Sunday Talks: NSA Robert O’Brien -vs- A Grieving Chuck Todd…

Generally speaking I wouldn’t recommend watching a Chuck Todd interview especially when he’s grieving the loss of one of his own; however, this interview with National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien provides some insight into why he was selected by President Trump for the very important position.

As to Todd’s disposition… do you remember those press briefings from Saudi Arabia during Operation Dessert Storm in 1991?  The briefings where the media would shout: “where exactly are our troops located, and when will they be moving”?  Or “can you tell us exactly how many troops are positioned near the Kuwait border, how many marines will be coming ashore; and exactly what time they will be arriving?” ….

If you remember watching that stuff; and if you remember General Schwarzkopf’s belittling responses therein; this interview with Chuck Todd will have a ring of familiarity:


What a knucklehead…

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251 Responses to Sunday Talks: NSA Robert O’Brien -vs- A Grieving Chuck Todd…

  1. sarasotosfan says:

    Grinning Chuck Todd is just begging to be kicked in the teeth. Everything is a joke to him.

    He won’t last another Trump term.


    • LULU says:

      My dad used to get rid of the Chuck Todds in our back yard. Any time a hole would show, he’d put a running garden hose down into it and wait for them – shovel in hand – to pop up. Smack! or Smoosh!!!

      Things were easier then.

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  2. RatedProduct says:

    These clips are about the only time ever see this moron. Thanks to those who endure on a routine basis.
    I would gladly tune in live if he would do the interview with his wrists shackled tightly to the edge of the desk. I think he’d blow a gasket.


  3. IMPedie says:

    Toddy is just a skink from under the rock


  4. Screaming Eagle says:

    A firm handed spanking issued to Chuckles, and snotty Chuckles didn’t like it one bit. Towards the end he was clearly – One “Hot” Toddy !! …LOL…


  5. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    Tapper speaks all smirk and snark like Maddow, which made it so fun watching 11/2016. And will again in 2020, but in the meanwhile, it’s always smirk and snark.


  6. jdintx says:

    Every single question is meant to denigrate the President and minimize the accomplishments of our fighters……despicable.

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