Former CIA Analyst Fred Fleitz: Whistleblower Had Help From Schiff Staff…

Former CIA analyst Fred Fleitz has extensive knowledge of the whistleblower process. Fleitz says the Ukraine call whistleblower is likely driven by political motives, and his sources indicate he had help from Congress members while writing it.

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54 Responses to Former CIA Analyst Fred Fleitz: Whistleblower Had Help From Schiff Staff…

  1. tominellay says:

    I’d say Fleitz is right.

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  2. Bigly says:

    He just said “it looks more like a group of people” drafted the complaint.

    And mitt Romney responds “what trump did appears to be extremely troubling”

    The GOP is discrediting itself by not gathering together in 1 voice and defending our president. Where are the subpoenas ?? Subpoena every democrat on the committee, DNI, all of it. Play dirty back cause this is an uninformed mob.

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    • roddrepub says:

      Like Mark Levin said tonight the Republicans are going to have to use gorilla tactics! Fight damned!

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      • Scott Allen says:

        Some will fight – the usual warriors, some will when asked but the vast majority will obfuscate as usual which is why Trump is the President and will remain the President for another 5 years and 4 months.

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      • Richard Whitney says:

        Most of the Rs are also bought. They are weasels, part of the treason.

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      • gunrunner03 says:

        I heard that remark, too. The only problem is that the Republican Party leadership doesn’t know the first thing about guerilla tactics, or any tactics for that matter. The RINOS are perfectly happy, and the rest are constantly outmaneuvered by Pelosi and her minions. It is down right laughable. Seriously, Republicans can’t wield a hammer let alone power. Only thing we can do is write those senators that we are watching, and pray. And then re-elect President Trump to his second term. I am sure that all that he has learned about the Swamp and their tactics will make his second term one that is lights-out/ass-kicking.

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    • David K. Peers says:

      Romney’s running his own agenda. He didn’t become a senator to represent the people. The crooked stiff still wants to become president.

      It’s characters like Mitt Romney who cause people to believe in the government is run by Lizard People.

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    • De Oppresso Liber says:

      Mittens has his own splainin’ to do concerning Burisma Holdings. Romney has a senior personal advisor named Joseph Cofer Black (aka: Cofer Black) who was also appointed to the Board of Directors of Burisma Holdings. Cofer Black was on the board simultaneously with Hunter Biden, and remains on the board to this day.

      Burisma is spreading that brinery money around ALL the Uniparty crooks!

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    • De Oppresso Liber says:

      I meant “bribery money”

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    • Artful Zombie says:

      Pelosi rule changes do not allow for what you ask.


    • Jederman says:

      Maguire has his hands full. If lawfare is going to continue to trot out one gossip blower after another then Maguire is going to have his hands full.

      I wonder if he had any idea what kind of scheisse sandwich he was handed when he took the job. His vouching for and endorsement of atkinson and the wb was troubling during the hearings was curious.

      I’m hoping he’s true blue and not a hillary loving McRaven or McCrystal DS type.


    • Contrarymary says:

      I was upset with rep Turner during the hearing when he said that what Trump said on the phone call “was not ok”. Turner is a smart man and brought up good points, but to say it’s not ok, just feeds the beast. Trump said nothing wrong. It’s his job to investigate corruption.

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  3. Parker says:

    This page has virus on it. Beware.


    • amwick says:

      FWIW I said that the first time I scanned through the complaint.. that it was a team effort.

      THis guy is supposed to be on FAF now..hmmm

      BTW Weird things happen to me too, blocked by Norton… I never know if it the web page, the browser or something else. I have adblocker, but it is turned off because SD asked to do that…

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    • GGHD says:

      Parker, thank you for the warning. Real time computer Virus protection from a private service is essential; I learned that in school about computers. … Amwick mentions one company; you must have one too, Parker.
      [The yearly fee for computer protection is like car insurance every year]

      Jake Tapper, said on CNN, “President Donald Trump has “an army of trolls” that will defended anything he does.” [Breitbart]
      The Fake News accuses Republicans of the things the Democrats are already >doing. … [Me, John Smith] = Intentional spreading of a virus would be a Demo-rat Troll Tactic.

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    • farmerren says:

      Parker, I’ve read the replies to you in order to get as much info as my pea brain can absorb but I’m still confused. Which page has the virus that you see and what virus software were you using that popped up the ‘warning’?


    • TwoLaine says:

      Use the WordPress Reader and you don’t have to worry about viruses and a whole lotta’ othet stuff.

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    • GB Bari says:

      Parker, probably not.
      The page hijacking you’re experiencing is coming through your ISP., not CTH.
      Try a better browser with stronger filters. I use Brave Browser on my iPad and iPhone and it works very well. Others have found equally effective solutions with other browsers or internet security apps or ad blockers.


    • sundance says:

      There is no virus.

      Your Internet Service Provider has specific malware designed to keep you from visiting websites antithetical to their political views. Those viruses you identify are actually put into place by your ISP not the Treehouse.

      AT&T is the most notorious Internet Service Provider known to use these malware tactics. However, more in the industry have also started using them.

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      • Dabigragu says:

        You’re correct. People, using a VPN is the answer. It not only blocks others from viewing what your looking at and your security, it also blocks your ISP from controlling your browsing. If they are so inclined.


  4. badcraig says:

    With the IG report on FISA abuse due, this is still a cover-up of the crimes of the Obama administration.

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  5. John-Y128 says:

    Why is ‘the CIA Leaker’ still being referred to as a ‘WB’ in conservative media sites, ‘Change the Narrative’.

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  6. Tom22ndState says:

    Seems Felix is either ignorant or he’s spinning. The requirement that exclusively first hand information be used only applies to the “urgent and credible” complaint which must be shared within 7 days to Congress.

    If a whistleblower hears 2nd or 3rd hand info they can make a complaint, it just wouldn’t be “urgent” enough to turn over to the congressional intel swamps.


    • Jederman says:

      Felix might be but I don’t think Fleitz is.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      Who is Felix?
      One might surmise if you do not even know about whom you are speaking, one might likewise discount your opinion.

      And that is all your words are – just another uninformed opinion.
      More informed opinions agree with Mr FLEITZ.
      Fred FLEITZ has knowledge. Recommended one learns the difference.


  7. Rock Knutne says:

    So Fred thinks 2nd and 3rd hand hearsay is ok (about 3:50 – 4:30ish)?
    Just the timing of it is sketchy?



    • Donzo says:

      His view that hearsay is OK for a WB complaint led me to discount is entire POV given his serious lack of judgement. Anyone can say anything in the cafeteria, especially if they think one of their colleagues might listen in. Ridiculous.


  8. Boots says:

    Cite the source of your claim, please.


  9. Fishelsea says:

    Same ploy as the dossier. Written and paid for by the dnc. Adam Schiff berating a retired us admiral about delivering a document his team had written is the lowest,
    Most disgusting display. Worse than reading his disgusting parody into the congressional record. What lowly human being he is.

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  10. GB Bari says:

    It’s both astounding while at the same time dismaying that so many people cannot recognize the blatant lie behind this entire “whistleblower” incident.

    And as soon as there was / is pushback by the IC and DemonRATs to investigate the source(s) and the process (including the timeline), we should recognize beyond any doubt the fraudulence of everyone involved in bringing this fabricated “complaint” to light.

    This entire political practice of using unproven hearsay to generate public sentiment is the root of a huge national/ societal problem. Media should not be allowed immunity from liability when they promote news stories that accuse others of malfeasance without proof. That’s not an infringement on First Amendment rights, but when opinions are published as factual news, there has to be proof or else risk significant consequences.

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  11. I pray that PDJT has the goods on this project!!! If he and team Trump do, then pencil neck can kiss his corrupt ass goodbye and share a jail cell next to his buddy Ed Buck!!

    For a very interesting thought… the timing of Buck’s arrest!!! Perhaps people are already singing and the fat lady is warming up. Two Epstein incidents won’t look good for them and will raise even more questions.

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  12. Mac Mcgovern says:

    Any of the pols that have similar scams going on which would be both Dems and GOP members are shaking in their boots right now. They moved Romney right into one of those “money maker” committees I imagine.


  13. mike dennis says:

    Has any establishment Republican been “troubled” by anything the Dems have done? Grahamnesty doesn’t count since he has yet to lift a finger on anything. Remember when he refuted the Dems threat to investigate everyone by saying the senate would do the same? McConnell could put a stop to this farce in a instant but he wants Trump out on the cheap.

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    • snellvillebob says:

      I do not understand what McConnell could do since he a Senator and the impeachment is in the House. I suppose he could speak out against it but I really don’t think any Democrats will risk they cuts of the loot and corruption and listen to him.


      • mike dennis says:

        He could raise his voice? How about pointing out no crime was permitted and you need high crimes etc. He could indicate the president was right that Mueller was a complete witchhunt and he won’t tolerate any more of this nonsense. He can launch committee meetings galore and start bankrupting the players on the left. He’s doing nothing because he’s on the other team.


  14. askandgettruth says:

    why don’t we fly them all to the space station and let them fight it out. kick the losers out into deep space with a sign on them which says TRAITOR TO THE PLANET EARTH.


  15. askandgettruth says:

    all this for trying to protect the CLINTON CRIME FAMILY !!! bring back the guillotine for these traitors, schiff and pig-losi last so they can watch true justice


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