Inspector General Identifies DC U.S. Attorney Leaking Grand Jury Evidence…

Well, this is rather interesting.  The Department of Justice Inspector General has released a notification stating that a former U.S. Attorney within the DC Circuit was caught leaking grand jury information to an “unauthorized individual”:

(Link to pdf)

Unfortunately, “criminal prosecution” for leaking grand jury material “was declined”.

The Asst. U.S. Attorney (AUSA) is not identified by name, but the IG release notes the attorney is no longer working for the DOJ ; likely fired as an outcome of getting caught.

….with the name not being released, that leads to speculation. Also with the recipient not being named, that too leads to speculation.  Was the leak to the media, or was the leak for allied members of the ‘resistance’ in government (ie. congress).  Regardless, it is safe to accept the leaker and recipient are part of the Lawfare Alliance.

One possibility for the identity of the leaker is Asst. U.S. Attorney Deborah Curtis who recently withdrew from cases involving: Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn and Concord LLC, all cases stemming from Mueller and the scheme team prosecutions.

To be clear, we don’t know who the leaker is.  Heck, it could be Andrew Weissmann for all we know… but the timing with Curtis is, well, very conspicuous.  However, regardless of the identity of the U.S. Attorney, the primary takeaway is several fold.

First, we see U.S. Attorney’s in DC leaking grand jury information.  That is a big deal; it shows the scale of corruption with the DOJ in/around Washington DC.

Second, we see Main Justice declining to prosecute the attorney for leaking the grand jury information.  That too is a big deal.  No outsider would ever be permitted to escape that level of accountability.

Third, once again, we can see the scale and scope of total corruption within the system.

Lawfare is a very serious problem.

[*NOTE* I would insert the picture of Bill Barr playing bagpipes here, but I’m trying desperately to grant him the benefit of the doubt…]

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275 Responses to Inspector General Identifies DC U.S. Attorney Leaking Grand Jury Evidence…

  1. willthesuevi says:

    I had a friend who worked in the horse racing industry and he used to tell me, “It is not who has the fastest horse, it is who has the best chemist.”

    Apparently, in our government it is not about justice, it is who has the best attorney with the finest connections.

    President Trump is the only American I trust in this entire sordid mess. I am slowly becoming Col. Kurtz. Errand boys and grocery clerks……………………………….

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  2. Kay Sadeeya says:

    So anyone lying to the FBI by saying, for instance that they turned to the left when they sneezed, when in truth they turned to the right, will be found guilty of a felony lying to the Feds. But people like Comey; McCabe; Strozk; Page etc. can work to undermine the union and they get to get jobs at CNN and MSNBC with $$$Million book deals. What a eutopia these Dems. have created.

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  3. They will eventually be dealt with by Patriots in Rev.02. It won’t be pretty.

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  4. Kay Sadeeya says:

    Addendum to my comment above: I meant to say “any non-insider, Swamp denizen; or POTUS Trump; or his associates and supporters, who lies to the Feds.”

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  5. bayrat65 says:

    Typical BS in the swamp of Washington. The critters don’t step on each other, oh no! She’s probably going to get another cushy job. She’s a hero to the leftist hordes. No justice what so ever. I’ve lost hope and pray that God help us. Our government will not.


  6. ballgame17 says:

    As lawyers , they know they can run out the clock within the “system” . Secondly, they know they have ” friends ” (cough, cough -co-corruption scum) , Thirdly, they know the MSM will “see nothing” and the Dem constituents will see or hear nothing and remember nothing . Lastly, the judges , you know those worthless political appointees. God help US!


  7. Benedict Comey says:

    There is no Justice in the Department of Just Us. Thanks Barry …


  8. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Start making it a crime to refuse to prosecute any prosecutable crime of a government employee suspected of wrongdoing. With an automatic 10 year sentence with no parole. You’ll see shit like this come to a screaming halt. Some will be found guilty and some will be found innocent, but that would be a far better track record than the current track record. And who knows? Maybe, just maybe, you’d start seeing a more honest effort on the part of the DOJ.

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  9. Tom Hansen says:

    It is very disheartening the DOJ never prosecutes their own when outsiders would be. This continued trend leaves me in total doubt that anyone investigated by IG Horowitz for the FISA warrant abuse, or Barr and Durhham for the counter intelligence abuse will only skate and avoid prison.

    For me, the non prosecution of these individuals is tantamount to continued corruption by the DOJ and FBI. It is so obvious we have a two tiered justice system, which creates further mistrust by the people that DOJ/FBI are not the guys with the white hats, but really an enemy of the people like the media.

    Even a Federal judge gave the DOJ until Nov. 15 to charge McCabe or he will rule that all charges will be dropped and his pension restored for improper firing.

    The Federal Government is just flat out corrupt and that is why it is extremely important that both our 1st and 2nd Amendments remain in tact, otherwise tyranny will rule the day.

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  10. American Heritage says:

    If the USA goes down, there will be no safe place anywhere. Think of the awesome power and resources of this country in the hands of communist dictators.


  11. millwright says:

    And from somewhere the wind keeps whispering RossUC RossUC, RossUC .


  12. Bill says:

    Wonder if Curtis leaked GJ info to McCabe attorney?


  13. Lepersandwich says:

    Could it be that charges were declined because the leaker was flipped to become a cooperating witness, perhaps turning over illicit communications with other such deep-staters? Or could they just be trying to keep a quiet status quo until the broader trap is sprung (at which time perhaps the determination to not charge could be re-examined)? And separate note: is there any what team Trump can use those 300 IC folks Schiff claims support for impeachment based on Ukraine collusion as a start point for a to-be-fired list, or at least politically neutered via transfers?


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