Nigel Farage Discusses Current Status of Brexit Maneuvers…

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage calls in to Neil Cavuto to discuss the latest maneuvering by the various political forces as they position to stop Brexit or modify the terms. [Backstory with details]  Mr. Farage discusses Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s request to close parliament in order to push through ‘no-deal’ Brexit.  Farage says the closing of parliament is a normal process being hyped by opposition leaders.

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41 Responses to Nigel Farage Discusses Current Status of Brexit Maneuvers…

  1. Maquis says:

    Change Politics For Good.
    Nuke May’s “Deal.”
    No Deal is the Best Deal!

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  2. Fubu says:

    Nigel says,”Brexit, stage right!!

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    • BigTalkers says:

      This looks increasingly like a modern version of a ‘Battle of Hastings’ to me.

      What the Euros fail to comprehend in a post-military environment is its Voluntary parts are potentially far greater than its present Socialist whole.

      Besides which their myopic desire for economic success by regulatory fiat makes no sense. They should be able to deduce that simply by watching the Chinese!

      PS. Farage should pass out copies of ‘The Wealth of Nations’ at the next meeting of the EU (altho comic books would be more apropos for that crew!).


  3. Some old guy says:

    I understand Farage’s concern as I believe Johnson instinctively feels safer with a deal, albeit a “good” one. Still, I view EU Leadership viewing this as foundational as the Chinese view HK in the context of “one country”. That is to say, I don’t believe the EU believes it can begin going down the Brexit path without eventually crashing the great experiment. To the extent I’m right, I don’t think Johnson can get anything approaching a deal he’d feel comfortable with. Interesting times…

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    • Maquis says:

      I’m certain Boris can’t get a deal Nigel would be comfortable with, but Boris’ seeking a mere modification of May’s atrocious Merkel dictated “withdrawl agreement” indicates he would be all too comfortable with a deal entirely antithetical to a clean Brexit. Don’t forget, he voted for May’s Unamended Treason on it’s third round in Parliment.

      He was wobbly from the start.

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      • GP says:

        How is it we’re still talking about Brexit’s non-brexit, nearly 4 years later? The Brits are probably asking the same question about Spygate and no indictments. So I’ll with hold any judgement.

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        • Maquis says:

          Same ideology, essentially, in opposition to Nationalism and self-determination and in support of rapacious Globalism. I truly hope Boris does a Clean Brexit and Britian again claims her place as a Free Nation, I literally pray just that, but I thank the Heavens that Nigel is prepared to destroy the Tory party if it’s bollixed.

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      • bruzedorange says:

        Political considerations might make it prudent for BoJo to give a show of listening and negotiating with the EU before publicly embracing Trump’s offered deal.

        Or maybe Trump’s deal needs USMCA in place to really benefit the UK.
        Stay tuned…


    • livefreeordieguy says:

      Yes, old guy… That is exactly the problem… A bunch of unelected hacks think the EU is “one country” — it’s not… And Boris, Nigel, PDJT and all clear-thinking Brits knows it’s not and they know that the UK needs to get the hell out in a hard break… There is no ‘comfortable deal’ to be had.

      It is said that the saying: “May You Live in Interesting Times” might be a Chinese curse and it may be a British Blessing… Given the world stage, that is a helluva choice.

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    • Dutchman says:

      I agree with your assesment, and the comparison between brexit and EU, and HK and China.
      There,are differences, of coarse. A different comparison, perhaps more apt, would be between an EU deal with Britain to leave, and a deal with China and PDJT on trade.

      China can NOT agree to PDJT’s terms, it would be the end of CCP.

      EU can NOT agree to Brexit, with or without terms, as it would end EU.

      I wish Nigel were P.M., instead of Boris!
      However, Nigel is spot on in his assesment, and Globalists are engaging in fear mongering, on Brexit just,as they are here, with generating phony recession fears.

      You know your over the target, when the flac is thickest!


    • Since the EU (what’s that guy’s name in the news…I almost try NOT to remember smug autocrats like that) stated categorically that they would not give UK a better deal…then you, and everybody else in what must be the consensus opinion, are right. Most of us on our side — I would hope — just want to see the UK out on Oct 15th, period.


  4. lydia00 says:

    “Don’t go wobbly on me, Boris”

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  5. WSB says:

    Nigel nailed it. I hope our President and he are working on Boris. Go bold.

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    • Maquis says:

      Indeed. The carrot has been offered, time to reveal the stick?

      No Deal earns Britian a great deal with the US, a Bad Deal oughta nix it, no?

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      • Dutchman says:

        A little hope porn, for brexit;
        MAYBE PDJT told Boris; you do what I did/am doing with China.

        You go thru the motions of persuing a deal, right up to the end. Then when you walk away you can say “Look, I TRIED to get a deal, that Britain can live with, I really did! Itvis THEY who are unreasonable and untrustworthy!”

        We can but hope!


  6. Doppler says:

    Hard Brexit. Next exit.


  7. mopar2016 says:

    I’d much rather see Nigel as the UK prime minister, but we have to give Boris a chance.
    Really can’t stand Cavuto but I had to watch. Cavuto is a little frustrated because PDJT won’t be a guest on his show. IMO they need to do a no deal Brexit, why make a deal with the EU?
    The EU is the enemy.

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  8. kddomingue says:

    I very much want to see the UK make a clean, no deal exit from the EU.

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  9. Mike says:

    at 3:59 of that clip it sounds like Nigel says we could have a “sexual trade agreement” w the U.S. by Christmas. Anyone catch that? lol what was that?


  10. cthulhu says:

    If BoJo flinches, he’ll go down as the 21st Century Neville Chamberlain. All he’s got to do is wait until November 1 — All Saints’ Day — because if all hell breaks loose, he can calmly say, “yup, all hell is breaking loose….what shall we do going forward to make things better?”

    I especially love the repudiation of the 40-billion-pound Brexit payout. November first, that becomes, “what can I buy with 40 Billion?” You can buy an incredible amount of transatlantic freight for that sum.

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    • Dutchman says:

      And Nigel spelled it out very clearly; clean break, a trade deal (a very FAVORABLE trade deal)by X-MAS, with the U.S.
      Something that every nation wants. No Brexit, no trade deal with US, and as PDJT ratchets up the trade,war with EU, any tariffs he puts on EU, apply to UK, as well.
      Get while the getting is good, Boris.

      Play the part, act like you are trying to get a better deal for your country, and when EU says no, just #walkaway!


  11. dallasdan says:

    NF stated that an “amended deal” could cost the UK dearly in delaying/changing the impending trade deal with the USA. I am confident that the President made it abundantly clear to BJ that a “clean” Brexit was a condition for the great trade deal that is being hyped.

    If BJ reneges on his commitment to the Brits for a clear and clean Brexit, he will be no better than the “remainers” who allied themselves with May, contrary to the expressed will of the British people. JMO


  12. Julia Adams says:

    A Federal judge in Hawaii has ordered PM Boris Johnson to (1) re-open Parliament immediately, (2) turn over all documents relating to Johnson’s negotiations with the EU, (3) turn over all his tax returns and (4) get a haircut.

    (Just kidding. About the haircut, I mean)

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  13. Sharpshorts says:

    Brexit basically comes down to a recognition that a unified EU has failed to accomplish what it promised.

    Politicians with Power almost always create “unintended” circumstances that are at odds with the original selling points of any plan.

    The original idea of a unified EU was to create a stronger block of influence for those counties that joined…What has become apparent is that the sovereignty of most of the agreeing counties has been diminished greatly…simply because they joined.

    “Why the EU failed to deliver” is still being debated and obfuscated.


    • pochas94 says:

      The idea that the EU is supposed to “counter” the US is the problem. It seems that the nations of the EU might just as well deal with the US on a one to one basis. You get better results, especially if the niggling regulations and tariffs fostered by the EU can be eliminated. It’s that community of nations premise. All deals must benefit both parties.


  14. Martin Robins says:

    The Remoaners are full of it. This has been the longest UK Parliamentary session since 1653 (just after our Civil War). When Theresa May CANCELLED the Queen’s Speech (and prorogation) last spring, these same Remoaners accused her of violating the constitution! You just couldn’t make it up. May did that because she feared the Queen’s Speech would be voted down and she would be out of Number 10. Boris is made of sterner stuff. He’s telling the Remoaners to ‘bring it on’. Now they’re squealing like pigs. I hope they keep squealing.

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  15. Deplorable Canuck says:

    Say what you like about Nigel, he is always spot on, articulate and precise! That is the man who should be the Prime Minister! Hopefully Boris won’t just talk a big game but that he will follow Trump’s lead and play the big game as a winner!


  16. Deplorable Canuck says:

    BTW, in Canada, which is also a constitutional monarchic government like the UK, we Prorogue all the time. At least twice every four years. It just clears the backlog of legislation and sets a new agenda. Quite normal.


  17. BigTalkers says:

    What by his own background Farage implicitly understands is a US – UK trade agreement would shortly make the German bankers look like a failed S&L!


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