Jim Jordan and Chip Roy Discuss Pelosi Rush to Complete Articles of Impeachment…

Representative Jim Jordan and Representative Chip Roy discuss the urgency in the Democrats’ rush to assemble articles of impeachment.

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26 Responses to Jim Jordan and Chip Roy Discuss Pelosi Rush to Complete Articles of Impeachment…

  1. SteveT says:

    Note the “when determined by the ICIG to be in the best interests of the intelligence community” at the bottom of the form.

    This should read “in the best interest of the American People”, not the corrupt intelligence community.
    Surely American laws would not allow hearsay evidence even if the IG does?


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  2. SPMI says:

    On the lighter side I don’t give a rats ass what the Democrats do. I am very concerned about what the RINO so called Republicans will do.
    This is no longer political.
    It is Good over Evil.
    Good must triumph over evil.
    Take out the i and the h and you have the solution
    T R U M P M A G A

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  3. shirley49 says:

    So what can we do to help our duly chosen President other than vote every Dem out of office. I am getting sick of this garbage and Congress not doing their jobs. The DOJ needs to get all records released ie: the Fisa warrant applications and all info regarding the Mueller Investigation and show the world what a corrupt bunch the Dems are. WHERE ARE THE REPUBLICANS. Only see a few standing up for DJT and us.

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  4. Rynn69 says:

    How much you wanna bet all those people are husbands, wives, mothers & fathers of Swamp people? I say 99.9%.

    This “fiefdom” they have carved out for themselves in DC on selling out America is quite the scam.

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  5. ATheoK says:

    Those who are alleged democrats have devised an impeachment tragedy by excluding the minority party. i.e. Tyranny by the majority.

    While accomplishing their ends, the alleged democrats have allowed democrats to field a group of lying socialists as their potential presidential candidates for Presidency in 2020.

    A socistic group that is thoroughly causing more democrat Americans to be utterly disgusted with the democrat party every day.

    2020 is looking ever more to be a Republican landslide across the House, Senate and Presidency.

    Thanks to selfish egocentric and very nearsighted motives of entrenched democrats. They desire to reach a new low in governance.

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  6. willthesuevi says:

    Well at least in the video pic above the hippie leftists are not wearing tie dye, sandals and beads. Man I am so ready for a fashion change from the well dressed commie protestor. Soros even bought them matching dayglow shirts for safety. That way we cannot accidentally run over…. “cough” …..I mean, we can see them.

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  7. Mike says:

    If Bill Barr had any intention of doing anything, he would have done so by now. Durham, Barr or Huber will never indict a single person involved in the coup to overthrow the US Government. And this protection of the coup conspirators is what lead directly to this NEW fabricated attack. After all, there are NO consequences for false accusaions, so what is the deterrent for them to not do so all the ime?

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    • Mr. T. says:

      Mike, here’s something else for you to consider. The Demodopes in the House, which I’m sure have heard things that you and I haven’t yet heard, probably know they are in deep you know what because of Durham, Barr and Huber. Because of that knowledge, they are scrambling to get the articles of impeachment done, and hope to get the impeachment vote done and sent up to the US Senate, BEFORE the damning evidence against them about their attempted coup comes out. Assuming of course that there are even enough votes to approve the articles of impeachment. I kind of think that some of the demodopes will back away from it because they know if they do vote for it, it’s pretty much committing political suicide.

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  8. TwoLaine says:

    I wanna’ know where I can find the Constituent Whistleblower Form.

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  9. justlizzyp says:

    I wonder if Pelosi’s new rules explicitly prevent minority members from conducting their own interviews, issuing their own subpoenas etc….

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  10. Doug Amos says:

    At ease; we are all in and our leader is strong. In all cases, we seek only the truth; their is no agenda other than that and we have learned more in the last 30 months than we had in all our lives combined. Teaching is futile, mankind can only learn, or, he cannot.

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  11. wodiej says:

    Good grief these donkey’s are tiresome. Hee, Haw


  12. Your Tour Guide says:

    Love the pictures with the impeachment signs.

    Everyone’s edumacated, wealthy white neighbors
    that they avoid like the plague, fearing a political discussion
    will be forthcoming.

    In the 90s, they’d be wheezing away from the demonstration
    sight in their brick shaped Volvo 240s. Nowadays? Parking lots
    full of Prius, Subaru wagons.


  13. Republicanvet91 says:

    Regardless of the form changing allowing hearsay, Atkinson should be answering why he considered the complaint URGENT given what was written in the complaint.

    Hearsay and quoting news quotes is considered urgent? Seriously?


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