Speaker Pelosi Justifies Effort: Investigating Political Corruption is Grounds for Impeachment…

Nancy Pelosi released a “fact sheet” outlining her justification for the impeachment process.  Within the justification Speaker Pelosi/Lawfare intentionally conflates investigating past political corruption/interference (2016) with the current 2020 election.

Speaker Pelosi’s self-serving position boils down to: any effort by the executive branch to investigate prior political corruption is grounds for presidential impeachment.  READ:

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179 Responses to Speaker Pelosi Justifies Effort: Investigating Political Corruption is Grounds for Impeachment…

  1. MustangBlues says:

    The house of representatives has been stolen by the cultist communist democrats, and changed the rules to advance their bullying anti America agenda, death to America is their goal.

    Now they slur the President and concoct a lawfare fantasy pedophile delusion of beating daddy with legal jive talk, but now they throw their bogus jive to the senate.

    No one will survive a vote to convict by the senate. Mother Chaos and Father Anarchy be born.
    Pray for yourself that they act sanely and protect the American political governmental system.

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  2. I often wonder to what extent our elected realize how much we their constituency despise them, usually assuming they have aides who read blog comments, take polls, or canvas neighborhoods.

    It has finally become clear that their and our world views are so disparate that even if they read our comments or were told straight to their faces that we find them unworthy of the trust placed in them that it would mean nothing to them. They are so certain that they know what is best, just like the Strzok/Page texts – they could “smell” the Trump support at the local Wal-Mart. But they would never think of respecting the opinions of those smelly supporters.

    I am beginning to think this conclusion also applies to the whole “impeachment,” they are going to do it if they are going to do it. They will later worry about their pretend justification. They will couch any rationalizations in their faux virtue, knowing and not caring at all that no one believes the schtick anymore. Because we really don’t matter.

    The fact that half of the country can see the success of this alphabet agencies seditious coup against our duly elected President WILL spell the end of the Republic is an indication that we slept too long as those same un-elected and unaccountable agencies which form the unConstitutional fourth branch of government corralled more and more power to themselves, power which is now asserting a grave threat to the nation.

    You know these treasonous bastards don’t see themselves as deserving the rope – but they do.

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    • hokkoda says:

      “I often wonder to what extent our elected realize how much we their constituency despise them,”

      They know. And the feeling is mutual.

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    • “…we slept too long…”

      We have been played for fools too long (though many of us saw through large parts of it, such as the subornation of “black civil rights” by Black Muslim racists), by buying into the “Left vs. Right” war, and not realizing, before the blatant anit-Americanism of Obama/Soetoro, that both Democrats and Republicans were becoming the enemy of freedom, to slake their endless thirst for self-justification — for their worthless, self-serving careers — with power over all. They actually believe they control their own destinies, and that they can control ours.

      In Sundance’s post, he writes, “Pelosi’s self-serving position boils down to: any effort by the executive branch to investigate prior political corruption is grounds for presidential impeachment”. I would correct the use of the term “prior” with “prior and ongoing”. “Ongoing” corruption is the point; they have yet to be chastened in their lawlessness, but it must come.


  3. Mike Robinson says:

    President Trump’s determination to interdict political corruption has caused the cauldron of that crime to rise up as one. Everyone is involved.

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  4. Billy Two Knives says:

    The apex political corruptor blathering about political corruption. What chutzpah.

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  5. You’re bat crap crazy psychopaths. If you want to impeach this president for winning in 2016,
    go ahead. Let’s have a Senate trial where we can call witnesses and present evidence. Please do. It would provide us with the perfect opportunity to DECLAS the FISA… and bring down the House.


  6. Kaco says:

    Looks like the Mueller investigation and the DOJ’s inquiry into corruption has been dragged out long enough to claim it’s running into election season. They haven’t had a primary yet, so we don’t even know who the Dem candidate is. Just an excuse and I’m sure they planned this out ahead if it came this far. They need called on their bullcrap. So anyone running for office can claim it is impeachable to be investigated, right?

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  7. DavidS says:

    Speaker Pelosi’s self-serving position boils down to: any effort by the executive branch to investigate prior political corruption is grounds for presidential impeachment.

    These investigations only work one way… Their way or the Highway..

    This is starting to get me to the core.. I pray for My President … I feel he has this covered.. the Republicans have always been the party that doesnt know how to get their hands dirty.. Pansy Limp wrists!! We need to Stand and be Counted!! Locked and Loaded!! I AM READY!!!

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  8. Mike Robinson says:

    “Quid pro quo” is a gentlemanly word for “blackmail,” and this high crime has never been so blatant as when the last VPOTUS laughed on camera, casually implicating the POTUS as though there was nothing wrong. Embezzlement, extortion, racketeering, money laundering … no, there is nothing to see here.

    The Congress’s problem is that they’ve all been slopping at the same Ukrainian pig trough. And now, that the people of both nations are determined to “drain the swamp.” Actually doing so will expose the high crimes of many people … specifically including Biden, Obama, Pelosi, Nadler, and Schiff.

    Nancy’s very strange document, very slightly re-tooled, is her personal confession. No one thought anything of what any of PDJT’s predecessors did because all of them were The Godfather. Doing what American Presidents are supposed to be doing. Smile for the cameras that are just as corrupt as you are. Comfortably numb …

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  9. snellvillebob says:

    So they are going after Pence also. Pelosi must really really want to live in the White House.


    • Mike Robinson says:

      People never really believed it when they were told that the plan is and always was to throw out Trump and Pence and to install in their place “Madame Presidents.” They assumes they were talking about Hillary, but no. Pelosi intends to seize the throne for herself.


  10. hokkoda says:

    I feel like CTH doesn’t get it. This is a paperwork impeachment. They are counting on Republicans complaining about “process” which is what Republicans always do. The Democrats are counting on the fact that although their “impeachment” is a paperwork sham that Mitch McConnell and the GOP Senate will say something along the lines of “gravity of impeachment”, “we must take this seriously”, “Senate duty”, etc etc when what he should do is decline the House managers an opportunity to present their case, give POTUS a couple of hours to give a speech, ban the minority from giving ANY floor speeches, and finish the “trial” by noon with a swift vote to acquit.

    But he won’t. This is a coup, and the Democrats are counting on the GOP to play the role of the Washington Generals.

    Even better? Tell them that the “trial” is slated to begin on Jan 5th…2021.

    I listen to the idiot GOP congressman complain about rules when they should be shutting the House down. I actually saw a Democrat (Hines) say that the GOP “cannot defend the President’s actions”…well, yeah, because you’re running a kangaroo court that doesn’t allow anybody to defend the President.

    Wake up and realize that this is a sham. Stop complaining about rules and process. The GOP Senate needs to subpoena everyone the House is interviewing and hold live televised hearings. Then subpoena Schiff.

    Ef ‘em.


  11. thedoc00 says:

    This is not even a fact sheet. It follows the time honored tradition of democrat spinning head, as it is collection of selected snippets from many event, pasted together as out of context talking points. Nancy is exploiting the apathy and laziness of many voters who will not even notice, care about it or even do some of their own investigation.

    Remember the words of the Democrat Consultant, who crafted Obamacare. “The American voter is too lazy and/or stupid to notice what is being done to them”.

    As long as there is nothing that puts them at “perceivable” physical risk, many voters jus play the lemming and follow along. The lemmings have even been conditioned to believe that taxes do not count in the cost of the free stuff being offered. This is the current secret of the “Free Stuff” campaign, the democrats just shift the cost from point of service cost to a tax, the lemmings never notice.


  12. Mac says:

    Two things.
    1) The entire Get Trump movement had, and still has, only one goal; to protect the Establishment political class from having to answer for its blatantly criminal graft and corruption. These people have been getting fat while in office from a variety of improper and even illegal sources. And, they have been committing even more crimes to protect themselves from exposure. And, their well-being all depends upon having control of the government, especially the government hierarchy. Trump is the existential threat to the privileged classes because he is independent of them and has the backing of half of the great unwashed, who are fed up with antics of the political class.

    2)The elite Establishment cares nothing for anything except themselves and their own well-being. Not understanding DJT, the establishment political class has painted themselves into a corner. By their continued attacks upon Trump, they are now in the position of having forced him to defend himself by counter-attacking. and, they are much more vulnerable to such attacks than Trump is. Trump’s peccadilloes are all public and few, if any, were ever criminal. The establishment politicians, however, are awash in both improper and criminal behaviors which have to remain secret. Every single one of them has been the recipient of thinly disguised payoffs for years. Bernie Sanders was paid-off with a multi-million dollar book deal [which nobody read] to shut up about the 2016 Dem primary fix. The Biden family made millions overseas for questionable “business” activities while Joe was in office. The Clintons laundered billions of dollars through their “charity” foundation, much, if not most, of which disappeared down an accounting black hole. Even Nancy Pelosi’s son benefited from a highly questionable position with a shady overseas company. Feinstein’s family made millions off of her political position and contacts. Then we have people like Maxine Waters? Where did she accumulated the money she now has? It certainly was not on her Congressional salary. And, the list is endless. And, the Republicans are not exempt, either. It used to be harder to point to suspicious featherbedding among Republicans, as they traditionally came from wealthier backgrounds. But, this has changed. Does anyone find it suspicious that having attained control of the both the Congress and the Presidency, that so many Republican politicians, many of them rather young, suddenly “retire”? Who pushes themselves away from a largely do-nothing job which pays as well as being a congressman does? Nobody. Unless that person has a very good reason.

    The entire political system, in this country, is both corrupt and, now, out of control. The political class is facing the same problems that the french nobiliity faced just prior to the French Revolution. They are fighting for their lives. And, they will burn the house down rather than lose. Unfortunately, thee rest of us live in that house as well. At some point the common people will step in to protect what is theirs, this nation. And, then things will get really bad.

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  13. mark says:

    President Trump please deal yourself an ACE in the hole. A Trump card so to speak.

    The House is going to impeach, they can’t back down now! Some of the Republicans in the Senate are going to join in when it gets there because they are INVOLVED in some way and just as guilty as the money laundering Democrats.

    You CAN NOT trust FBI Director Wray but you can fire him or assign him to HR. You are his boss after all. The research on this blog suggests that you can appoint an interim FBI Director for a period of 210 days without Senate approval and renew that appointment for as long as you are in office.

    You need someone who has your back, is a great lawyer, will uphold the Constitution and the Law. Might I be so humble as to suggest Joe DeGenova for FBI Director?

    He will be another backup looking over the shoulders of Mr. Horowitz, Mr. Barr and Mr. Durham and would make a great Ace in the hole. Please do this ASAP as this will through as the saying goes ” a spanner in the machine “.

    Thank you so much for giving up all you have to be our President, may GOD BLESS YOU and your FAMILY and please know that we Deploreables stand firmly behind you and pray for you and your family every day. Thanks Mark in Fl..


  14. Tom Hansen says:

    I continually am amazed how stupid the Democrats are. After having closed hearings by Schiff where they can selectively control their messaging and keeping Trump and and the Republicans in the dark by not even sharing the transcripts or depositions of their so called witnesses, Pelosi publicly releases this “fact sheet” and totally exposes their game plan to Trump and his allies.

    This is like getting discovery from the opposing team for free and what does it show? It shows the Dems are so panicked and desperate, they are using the only tool left in their tool box they think is leverage and that is impeachment.

    They are essentially extorting the President by saying, if Barr and Durham go through with any charges and indictments of those involved in their treasonous coup, we will impeach you. However, if you drop, then impeachment will go away.

    It is a shakedown, and it exposes the Dems to further charges and indictments for their continued efforts to cover up their treasonous actions. But they have nothing left but impeachment to prevent exposure of their crimes, and treason is far worse than extortion, so they are will to do anything to avoid charges of treason along with multiple corruption and conspiracy charge.

    The question is: Will Barr and Durham have the guts to face off against the deep state and actually bring justice to all those involved in the coup? Our nation’s future really does depend on that answer.


  15. lurker2 says:

    It’s going to be easy then to impeach any future President. Just put them under investigation first, the impeach because they were under investigation. Got it, Nancy.


  16. TwoLaine says:

    “Speaker Pelosi’s self-serving position boils down to: any effort by the executive branch to investigate prior political corruption is grounds for presidential impeachment.”

    Well Nitwit Nancy, looks like we are gonna’ be here a long, long time then. Take a seat and put your hand on the Bible.


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