Thunderstruck – Flynn Attorney Sidney Powell Drops Atomic Sledgehammer of Truth on DC Court….

Oh boy… how federal Judge Emmet Sullivan will handle this latest motion from Mike Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell is an unknown; however, the content is delicious.

In an explosive response filing today, which includes the phrase”sunlight is the best disinfectant”, attorney Sidney Powell has outlined the soup-to-nuts construct of the malicious government action taken during their targeting her client Michael Flynn.

In the 19-pages (full pdf below), Ms. Powell walks through the history of the DOJ, FBI and intelligence apparatus weaponization against Mr. Flynn and lays out the background behind everything known to have happened in 2016, 2017 through today.

From the corrupt DOJ lawyers who were working with Fusion-GPS and Chris Steele, including Mr. Weissmann, Mr. Van Grack and Ms. Zainab Ahmad; to the 2015/2016 FISA database search abuses; to the CIA and FBI operation against Flynn including Nellie Ohr; to the schemes behind the use of DOJ official Bruce Ohr; to the corrupt construct of the special counsels office selections; to the specifics within the malicious conspiracy outlined by hiding FBI interview notes of Mike Flynn,… all of it…. Is a stunning filing that many CTH readers are well prepared to understand.



The September 10th hearing is going to be “spicy”…


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456 Responses to Thunderstruck – Flynn Attorney Sidney Powell Drops Atomic Sledgehammer of Truth on DC Court….

  1. TradeBait says:

    I really don’t think the Uni-party has any idea what is brewing under the surface in this country. But they are going to find out. It’s coming.

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  2. Bill says:

    I posted this same sentiment on the security clearance denial thread by Sundance a minute ago. But want to put it here as well.

    Why should Powell need a security clearance to view the classified documents about Flynn’s case?

    Does anyone remember when Comey was on the hill for a hearing after he cleared Hillary in the email case? Jason Chafitz asked Comey do Hillary’s lawyers, who we tasked with going through her emails to decide what was work related and what was yoga class, if the lawyers who were viewing these emails had security clearances. Comey said he didn’t know and just shrugged his shoulders. Basically made it seem like since they were simply lawyers it really didn’t matter if they had clearance. At least that was the impression that I got.

    That moment stuck with me more than any other moment in this entire saga. That day i went nuts telling everyone about this exchange and it never seemed to gain traction anywhere. Either way, based on this precedent Sydney should cite this instance as her right to view all the classified documents. And if it’s denied again it could possibly cast light on that exchange, and reopen part of the email investigation.

    If anyone can find a clip of the exchange between JC and Comey, please post it here! I can’t find it anywhere. But I know someone at CTH can find it.

    Let’s help Sydney, Flynn and team Trump anyway we can!

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  3. justlizzyp says:

    Was she being snarky when she said the prosecutors were under the supervision of Weissman or is that the actual structure of the Special Counsel?

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  4. Zorro says:

    There are many branches on the Spygate tree but this filing has the righteous potential to take a chainsaw to the trunk of the tree. And kudos to Sundance, your fingerprints are all over this. Many people have prayed that the “right” people would see your research and analysis.

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  5. Carrie says:

    Is there possibly an AC/DC fan amongst us? 😁

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  6. MustangBlues says:

    Suggest you all buy and read License to Lie by Sydney Powell. Superior legal thinking, but hamstrung by corrupt soy boi lawyer types, and judges who are paid off.

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  7. Mark says:

    To Sidney Powell if you read these comments. I hope that you understand that nothing short of a full scorched earth offense will work. I know you understand the government operations, but I sincerely hope that you’ve grasped just how far reaching the rot has spread. If given even a slight glimmer of a chance, they will effectively shut you down. At this point in time, only by going on a full scorched earth offensive can a victory be achieved. Give them no room to maneuver, do not let up to give them a second to breathe, keep at them from every angle so that they have nowhere to turn, and be diligent in every action so they have no basis to sidestep. When they are dizzy and on the ropes, launch yet more offensive measures to knock them from the ring. There is no referee here, this is the life and livelihood of American citizens who were targeted by the crooked Deep State. There is no room for mercy. No room for leniency. Be the brilliant light that shines upon them so blazingly that they confess the truth and beg for it all to end. And then, in that moment, crush them completely. There can be no forgiving nature for in time, they will do it all again to more American citizens. Have the soul of the American Eagle and the heart of our Presidential Lion. Crush them.

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    • Jennifer Verner says:

      Sidney You are my hero! I just pray that this will be the beginning of the end of this nightmare for the Flynn family, and at the very least Weissman gets disbarred. He should go to jail for all the vicious things he has done to innocent people.

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    • fred5678 says:

      Boot on throat is the image I want to see — and her boot should have 5 inch spike heals.

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  8. littleanniefannie says:

    I used to think Sidney would make a perfect AG. That would be a waste of her talents. John Roberts should resign and Sidney should be the new Chief Justice! Perfect choice!!

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  9. NC Nana says:

    Thank you dear God for Attorney Sidney Powell. Please guide her and protect her as she seeks justice for General Michael Flynn and works to restore the meaning for justice to our court system.

    On a personal note: we were gone today so I did not have a chance to read Ms. Powell’s court document until tonight. After reading the opening statement I knew it was worthy of breaking out the “emergency hurricane” food to eat as I read through it.

    This document is way more worthy than ordinary popcorn. Sit down with a warm cup of chocolate and read every word. It is a masterpiece!

    Also as an aside I did not know about Mr. Lovinger’s treatment by Federal prosecutors. Page 16 of the Ms. Powell’s court document says:

    “Even though the investigation exonerated Mr. Lovinger of these charges a full month before Mr. Lovinger’s hearing, the government did not reveal to Mr. Lovinger’s attorneys that this investigation occurred. 17 Even worse, the declassified version of the NCIS left out a crucial “not”.

    The investigation referenced was conducted by “the Naval Criminal Investigative Service”. They “conducted a thorough examination of his electronic devices, but “[a]gents found no evidence he leaked to the press, as charged, or that he was a counterintelligence risk.”

    The DOJ and FBI are out of control. This just reinforces my belief they should be shut down instead of reorganized. The corruption runs too deep.

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  10. mtk says:

    It is the off quote, “No reasonable prosecutor would…”
    that here in and here out is used to drive forward an intent to rationalize an action(or inaction).

    At the heart of the quote is the impression of a fair and balanced weighing of evidence and fact, a sense of justice that is balanced and falls to the benefit of doubt.

    Atlast, it strikes the cord of the Ideal, Justice in the hands of a reasoned person, a philosopher statesman, an enlightened jurist.
    Such is the window dressing of REASONABLENESS.

    For who would want an unreasonable prosecutor with the power of life and death over the citzen? These are all the things that are implied and summoned upon when, “Comey waved his arms and uttered those words, ‘No reasonable…’ without actually saying or alluding to this meaning(intent). Not with standing OUR Constitution that seeks to address the implications of a state of charging forward with unreasonableness and affords citizens protections and reacourse.

    Mr. Comey just floated it out there, and one can only surmise that within Halls of Justice and the Powers within a camp of liked minded, all fell into accord since it served and met its expedited purpose.

    Enter Mr. Flynn…

    Appearently, the Halls of Justice and the ideology of Tribalism, see fit to entertain and provide the rationale that in Mr Flynn’s case, “What is called for is an unreasonable prosecutor!”

    It is a contrarian argument that identifies a ‘World turned on its head, up is down, down is up observations’.
    If what Mr Flynn faces is built upon a REASONABLE Proscution, then the issue of ‘NO REASONABLE…’ is built upon an UNREASONABLE PROSECUTOR unwilling to pursue a reasonably easy proscution towards the application of Rule of Law.

    It is not a question, it is an foundational observation.
    For if the outline of Ms Sidney Powell is an accurate indication, that is exactly, “What Mr Flynn is facing, ‘An UNREASONABLE Prosecution.”

    The DOJ can’t even begin to recognize this level of double standards, or even acknowledge. To do so opens a Pandora Box to revisit those insufferable and loaded words of intent of, “No reasonable…”

    As such, Mr. Flynn is being denied his day in Court, in the name of preserving the Unity of Law.

    He can’t even cite the inequality, since the so called ‘REASONABLE PROSECUTOR’ simply cites the application of the LAW. i.e. The prosecutor simply pretends the quote “No REASONABLE…’ was ever uttered.
    In essence to do so, the Court would have to entertain the double standard.
    If there was ever a case where the Rule of Law was applied unevenly, a case that a ‘REASONABLE PROSECUTOR’ would have face the cross examination of a defense citing an ‘in situ’ construct to validate an earlier action defended by the words, ‘NO REASONABLE…’
    I can’t think of one.

    Ms.Sidney Powell, take this argument all the way to SCOTUS.

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  11. fred5678 says:

    For your friends who still don’t believe that our government is a serial abuser of citizen defendants, have them read just pages 14 and 15 of the motion, describing how Flynn’s assistant, after criticizing the useless academic reports of the infamous Stefan Halper, was charged with mishandling classified info, security clearance yanked, and suspended.

    Prosecutors LIED and hid the fact that an NCIS investigation had cleared him just a month before his trial!!!

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  12. teeheeman says:

    GO SIDNEY POWELL GO!!!! Godspeed. Flynn needs to be cleared as part of the “big unraveling” as we claw and scratch our way towards the truth. I read “Licensed To Lie” by Ms. Powell which is a great primer for this travesty of justice – excellent book. And has been mentioned here at CTH, Weissmann is the real life villain in that story from 10+ years ago and is now the real life villain in Spygate. A truly evil person.

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  13. In the Land of Poz says:

    Powell is doing God’s work, but she spends most of her 19 pages preaching to the choir (i.e., those convinced of massive subterfuge by FBI and Mueller). Judge Sullivan is not, from his actions, a member of the choir. He seems open to being convinced, but Powell in the motion makes surprisingly little effort to persuade, rather than assert, that the government acted malevolently from A to Z. Perhaps the point is to keep the motion from getting overly long, and make actual arguments at the hearing. Or to create a document that can be sent to the desk of Donald Trump to request an investigation and a pardon in the event Flynn is not exonerated.

    As far as the point of the motion is to logically compel the judge to do what Powell asks, then it does not completely hang together, as though it was prepared under time pressure or limited budget. (I got the opposite impression from Dubelier’s motions in the Concord case, which looked like extremely crafted legal work.) Maybe the additional sealed material has stuff that turns it into a slam dunk. Going by the PDF alone, lots of it reads like an editorial for public consumption, and a warning to the prosecutors of what is coming should this go to trial, but is not directly relevant to the ostensible purpose of explaining why more Brady material is out there and must be produced. Some of the motion is telling the court what it “must” do in the name of truth, justice and the American way, which a judge might take as grandstanding or worse.

    Does Powell understand all the gory details of SpyGate? The part related to Flynn is simpler, so she may not need to understand everything to serve as his lawyer. But I sure hope someone with Sundance’s level of understanding is advising her or reviewing the motions before they go out.


    • Dixie says:

      If I am not mistaken (and I could be), Sidney Powell has commented here before……if I am correct, then she knows of Sundance’s knowledge of the situation. Admittedly I have not had the time to read every single comment made referencing General Flynn’s situation so this might have already been mentioned….somewhere….


  14. Conservative_302 says:

    I believe everything that happens is God’s plan. I will not worry about why this or that is happening or is not happening. That is the challenge of faith. I am grateful for everyone’s opinions on this site.
    You never know who reads Sundance and our replies. If read by concerned person’s fighting the injustices taking place, they may give them more insight or different angles to think about. I enjoy reading all of it. God bless us all.

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  15. David Farrar says:

    DOJ deep-staters worse nightmare, Sidney Powell with high-level security clearance running around in their stuff. Marvelous!


  16. Doppler says:

    “Bring your toothbrushes”
    I think Sullivan is the best possible judge for this case, due to what he did when Ted Stevens prosecutors were shown to have suppressed Brady material. He has the power of contempt to impose daily fines, and even lock up the lawyers, until they produce every single shred of evidence in the DOJ’s hands concerning Spygate, as is their legal obligation, since it tends to exonerate General Flynn. He can demand that Weissmann himself appear. Barr, too,

    In the Stevens case, a different FBI agent was tasked with investigating the prosecutors’ failure to disclose exculpatory evidence, and report was filed with the court. Something similar is clearly called for here, and all the impetus for it would come from the Judicial branch, demanding a full accounting of how members of the bar of the court could seek to abuse its power to convict someone in clear violation of their legal obligations.

    Judges scheduling hearings on contempt motions have sometimes told the lawyers to “bring your toothbrushes,” referring to the distinct possibly that at the hearing they can be taken into custody.


  17. EWC says:

    Weissmann led an illegal investigation, based on knowingly misleading the FISA Court with an improper, unvetted, Steele Dossier that was
    already known to be politically poisoned and untrue. Everything that was obtained or prosecuted using that illegal FISA warrant should be undone, non adjudicated, and expunged. Weissmann, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, McCabe, Strouk, Ohr should all be charged with illegally lying, spying, perjury and miscarriage of justice. General Flynn should get an apology and receive monetary damages for what these political zealots did to him unfairly!


  18. jameswlee2014 says:

    No one at DoJ is in the same league with Sidney Powell and they know it. You can smell their fear.

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  19. Lori Duquette says:

    This is getting good! Fabulous coverage Sundance, fabulous. House of Cards is falling. 👍🦅🇺🇸❤🕊


  20. jeans2nd says:

    Attorney Powell retweeted this article, plus the one on Devin Nunes’ interview with Greg Jarrett.
    Cannot say this enough – thank you, you guys dun gud. Real gud.


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