President Trump: “Fake News Media Trying to Protect Biden” Within Ukraine Whistleblower Story…

Earlier today President Trump delivered a series of tweet statements and videos highlighting how the media is spinning their “whistleblower” coverage to protect Sleepy Joe Biden from his corrupt endeavors to financially benefit his family.

President Donald Trump also shared a few videos to give context to the story:

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258 Responses to President Trump: “Fake News Media Trying to Protect Biden” Within Ukraine Whistleblower Story…

  1. WeThePeople2016 says:

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  2. lying propaganda fake news lib media are so crazy, piece worthless,

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  3. Garavaglia says:

    Has Biden shared the story about the time he was managing an arcade and he told Fruit Pie the Magician to quit hogging the Pac Man machine? That’s a good one.

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  4. Bob Smith says:

    They are protecting Obama not Biden. Joe didn’t take a whiz without Barrykins OK.

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  5. meadowlarkspring says:


    • CTH Fan says:

      Hmmm! Now why would this whistle blower need attorneys? If they were a real whistle blower there are laws to protect them.

      IMO opinion it is the IG that claimed it was an emergency knowing that it was just hearsay that needs to be investigated. How did Schiff know about the complaint? Conspiracy anyone.

      What they have done has harmed the US standing as far as world leaders are concerned and all calls for trancripts should be denied!!!!

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  6. Tim says:

    This is Alinskys Rules for radicals. Accuse your enemy of what you are guilty of. Accusation , Trump pressured Ukraine. Truth , a Democrat , Joe Biden, pressured Ukraine.

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  7. MaineCoon says:

    ME: Biden: dead meat by tweet.
    Weapon: Presidential tweet.

    We are going to need more Dems to enter the race. At this Presidential tweet lightening speed death rate, VSGPDJT won’t have anyone to show up to debate.

    Gonna need more Dems. Just sayin.


  8. When Biden drops out who is the candidate? All the rest are hard socialists who I don’t see winning. They need Biden from 25 years ago.


    • GB Bari says:

      Fauxcahontas is next.

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      • Austin Holdout says:

        Or …it’s time to unveil “The Chosen One”, the one who makes all of the Dems sigh a big sigh of relief. Hillary has stepped up her game. Maybe the strategy is to parade such awful candidates in front of the Dems that even Hillary will look like the Messiah.


        • GB Bari says:

          I cannot imagine “Cankles” Shrillary EVER looking like a Messiah. We all have too many less-than-attractive images of her and recorded screeching sounds from her in our heads that will prevent that mistake from ever happening.


        • stevelbrown says:

          It’s going to be Michelle Obama swooping in as the savior


    • big jim says:

      “” Joe Biden could slip into a coma tomorrow and they’d still wheel him out to the debates with the words “NOT TRUMP” scribbled on his forehead in sharpie. And he’d continue to poll in the mid-to-high twenties.””

      “” The establishment doesn’t fear Trump. It doesn’t fear Bernie, and it doesn’t fear Tulsi. It fears you. It fears the people. A single politician they can deal with. The public rising up and using the power of their numbers to force change is what keeps your rulers up at night.””

      Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix | Zero Hedge


  9. jbrickley says:

    That video clip was a nuclear strike! KABOOM! Game Over, mic drop extraordinaire!


  10. JoeMeek says:

    Corrupt and Spoiled Biden Crime and Drug Family

    The Beltway Bidens: Creepy, crooked, and NOT just like us

    Robert Hunter Biden, youngest son of the veep creep, secured a
    prestigious direct commission to the U.S. Naval Reserves in 2012 as a
    public affairs officer. The program recruits civilians without prior
    military service who have “special skills that are critical to
    sustaining military operations.” Biden the younger’s primary
    qualification for the cushy part-time job was his last name. The power
    of nepotism came in handy when Bidenspawn was forced to seek not one,
    but two waivers, to nail down the gig.

    Ordinary applicants have to meet age restrictions (under 40 at the
    time he sought the position, now 42). He was 43. Then hapless Hunter
    needed a second waiver to get a pass for prior cocaine use. Granted!
    Only six public affairs officers received such direct appointments from
    the Navy Reserves that year. Amazing, isn’t it, that there wasn’t a
    single other applicant in America (population: 327 million) with a clean
    drug history and proper age eligibility to take the slot.

    But for all that string-pulling effort, Hunter Biden barely served a
    year. After testing positive for — wait for it — cocaine during a random
    drug test, he was discharged quietly in February 2014. The hush-hush
    deal, undisclosed until a whistleblower told The Wall Street Journal
    eight months later, was yet another perk of Biden patronage. So was his
    immunity from any investigation or review of his law license by the
    Connecticut bar. And so, too, was his quick career bounce back.

    A month after his humiliating discharge from our military, Biden’s
    coke-abusing party boy was appointed to the board of director of
    Ukraine’s largest private gas producer, Burisma Holdings, owned by a
    powerful Russian government sympathizer, who had fled to Russia that
    year. It’s also the same company a top Ukranian prosecutor was
    investigating for corruption before he was fired — at the behest of Papa
    Biden, according to Joe himself, who bragged about threatening to
    withhold $1 billion in loan guarantees to Ukraine during a Council of
    Foreign Relations speech in 2018.

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  11. Tony Noboloney says:

    We need to be careful what we wish for, by destroying Biden ( or Warren or Bernie) before they win their primary will leave the door open for Michelle (Mike) Obama or perhaps Oprah or any number of candidates that will be more difficult to beat in the 2020 race. Trump needs to slow down a little to corner whomever he will be in the actual election with.

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  12. rah says:

    Miserable failures for the resistance over the last 6 weeks. Tried to talk the economy into a recession. Tried to destroy a sitting SCOTUS justice. Tried to spin a Biden scandal into a Trump scandal. Failed on all counts. So what’s their next play? If we could get out ahead of them instead of always reacting, imagine how much more damage we could help them do to themselves!

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  13. Bird Watcher says:

    DM says PDJT allegedly used military aid to Ukraine for leverage. Reference Politico saying 250 million miitary aide on ice. If he did hold it up, I suspect it was for a different reason, and the hair-on-fire dems just adopted it as a convenient reason to dump on POTUS. Does anyone in the treehouse the source of this?


    • SharonKinDC says:

      It wasn’t really held up. POTUS was pushing for more EU member countries contributions… as per usual the MSM won’t mention this. Trump stated this point during his chopper presser this AM.


  14. Bird Watcher says:

    Correction: Does anyone in the treehouse knoe the source of this? Sorry. Rented fingers


  15. GBTUSA says:

    I love that he calls them the Democrat party. Old Rush trick

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  16. JAS says:

    I’m late to the party here because I’ve been super busy.

    If I understand this correctly my questions are:

    How did this “whistleblower” story get leaked to the media?

    Which media outlet first reported the story?

    The answer to the second question is critical because as SD has said many times, different agencies and congresscritters leak their stories to specific outlets. Knowing which outlet tells us where the leak came from.


  17. Dwo888 says:

    The Democrats better hope this story isn’t true, because their fake news won’t stop their supposed “fake news” about Biden will get looked at sooner or later.
    Oh wait, they had the special counsel, Mueller slap down the “President told Cohen to lie to Congress” story and never retracted it, or showed the slightest bit of shame over it.


  18. Looks more like the Chosen One Select Cabal was trying to take out Gropin Joe more than protect him.

    Look how Chief Standing Bull… has risen in the polls. The original chosen one (Camel women of color) fizzled out so now the cabal goes with the fake woman of color.


  19. Spatch says:

    They are in total panic mode now with their attempts at diverting attention away from the real collusion and the upcoming FISA report. Sundance, all your hard work has brought us sunlight.


  20. jx says:

    Any Ukrainian speakers here? This needs to be translated. It allegedly is the head of Ukraine’s anti-corruption bureau NABU saying that he is helping the Clinton campaign.


  21. fred5678 says:

    Just heard the NPR version of this story — they interviewed a New Yorker writer, who completely cleared Joe Biden, said Hunter was no longer on gas co. board, and condemned Trump.
    NO MENTION OF VIDEO/AUDIO of Joe BRAGGING about using $1B threat to fire prosecutor investigating gas company!!!!

    Remember your taxes support this propaganda arm of the Democrat party


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