closing eyes now. Will try again tomorrow.


  31. Rynn69 says:

    Thank you for posting this, Sundance. We love our President and First Lady so much. To see their reactions to the children is a treat. I especially liked PDJT’s face with Sponge Bob Square Pants – I think that was the costume. 🙂


  32. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    Aw Shucks!!! Our POTUS/FLOTUS were having fun. The kids were just too darn cute. I found myself giggling at POTUS when he would just hold his basket low enough for a few enterprising kids to walk up and reach in…


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