Battle Lines Clearly Drawn – Federal Judge Beryl Howell Grants House Judiciary Committee Access to Mueller Grand Jury Material…

There’s a clear set of battle lines now evident amid the ongoing political and legal dynamic:  Nadler, Pelosi, Lawfare and the Deep State media -VS- Durham, Barr, Trump and the MAGA movement.

Playing directly into this dynamic today Obama appointed Judge Beryl Howell has ruled (full pdf below) an impeachment by unilateral decree is constitutionally valid; and as an outcome House Judiciary Committee Jerry Nadler can have access to some of the Mueller grand jury material that was used as evidence in the “Mueller-Weissmann Report”.

It’s important to note Judge Howell granted access to only that grand jury material that was used in the Mueller Report, not a blanket authority to gain all witness testimony or grand jury material writ large.  However, having said that, the most troubling part of the decision is the background construct of the Weissmann team’s original objective.

From the outset; from the moment they started; from day number one; Weissmann, Lawfare and crew (Mueller was a special counsel figurehead only) always intended for the grand jury material to be handed to Chairman Jerry Nadler for the specific purposes of writing articles of impeachment.   This is absolutely critical to remember.

The originating goal was to use the special counsel investigation to assemble evidence of obstruction. Then to frame the assembly of all evidence toward the future goal of writing articles of impeachment.  This was the sole purpose of their coordination with Lawfare.

Every innuendo; every context of inquiry; every person, document and nuance; was intentionally brought before a grand jury with the forethought that it would eventually reach Nadler and the newly hired Lawfare staff to write the articles of impeachment.

The lengthy plan was proceeding swimmingly until AG Bill Barr was nominated and Rosenstein’s facilitation of the Lawfare crew was stopped.

Additionally Judge Beryl Howell was the judge overseeing Weissmann and Mueller’s Grand Jury proceedings, and she’s friends with Weissmann.  So it doesn’t come as a surprise to see her making somewhat bizarre statements about impeachment and of course today’s ruling.

All of the material in the grand jury file is there for a specific reason.  No evidence that refutes the obstruction case was ever presented.  This was a careful assembly, planned with forethought, toward a very specific purpose.  That’s why Chairman Nadler and his hired Lawfare contractors were so adamant about gaining access to it.  Nadler already knows what is there.

Andrew Weissman built the illusion of obstruction into the Mueller investigation; but Weissmann could not produce a final report specifically claiming obstruction took place because his collection was not based in material fact.  Weissman and crew built the illusion of obstruction blended with some radical legal theories.

That’s the material Nadler-Lawfare want now.

All of that said, it’s likely the DOJ will appeal Judge Howell’s precedent setting ruling to the DC appellate court.  The timing would normally be quite lengthy for the process; however, there is a decent likelihood the House Judiciary Committee will ask for fast track decisions due to the nature of their case.

WASHINGTON DC – […]  In her ruling, Howell ordered the DOJ to provide by Oct. 30 “[a]ll portions of Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s Report on the Investigation Into Russian Interference In The 2016 Presidential Election that were redacted pursuant to” grand jury restrictions.

The order also requires the Justice Department to provide “any underlying transcripts or exhibits referenced in the portions of the Mueller Report that were redacted” pursuant to those restrictions.

“The court’s thoughtful ruling recognizes that our impeachment inquiry fully comports with the Constitution and thoroughly rejects the spurious White House claims to the contrary,” said House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.)

A Justice Department spokeswoman said the DOJ is “reviewing the decision.”

Democrats have contended that they need Mueller’s grand jury transcripts in order to determine whether to bring articles of impeachment against Trump for conduct revealed in the course of Mueller’s investigation.  (read more)

Here’s The Ruling:


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342 Responses to Battle Lines Clearly Drawn – Federal Judge Beryl Howell Grants House Judiciary Committee Access to Mueller Grand Jury Material…

  1. Cocoon says:

    It’s so interesting a previous NSA Head Flynn has recently provided evidence revealing he was framed by those at the top of FBI and now we have the most recent NSA Head in talks with those who support those who framed Flynn?
    Bolton would be smart to claim Executive Privilege. Because it is both the right thing for any NSA Head to do with any communications with POTUS and his legacy.

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  2. pristach says:

    Thank you Sundance.

    Let’s look at Howells decision as an opportunity.
    POTUS legal and political counsel need to get ahead of this and start downloading your laundry list items from declass declaration. This takes political will and savvy. Something the admin still lacks.

    An indictment of McCabe, Comey, Clapper or Brennan will never quiet the wolves on the left. This is a fight to the end.. so heed the words of POTUS

    You must get up every day and relish the fight.

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  3. pristach says:

    Thank you Sundance.

    Let’s look at Howells decision as an opportunity.
    POTUS legal and political counsel need to get ahead of this and start downloading your laundry list items from declass declaration. This takes political will and savvy. Something the admin still lacks.

    An indictment of McCabe, Comey, Clapper or Brennan will never quiet the wolves on the left. This is a fight to the end.. so heed the words of POTUS

    You must get up every day and relish the fight.

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    • JC says:

      Pristach, would you please clarify what you mean by “this takes political will and savvy. Something the admin still lacks”?

      Thank you.


      • elsuperbus says:

        If they took an offensive stand earlier this wouldn’t be happening. The big Declas should have happened when Nunes was sounding the alarms and the fight should have been taken into the 2018 elections.

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  4. The Boss says:

    Captain Obvious here…
    Is there really any wonder that Trump found 140+ vacancies in the federal system? The vacancies were for the wretched hag to fill with people as equally rancid as Beryl Howell.

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  5. daylight58 says:

    Someday there needs to be a statue to Sidney in D.C.

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  6. bill johnston says:

    Q: Has a crime been committed?
    A: Yes.
    Q: Do you have evidence?
    A: Not yet.
    Conclusion: Go home. Stop looking for the pony in the pile of dung.

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  7. Remember: the Department of Justice, through its duly authorized officer the Attorney General of the United States, concluded as a matter of law that there was no obstruction and no collusion. The Constitution does not grant to the US House of Representatives any power to find anyone guilty of a crime – it may only remove a person from office, and then only if “indictment, trial, and conviction” in the Courts is either underway or imminent.

    Despite the “novel legal theories” of Lawfare, which AG Barr has actually written about quite extensively, there is no Constitutional basis for any of this. It is, indeed, “Unconstitutional.” And it’s high time that we take this whole thing to the SCOTUS so that our Founder’s intentions can be formally articulated. The danger to our Republic which is inherent in the present actions are “clear and present,” and need to be formally rebuffed.

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    • P.S. This Judge’s interpretation is false prima facie, because the Constitution makes it quite clear that impeachment may only result in “removal from office” and then only for “high crimes and misdemeanors.” However, the actual Clause continues to say that the accused will face “indictment, trial and conviction” in the Courts. Congress is prohibited from finding guilt. It is prohibited from acting in a Judicial capacity. While it does not have to wait for an indictment to be handed down, one must be imminent. (And in the case of PDJT, none will ever be.)

      Therefore, impeachment is not(!) “a Judicial proceeding.” Judicial powers are vested only in the Judicial Branch and partly in the Executive.

      This ruling must be – and, will be – overturned on appeal. The House’s “kangaroo courts” are not real courts and do not have “judicial” powers at all.

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      • swissik says:

        Thank you, I believe I understand what should and should not be judicial power. Now how about those of us, or should I just say myself, who have lost all trust in the integrity of the Supreme Court?

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      • rollin13 says:

        I would clarify one thing which I read differently in Article I Section 3. Upon conviction in an Impeachment, the final relative paragraph not only makes it clear that the Congressional authority “shall not extend further than to removal from office…” the final statement is as follows: “…but the Party convicted shall nevertheless be liable and subject to Indictment, Trial Judgement and Punishment, according to Law.”

        I am sure different legal scholars can argue what is meant there. I am no legal scholar, but the plain language says to me that there is no requirement of a criminal prosecution. Just because one is “liable and subject to” it does not necessarily follow that a prosecution MUST take place. Just as in many cases where prosecutorial discretion is used, any Officer removed via Impeachment conviction could be let off without further action. A lot of criminals are liable and subject to prosecution, yet not charged and tried. James Comey and Andrew McCabe are two examples were criminal referals have been made. They were both fired, not impeached, but I think the same discretion would apply to an Impeached office holder. I believe the definition of the words liable and subject to would back that up. That’s how I read it, at least.

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        • cali says:

          @Rollin13: Great comment!

          @Sundance: Due to the fact that Barr and Durham now undertaking the criminal investigation of all parties involved in SpyGate this judge’s decision will not stand. The criminal investigation takes priority and her order would interfere with the DOJ.

          Having said that there was NO crime – no Russian collusion ergo there can’t be obstruction based on a mythical crime that does not exist.

          Her order would interfere directly with this criminal investigation ergo Barr will squash that real quick.

          Weissman and gang finally have met their match beginning with the Flynn case where entrapment and falsifying a 302 by the accused (Flynn) is involved.

          The deep state and democratic party wish they would not have so indulgent getting revenge after their candidate lost the election fair and square.

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    • Lonnie Albertson says:

      The criminality of obama courts continues. Where did the rule of law go when corrupt judges attempt to rule instead of interpret?

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      • jeff montanye says:

        don’t forget alvin k hellerstein, the federal judge with authority over the 9-11 families’ suits. his israeli son worked for the israeli law firm defending the israeli company that provided passenger screening at the relevant airports on 9-11 yet he did not recuse himself. instead he threw out of court every suit and his rulings were supported through the supreme court.


  8. In my life I’ve seen dirty politics. I’ve seen corrupt judges. But never have I seen a corrupt judiciary in league with corrupt Fed law enforcement supporting the dirty politics. This is far beyond sedition at this point. We need to see indictments, trials and gallows. The ultimate price must be paid for the ultimate treason – overthrow of our govt.

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    • Jim Comey is a Weasel_Doug says:

      VSGPOTUS has opened millions of eyes to a level of filthy rot that is DC and all it’s elements

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    • dammit_janet says:

      No wonder this info has been slow walked to the public. It goes deep and wide and affects us all from local to global. It remains to be seen how much of that voting public still cares about our Republic, Constitution, Rule of Law, or even basic morals, rights, freedom & justice. These folks sure as hell don’t.

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    • Kaco says:

      And more and more people are willingly joining their web of corruption, like this judge. They all need to be prosecuted.

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  9. rustybritches says:

    I thought that it was against the laws already on the books that you cant turn over Grand jury testimony That part of anything is keep quiet and beyond stupid eyes like Nadler and Shift
    Mr Barr, They are really pushing on you right now, but please You know what your job is and do not need to listen to a scum bag Obama judge just because he is telling you what to do
    They have no right to the grand Jury testimony and You have every right to stop them from having it.. I agree John Bolton would be better off to shut up because these so called Supanas are nothing but a letter and have no teeth behind them and how sad that here again another sore loser just cant ever seem to shut up and go on their way

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  10. nerveman says:

    Is this legal? Isn’t that the only question that matters? Will Barr refuse and send it higher?

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    • teabag14 says:

      It’s pretty amazing what can be legal. Long, long ago in a state far away, I lived in the mountains. I should have had a survey of my property done but it never occurred to me that a neighbor (who I thought I knew) would falsely accuse me of trespassing and file suit against me. Long story short: after many thousands of dollars spent on a snak . . .er, a lawyer, and after proving I had not trespassed, the plaintiff was simply allowed to amend her suit and on it went. I then saw what was going on & cut my losses. Yes. It’s pretty amazing what can be legal.

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      • swissik says:

        Hence my distrust in the judicial system all the way up to the Supremes. Too many years of observing how laws are being bent every which way. I live in California so some of you may understand but mine is not the only state where the judicial needs a thorough cleaning up.

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  11. gsonFIT says:

    Forgive me if I am repeating, but wasn’t the legal action on Mueller Grand Jury release from last a dispute last spring and the impeachment proceedings the judge is referring to from the whistleblower case in September?

    Can she time warp a legal proceeding forward like that?


  12. Bill Dumanch says:

    With the case now Officially Criminal,
    DISCOVERY RULES were changed-as magical beasts now had arrived!
    Declare “Impeachment” across the prairies.
    Yeah, We’ll get our SPECIAL equal rights!
    For us voting for them (all 6 times) !
    Democratic Socialists said so.
    Cause Orange Man and stuff!
    Then, hope you can read lips-

    “Duck you sucker”


  13. Nathan Hale says:

    Here is my thought, the deep state and their support groups in the House, Senate, and Judiciary are really getting nervous that their attempt to remove PDJT is about to collapse on top of them…last desperate gasps before they go under.


  14. Pyrthroes says:

    Batting eyes to heaven, this “Obama appointee” (what else?) neglects to note Rats’ Pelosi-Nadler-Schiff crapola cuts both ways.

    In seeking to vitiate Election 2016, this flap-jawed judicial cowbird would set the U.S. house-divided– render all subsequent Rat incumbents vulnerable to removal upon inauguration, followed by their Hunca Munca VP in favor of a House Speaker channeling Czar Reed (qv). This would happen once, whereafter there would be no American Nation for an encore.

    Some would say that because there’s absolutely nothing to these bizarrely phony allegations, Rats stand only to reveal their metastasizing TDS. But when have bad faith, ill will, false pretenses ever mattered to mentalities making hamsters appear Isaac Newton?

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  15. Rich Gorman says:

    I wish I could think of a useful , effective suggestion !! Alas , I surmise that the bad people have tricked us once again.
    I will pray . Then we should ALL prey!!


  16. Retired IG says:

    After all of the wonderful posts I’ve seen from yesterday and today re Durham, Powell, Radcliffe, etc, this one is certainly a downer. If only because I have started smelling and seeing “FLOP SWEAT” starting to OOZE from all of the “performers.” Think that phrase is from the theatre. The flop sweat starts occurring when you are in a performance and as an actor, you realize you a in FLOP that isn’t going over well with the audience.
    And Weissman, I hope he is sweating and he and his Lawfare buddies are trying to figure out how to lawyer up the MOST. At the end of the day, I think only a public defender would represent him.
    Sydney Powell points out in her book “Licensed to Lie,” how Weissman resigned because of prosecutional misconduct on his team re Enron. Oh what a sad price he had to pay for DESTROYING the livelihood of thousands of Aurthur Anderson auditors. Hope you catch my dripping sarcasm.
    And now he thinks he is going to bring down President Trump with yet another frame job? He’s a FOOL., His hands and soul have a lot of “blood” on them . Don’t know if he even tries to scrub it off
    And this “Judge” Beryl. has ruled that Nadler now gets Grand Jury Testimony? Don’t think Nadler would know what to do with it other than to mop up the ketchup from his meal of a BIG Mac with fries.
    I actually am beginning to enjoy seeing all this “FLOP SWEAT.” I’ve been waiting YEARS for someone to pull these bad actors off of the stage. Thank you Sundance and all Treepers for helping me to hang in there during this really, really really bad performance.
    Like in an old Laurel and Hardy cartoon, someone is finally hauling these bad performers off the stage with a big cane.

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  17. Retired IG says:

    Definition of FLOP SWEAT.


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