Peter Navarro Discusses U.S-China Trade, Economy and Pelosi Impeachment Fraud…

White House trade and manufacturing advisor Peter Navarro appears on CNBC to discuss the Bloomberg news story about the White House blocking U.S. investment in China.  Additionally, Navarro is asked about U.S-China trade discussions.

This interview happens on the heels of a massive win for the White House at the Universal Postal Union Congress, where the UPU accepted that inbound package deliveries to the United States will no longer be subsidized by U.S. taxpayers – {Details Here}.

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79 Responses to Peter Navarro Discusses U.S-China Trade, Economy and Pelosi Impeachment Fraud…

  1. Kayla just stop.
    Mr. Navarro WAYTOGO!

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    • Can I finish my point here?

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      • I don’t think Mr Navarro has a lot of respect for Kayla…

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        • Neither did I. She is much too impressed by her position and her “sterling” intellect. The snark is strong in Kayla and all she thinks she know is “fake news”. The best was “I never report anything I haven’t got multiple sources for.”

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        • bertdilbert says:

          I don’t think Kayla has a lot of respect for Navarro. So it would be mutual.


          • sucesfuloser says:

            You see that’s the problem, it is not her job to show respect or disrespect, nor repeat talking points, it is her job to pass us new information, otherwise she’s paid to pick fights and that is not reporter’s function. A reporter doesn’t try to make news; all of them have become glory hounds, but as any 4th grader knows there are two sides to any story, she didn’t analyze his impute she attacks it, because she is too busy listening to herself talk.

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          • VoteAllIncumbantsOut says:

            Again, these idiots are not traders!!
            There is nothing new under the sun when it comes to media and their fake news, been going on longer than any can imagine. The best approach is to always take the contrarian view. Humans have a tendency to buy at the top and sell at the bottoms.

            This is when the big boys distribute on the way up and begin to accumulate on the way down that’s been going on for decades. So when we start seeing the public gettin in when the markets continue going higher and higher, that’s the time to take a contrarian view.

            I like Navarro.

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            • VoteAllIncumbantsOut says:

              Just look and the charts for the month of August, massive accumulation going on.

              When bad or good news is put out there, there’s a reason. It does not matter if Bloomberg lied they served the purpose and that’s how it’s always been.

              In order to offload stock they need to talk it up to get everyone on board, so quietly the stock moves up and up then all of a sudden after a 20 to 50 point move, the news begins to talk it up, it’s called a ‘Mark up’. Always remember, the public is always on the wrong side of the trade and that’s what they count on. Ever hear a CEO talk bad about his company?


              • VoteAllIncumbantsOut says:

                That’s what the talking heads are for. Take notice here, why is it always the same group of people they bring on their shows?! They are paid professionals that’s why. It’s all part of a game and until you actually take notice you’ll always get beat in one of the most difficult ways to make money.

                If your long or short a stock, what news is going to make you feel better?


        • There is NOTHING to respect about Kayla.
          There is NOTHING respectful about Kayla.
          She proved herself an AIRHEAD script-reader.


        • Mrs. E says:

          She needs to earns some!


    • Mrs. E says:



  2. nattyrem420 says:

    That’s what these talk show host do, they step all over you just as you reach the climax of your answer in the attempt to redirect the narrative to better appease their handlers and left wing losers and luny liberals. Peter handle these idiots like children being scolded by the classroom teacher. Steven and Peter school these tools every time! Wish we had real Journalism again.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      Dr Navarro is Professor Emeritus at UC-Irvine, and has way more than 20 years dealing with stupid students challenging him.
      Plus, Dr Navarro is taking on the Chinese Communist Party, and Dr Navarro is winning.

      These talk show dolts are child’s play for Dr Navarro.
      Experience counts for everything in these games.

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    • Mrs. E says:

      Taking cheap shots, casting aspersions on character, reporting fake news – Navarro fields it all, and gives nothing away. He is terrific.


  3. JuJu says:


    Navarro doesn’t take ____ from no one…and especially not liberal hacks.

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  4. trapper says:

    China getting nowhere with this new kind of president. He won’t roll over. So the Chicoms activate their fellow-traveler Marxists in Congress to come at him from a different direction. Bought and paid for, and in the instance of the Clintonista crowd, ideologically like minded one-world-governmenters who would do China’s bidding for free. It’s no accident this baseless impeachment move comes at a critical time for China.

    Big takeaway from this interview is that there is an ongoing and serious look at the cooked financials of Chinese companies that trade on US exchanges. Uh oh.

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    • CharterOakie says:

      And that the Trump Administrations’s strategy for dealing with China et al is multifaceted, clandestine, clever and deadly serious.
      Thank God.

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    • Debra says:

      China is in the midst of a BIG anniversary celebration.

      I wonder if this ‘recess’ was timed to coordinate with trips to that country by members of Congress (or their staff) to grovel at their paymaster’s feet . . .


  5. Mark W says:

    Here’s What You’re Missing About Joe Biden’s On Camera Admitted Ukrainian Extortion Quid Pro Quo: Obama.

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  6. CharterOakie says:

    (Any others from the “Batman” TV show that I left out?)

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  7. 335blues says:

    As if I needed more justification for throwing away my television and dumping the cable
    years ago.
    Kayla sure is a b***ch.
    The impeachment showtrials that comrade Pelosi has promised are not just about
    punishing President Trump. They are also about punishing me, and you, and everybody
    who dares to support Trump, America, freedom, elections, and the notion that humans
    should actually be allowed to choose their path in life.
    Instead of accepting slavery, and doing exactly what you are told by your masters.
    The masters, of course, being the communist democrat party, the mentally ill of
    hollywood, and generally all of the sick bastards that live in california and new york.
    Yeah, the target of the impeachment showtrials are maybe even more you and
    me rather than Trump.
    The communist democrat party hates us because we just refuse
    to do what we’re told.

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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      ~~~~~~~ A CALL to ACTION ~~~~~~~

      (Originally posted September 29, 2019 at 9:56 am)

      Want to REALLY give the democrats something to think about? Everyone should sign up for tickets to Trump’s upcoming Minneapolis Rally (October 10th). Let’s have half a million ticket requests! Anyone anywhere can sign up and as a side benefit you would be joining the 2020 Campaign’s mighty Email Army of Deplorables.

      Please register for a couple of Rally tickets over here:

      Send the crooked media a message.

      Let’s make it A MILLION Trump Rally ticket requests!

      ~~~~~~~ TRUMP 2020 ~~~~~~~

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      • schizoid says:

        So Trump will plan for a really big rally and then no one shows up? Please don’t do this.

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        • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

          The Target Center there will be full to the max as are ALL his rallies. Rest assured there will be people lining up 18 hours early hoping to be able to get into the facility. An overflow crowd outside will watch on a jumbotron. Don’t fret schiz, attendance will not be a problem.


          • schizoid says:

            Unless he switches to a larger venue because of all the fake ticket requests. You are screwing up planning for the rally. Why? No one but the campaign looks at the number of ticket requests.


    • sucesfuloser says:

      Yes but in spite of all her shit, we learned a lot from Mr Navarro, bringing to light those hundred Chinese companies on Wall Street and their shenanigans. Among other info, he transparently spelled out the reason for holding closed door negotiations, If one ignored that goose altogether, there still was a lot of info passed to us by him.

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  8. ristvan says:

    It amazes me that these people think they have the right to ask such questions and demand answers. That was hostile; Navarro did well to relatively keep his cool. I probably would have gone much more hostile. Would have been easy to embarrassingly shoot down both Kayla and Mohammed.

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    • Well Rud she was after all a college cheerleader while Mr Navarro earned only PhD in economics.

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    • GB Bari says:

      I think Navarro pretty much did kneecap Kayla’s weak challenge.
      He out-numbered her carefully planned “gotcha!” premise….
      Kayla: “…5,000 lost mfg jobs in WI and 8,000 lost mfg jobs in PA…”.
      Navarro: “We’ve created over half a million manufacturing jobs…”

      Game, Set, and Match..

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    • gunrunner03 says:

      I don’t know why Navarro and others would put up with it at all. No need to go ballistic, just tell them if they are not going to let you finish your sentence or thought without constant interrupting “follow up” questions, then you are done with the interview.


  9. KAR says:

    Good article on how impeachment efforts could backfire on the Dems:

    “Impeachment? Bring it on. Trump can put the Dems on trial in the Senate”, by Jared Peterson

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  10. trumpthepress says:

    That was pretty entertaining. Navarro was great.
    The globalists looked defeated with their stupidity once again.
    Thank GOD for President Trump and the smart folks he appointed fighting this and other battles.

    Idiots and their fake narratives exposed for the 1 millionth time. Never gets old.

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  11. GGHD says:

    As this video contains references to China and trade, a quote from an older TheConservativeTreehouse article is referenced, =

    “President Trump appears to be looking for ways to influence the withdrawal of U.S. investments, especially pension and retirement accounts, from what he and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin perceive as high-risk exposure in China. However, it’s not because the administration wants to pressure Beijing; but rather because the administration is attempting to ~~>protect American investment interests.”
    [~White House Considering Block or Restrictions on U.S. Investments in China.~ …Posted on September 28, 2019 by sundance]

    The article contains a 50 minute interview with Kyle Bass about China business practices, and the tenuousness of investments in China; the interview is worth watching. … Plus during the interview, Kyle Bass briefly discusses how some American Retirement Accounts are invested in >opaque China [by the managers of the retirement accounts].


  12. FairTaxGuy60 says:

    Finally someone speaking very logically about why he cannot divulge sensitive trade negotiation plans, and how the media throws out false flags in the news to draw rebuttals which would then reveal these sensitive plans. They (the leftist media) are basically trying to dis-arm Trump in his trade negotiations to attempt to maintain the globalist status quo policies.

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  13. markone1blog says:

    It’s good to hear that taxpayers will no longer foot the bill for international inbound package deliveries.

    Now to hop subjects over to your headline — if I were Navarro, I could not put up with MCNBS or CNN. While I am sure he is deft with navigating the swamp, who wants to step from a swamp to a cesspool?

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  14. magatrump says:

    Kayla is a moron.


  15. Nigella says:

    So we have another “impeachable” offense? Trump pressured the Aussie PM to investigate Mueller? Seriously? Who is “leaking” this stuff?


    • 🍺Gunny66 says:


      Off base??…..maybe not….Who else would know if true?


    • Robert Smith says:

      Seriously, someone should investigate Mueller. He deserves that more than anyone.

      If it’s not apparent the IC spys on anyone and everyone. And they will make up whatever they well please and hide behind secrecy and Media “sources”.

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  16. Sammy Hains says:

    There is a new story out in the NYT that President “Trump Pressed Australian Leader to Help Barr Investigate Mueller Inquiry’s Origins”


    President Trump’s progress on exposing the Russian interference hoax is being monitored from WITHIN the CIA. It may be a “rogue” group or it may have tacit “official” approval.

    These leaks are coming from President Trump’s calls being monitored from inside the CIA.
    This is also why the whistleblower form was altered. It is a CIA operation against the President intent on stopping him from exposing what the CIA did in 2016-2017.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      This is predictable though isn’t it?

      Now they are trying to generate a “pattern” that requires investigation. They (CIA & Media – aren’t they the same thing…) have access to everything and are willing to say whatever it takes to get what they want.

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    • cheering4america says:

      It sounds more like it is another instance of criminal leaking of top-secret information, assuming it is not all made up again, for which the leaker needs to be identified and prosecuted, along with all of his or her accomplices.

      I am so tired of watching criminals commit crimes to the detriment of not only our patriotic President, but also the entire country, and then project their ACTUAL crimes onto President Trump in their fevered imaginations.

      Can we all here at CTH commit to calling criminal leaking of classified information what it is please? CRIMINAL. Which is not synonymous with “Whistleblower.”


      • Sammy Hains says:

        The conspirators are now seriously damaging the United States’ ability to work with out allies. No foreign official will speak frankly with any US official now that they know their calls are monitored by rogue agencies and weaponized for US domestic politics.

        The institutional refusal to prosecute their own has brought the country down.

        These agents spy, leak, and frame US citizens with total impunity. Rather than prosecuting these criminals who abuse their positions and the tools of the US government, the agencies cover it up and stonewall, and hide the criminal activity behind institutional language like “the agent lacked candor.”

        The top officials in these agencies are either corrupt themselves, or they know the institutional corruption is so deep and wide that they fear the agents under them.

        If they are covering up these crimes because they’re trying to protect their agency’s reputation, they are having the exact opposite effect.


  17. Tiffthis says:

    Kayla is a bit**! She needs to listen once in a while 👍🏼


  18. hardwarejunkie says:

    Amazing hostility. The gambit at the end regarding “you can’t believe any report” is an important and material misstatement of what Navarro actually said, which was “don’t trust any report that relies on anonymous sources.” These guys are lower than snakes, and way less useful.

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  19. Robert Smith says:

    But the economy sucks still?!

    Agenda-driven. Try as they might they aren’t going to get the Trump team off their game. Like the Media is tougher than the trade negotiations and business deals they’ve done their whole lives.

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  20. An says:

    You know how the Dems keep demanding that everyone not on their side be recused?

    Why can’t they push to recuse Shiff because of this?

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  21. j1u2l3i4a5 says:

    Seeing all the left hate being exposed makes me think I live in a foreign country. Has all this corruption been in our country all this time??? I’m 73 years old and have never witnessed this before in my lifetime.

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    • steph_gray says:

      I’m 66 years old and like you, didn’t know the extent, but…

      Evidently, yes it has.

      Thanks to President Trump – the truth shall set us free.

      (Also of course thanks to sundance. But without VSGPDJT sundance would have still been blogging the truth, but for far fewer redpilled people…)


  22. MicD says:

    Navarro melted their makeup.

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  23. Craig W. Gordon says:

    Navarro is the man!!!


  24. Liberty Forge says:

    Whoa. Peter Navarro is one smart, savvy — “cool as a cucumber” — guy.

    Kayla needs to put a “sock in it”. She is clueless — and extremely disrespectful. The arrogance of this chick is astounding. She thinks she is so darn cute. She’s obnoxious!

    Dear President Trump — Peter Navarro is one fine man — and I am so thankful he is on your team, and most definitely HAS YOUR BACK!!!

    So, we will have market swings based on false information. Who knew?

    Just imagine IF the news & coverage were actually FACTUAL. Just imagine if the MSM really reported the phenomenal economic explosion that is happening?

    Just imagine if “the markets” were reacting to the truth — instead of the pushed falsehoods.

    We would be sitting pretty, wouldn’t we?

    And, wouldn’t it be nice if TV “commentators” (all of them) would be respectful, and allow their questions to be answered without this continual interruption?

    Kayla — I am looking at you. I am also looking at Sean Hannity. And so very many others.

    (You have no idea how thankful I am to have given up (thrown out) TV many years ago. TV is agitating, and just this little clip — with this rude Kayla — reinforces just how agitating TV really is. And then you throw in commercials! And you wonder why people are agitated. Ha!)

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  25. cheering4america says:

    Why doesn’t he just say, “You sound like you want to talk, why don’t I let you give your monologue?” or “You should just interview yourself.”

    “What are you afraid of that you won’t let me complete my sentence?” “Is there something you are trying to keep from your viewers?”

    “Clearly you have a strong point of view; do you have no interest in hearing a different one?”

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  26. Bigly says:

    This is a scene out of Glenn Gary, Glenn Ross.

    Trump prob told his people – get mad €$))()-8-‘shriek!!

    Love it. Way to punch these bastards in the face. Don’t give them an inch. You want to impeach us – we impeach you first!!!

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  27. Shyster says:

    Bravo Peter. All Blumberg accomplished in the long run was to put in china’s head possible devastating trade war actions that may follow, audits or banned from trading, if the Chinese don’t cut a fair deal on the seven deadly sins. Navarro’s claimed fake news, yet refusal to confirm or deny that such action has been or will ever be considered should the war escalate. POTUS is now living rent free in China’s head that should there be no deal a ban or audit policy may be implemented.


  28. czarowniczy says:

    Is this my ‘Manchurian Candidate’ scenario starting to come to fruition? Is the WaPo (OK, Bezo$ and his money) starting to wean the voters away from the Nut Pack and towards a dark horse? I don’t see Nancy actually being a viable choice but she could be a stepping stone to…Michelle?


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