Trump Attorney Jay Sekulow: Go Ahead and Take The Impeachment Vote….

President Trump’s attorney Jay Sekulow reacts to the “whistleblower” complaint and explains the impact this fraudulent construct is having on the U.S. government.

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97 Responses to Trump Attorney Jay Sekulow: Go Ahead and Take The Impeachment Vote….

  1. woohoowee says:

    Desperate Dims.

    Speaker NanJives’ and Senator Buzzard Breaths’ theme song:

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  2. Pyrthroes says:

    But of course, as Sundance drills home, rule changes and all, Rats’ seditious libel promulgated by Pelosi, Soros et al. is not realistically designed to remove Pres. Trump from office prior to Election 2020 but to de-legitimize the electoral integrity of U.S. institutions. This on behalf of a lurking-menace Deep State clerisy, whose sole objective is to maintain subreptive dirigistes’ decades-old in-group immunity from prosecution dating explicitly from what Michael Barone calls Slick Willy Clinton’s and Benedict Barack’s “criminal gangs” inaugurated 1993 and 2009.

    For the naively disinterested American electorate, the problem is that entrenched Officialdom is an ex parte apparat of limitless resources, writing its own rules. Absent institutional slushfunds, private citizens can’t “fight fire with fire” against metastasizing Optimates (sic) by their own methods. And so, in principle the legal-schmegal game is up… where Defense plays by set rules while Offense resorts to poison-daggers in one’s ribs, Epstein-Weinstein Rats will win out every time.

    The solution lies in “direct action”, historically a cure more deadly far than the disease.

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  3. Lee Moore says:

    As i see it the point of the second hand stuff is this :

    1. It allows a binder indictment of lots of allegations. If you had to wait for actual first hand whisteblowers, each of whom knew something directly, they’d all have to come out at once (even more suspicious than this binder) or you’d have to dribble them out over weeks and months which would lose the political effect. And there’s a hurry. They need to get out ahead of Mr Durham. And anyway as Fleitz said – this was obviously a committee effort by a group of lawyers. And lawyers can’t do one pagers in plain English. Comes from being paid by yard of text.

    2. Multiple stories and angles prevent a clean knock out response. Bait and switch.

    3. It allows a number of false or exaggerated complaints to be stirred in – “not my fault, I was only reporting what I heard.” And it carries a lovely unexploded bomb – if the President’s side responds with “these so called facts are garbage”, the Dims can come back with – you agree we need to investigate ! The Blasey Ford gambit.

    4. Second hand stuff keeps the leakers in situ, for more spying and leaking

    The downside of doing it the way the Dims have done it, is that it looks like a put up job. And the more complicated and articulated the plan, the more things that can go wrong. Evidence of the change in the form is an example. By itself it looks trivial. But in context it looks damning.

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    • bertdilbert says:

      It is like the democrats filled a dumpster with trash, pushed it out into the street, lit it on fire, and said Trump did it. That is the basis of their impeachment.

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    • IT IS “a put-up job,” and that’s why courts of law won’t indulge in it. That’s why the real whistleblower laws don’t allow hearsay … or (call it what it is …) “made-up lies.”

      This is a seditious conspiracy against the Government of the United States, perpetrated by senior officers within that same Government. Begin by seizing them and transporting them to Gitmo to face a military tribunal, and, if convicted, a firing squad. If these tactics are allowed to flourish, they will be the downfall of everything we treasure. “Don’t say it cannot happen here.” A few hundred well-situated people would demolish the home of 365 million others…

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  4. Jenevive says:

    Most of normal thinking America sees this little charade for what it is.
    and I believe the Dems will over play thier hand..Already Kamala
    Harris is now sending a letter saying they should begin impeachment
    inquiry into Kavanaugh..and you can guarantee it Barr doesn;t recuse
    (which I don;t think he will) they will scream impeachement inquiry into him
    as well..

    They will so over play thier hand like they did at the Kavanaugh
    hearings where each claim they made got more ridiculous than the next
    but they just couldn;t help themselves until Avenatti came in and
    saved the day for us..(not his intention I know but that is what happened with
    his such over the top story)

    THe repubs need to keep calling them the do nothing Democrats.
    I beleive no matter what the Dems will impeach him..I am not
    so sure how the Senate will do.. I want to believe they are not that
    stupid but the TDS is so strong I wouldn;t surprise me.
    But I think POTUS need to do almost daily rallies during
    the impeachment and trial if it get that far..
    show them that normal america isnt buying what they are selling
    I found it interesting that even Bill Maher is warning
    that normal thinking americans don;t care about this
    whole impeachment nonsense he said something
    along the line of they care more about thier phone bill
    than they do POTUS phone call. John Kacish said the
    same that no one in Ohio is talking about this impeachment stuff.

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  5. vmi80 says:

    What happened to Hannity? He didn’t interrupt.

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  6. Elvis Newton says:

    If it goes that far, this “trial” will be an epic PDJT production. They won’t know what hit them by the time he finishes exposing all of them. It will last for MONTHS. Remember, the “accused” has the right to cross exam, call witnesses, and present evidence of corruption on the part of the “prosecutor” AND the jury. He’s not going to quietly resign like Nixon “for the good of the country”.

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    • FofBW says:

      EXACTLY what the Dems DO NOT want.

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      • GB Bari says:


        Which is why the Deep State prefers to continue their campaign of “drive-by accusations” by anonymous shooters, assisted by the Drive By Media (credit to R. Limbaugh for the term).

        So Lawfare plans and the Deep State executes Hit and Run smear attacks that the DemonRATs then quickly cite as proof of the President’s alleged guilt.

        What happened to the right to face one’s accusers?


    • Sharpshorts says:

      “Remember, the “accused” has the right…”
      Yes but also keep in mind
      the “accuser” will change the rules because he can.

      Butch Cassity’s challenger “Come on Butch, there are no rules in a knife fight !”
      Butch ” OK – someone count down to go”
      Sundance Kid “1-2-3 Go! “

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      • tav144 says:

        Republican led Senate runs the trial, and I don’t see even RINOs being brash enough to do that without realizing the backlash they’d pay.

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        • Kleen says:

          You are assuming the criminal cabal hasn’t set any traps.

          I think this Volker guy entrapped Rudy.
          Sounds too much like Papadopoulos being asked to spy on Mifsud.

          They have been up to no good.

          It doesn’t matter that Trump is right. They are dirty. They plant crimes on innocent people.

          Trump’s lawyers are the best!

          But they follow the law. We are dealing with entrapment, intel community, spying, all mighty power of the criminals cabal.

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        • joebkonobi says:

          They will figure a way to get rich off of it thru payoffs. As Sundance constantly reminds us “There are trillions at stake.” Most of the UniParty repubs have masters other than we the people.

          America’s survival depends upon Donald J. Trump’s survival!

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    • Kleen says:

      I do hope I am wrong! I pray that I am wrong.


      Demoncraps have plans. They keep changing the rules. Traps are everywhere.

      I think Rudy Giuliani fell for a trap. They are about to nail him. This Volker guy entrapped him and he is about to “testify “( frame)

      They have the intel community with dirt on everyone.

      This will not lead to a fair trial

      They have plans to make this work for them.

      This is not a couple of idiots planning something

      This is a mafia operation. Soros, Senate, House, FBI, CIA, NSA, Media. everyone doing their part.

      They have been planning this for months.

      They are dirty, filthy, don’t care about throwing innocent people in jail

      It’s like having a Drug cartel running the country and expect the rule of law to work.

      Not until they are all destroyed.

      These people took over the country.

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      • Dixie says:

        I believe Soros is at the root of this. He’s trying to bankrupt and ruin America like he has other countries. The dems he owns are helping him which might explain some of the wealth among them. I found references to Nancy Pelosi and many demonrats among the links when I researched him as well as all the open societies he has sunk his billions into to influence and help him with his goal to destroy our country. However, most of them were outdated so nothing recently. I have to assume someone is helping him with making the links go away as well. IMHO

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      • 1stgoblyn says:

        Kleen, they have actually been planning it for years; 4 to be exact. Ever since he took that walk down the escalator with Melania in June of ’15.


    • Sam Fox says:

      Yeah Elvis, the discovery that Mr. T’s legal team could pull up would be devastating to the fascist left fairy tale spinners. They have a LOT to hide! They are the ones guilty of treason & MANY other crimes as they attempt to over throw the USA & install themselves in as rulers of the USA.


      Hope I can post this. A one of CTH articles it told me I had to paste an email link that was legit. I did that a dozen times & still got the same song & dance.


  7. ATheoK says:

    Elite Progressives who allege themselves democrats are proving the old saw about “Tyranny by the majority”.
    They are in full tyrannical operation now.

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  8. Brian Baker says:

    So, who changed the whistleblower form (as recently as a few months ago per Sekulow) to remove the firsthand witness requirement? Find out and get them under oath to ask why.

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    • Coast says:

      And realistically that should be an easy task. Government forms have “owners” and a process for revision through the management chain. There is a paper trail of signatures and correspondence citing reasons for changes. Regardless, there will be a phony excuse….such as saying it enhances the process of protecting America.

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      • joebkonobi says:

        Odd that no one seems to know when exactly the form was changed. It would seem that if there are tracks and signatures associated with the change, as there should be, it should be relatively straight forward to determine.If it was changed post-complaint it should not apply, although surely lawfare is smart enough to have changed it pre-complaint.

        Even if they have an excuse for the change most will understand the timing issue and it can serve as a cudgel for the white hat to beat the black hats with.

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    • dutzie6054 says:

      Saw this on Twitter


    • Repeat action item from me to Gina Haspel , Director of CIA . IF SHE CAN NOT DETERMINE WHO CHANGED THE FORM IN 4 HOURS. AND STATE IF THE NEW STUPID FORM IS A VALID REPORTING VEHICLE , THEN SHE IS A BLACKHAT. So far — no announced answer. What does that tell you ??


    • pucecatt says:

      As for who requested the change and who demanded the change , my guess would be Pelosi or Schiff . They seem to think they have such powers and they may well have those powers ..


  9. Coast says:

    Whether or not the democrats are successful in removing President Trump, the damage is being done, day by day by day. They are removing his ability in obtaining border security, in restoring the rule of law, in removing illegals, in working with world leaders, in making better trade deals, etc, etc. The ultimate fault lies with the American people, which in blue states don’t seem to be very American.

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    • Joemama says:

      I live in CA. I am on your side. It isn’t the people, it is the criminal cultural marxists that have completely corrupted the electoral system in blue states. I am convinced that they don’t even count my vote. I’m beginning to think they just count the number of ballots and falsify the votes to match the total number of ballots.

      What convinced me that enormous voter fraud is occurring, was Orange County going blue in the last election. Orange County, CA historically has been a Republican stronghold. I don’t believe for a second that there has been a massive change in the population, with radical left wing people replacing the conservative Orange County base.

      Most are sane, fairly conservative people in CA, even among many democrats. I don’t know a single democrat that supports the lunacy of “transgender” men (that still have their penis) having access to women’s bathrooms.


  10. Mike in a Truck says:

    Oh boy I’m looking forward to impeachment! This will be Donald Trumps biggest show. Bigger than Mis America/ Miss Universe or whatever. Bigger than the Apprentice. Yuuuuuge! His biggest production ever and it will be the end of the Democrat Party. The Greatest Show On Earth! Wont even need to have an election at that point as there will be no one left to run against.

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  11. bentley1blog says:

    Where are the charges of obstruction from our side? All they seem to be doing is talking about all the crimes from the Dims but have we seen any charges being brought up to haul these monsters in to face justice? No!


  12. Zippy says:

    First of all, is everyone else’s YouTube auto-transcript always showing up as ALL CAPS for Fox ONLY. I wonder if YouTube is doing this to make cuts and pastes difficult, making cut and paste quotes from it a hassle since the case must be manually changed to avoid looking like shouting.

    Anyway, in that interview he said that the DOJ IG’s rules for what would be accepted from whistleblowers – FIRST HAND information ONLY – was VERY recently changed to allow hearsay!

    Who changed that within the so-called “Barr” DOJ and why?


    • Zippy says:

      Just found this:

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    • Zippy says:

      I came in on only part of the interview last night so I though he was referring to the DOJ IG. It was the intel “community.”

      “Let me tell you: You take on the intelligence community — they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you,” said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer Tuesday evening on MSNBC:

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    • Tom22ndState says:

      Remember Zippy, the firsthand info requirement only applies to “urgent and credible” complaints that must be shared with Congress within 7 days.
      This combined with the timing of the change reveals the seditious intent of this “complaint”.

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      • Who determines “urgent and credible”?


      • Zippy says:

        From the article:

        Between May 2018 and August 2019, the intelligence community secretly eliminated a requirement that whistleblowers provide direct, first-hand knowledge of alleged wrongdoings. This raises questions about the intelligence community’s behavior regarding the August submission of a whistleblower complaint against President Donald Trump. The new complaint document no longer requires potential whistleblowers who wish to have their concerns expedited to Congress to have direct, first-hand knowledge of the alleged wrongdoing that they are reporting.

        The brand new version of the whistleblower complaint form, which was not made public until after the transcript of Trump’s July 25 phone call with the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky and the complaint addressed to Congress were made public, eliminates the first-hand knowledge requirement and allows employees to file whistleblower complaints even if they have zero direct knowledge of underlying evidence and only “heard about [wrongdoing] from others.”

        The internal properties of the newly revised “Disclosure of Urgent Concern” form, which the intelligence community inspector general (ICIG) requires to be submitted under the Intelligence Community Whistleblower Protection Act (ICWPA), show that the document was uploaded on September 24, 2019, at 4:25 p.m., just days before the anti-Trump complaint was declassified and released to the public. The markings on the document state that it was revised in August 2019, but no specific date of revision is disclosed.

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        • The express purpose here is to allow “pure lies” to be fabricated and treated as real complaints by a Kangaroo court (the House). A real Court would never admit any such “evidence,” but then again, the real Court system some time ago found no cause whatever to bring a criminal indictment. Trump faces and will face no criminal charges whatever.

          The House is simply determined to pursue its Unconstitutional vendetta to rid itself of the first President in American history who dared to challenge Organized Crime in our nation’s capitol.

          But once again, they don’t take the people seriously: they never have. They’ve never faced criminal justice, so they have no idea what it is.

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  13. jackphatz says:

    If the Democrat’s are not actively cheating, they are not playing.

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  14. Harlan says:

    Why don’t the Republicans throw a wrench in the works and submit a bill for impeachment? The dims will have to vote for it or not, regardless of which party calls for it.


  15. Kleen says:

    Poor Jay! So honest.

    He has no clue he is dealing with Soros, mafia.

    He thinks there will be a *fair* trial and gladly will walk into a trap

    By the time he figures out that Soros mafia changed the rules it will be to late

    Where’s the fair trial?

    Demonpossessedcrats keep changing the rules.

    What makes anyone think it stops here?

    They have no shortage of Fords, Avenatis, rumor blowers. We will see more rumorblowers in the next few months than the population of the US

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  16. Rock Knutne says:

    I posted this in another thread, but I think I’ll repost it here because of it’s hopeful message.

    By: Hyram F. Suddfluffel, PhD, (Political Science)

    I have a degree in Political Science, and I am a card-carrying Libertarian.  I’ve been studying politics and political history for the past 30 years. My specialty is U.S. Presidents. That said, I hope that the House of Representatives impeaches Trump. Let me tell you what will happen next!

    1. The House can pass articles of impeachment over the objections of the Republicans and refer to the Senate for trial.
    2. The Senate will conduct a trial. There will be a vote, and the Republicans will vote unanimously, along with a small number of Democrats, to not convict the President. Legally, it will all be over at that point.
    3. However, during the trial, and this is what no one is thinking about right now, the President’s attorneys will have the right to subpoena and question ANYONE THEY WANT!  That is different than the special counsel investigation, which was very one-sided.

                  So, during the impeachment trial, we will be hearing testimony from James Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr, Glenn Simpson, Donna Brazille, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Christopher Steele, Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, James Clapper, and a whole host of other participants in this whole sordid affair and the ensuing coverup activities.

    A lot of dirt will be dug up; a lot of truth will be unveiled. Finger pointing will occur.  Deals will start being made, and suddenly, a lot of democrats will start being charged and going to prison.  All this, because, remember, the President’s team will now, for the first time, have the RIGHT to question all of these people under oath – and they will turn on each other.  That is already starting.

                  4. Lastly, one more thing will happen, the Senate will not convict the President. Nothing will happen to Trump.

    Most Americans are clueless about political processes, the law, and the Constitution. Most Americans believe that being impeached results in removal from office. They don’t understand that phase 2 is a trial in and by the Senate, where he has zero chance of conviction.

     Remember, the Senate is controlled by Republicans; they will determine what testimony is allowed – and *everything* will be allowed, including: DNC collusion with the Clinton campaign to fix the election in favor of Hillary, the creation of the Trump dossier, the cover up and destruction of emails that very likely included incriminating information. They will incriminate each other for lying to the FISA court, for spying and wiretapping the Trump campaign, and for colluding with foreign political actors, especially George Soros.

    After the Senate declines to convict the President, we will have an election, and Trump will win.  It will be a backlash against democrat petulance, temper tantrums, hypocrisy and dishonesty.  Even minorities will vote for Trump, because, for the first time, they will see that democrats have spent 2+ years focused on maintaining their own power, and not doing anything at all about black murders in Chicago, homelessness, opioids, and other important issues that are actually killing people. And, we will spend the following four years listening to politicians and pundits claim that the whole impeachment was rigged.

    So let’s move on to impeachment

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    • Conundrum says:

      That was written by someone foolish enough to only see party lines and not the corruption that goes beyond party lines. There will be no party line vote in the Senate. The corrupt will vote to save their tails and Trump will be gone unless the people rise to the occasion. IT IS ON US just like it has always been.

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      • James Groome says:

        Really you actually believe that after TRUMP publicly presents evidence, the witnesses are questioned and CROSS EXAMINED – you believe that the Republicans will vote to remove him?
        They will not be able to make it out of DC with the number of people there to ensure that they ACT AS THEY WERE ELECTED.


    • MTeresa says:

      That is a very hopeful prospect but not without tremendous risk……..

      When you consider for example, the eleven Republican Senators who did not support the President’s border wall funding, I am afraid President Trump cannot count on the full support of all of the Republicans in the Senate.


  17. Former lurker says:

    Uniparty blinders still on after thirty years…guess it’s true Phd means “Piled Higher and Deeper”


  18. Rick says:

    It won’t get to a trial, as long as it stays an “Impeachment Investigation” they can continue with the false narrative. And the MSM will run with it
    A trial will require facts.


  19. “Since a two year $40 million investigation didn’t work, and no one remembered John Dean, we’re just going to start making up lies, and changing whistleblower rules to hide the identity of the liar.” We don’t care about the Constitution and high crimes: we’ll just find an innocent man “guilty” of what we ourselves did so we can keep doing it forever …

    … because we still refuse to believe that the American People are a significant force to oppose our plans. “They made a mistake” and we’re going to fix it for them …

    The fatal mistake that these people continue to make is that they listen only to themselves, and now to unscrupulous but opportunistic lawyers who sell them what they want to hear. Preserving a status quo that literally consists of organized crime is all they care about. 360 million other people they care about not at all, but the President they hate so rabidly, does. This will be their undoing. 2016 was no mistake nor accident.

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    • mikeyboo says:

      I agree, Mike. 2016 was not a fluke. It was a harbinger of things to come. Against all the efforts of the corruptocrats, Pres Trump and we Deplorables beat them back. They never expected that WE would be the ones to be truly woke!!!


  20. rustybritches says:

    Mitch McConnell said that if the house votes for Articles of Impeachment that he will have no choice but to bring about a trial, and so you see that Mitch McConnell is not any more supportive than any of the rest of them are, and when its all said and done all we can do is hope and pray that the really good guys in the senate dems and Repubs will think about their future and remember when you hit Trump He hits back twice as hard and when they remove him from office for something he didn’t do You can believe dam straight this man is going to hit them all and hit them harder than they have ever been hit before.. George Soros should do what he did in Hungary they told him to leave and I believe if he was smart he and his dirt bag family would do the same here but then he really has no where else to go because he has been run out of every other country on earth and with out his money the dems would be the first ones to throw that old rat snake under the bus.. god help the repubs if they go against this President That’s the one Problem that President Trump has He thinks to highly of the back stabbing Republicans

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  21. joebkonobi says:

    Anyone else curious as to what, if anything, Bill Barr and his DOJ are doing about all the shady, possibly illegal shenanigans behind the rumor-blower complaint? Seems this is another situation where the “origins” and inconsistencies need looking into. After all, it is being used as the predicate for the impeachment of a President.


  22. mikeyboo says:

    Barr did all right by us when it came to neutering the bogus Mueller report. I am not counting him out on this latest bull-chit.

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  23. SOLUTION to Intelligence Community’s FAKE WHISTLEBLOWING:
    Prosecute SpySpinners!

    The Intelligence Community’s IG has fraudulently attempted to confer “Whistleblower” status on “SpySpinners”.

    Announce that any SpySpinner submitting a FAKE Allegation without “Sworn First-Hand Proof” will be prosecuted.

    • Declare that the IG had no authority to cloak SpySpinning as FAKE Whistleblowing to provide fraudulent cover to Coup Co-Conspirators.

    • Direct that because the Intelligence Community has access to tools and methodologies that could damage the nation if used for criminal purposes, they must be held to the highest possible standard of conduct and oversight.

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  24. franz dorn says:

    Meanwhile have all the Spygate matters been indefinately suspended during impeachment matters?


  25. Mc Stain still screwing President Trump from the grave.👎


  26. Sharpshorts says:

    “…if you like your country, you can keep your country…”


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