President Trump and First Lady Welcome Prime Minister Morrison for State Dinner Reception – Livestream Links…

President Trump and First Lady Melania welcome Prime Minister Morrison and his wife Jennifer Morrison to a White House reception prior to the state dinner in the White House Rose Garden.  Reception start time 7:00pm
[UPDATE: Video Added]

WH Livestream LinkFox News Livestream LinkAlternate Livestream


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148 Responses to President Trump and First Lady Welcome Prime Minister Morrison for State Dinner Reception – Livestream Links…

  1. Tiffthis says:

    Melania is wearing a stunning J Mendel gown – for those who want to know. The white dress from earlier today was Scanlan Theodore

  2. Guyski says:

    KAC looks great without all that extra weight. ?

    • 335blues says:

      Justice Thomas is a great man, a man of great intellect.
      History will remember JusticeThomas as one of the finest ever to serve on the Supreme Court. I wish America had 3 or 4 more just like him.
      Maybe President Trump can appoint 3 or 4 more to the SC.
      Now that would be a miracle.

  3. A2 says:

    That’s one party I would like to go to. Star power.

  4. Cathy M. says:

    Speaking of Aussies-
    This is priceless!
    Still laughing!
    “Aussie Sky News Broadcaster Spanks Striking Snowflakes…”

    • Tiffthis says:

      Amazing! Thanks for sharing ?

    • maggiemoowho says:

      That was fantastic and so true.???

    • Arrest Soros says:

      His name is Alan Jones. Australia’s equivalent of Rush Limbaugh.

    • Jase says:

      As a bit of background, the guy in the clip is Alan Jones. As well as having a couple of shows on Sky, he is also the top rating radio morning show host in the country.
      The Left absolutely despise him with a passion. Hardly a day goes by without them demanding he be sacked for the heinous crime of giving to them straight with both barrels. His advertisers are constantly harassed or boycotted and he is subjected to all sorts of vile abuse, but he just keeps on going telling it like it is.
      Not everybody’s cup of tea, but he is completely fearless when it comes to calling out their rank hypocrisy.

    • NC Mom says:

      “you’re virtue signaling little t%rds”….I can’t stop laughing!!!

  5. CNN_sucks says:

    FLOTUS looks like candy. Yummy.

  6. A2 says:

    From sundance twitter feed
    Details of the gift exchange, per Judd Deere —
    Gifts for the Official Visit of Prime Minister Morrison and Mrs. Morrison
    Joint Gifts:
    • Archival Hand-bound Leather Album within Archival Clamshell Box
    Hand-tooled and hand-inscribed in 23-karat genuine gold by Washington, D.C. artisans, this bespoke album is a customary gift for an Official or State Visit during the Trump Administration. The hand-finished, calfskin leather photo album features acid free, museum-quality pages with a 300-year lifespan and was produced specifically for Prime Minister Morrison and Mrs. Morrison’s Official Visit to the United States.
    • Tiffany & Co. Revere Bowl
    Crafted by renowned New York City jeweler Tiffany & Co., this pewter bowl is a customary gift for an Official or State Visit during the Trump Administration. The hand-engraved bowl displays the Seal of the President of the United States and the signatures of both President Trump and Mrs. Trump.
    Gifts for Prime Minister Morrison from President Trump:
    • Model of USS Canberra
    On October 6, 2017, the United States Navy awarded a Littoral Combat Ship to be named USS Canberra. The decision was made to honor the friendship and alliance between the United States and Australia, as well as the HMS Canberra, a decommissioned ship of the Australian Royal Navy. On February 22, 2019, construction on the ship began at the Austal shipyard in Mobile, Alabama, and has a projected commissioning in 2023.
    This one-of-a-kind model, showcasing the American and Australian flags, is presented in a case featuring a piece of the aluminum cut during the construction of the USS Canberra. “LCS 30” and “2-22-19” are written on the piece of aluminum, which stands for Littoral Combat Ship #30 and marks the date that the first piece of metal was cut to start the fabrication of the ship.
    • Framed Map of the Battle of the Coral Sea
    Created by the United States Navy, this map features the trajectory of the Battle of the Coral Sea on May 8, 1942. During World War II, after the United States learned of the Japanese plan to invade and occupy Port Moresby (present-day Papua New Guinea), two U.S. Navy carrier task forces, alongside a joint Australian-U.S. cruiser, were dispatched to oppose the offensive. The battle was a major naval encounter between the Imperial Japanese Navy and the Naval and Air Forces of the United States and Australia, which became known as the Battle of the Coral Sea. Fought between May 4th and May 8th 1942, the battle is considered the first military encounter in which aircraft carriers engaged each other.
    Gift from Mrs. Trump to Mrs. Morrison:
    • Tiffany & Co. Infinity Cuff in White House Wood Leather Jewelry Box
    Crafted by the renowned, iconic New York City jeweler Tiffany & Co., this sterling silver and 18-karat gold cuff is presented in a custom leather jewelry box. The hand-finished calfskin leather jewelry box was hand-tooled with 23-karat genuine gold by Washington, D.C. artisans, and features wood dividers taken from a naturally fallen magnolia tree located on White House grounds.
    Seung Min Kim
    The Washington Post

  7. H. Hawke says:

    Is there livestream of the dinner?
    I thought C-Span was covering it but couldn’t find it.

    • sundance says:

      The video above gives a flavor of how Australian media view this visit. 😀 😀 😀

      • fedback says:

        First time I have heard a member of mainstream media openly saying he supports Trump. I like Aussies

      • Arrest Soros says:

        Those people are from Sky News Australia. They are about the only conservative leaning TV we have.
        Our ABC is no better than the UK BBC. Our commercial networks are no better than NBC ABC CBS.
        President Trump is despised by the commie media personalities and entertainment hacks just like anywhere else.

      • maggiemoowho says:

        Thank you for posting this, it really is nice to watch. ???? It would be so wonderful if our press would be as positive as the reporters from Australia, instead of spewing hate and lies all the time.

      • jmgreenwell says:

        Thanks, Sundance. Nice to hear a reporter admit he’s pro Trump!

    • Tl Howard says:

      Dang, even Army brass carrying a lot of weight.

      • Tl Howard says:

        Compared to days of yore, the ladies wear very little jewelry.

        • LULU says:

          Real ladies wear real jewelry, not the gaudy costume jewelry gewgaws Moochelle wore. No flower squirt pins, no ginormous “statement” necklaces, no armloads of bracelets. All fake. Unless one is the Queen of England, real jewelry is quieter.

    • Rhoda R says:

      I thinks it is idiotic for those reporters to throw questions at these people as they walk by. No one is going to drop a scoop in that atmosphere.

    • LULU says:

      That was fun! An interesting tutorial on what one should and should not wear to a formal dinner party. It is not the Red Carpet, though some treat it that way.

  8. H. Hawke says:

    Great pic of Aussie PM and POTUS.
    But the C-Span coverage is horrible!
    Who sabotaged the sound equipment?

  9. sunnyflower5 says:

    This is a United States dinner— how is about possible the audio and picture is glitching?
    Someone’s cell phone would provide better coverage.

  10. Kathryn says:

    Mrs. Australia looks nice.

  11. Kitty-Kat says:

    I agree Cspan coverage was mediocre at best and I hated that they cut off the prayer at the end, blathering over it.

  12. TwoLaine says:

    Remember when the celebrity-hungry couple easily made themselves guests at the Obama’s 1st State affair?

    • LizzieinTexas says:

      Remember the “tent” State dinner -0- threw? I think it was with India (not positive).

    • sunnyflower5 says:

      And, then every Wednesday was a Humpday dance party.

    • MfM says:

      Yes I remember the couple who sneaked into the Obama’s State dinner.
      Many of Obama’s were big where people didn’t know each other. Trump didn’t like the $$$$ tents Barack put up either.

    • donna kovacevic says:

      Yes I remember that couple and they were in the Reality Show Real Housewives of DC. I was surprised to see Curtis Stone there. Perhaps he was the chef in charge. Kidding.

  13. Kelly Ann looked gorgeous…her gown was beautiful. Bill Barr and his wife make a cute couple, Fun to watch the guests coming in.

  14. MfM says:

    I don’t like Melania’s gown. She doesn’t look bad in it, but she doesn’t look stunning. It may look totally different in person.
    The pale green is not a good color for her, she can carry bolder ones. The high neck and all the ruffles just strike me as frumpy. I’m picking up a 1970’s (?) prairie girl vibe. The ruffles on the top also seem to add weight.
    When I compare it to the flowing yellow one that she wore in England, this looks more like something Barbara Bush would have worn.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I think the color is off in some of the photos. The FLOTUS website says it is aqua and the site’s photo shows it as aqua. In the other pics the dress is a pale green. ???
      One of the many things I like about First Lady Melania is the matte finish of her makeup. I am so tired of the shiny look that many women put on. I suppose they’re trying to look like they have a glowing complexion aka “dewy,” but to me they look greasy and sweaty and in need of good scrubbing with a washcloth.
      I say, bring back the powder puff!

    • Lori S Vaaga says:

      Have to say that it’s not one of my favorites. – I think the color is fine but the high neck and all of the ruffles are distracting. This dress is definitely not as flattering as her usual outfits.

    • Lori S Vaaga says:

      Have to say that it’s not one of my favorites. – I think the color is fine but the high neck and all of the ruffles are distracting. This dress is definitely not as flattering as her usual outfits.

    • GB Bari says:

      Agree that Melania can carry bolder colors.
      But she is too classy to upstage the Aussie PM’s wife and other friendly ladies who are attending.
      She is a master of understated elegance.

      • Agree here GB and BTW: I think Melania was very smart in her pick tonight and she looks absolutely Stunning and ‘State Dinner Appropriate’; She is the hostess; the First Lady of the USA…

      • donna kovacevic says:

        GB exact words understated elegance. Perfection. I thought FLOTUS looked beautiful and very classy. Not too many could carry that dress and the color, but she sure did.

    • magacombover says:

      I agree. The sea foam gown is a bit matronly, but our beautiful FLOTUS could wear a paper bag and still look great. The yellow gown was absolutely gorgeous. She looked like a princess.

    • I don’t really like her dress either. It makes her look heavy…kind of like an older woman dress. Apparently, the color is seafoam green, not a color I like. I thought it looked pale blue, but it really has to do with ones computer.

    • Tl Howard says:

      She’s stunning, but I’d say the dress makes her figure look top heavy. It’s not one of my favorite styles on her.

  15. Maria Bartiromo and Lou Dobbs attended. This may have been posted already.

  16. Aintree says:

    Another thanks to sundance is due. Best site in the political universe.
    After reading Tom Cotton’s book, “Sacred Duty,” I have a greater appreciation for the U.S. Army Guard units that performed today and surrounded the President, 1st lady Melania and the invited dignitaries.
    I’m nowhere near an expert on the Guard Units (yet) but I did look with greater interest today at the US Army’s CinC Guard (Commander in Chief’s Guard), the Honor Guard and other impressive Old Guard units like the Fife and Drum Corps (FDC) with their wigs and 1779 Continental Musician Uniform with special Blue trim etc. The Continental Guard in the 1784 Continental Guard Uniform might have been on the field as well but I wish they had shown all the Guard Units with a longer and closer view. The Marine Sentries at the White house and other locations like Marine One and foreign countries are also always very impressive as were the Navy and Air Force personnel that participated in smaller roles.
    Thanks to Tom’s book, I knew that the drum major of the FDC that carries a spear or espontoon in his right hand, and was clearly shown in the video, is the only soldier in the U.S. Army authorized to salute with his left hand—-and other trivia and facts I found interesting.

    • Aintree says:

      Note–The female Army Captain (I think) wearing the beret that led the cadets out into the arena at the recent U.S. Open and helped to unfurl the giant American flag was also very impressive as a military representative. She would be a great addition to the WH Honor Guard IMO.

    • SHV says:

      I also highly recommend reading “Sacred Duty”, it gave me a totally different insight into the soldiers that that are part of the ceremonial duties. Sen. Cotton was assigned to the “Old Guard” between 101 Airborne combat assignments in Iraq and Afghanistan, so he has an insiders perspective on these soldiers. IIRC, he felt that the Continental Guard were some of the most physically fit soldier in the Army. The “washout” rate is greater than 80% and one of the physical tests is to stand at rigid attention in a 90+ degree, 100% humidity room for an hour and a half and not pass out.

      • LULU says:

        As I remember the secret to that test is to not lock the knees – to relax them slightly while still retaining the correct posture.
        Band members are taught that…

  17. GB Bari says:

    Awesome collection of photos in this article from tonights event.
    Thanks Sundance..

  18. Bendix says:

    I love our president.

  19. jmgreenwell says:

    Yes, thank you Sundance. I almost felt like I was there. CTH – the best coverage of these Presidential events!

  20. Laurie Walker says:

    I watched this live on c-span and the dress was moving with every breeze or slight movement in ways that were an art form. Incredible!

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