HPSCI Member Devin Nunes Files Lawsuit Against Fusion-GPS Claiming Racketeering and Conspiracy…

House Intelligence Committee ranking member Devin Nunes appears on Fox News with the Tick-Tock club to discuss a lawsuit he has filed (full pdf below) against Fusion GPS.

The Nunes lawsuit alleges Fusion GPS participated in racketeering and conspiracy smear campaign Nunes and the House Intelligence Committee; in an attempt to impede the committee investigation of coordination between the Clinton campaign, Fusion GPS and the FBI.  [Cloud Link to lawsuitScribd Link to lawsuit]


According to the Tick-Tock club everyone must work together with Senator Lindsey Graham because the “Deep State” will attempt to obfuscate, hide information, block oversight and impede any effort to highlight damaging institutional information.

In essence what they are saying is that U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr is incapable of releasing the information.  CTH does not agree. AG Barr is capable, he’s just not delivering; quit defending his inaction. Stop the nonsense.  Here’s the lawsuit:


The Tick Tock cometh…. “soon”

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259 Responses to HPSCI Member Devin Nunes Files Lawsuit Against Fusion-GPS Claiming Racketeering and Conspiracy…

  1. Midnite says:

    I’m not sure who said it first, but Bongino often reminds his audience that the “process is the punishment”. Living in a resource rich State like Alaska I have seen the Left consistently use the courts to stymie anything and everything that does not meet with their eco-friendly position de jour.

    On occasion the hypocrisy can be just mind blowing, like filing lawsuits to stop development of hydro facilities because the water flowing through the turbines is raised some unacceptable fraction of a degree. It’s an insanity that’s hard to imagine given that the alternative is diesel powered electrical generators and we (Alaskans) have lived with this for decades.

    So, why not turn that same weapon against them? I think Nunes’ approach is the ultimate in irony, first it forces Fusion into court to defend itself, costing them both time and money. Second, it allows for discovery and then more discovery as their crimes are exposed via the first discovery, meaning they will spend even more time and money defending themselves.

    Sadly, this lawsuit is a clear indication of Rep. Nunes frustration and lack of confidence in the FBI and DOJ to pursue this case in any meaningful way. When you factor in his clarion call for others to follow in his path it’s obvious he’s lost faith in the idea that these departments will ever cleanse themselves, unless there is forceful intervention from the judicial side.

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    • Bogeyfree says:

      I agree which is why I hope Sundance might consider a thread called……

      The Top 5 Counter Attack Lawsuits to bring about Discovery and Sunlight!

      Then we take those to Don Jr, DiGenova and Fitton and see what they think.

      Maybe it is time to fight fire with fire!


      • RJ says:

        Loading up on lawsuits going against lawyers is just what they love, being lawyers…come dance on their home turf..who wins? Lawyers win…where are we citizens in this mess?

        We are left with our votes, one person one vote (in secret with a machine that accurately records our vote!). Setting aside the attack on the Electoral College, our only recourse as private citizens is the ballot box.

        Good for us! Yea, maybe…the coming presidential election is where the lines will be drawn, the sides chosen and the war really played out. I intend to vote for Trump or anyone else besides a democrat.

        If my side (Trump) wins I expect holly hell to break loose.

        Meanwhile the lawyers will be filing papers, coming before cameras touting how right they are, etc. I don’t expect to see any “perp walks” soon. My hair is grey in some spots.

        I want to go fishing…for the big fish!

        I want Hillary to really, really enjoy drinking wine and talking long walks in the woods. I want Obama to wander about his new estate at Martha’s Vineyard and hope others use drones to see how fast he runs for cover. Brennan I hope gets facial plastic surgery that makes him look like the Joker, while Comey visits the Vatican to ask Francis if he needs a stand in. Clapper will remain in his lazy boy snoozing until the fatal heart attack arrives.

        Bill Clinton will be in his apartment putting away into a safe deposit box his pics with Epstein…in an offshore bank. Willie Brown will be caught by the National Enquirer leaving Kamala Harris’ motor home early in the morning while she is on the campaign trail.

        I could go on, but I think you get my point…

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      • Ray Runge says:

        Bogey, like your idea but would not enlist as referees DiGenova or Don Jr. Any person that has been involved in the “marketing” of events for this long has interests that are aligned with the status quo of the various actors.

        DiGenova is invested in Barr to such an extent that his evaluation of a lawsuit by a non DoJ entity would be suspect.

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      • billybob says:

        Agreed . I always thought that a crowd sourced lawsuit against Lois Lerner after she retired would have been a worthwhile exercise if it bankrupted her if nothing else .

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    • Disgusted says:

      Midnight: Great comment. Shows you are following and understanding what Sundance tries to explain and notify about. Sadly, not all of us can say the same, even though we do try.

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    • De Oppresso Liber says:

      It looks like you’re spot on, Midnite. Sadly, it appears more and more likely that AG Barr was easily and uneventfully confirmed by the Senate to be The Fixer for the deep state, while using Graham, who should obviously NEVER be trusted, and the Judiciary Committee to give him political cover. But what are President Trump’s intentions?

      President Trump stated he intends to open an Office of Transparency through the White House, in a clear signal that he is growing increasingly more impatient at the ongoing obfuscation and stonewalling, but on the behalf of whom? Nunes’ recent efforts strongly implies that perhaps Barr and Graham (but definitely Graham!) are two sides of the same coin.

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      • Elle says:

        Office of Transparency

        oh my. No! No! No! If you do, give it an expiration date.

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        • dreamguardian007 says:

          “Office of Transparency” oh my. No! No! No! If you do, give it an expiration date.
          Agreed Elle. Sounds a lot like Orwell’s ” Ministry of Truth”.


        • B Woodward says:

          Get ‘r done and let the public see the extent of the corruption! An office of transparency in the Trump White House can’t be any worse than FBI director Wray stonewalling President Trump’s order to declassify. Sundance notes that Barr hasn’t been moving very fast on this either.


          From the link:
          John Solomon reports that his sources have told him President Trump is preparing to declassify a number of documents that have been hidden from the public to protect our former Manchurian president, Barack Hussein Obama. To that end, the president it putting the finishing touches on what would essentially be an “Office of Transparency,” that may be announced as soon as this week. Solomon: “This gives the president the opportunity to no longer rely on the bureaucracy of DOJ, or ODNI, or all of the other alphabet soup agencies that haven’t given us transparency.” As critical as transparency is to returning control of the weaponized Deep State to the citizens, it’s what Solomon said after that that will rock American politics to its core. Solomon: “My sources tell me there are three explosive documents from the Obama era that could be at the top of the list on the declassification process that can give us an entirely new story about what went on under President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton….

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    • good post, good idea!


    • islandpalmtrees says:

      I think your spot on, but I am concerned about the approach taken by Nunes in bringing sunlight. Would it be better to target a case demanding action from the supreme court. Something openly supported by our President.

      The question is, of the illegal acts taken by Obama and his conspirators which would be the most effective?


    • Raquel says:

      When I look at Nunes’ face, I don’t see cold anger anymore. I see stymied rage.

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  2. Fools Gold says:

    I’m in total agreement Sundance.

    2020 election is the only tick tock that matters at this point.

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    • As a man thinkth says:

      If you consider the 2020 presidential election to be FAIR and free of corruption then you are missing the show that has been going on at our southern bordor for the past 18 months…Also check out the congressional district’s where the 15 Rinos
      are retiring…Texas, North Carolina are headed blue …Florida will follow….the ballot boxes will be stuffed…Think about this one…the FBI has and entire Election FRAUD Division $$$$…so why does Judicial Watch have to sue California to clean up there voter rolls?

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  3. waicool says:

    tick tock club…lmao



    Bravo Devin!!

    I’ll be sending an extra C note with my monthly donation for this!!
    This lawsuit is aimed at getting to the heart of the MEDIA’S role in the entire cabal. An aspect that sometimes gets short shrift in the effort to expose The Coup yet was integral in it’s explosion and perpetuation. Without the media conduits thru which FGPS and Weasel’s FBI passed propaganda, this coup would not have the legs it has had.

    Getting Devin reelected is almost as important as having VSGPOTUS reelected and the DEMONRATS know it. That’s why $$$ is flowing to outside groups trying to smear him.

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  5. Rose says:

    Good for Nunes, we’ll all die from old age before the DOJ makes any attempt to remove dirty cops and lawyers from their corrupted halls. It’s clear that republicans will protect those corrupt institutions at the expense of said foundations of trust integrity and honor.

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  6. PBR says:

    I was confused about why this would be racketeering. This is what I think might be it:Racketeers offer a deceitful service to fix a problem that otherwise wouldn’t exist.

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  7. LafnH20 says:

    I’m with ya, JC….
    Just set up my recurring donation!

    A “Vote” of Confidence!!!



  8. islandpalmtrees says:

    Are we pass subtle measures, yet?

    Nunes is a great Congressman and leader but this sort of thing is unacceptable – Suspended Account.

    President Trump Retweets Proud Black Conservative in Trump Hat — Twitter Immediately Suspends Account

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  9. completelytrue says:

    Wake me up when the thousands of devastating “sealed indictments” are unleashed.

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  10. Here’s another reason I trust Lindsey Graham about as far as I can throw him. Truly unbelievable if this bill passes. I thought he was on our side in the war against Free Speech. Guess I was wrong.


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