President Trump and First Lady Melania Arrive at G7 Summit Dinner – Phare de Biarritz Light House…

President Trump and First Lady Melania arrive at the G7 Summit dinner in Biarritz France. The dinner event is being held at Phare de Biarritz, a mid-19th century light house with panoramic views of the French coast.


First Lady Melania Trump is wearing a Pleated Technical Jersey Dress by Gucci tonight, paired with silver Louboutins, to attend the dinner.

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176 Responses to President Trump and First Lady Melania Arrive at G7 Summit Dinner – Phare de Biarritz Light House…

  1. Madeline Huffnagle says:

    Melania sure is beautiful!

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    • bruzedorange says:

      So POTUS starts the event wearing (what looks like on my screen) an EU shade of blue tie. And maybe that’s an established protocol among state leaders.

      What I’m looking for is what color ties DJT and BoJo will be wearing at the closing photo op!


  2. Frank says:

    I bet Macron is one annoying little frog. I hate that the President and First Lady have to put up with him for any length of time, but politics is politics, I guess. Give ’em hell, Mr. President!

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    • Mncpo(ret) says:

      For some reason I worry so much about them when they are overseas. I know there is tons of security, it’s just a gut feeling I don’t like. I step up the prayers until they walk across the lawn to “our house”.

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      • 1stgoblyn says:

        Might it have something to do with the fact that they actually hate our VSPGPDJT b/c he is disrupting their global governance plans and with that taking away their gravy train?

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    • madhatton says:

      lil macaroon had a higher chair seat at lunch . you can see in the pix of the two sitting .And at the phare . he has high heels on his shoez ! like Riverdance without the charisma . Our VSGPDJT owns him to the point of obsession n’est ce pas ?

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  3. Jean says:

    Our First Lady radiates beauty from within and without!

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  4. Dutchman says:

    “Look at me, and my wife.
    Now, look at HIM, and HIS wife.
    Nuff said.”

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  5. SwampRatTerrier says:

    It was nice of Macron to bring his Grannie.

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  6. doubledark1981 says:

    The GREAT First Lady radiates the beauty that is America! A legal Immigrant, strong woman, intelligent woman, a drop dead gorgeous woman, a statuesque woman that screams LIBERTY, FREEDOM, and the AMERICAN DREAM!

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  7. Dora says:

    Another wardrobe change for Melania.

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  8. jeff semda says:

    Macaroni’s wife looks like she had brewer’s drupe.


  9. thesavvyinvester says:

    Did anyone notice Melania’s shoes shine like Chrome on a Hot Rod going for the Riddler Award? Man, was that a reflection via photography and they are more Silver, or are they a Faux Chrome Plate?

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  10. vikingmom says:

    If you watch the video through to the end, you also see the arrival of Boris Johnson, who looks kind of like a goofy school boy who can’t believe he got invited to a party thrown by the coolest kid around, and then Angela Merkel, who looks like a frumpy old woman who is being forced to visit her very successful relatives, whom she despises, but still hopes to hit up for a loan!

    Macron is trying to be charming but he is as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs, and his wife, who is actually an attractive woman, looks very worried about pulling this off without some major faux pas by herself or someone on her staff!

    The only two people in the group who look confident and comfortable in their own skins are the President and First Lady! Nothing like knowing you hold all aces at a table full of people with a pair of deuces, at best!

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  11. Perot Conservative says:

    Second Picture

    Macron: Cheese. Where is the cheese?

    Trump: I’m willing to work with you, but its gotta be fair. If not, we’ll crush it with Boris. CRUSH IT.

    Macron: Our cheese is really the best. And we have nuclear power.

    Trump: Well, you Frogs got 2 things right. Sorry. No frog legs for dinner!

    Macron: What’s wrong w / frog legs?

    Trump: As I was saying, the EU better get in gear, or else you may become a colony of China.

    Macron: China?

    Trump: They’ll eat your frog legs and your Lunch. They’ll eat anything. Give me a steak.

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  12. louche9 says:

    President and Mrs. Macron are French — whatever is said behind closed doors, they will be charming in public. Even if they’re smiling between clenched teeth, I prefer that to the usual gaggle of foreign sourpusses standing around PT, looking like it’s killing them to be in his vicinity.

    To be fair, Mrs. Macron actually looks good for her age; not many wives of world leaders fare all that well when placed next to Melania.

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  13. goddessoftheclassroom (@goddesofthecl1) says:

    I’s Love someone to research how many magazine covers Melania had graced compared with how many on which Mrs. Obama appeared at similar points in their husbands’ terms.


  14. MicD says:

    Pass the snails please, tomorrow.


  15. ChampagneReady says:

    That Macron is a two-faced little weasel. He tries to appear that he’s playing Trump to improve his own standing in France. But the people in France are wise to you too Macron.

    And you haven’t read Art of the Deal, you better read it.

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  16. leftnomore says:

    French sons are so wonderful to bring their moms to public events… Macron is a good example of that here.

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  17. CountryDoc says:

    No matter what — I see pure class from Melania and PDJT. Every word, every gesture, every grace — influences the background of the outcomes of these meetings.

    Behind the scenes is jockeying for position in an all out war for power, and trillions are at stake. PDJT knows there are many he is shaking hands with who would kill him and every patriotic American if they could get away with it, and, in reality they are trying.

    If these leaders, who have forsaken the universal principles of goodness, felt they crossed the threshold of “enough” power, they would reveal their true colors (as did Hitler, Mussolini). Xi, Putin, Pelosi, Bremer, McCabe, Feinstein, Halper, Nadler, — have no respect for morals or principles, no respect of God, a Creator, or any higher moral law.

    These formalities are important, or our POTUS would not participate in them. They remind us that we are live beings, spiritual beings. POTUS gives every one a chance to negotiate for a win-win, as we should treat any created being with respect. POTUS is a master at using the leverage of good vs evil, and he is confident in the principles for which he stands.

    The enemies, however, must endure the dissonance of their hypocrisy, feel the difference between their evil desire and lack of respect, and what they must pretend. If leaders of other countries are being coerced, blackmailed, or controlled — they must feel the guilt, shame, fear, and grief of being held in the grip of an evil power, and seek escape.

    I would love to hear private conversation between PDJT and Melania and contrast that with the conversation between Macron and his wife.

    My own prayers are rarely uttered out loud, and that is likely itself a weakness. I wonder what we would hear in the prayers of these four, or if there are prayers.

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    • olderwiser21 says:

      CD – Third paragraph from the bottom of your post is brilliant! “The enemies, however, must endure the dissonance of their hypocrisy,” It reminds me of Stephen Miller’s beautifully written speeches. Well done….

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  18. oldschool says:

    President Trump and the First Lady personify America wherever they go…

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  19. pucecatt says:

    Macron has heels on too 🤪

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  20. calbear84 says:

    Louboutins? I had no idea such a thing existed! Well, you learn something interesting every day at CTH 🙂


  21. Carrie says:

    Sundance sees every detail…

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    • vikingmom says:

      Being barely 5’2″ myself, with a 6’3″ husband, I do have a bit of sympathy for Macron on this one! No one has control over their genetics and the world does tend to have biases towards those who are taller…it is easier for me as a woman but after 30+ years of marriage, my husband has become aware of how often it happens and it has been a shock for him to see how I am treated differently, simply because of my size.

      Donald Trump is an imposing figure and I am not too surprised that Macron is looking for any advantage in their meetings. Asking all Treepers to remember NOT to judge people by characteristics over which they have zero control!!

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      • Ad rem says:

        Also a member of the 5’2″ club. Aside from having to always hem one’s pants and dresses, there are also benefits to be had as long as one sticks to the right proportions. 😉

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      • Garavaglia says:

        Yes. I am 5 ft 6 and have taken down several people well over 6 ft. I actually prefer, if I have to defend myself, dealing with a taller foe because it just seems that the longer the bones, the weaker the person is. Can’t prove it scientifically, just a “hands on” observation of living. Also, there is nothing sweeter that kickin a taller person’s a#s in front of their friends…it’s a beautiful thing. And, when they instigate the confrontation, well deserved.

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        • ristvan says:

          Ladies, I relate altho a man.

          Studied for some years Judo, then Aikido (Japanese version of karate). Learned to always fear smaller rather than larger opponents. Simple reason: they will try leverage over you based on their smaller fulcrum. Hence you must lower yourself against smaller opponents and use their lower fulcrum against them. Like the judo maneuver grab opponent shoulders, drop back, place feet into opponent abdomen while dropping back, then thrust both feet into abdomen and ‘shoot’ the perp off—taught by everyone as a basic fulcrum maneuver.

          Then you can get really ugly with the rest of the self defense stuff also taught, although not usually necessary.

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          • Garavaglia says:

            Aha..that explains some of my success. The look on the face as you take a larger opponent down..that “oh s#i5″ look”, is priceless. It’s like their thinking “wait a minute, this ain’t how momma told me this would go”, like their whole world has been turned upside down..right sized.


        • LBH says:

          From Vikingmom:
          “Asking all Treepers to remember NOT to judge people by characteristics over which they have zero control!!”
          Garavaglia: The wise Vikingmom’s sentiment applies to tall people too. You are just as guilty as the “short shamers” with your observations. I am a tall female. I have very tall brothers. You know nothing about us. We are compassionate people who give to their communities, are strong conservatives, live by the “do unto others” motto and want to unite our country.
          Your glee in the wholesale idea of “taking down people well over 6 ft” and your view that “the longer the bones, the weaker the person” well, IMO is no different than excoriating someone for exhibiting “little-man syndrome”.

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          • Garavaglia says:

            No different, therefore equal. When people get off their horse of physical characteristics, I will also. It’s a two way street.


          • vikingmom says:

            Thank you for understanding my point so well LBH!

            My husband, in addition to being 6’2″ is also blond and the number of times he has to put up with “blond” jokes is part of what has given him the understanding of how I feel when people who know nothing about me make presumptions simply based on my height.

            I was not looking to stir up a debate about who is “right” or “wrong” – simply asking that we remember that there are aspects of our bodies that we can change and aspects that we CAN’T!!

            To my fellow Treepers…all that I am saying is go ahead and make whatever comments you may feel to be appropriate about other people but PLEASE, be considerate about what you say, and do not focus on things that are hereditary and therefore unalterable! We need to be better than those on the Left who spend their time tearing down anyone with whom they disagree!!

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      • WSB says:

        Indeed! I am also 5′-2″ AND had met the future President a few years back…had no problem with that scenario.

        I had 2.5″ heels which did not help as much, but I have quite a grip!

        Ha! So, does he!!!! And he was very gracious!

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  22. The French prime minister’s wife looks older than Trump- and I say this without guilt knowing how she ‘obtained’ her husband- quite ugly.

    I still cannot believe that the reality behind Macron marriage alone wasn’t enough of a deterrent to the French voters…

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  23. MaineCoon says:

    President @realDonaldTrump and Prime Minister @BorisJohnson catching up with each other tonight in France! #G7Biarritz— Dan Scavino Jr.🇺🇸 (@Scavino45) August 24, 2019

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  24. Mncpo(ret) says:

    Our beautiful FLOTUS is wearing all white to a globally photographed dinner. Now that is a sign of superior confidence.

    I can’t imagine wearing white to a formal dinner! I’d have to wear something like plaid, just in case.

    She constantly amazes me. (I know most guys won’t “get” this, but the women on this site will!)

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  25. bigralphie says:

    No offense to apes:

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  26. law4lifeblog says:

    Mme. Macron has significantly improved her style in the last couple of years, even apart from the desperately needed plastic surgery. Her simple sheath dress is flattering and of a length that spares us from her frightening bird legs, and the heels reduce the midget factor. She has the bad fortune of her husband looking even younger than he is, which just accentuates their strange relationship. She’s doing the best she can….none of us would fare well standing next to FLOTUS.

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  27. Carrie says:

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    • Guyski says:

      Noticed Justin arrived at the dinner alone. If Madame Macron retires early, it should be a romantic night for Justin and Emmanuel.

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    • SHV says:

      Good photo for height comparison….Trudeau is 6’2″…Macron is listed as 5’10″… way! Even wearing 2+ inch heel lifts, he is at least 4-5″ shorter than Trudeau. Petty, I know but he is such a smug, entitled little sh*t, that I don’t feel any remorse saying he is a LITTLE sh*t.

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  28. TwoLaine says:

    Does Merkel go thru trash cans for her “wardrobe”?

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  29. Carrie says:

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  30. Tony says:

    We are blessed to have a fantastic MAGA President and his absolutely beautiful wife. The catty
    remarks above about Macron and his wife (among other things) sound like the Democrats view
    of anyone not in their roundhouse. It is insulting and beneath the attitudes of the true CTH people.
    Please don’t lower yourself to the democrat level….

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    • vikingmom says:

      Thank you for saying this!!! I am beyond frustrated at seeing commenters making snide, catty remarks about people based solely on physical characteristics! I disagreed completely with Hillary Clinton’s views (and Michelle Obama’s as well) on almost every subject, and I thought her wardrobe choices were disastrous BUT I tried very hard to limit my criticisms to the areas over which she had control, and I would like to see us on the right strive for that objective far more often!!

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      • law4lifeblog says:

        Vikingmom, for exactly what characteristics of Michelle Obama “that she can’t control” was she criticized here? Btw, we’re not criticizing Macron for being short, we are noting the obnoxiousness and insecurity he exhibits to try to puff himself up.


  31. WSB says:

    I really like the President’s pant leg hem. Just say’in.


  32. Bendix says:

    Sundance is starting to qualify for a second career as one of those runway announcers.
    “First Lady Melania Trump is wearing a Pleated Technical Jersey Dress by Gucci tonight, paired with silver Louboutins, to attend the dinner.”


  33. Right to reply says:

    Why is Merkel in Jim-Jams and slippers!


  34. Raymond Capwell says:

    I see his grandma is beside him.
    Who does their grandma?


  35. covfefe999 says:

    Does Angela Merkel have her pants on backwards or something? What the heck is going on there with all of that extra fabric at her hips and thighs????? Haha

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  36. fangdog says:

    In the first place what is supposed to come of this G7 meeting?


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